Handsome gay deviant roughly penetrated with raw dick

Handsome gay deviant roughly penetrated with raw dick
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I stood up, feeling unsteady. My clothes soaked with spit, sweat and cum. My pussy was sore from rubbing it so much, my lips felt puffy and bruised, my nipples ached from the twisting Tommy had gave them. "I've got to go home and clean up." "Come here first," Tommy said to me. I moved over to him, my little skirt swinging back and forth, three inches above my thighs, my panties exposed. I was thinking he wanted to ask me a question, but as I got in front of him, he reached out and put the palm of his hand to my pussy, through my panties.

I gasped with excitement. No one had ever touched me there. "One more thing," he said as he started to rub. I closed my eyes, reaching out, putting my hands on his shoulders to steady myself. Oh God.it felt so good to have someone else rubbing my little pussy. I reached down and grabbed his hand and guided it to my clit, my little nub that stuck out. "Oh.yess.right there.umm.ummm.mmmm." He laughed a little as he watched my face, eyes closed in rapture, jaw slack and mouth open, He started to rub faster and faster, his fingers and palm flying back and forth over my clit.

I bit my lip, and grabbed his shoulders hard, digging into his flesh with my fingers as my whole body started to quake and quiver, my breathing ragged and quick, until just as I was about to cum he stopped! "No.No.please don't stop," I begged as I stood there and shook, looking down at him with surprise and in-credulousness.

"Do it, do me, please let me cum." I begged again. He stood up and looked at the guys. "Come on, let her do it herself."," he said cruelly. Then he looked at me with a mean smile and said, "You come on back whenever you want more cum." And the three of them walked out the door of the garage, leaving me there to my own devices.

I begged again, "Please Tommy, just do me, make me cum. okay?" He stopped for a moment. "Do it yourself!" I pleaded again, "No, its.its.its not the same!" I was standing with my legs apart, my t-shirt up above one tit, my thighs soaked with pussy juice.

"Please. please. please." I started to chant. I wanted to cum all over his hand. I wanted to just cum, feel it, experience it without having to do it myself. Tommy came back to me and sat on the couch again, reaching out to my panties. Before he could touch me, I stepped back, reached down and pulled my panties down so he could touch my wet, slippery pussy.

I stepped back up to him, thrusting out my hips, spreading my legs, grabbing onto his shoulders. "Please.please.do it.touch it.please Tommy." I bit my lip, all shame gone, my eyes closed in anticipation. And then he touched me, started rubbing me just like I had showed him. I bent at the waist, hunched over his head as he continued to flash his hands and fingers over my clit.

"unn.yess.mmm.unn." I kept making little noises - some years later a guy told me I sounded like a Japanese anime slut - as my tight little body thrummed with the coming orgasm. "Oh man.look at her!" Tommy said as he worked my pussy. "She looks like a little slut from those magazines your Dad has Hank!" "ooooohhhh.yesss.please Tommy.faster.oh.unnnnnn.faster. please.please" I was completely bent over, my little butt up in the air, my legs spread, my knees locked and legs stiff.

My eyes fluttered, my pony tail flopped back and forth next to my face as I moaned and groaned with my head down. Tommy reached up with his mouth and took one of my nipples in his mouth and I shuddered and started to cum. My face shook with the strain, my butt shook, my breathing came to a stop and I even drooled a little bit. "Ohhhh.yeahhhhh.mmmmmm." My voice rose and squeaked as my orgasm rolled across me. Tommy laughed and continued to rub my clitty faster and faster, mesmerized by my the reaction to my own orgasm.

"Oh man!

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Look at her! Cum on my hand Jess.wow.such a slut!" His words were off in the distance in my own mind. Lost in the fog of my raging cum.

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After about a minute, I started to calm down, but Tommy kept rubbing my swollen, abuse clit and pussy, until I couldn't take anymore. I reached down with one hand while the other was still on his shoulder, propping me up.

"Oh.Oh.stop Tommy.God.I can't.mmm." I grabbed his hand and tried to pull it away, but he refused, breaking my grip and going right back to my pussy. I tried to pull away but he reached up, grabbed my pony tail and held me tight to his face.


"Don't you move," he warned. I opened my eyes to see his cruel looking smile and I knew he wasn't going to stop. I began to plead, "Please Tommy, let me go." and then he started to rub my pussy again. "Ohhh.ohh.its too much.oh.God." He laughed and called the other guys closer, to watch me.

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"Look at her, jesus, stupid slut." I was now holding on to him with both hands, I couldn't catch my breath or stop shaking. My head bowed back, eyes closed, face frozen, mouth open as he continued to abuse my poor pussy. "Oh man Tommy, that's so cool!" It was Hanks voice, near me, watching. "Look at her!

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She loves it!" "Yeah," he replied as he continued to rub me. "I think she would do anything we asked!" Another orgasm bent me back over, my legs clamped shut on his hand and I nearly shrieked my pleasure. The all laughed at me, pointing, pulling at my nipples and titties. After a few more moments, Tommy pulled his hand back, still holding my ponytail roughly in his hand.

He pulled me to my knees and turned me to Hank, whose cock was out and rock hard. I dove on his dick with an open, wanton mouth. Hank was surprised by my voracious plummet on his hard organ and had to brace himself with my head. I sucked fast and furiously, rubbing his balls, diving up and down on his dick till his own hips were pushed back and forth by my violent sucking. In just a couple of minutes he groaned that he was going to cum. His cock got fatter, bigger, blowing up in my mouth, the shaft pulsing viciously against my tongue as I sucked frantically.

"Hey Hank!" Tommy called. "Remember that picture in your Dads magazine we were all looking at?" "Yeah.yeah.of fuck yeah!" Hank breathlessly replied.

"Do it man. do it!" Tommy egged him on. "K'." And with that Hank pulled out of my mouth.

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Confused, I went to pull it back in my mouth but suddenly Tommy had me by the hair and Hank was stroking his own cock. "Do it Hank!" Tommy held my head still as Hank stepped up to my face. I opened my mouth, thinking he was going to ram it in, but he continued to stroke his cock. It was an angry purple, the head taut and shiny as his hand flew back and forth. Without thinking I just started in.


"Give it to me.please.give me your cum.mmmm" I moaned loudly, in a blowjob trance. "AHHHHHHH." was Hanks response as his cock blew up and shot a long, thick stream of cum onto my face! I blinked, my tongue was out, I was straining against Tommy's hand on my head and Hank let another shot, go, completely hitting my face from forehead to chin. Some went in my mouth and I swallowed it hungrily as another and another jet of pearl white cum splashed my face, dripping down my chin, swinging back and forth, catching on my titties.

5,6,7 more times he splashed my 12 year old face.

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Just as he finished, he was pushed out of the way by Tommy's brother Tim, who was jacking his own cock and immediately started spraying my face too. After five or six good spurts he plunged his cock into my mouth to finish. I eat his meat like a porn star, slobbering all over it, spit and cum mixed into an intoxicating confection that I was now addicted to.

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When Tim was finished, he fell back breathless as Tommy now stood up and forced his cock into my mouth, pounding away at my bruised and battered mouth like a madman. I came hard in my mouth, flooding it, forcing me to swallow like a pig eating slop before pulling out and flooding my face with the last couple of spurts. Then it was done.

I was a cum covered, abused mess. The boys laughed and pointed at me as I knelt there in front of them. My pussy gaping, my titties covered in cum and saliva. My face was dripping and my t-shirt was soaked completely through.

My little skirt was up around my waist. "Come on guys, I think she needs to clean up!" They laughed raucously at Tommy's remark and made their way out of the garage. Finally, I reached down and by myself, sitting in the filth of their sex, fingered myself to another orgasm, before gathering my things and after poking my head out of the garage to see if anyone was around, ran to my own house a let myself in.

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