Hot teen sucks her way The Suspended Step Sis

Hot teen sucks her way The Suspended Step Sis
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DADDY'S SUNKISSED BITCH OMNIBUS I was just in the front door of my house after returning from a Sunday drink at my local and had gone into my room to change into lighter clothes when I peered out the window at my sweet little girl Rebecca as she sunbathed on our back lawn, Rebecca was my beautiful 16 year old girl, She had blonde hair, a slim toned body with well developed big breasts and an ass like a peach, She had a pretty face, big blue eyes, pouted lips and was the picture of innocence except for the white two piece thong swimsuit she was wearing, I gazed at her skimpy bathing top and wondered 'how could something that skimpy hold my little girls big fleshy breasts without snapping, She had the bathing suit for two years now and hadn't bothered buy a new one, her breasts were practically exploding out of the thin material never mind her g-string which was far too tight for her slim curvy figure, She turned on to her stomach and untied the back of her top so she wouldn't have tan lines on her back, her skin was golden brown and shining in the heat of the sun, Her g-string disappeared into her ass crack and from even a few feet away she looked completely naked, she looked like a porn star, as I thought this she pushed herself up on her knees and arched her back pushing her heavenly ass cheeks out making them more prominent as her breasts bounced in the light warm breeze, I felt my cock stiffen as I watched 'was she putting on a show for me?

Her own father?' I stuck my head out the window and looked around and there was my answer, the Murphy boys, Terry and Willy, they were ogling my little girl from the scaffolding next door, they weren't our neighbors, but they were builders doing an extension for my neighbors, Rebecca hadn't seen them she was simply changing the CD in her Discman, it was a Sunday and she assumed they wouldn't be there, My innocent little baby unknowingly being ogled by them as she was positioned on all fours virtually naked like a lamb being stalked by two wolves, strangely this made me extremely aroused, I reached into my pants and started playing with myself, I couldn't help myself as I stared at my little girl who was unaware that she was being mentally ridden by the Murphy bros', I looked at them, they were both naked from the waist up, they were both tanned and had lean muscle and hardened six-packs, they had tattoo's on their muscular arms and shaved heads, they looked like twins but I knew terry was one year older, they were both in their early twenties, they took out their camera phones and started taking snaps if my still unaware 16 year old girl, ' no doubt to send to their drinking buddies along with some lurid heading underneath', I tugged harder on my cock I just couldn't help it, I could just barely hear them talking, I listened had heard them say………&hellip.

TERRY: I would love to pump that sweet ass of hers and make her squeal with pain, (referring to my daughter) WILLY: yeah! I'd like to tie her up and pound her juicy shaven cunt, TERRY: yeah! or make her suck my cock, WILLY: or better still, make her give me a titty wank, They laughed as they continued making hand gestures indicating my daughters breasts, or slapping motions, as if they were riding her from behind, this was seriously turning me on, Just then I heard one of them say, " let's go down to her and see if she needs us to rub sun lotion on her back", this made my stomach heavy with arousal, 'what were they going to do with my daughter?', I didn't know but I was sure going to film it, and I left the room to get my camcorder complete with tripod and a couple of beers, when I got back they were already in my back garden, the two of them slowly walking up to my practically naked teenage daughter, ' the wolves were about to attack their prey', then I noticed one of them had some tent pegs and some rope in their back pockets, Rebecca hadn't noticed either of them as she lay there on her stomach dozing, my camcorder was set on its tripod and the filming had begun, I began to feel a pang of guilt, I was after all her father, but there was another side of me, the 'man' side that wanted to see her innocent face get buried in the laps of these seedy builders, Rebecca's mother left 3 years ago and I hadn't been laid in a year, so I was in need of some 'relief', I watched as Terry the oldest of the two kneeled down beside Rebecca, " Oh my god" she screamed as she got to her knees, her tits were bouncing as she cupped them with her arms, she was kneeling between the two Murphy bros', " easy" said Terry, " everything's fine, we just wondered if you needed us to rub sun lotion on your back, we noticed you from next door" said Terry trying to look sincere, Rebecca looked around and saw Willy checking out her ass, " um no, that is…I'm fine, thank you" said my daughter startled, her voice was shaking, " you're home alone aren't you?" said Terry trying to be casual, " uh no, my dad's inside" said Rebecca also trying to be casual (she was clearly nervous), I ducked behind the curtain as she pointed at the house whilst covering her breasts with one arm, " you're lying, he's at the pub, everyone knows he's an alcoholic, he's there at the pub right now, and your all alone" said Terry, his voice had changed now, it was lower and unsettling, " listen I have neighbors…" said Rebecca sounding scared, "they're gone on holidays for a fortnight, they won't be back any time soon, and there's no one else for miles around" said Willy his tone matched Terry's, It was true there was just my house and the neighbors we were pretty secluded where we lived, "please I don't want any trouble, please leave!" said Rebecca, " I don't think so!" said Terry smiling, Rebecca rushed to her feet and tried to run for the house but was tripped by Willy, she fell to the ground, face-first her ass in the air, " OW, that had to hurt" laughed Willy, Terry grinned and said " well, she's in the right position anyway" and started to laugh as well, My dick was pulsating at the sight of my scantily clad sex-bomb of a daughter, there she was, face down in the ground being humbled by the well-built skinhead builders, Rebecca started to cry, and the Murphy bros' leaned down presumably to help her up, I was wrong, They caught her arms, one each and tied them behind her back with rope, Rebecca screamed but there was nothing she could do, Willy made a collar from another piece of rope and tightened it around her neck, tying the other end to the wooden steak and driving it into the ground, 'They had captured their prey' she was at their mercy, I sipped my beer with anticipation of what was to come, " she's bagged n' tagged" roared Willy delighted " now what?", " now" said Terry "we brand her!" his eyes gleamed with lust, Terry stepped out of sight for a few moments and returned with a soldering iron, plugged into a long extension cord, He fired the soldering iron up and held it in his hand, grabbing my daughters ass with the other, " burn baby burn" he jeered as he burned a large M on my daughter's tight and beautiful ass, She roared with the pain, " that's it, scream bitch, your our property now you slut!

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We own you!" said Willy laughing " and we're going to fuck you!" added Terry grinning, I started yanking on my dick again, this was getting seriously kinky. My sweet baby girl only 16 years old was now branded and about to be raped by two mean builders, Rebecca's face was smudged with dirt except for a few clear lines made with her tears, she bit her bottom lip, she knew what was coming, " please I'm just a school girl" she said, " oh fuck really, now I'm really turned on" laughed Terry, Willy joined in, Terry undid the button on his jeans letting his pants fall down, He wasn't wearing jocks, his cock was massive and thick and rock hard, His thigh muscles were well developed from lifting with his legs, and his ass looked rock hard and firm from working on building sites, My daughter was in for a long day, Willy took out his camera phone and started to film, Terry began to feel my little girl, Letting his hand run up and down the back of her thigh and ass, He sneered as he poked two fingers into her asshole and wrapped his fingers around her thin g-string and pulled on it snapping her whole g-string away, "I love unwrapping presents" he said grinning and parted the cheeks of her ass, He spat onto her asshole and then forced his cock into her, slowly at first, and let himself sink into her asshole, all the way in, all 9 inches, Rebecca gritted her teeth and squealed with pain, " that's it bitch, nice and easy" moaned Terry as he began to thrust his huge dick in and out, Rebecca's tears streamed down her face, I began to jack off at the sight of my little girl, all tied up and being ridden from behind, Terry ran his hands down her tanned back and let them slip under her and he began groping her big bouncing tits, he closed his eyes and savored her young flesh, I knew with each thrust he was shattering my daughters innocence, I continued jerking off, Willy was getting impatient waiting for his turn and dropped his pants and boxers, he moved to the front of Rebecca and grabbed her by the hair, " your going to suck my cock, and your going to do a good job or I'll take the soldering iron and use it on your face" he sounded angry, Rebecca nodded her head, she was too afraid to say no, she just parted her pouting lips and let him inside her mouth, Willy groaned as he felt my daughters lips lock around his 7 inch cock, he was enjoying the warm wetness and could feel her tongue moving around caressing his dick, the two bros' were in ecstasy as they fucked my 16 year old daughter from both ends, Rebecca looked traumatized as she rocked back and forth accommodating her rapists pleasure, She didn't have any choice, as the Murphy bros' broke in my teenage daughter degrading her and treating her like a cheap piece of meat, Willy squeezing my daughters fleshy tits and Terry slapping her ass as he rode her, Terry was the first to cum clenching his ass and pumped his cock juice into by baby's ass, A wave of contentment swept over his seedy face and then came Willy as his cum shot into my little girl's mouth, she swallowed most of it I could tell by the way she was wincing with disgust but some had escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin, Timmy looked down at her grinning and said " not bad for your first time out", Tears streamed once more from by daughters beautiful blue eyes, and I came last shooting my load into my bedroom curtains as my camcorder caught every cruel moment of my daughters rape, I smiled and lit a cigarette as my cum oozed down my bedroom curtain, " you did good bitch" said Terry as he cut Rebecca's hands loose, " in time you'll be better" he said patting her ass, " what do you mean?" said Rebecca, " I'm going to report you to the police after you leave" she said trying to restore her dignity, " no you won't!" said Willy, " not unless you want everyone jerking off to you getting raped" he said showing her his camera phone, Rebecca sobbed " from now on your our personal bitch to fuck and suck where ever when ever we tell you, and your gonna meet us at your neighbors house tonight so we can enjoy you some more" said Willy as he used my daughters hair to wipe his dick clean, " yeah you are technically still a virgin" said Terry rubbing Rebecca's pussy " we'll have to do something about that!" and they both laughed, The Murphy bros' pulled up their pants and left, Rebecca knelt in the garden crying while stroking the part of her ass where her rapists branded her, she eventually staggered into the house and went upstairs to shower, I took the tape out of the camcorder and marked it ' DADDY'S SUNKISSED BITCH' and hid it in my wardrobe, I snuck downstairs and walked in the front door again to appear as if I just got in, Rebecca was walking down the stairs wearing a bath towel, " hey sweetheart, had a good day today?" I enquired, Knowing that she hadn't and that she'd had the most traumatizing day of her life, " yes Daddy" she said unconvincingly, " good" I said and headed for the kitchen, " um Daddy?" said my little girl, "I have to go to a slumber party tonight, is that all right?" her voice was shaking, " okay sweetheart but only if you agree to do all the housework this week" ( I knew I was taking advantage of her agonizing situation) " uh okay Daddy!" she said and went upstairs, moments later I could hear crying, 'oh well!' I thought and opened the fridge and grabbed a beer and looked forward to the next installment of my daughters degradation………&hellip.


While Rebecca was upstairs cleaning the Murphy bros' cum off out of her ass I decided to head down to the pub for a few hours, I walked in and found all my drinking buddies huddled around in a circle, " Hey Damian" said Tom the barman " you've got to see this!" he said and the crowd parted for me, in the middle of the circle was old man Murphy, Terry and Willy's grandfather, He held up a phone, " My grandson's sent me this!" he croaked as he passed his phone to me, I looked at the screen in shock, there was Terry snapping my daughters g-string and spitting on her asshole just before ramming it with his massive cock, ' oh shit' I thought as I looked around looking at everyone looking back at me, " so Damian" said Tom " what do you think of that?

isn't that some top choice meat?, I wouldn't mind fucking that ass all night" and he started to laugh, they all did, That's when I remembered none of them had ever seen my daughter, I breathed with relief " Yep, I'd like to fuck that ripe peachy ass" I said smiling, they all grinned with approval, " well your wish is gonna come true" said tom grinning " Murphy's grandsons are inviting everyone at the bar over to your neighbors house tonight while their away, and guess what hot slut is on the menu?

This one" said tom, waving old man Murphy's camera phone around, everyone cheered there must have been twenty people in the pub, twenty people who were going to fuck my 16 year old daughter in a few short hours, all of them good drinking buddies, I had to get out of there " hey Damian are we gonna see you there tonight?" asked Tom, I paused, " you bet!" I said and everyone cheered some more, I walked out of the pub, I was sick with worry ' what if they find out, How could they not find out' I thought as I made my way home ' I can't be seen fucking my own daughter how would I get out of this!

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then I had an idea, I went to my neighbors house to confront the Murphy bros', I knocked on the door, Terry opened it " Ah, Mr Walsh we've been expecting you", said Terry smiling, " you have?" I said startled, " sure we knew you'd come after seeing the little movie we sent to our Grandfather, come in" and he opened the door wider, I stepped in and saw Willy entering the hall with three cans of beer, "would you like a drink Mr Walsh?" said Willy respectfully, " alright!" I said and excepted the can " please sit down" said Terry referring me to the couch in my neighbors living room, I sat down looking very confused, " it's alright Mr Walsh no one is going to know that Rebecca's your daughter, we understand the position your in so here's what we're going to do", "we're going to make your daughter where a blindfold and tell everyone it's to prevent them from being recognized, perfectly simple!" said Terry calmly, " what about my daughter?" I said, " no problem there either, while you were down at the pub we went over to your house to talk to her" said Willy speaking up for the first time, " you mean to rape and brand her" I said, " no" said Willy, " we went after you'd left the house, after we fucked your daughter" said Willy grinning, " you knew I was there filming?" I said gulping, " yes" said Terry " and it's alright we like an audience, don't we Willy?", Willy sneered and nodded, I didn't know what to say so I asked them the purpose to their second visit and Terry replied " business, you see we told her that we'd like to be her pimps and that she could earn a lot of money, thongs are expensive these days" and they laughed, he continued " we're going to charge £200 a shag to the people we've invited over tonight, we told your daughter that we were only charging £70 a go and that she'd get £50 and we'd get £20 but there's actually going to be £150 left over so we want to split that with you instead" he said "why?" I asked " so you won't call the cops on us and turn a blind eye" said Willy, I looked at both of them " and Rebecca is alright about being fucked by all those men?" I asked, " yes she is and she thinks she's a real business women" and with that they laughed once more, " fine, then I'll see you tonight" I said and we shook hands I left, looking forward to fucking my daughter in a few short hours, " oh Mr Walsh, we'd like the tape you made earlier so we can copy it and sell it as a souvenir, of course you get half the money, naturally" said Terry, " naturally" I said and I left, A few hours later my daughter came into the kitchen looking happy, "I'm off to my friends house, see you tomorrow" and she kissed me on the cheek, ' see you soon' I thought as she skipped out the door blond curls bouncing and her tits too, I got ready myself 10 minutes later and went outside to meet my drinking buddies as they walked along to my neighbors house, They were all excited and talking about what they were going to do with that cockslut (my daughter), I have to admit I was looking forward to fucking Rebecca as much as they were, We arrived at my neighbors house and knocked on the door, Willy answered it and let us in " welcome gentlemen" he said " If you'd all like to hand over the £200 now and we can get started," he said enthusiastically, everyone handed over their money there was 20 of us in all that meant I was going to receive a cool £1500 for letting the Murphy's pimp my daughter, with her consent of course, We were shown into the living room and given a glass of brandy each," now gentlemen" said Terry as he entered the living room " I hope you are all comfortable and ready to greet the meat" and he announced Rebecca into the room, and in she walked blindfolded, everyone gasped, there was my 16 year old daughter dressed in her school uniform or at least a variation of her uniform, she had her golden loosely curled hair tied up in a tail, her tight white shirt with her top buttons left open, and no bra, her big voluptuous breasts left to bounce around under the thin material you could see her body underneath and her tit's were hard as they pressed against the material begging to be revealed, her navy school skirt shortened to fall just below her perfect meaty firm ass and underneath, black crotch less panties and dark tights tied at the top with a garter, everyone noticed her pink bald cunt, she had shaved for the occasion, she wore dark red lipstick and she was casually sucking and licking a lollipop, my daughter had transformed herself from a shy innocent girl to a teenage slut in under half an hour, every man in the room salivated at the sight of her, I breathed heavily and felt lightheaded with lust, my dick was pulsating as I eyed my little girl up and down, I looked around at the guys to gage their reaction, many had their hands in their trousers and were playing with themselves while staring at Rebecca, the room was silent, until Terry spoke up " now then gentlemen who would like to be the one to burst Rebecca's cherry?" he said, every one had their hand raised including me, Terry looked around as Willy led my daughter upstairs to the master bedroom, Terry made eye contact with me and grinned, I felt flushed with embarrassment, He looked away to the rest of the group and finally said "you" and he pointed at big Trevor, aptly named due to his stature he was a tall heavy set man, burly and hairy, his chest hair bushed out of his open shirt, He was bald and had a thick moustache and bushy eyebrows and the back of his head had a barrel due to his weight, he had tattoo's along his arms and neck and always appeared grubby and dirty, He also had a loud thundering voice, this was the man selected by Terry who was going to break-in my 16 year old daughter, I looked a Terry grinning at me with an evil expression on his face, I nodded to indicate that I had no problem with his decision and then I sat down, " don't worry lads I'll try to make sure she's not to exhausted for the rest of you" said big Trevor as he smiled displaying his crooked badly stained teeth, Everyone laughed, I was filled with excitement and dread at the same time if it came out that Rebecca was my daughter I'd be humiliated, we all sat down as Trevor thudded up the stairs, " gentlemen if you'd look towards the television, we've set up a monitor to view Trevor's triumphant conquering of the young whore" everyone enthusiastically took a seat and watched the event unfold, Rebecca was sitting on the edge of the king size mattress in the master bedroom, She could hear the heavy thudding footsteps of her first customer, ' he's big, he sounds big at least' she thought as the sound grew louder nearer and nearer, The door opened, Rebecca clenched the duvet on the bed with her hand as a spot of sweat formed on her forehead, she bit on her lower lip with fear and dread, She wanted the money but not this way, ' too late to turn back now' she thought ' in a few hours it'll be over, think of the money' she thought as she felt a hand glide down the side of her face, down the front of her neck, down into her cleavage, 'whoever he is, he's copping a good feel' she thought as she felt his large hands cup each breast stroking and squeezing, gently at first and then harder, Rebecca winced with discomfort, 'his hands are rough, obviously a farmer' she thought "so this is the man who's going to take my virginity' Rebecca felt like crying she'd always imagined something more romantic like a beach with some bronze colored stud, not whoring herself out to a seedy middle-aged farmer, 'just think of the money' she remembered as she steadied her breathing, " spread your legs wider" a deep voice commanded startling Rebecca, she obeyed, she heard the man get down on one knee in front of her, she felt his fingers slowly unbuttoning her shirt revealing her big meaty breasts, the cold air caressing her nipples causing them to harden, she felt vulnerable and helpless and dirty, his hand rested on her knee and she tensed as the hand slowly moved up her inner thigh gently until it had reached her pussy, the rough hand started to caress her pussy causing her to moan softly, she threw her head back and savored the touch, continuing to bite down on her lower lip and moaning, " lay back" commanded her customer, she did as she was told and lay back, only her legs remained off the bed, she felt his hands rub her thighs and work their way up to her stomach and eventually her breasts and then stopped, " play with your tit's" said the voice, once again she did as she was told and stroked her breasts and gently squeezed her nipples, while she did this she heard him take off his clothes, ' this is about to get serious' she thought continuing to play with herself, Big Trevor looked at the kinky props and tools the Murphy Bros' had left on the bed side locker for their guests, there was a dildo, handcuffs, oil, lubricant, a thorny stick, rope and other bondage material, he grabbed a plastic tie-rope then grabbed Rebecca and flipped her on to her stomach and tied her hands behind her back, Rebecca was scared she didn't like being so defenseless especially after the Murphy Bros' branded and raped her earlier that day while she sunbathed, but this guy was a paying customer and the customer is always right, so she obeyed reluctantly, she felt pain as her hands were bound, as the strap was too tight, "now bitch we're gonna have some fun!" said Trevor with malice in his voice, Rebecca began to protest but was interrupted as Trevor shoved a large vibrator in her mouth, "suck on it!" commanded Trevor, Rebecca obeyed, the vibrator was activated and her mouth began shake with the vibration, Trevor laughed and sat on the bed he grabbed my daughter and sat her on his lap facing him, her legs wrapped around his large waist as he stuck two fingers into her asshole causing Rebecca to give a muffled groan, There was my 16 year old daughter, beautiful, tanned, great body, plump juicy breasts and a sexy peachy ass, dressed like a slutty school girl, hands bound behind her back, sucking on a dildo as she bounced up and down on big Trevor's cock, her loose curls bouncing as she rutted and as Trevor fingered her asshole, my buddies were cheering downstairs as we watched on the television in my neighbors living room, "pump that sexy whore" shouted Tom, " make her squeal" called Jim another regular at my local, I looked at them as they ogled the screen, cheering Trevor on as he popped my Daughters cherry, then I looked at Terry and Willy, the men who earlier Raped and branded my little girl and convinced her to prostitute herself for pittance, Willy was staring at thhe screen and openly jerking off like most of the men in the room while Terry stood there staring at me smiling he walked over to me and sat beside me, he leaned in close and whispered " your daughter is a sweet little fuck I made her suck my cock before you all arrived, she's a great little cock sucker!" he said " you'll find out soon!" he whispered and laughed " would you like to be next?" he enquired, " yes" I replied, " alright then" he said and got up and walked to the other side of the room, I finally realized something about him, as much as I enjoyed watching my daughter get fucked, He enjoyed watching me watch my daughter getting fucked, he got off on it, not that I cared one way or the other and I continued to watch television and listened to my daughters muffled protests, Trevor was sucking Rebecca's tits, running his tongue all over them while pushing his fingers in and out of her butt hole as Rebecca gyrated up and down on his cock, with his free hand he pulled on Rebecca's ponytail causing her to throw her head back and push her breasts out, making them more prominent, The dildo in her mouth continued to vibrate as she bit down in it to bare the pain of her virgin pussy being pounded, saliva leaking from the sides of her mouth as she was unable to swallow, it ran down her chin and eventually her neck, I looked closely at the screen and saw two streams of tears running from under her blindfold down her cheeks, she was crying with the pain but at the same time moaning with pleasure, sweat was pouring off of both of them, Trevor's hairy back was drenched and Rebecca's sexy body was glistening too as lines of sweat trickled down her back and into her ass crack, Trevor ripped out the dildo from her mouth, Rebecca squealed and wailed as he rammed his fingers in and out of her ass, " you like this don't you?

little slut!" said Trevor panting, "yes" wailed Rebecca unconvincingly, " suck my tongue" commanded Trevor angrily, Rebecca leaned closer and opened her mouth and let Trevor's slimy tongue enter her mouth, she began sucking and slurping on it, swallowing his saliva, Trevor grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her in closer as he squeezed on her ass cheeks, He took his tongue out of her mouth and buried his face in her breasts, " oh yes!

take it you bitch, take it all" and thrust hard and pumped my daughters virgin pussy and shot his load into her, a puddle of pink cum formed under her pussy, her blood had discolored his semen, Trevor's face contorted with ecstasy as he lay back on the bed, my daughter fell on top of him exhausted, she was trembling from his onslaught as she lay on him dripping in her own sweat, Everyone around me erupted with cheers for Trevor, " good man, you fucked her raw" one voice cried, " look at the slut tremble" cried another, Trevor looked at the camera in the room and gave it a thumbs up, He could hear the cheering downstairs as the 16 year old cockslut lay on him tired from her ordeal, " good girl" he said as he gently rubbed her ass and he kissed her sweaty forehead with affection, Terry calmed the crowd around him, " okay gentlemen, I proudly proclaim this bitch to be open for business" he said smiling, Everyone cheered, " our next lucky punter is Damian" he announced, Everyone patted me on the back, " go for it Damo'" said Tom " yeah make her moan" cried another, " I'm going to fuck that cunt raw" I shouted as I made my way to the stairs everyone cheered once more, "enjoy" said Terry grinning from ear to ear, I made my way up the stairs passing Trevor on the way, " that's one sexy bitch" he exclaimed, " she's one sexy little whore" he said as he continued walking down the stairs, I reached the bedroom door and opened it, There on the bed lay my daughter, all sweaty and sore after her first customer, panting with exhaustion as she faced away from me, her blindfold still intact, her ass pointed towards me, I could see her reddened asshole, My dick was like a rock, my heart was pounding and sweat had already started to form on my face, The room was hot and smelled of sweat and cum, My stomach was heavy and sick with lust and excitement, I stepped in and closed the door behind me…&hellip.

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I walked over to the bed still eyeing up my 16 year old daughter's sweet little ass, My cock ached with anticipation of what I was going to do with her, I glanced at the camcorder and tripod in the corner, they would all be watching us downstairs on the television, I would be fucking my daughter in front off an audience of nearly everyone I knew, I sat on the edge of the bed and gently I began running my fingers along the crack of her ass, She turned her head and said " Please, be gentle!" and she faced away, Then I heard cheering from downstairs and people shouting "fuck her hard" " tear her ass open" " make her squeal" I looked at Rebecca wearing her crotch less panties and tights held up with garters, her short mini-skirt and opened shirt with her tanned big beautiful breasts protruding out and heaving as she breathed, I untied her ponytail and let her curly blonde hair fall loose, I told her to turn around and face me remembering to disguise my voice so she wouldn't recognize me, the blindfold Terry made her wear was still intact, " open your mouth" I said hoarsely, She did as she was told, I unzipped my pants and took out my cock, I gently stroked it and with my hand as I guided her head towards it and gasped as her soft lips wrapped themselves around my cock, I shoved it all the to the back of her throat as she began to move her head back and forth moaning as she sucked, Terry was right, she was good, damn good, I breathed heavily as Rebecca rolled her tongue along my cock, slurping and sucking while her saliva coated my dick causing it to glisten and shine, I had my right hand cupping her left breast and my other hand gently stroking the back of her neck as she continued nodding her head and occasionally gagging on my cock, I felt myself building to cum when I stopped and pulled my dick out of her mouth, I stopped and looked at her, She was sitting there, sweat rolling down her face, her breasts heaving, her tits hard and rubbery, and her mouth wet, open and inviting, I leaned over and kissed her, shoving my tongue into her mouth, I let her swallow my saliva as it ran into her mouth, letting my tongue roll around with hers intertwined, then I pushed her back on the bed and leaned on top of her getting her to wrap her legs around my waist, I rammed her pussy with my cock feeling her quiver under me, and then I started to thrust in and out of her, She was still tight despite big Trevor's hard rodding, I kept kissing her while pumping her at the same time, She smelled of cum and sweat although I could still catch the scent of her perfume and the smell of coconut in her hair, but she was still dirty with the smell of Trevor and Terry, My dirty little girl who was squirming underneath me, I gently tugged on her nipples with my teeth as I shoved my finger in her mouth and told her to suck on it, after a minute I told her to turn over and Kneel on all fours, she did as I said and I got behind her and slowly lifted her mini-skirt unveiling her sexy ass once more, I saw her wet pink pussy glistening back at me, I slipped a finger in to her ass, poking it in and out, she squirmed uncomfortably no doubt she was still sore from Trevor ramming his fingers in and out, I ran my hand around her ass cheeks noticing and feeling the brand left my the Murphy brothers now a permanent reminder of her debasement and degradation, I smiled as I shoved my dick into my teenage daughters ass, she flinched and moaned in pain, I enjoyed listening to her grunt and cope with the pain, I noticed the stash of sex toys on the bedside locker, I grabbed the vibrator and the thorny stick, I rammed the vibrator into tight little cunt and held the stick in my hand, the vibrator caused her ass to shake adding to my pleasure and her misery, I whipped her hard on the cheek of her ass with the thorny stick causing her to wail and cry and clench the cheeks of her ass with my meat in the middle, I groaned with satisfaction, The men downstairs watching everything we did on the camera in the room cheered with approval, " whip that whore" said a voice " make her cry" said another, I leaned over to my daughters ear remembering to disguise my voice and said " squeal for me piggy, squeal!" She sobbed for a second and then began to squeal exactly like a pig, I grinned as I continued to pump her soft ass, thrusting harder and harder, until finally I shot my load deep into her, whipping her ass simultaneously So she would clench her ass cheeks and squeeze every last drop out of my cock, " good girl" I whispered and I about to pull myself out of her when she clenched again trapping my dick inside her, she gently rocked back and forth and let out a long moan as she rolled her head, I felt a dripping sensation and looked down and saw my daughters cunt spurting her juice as it dribbled on to the bed forming a wet patch, I pulled out the vibrator and let the rest spill out and then removed my dick from her ass and watched my cum leak down to her soaking cunt and drip onto the bed adding to the wet patch, I watched her tremble with pleasure, the guys downstairs were cheering ecstatically, I put my clothes back on and sauntered down the stairs to my drinking buddies who had no idea that the 'whore' I just fucked was my 16 year old daughter as I left I took one last look at Rebecca who was still trembling on all fours, moaning softly while rubbing her fingers along her freshly juiced cunt, I walked back into the sitting room downstairs and was met with silence and looks of disbelief, "Damian, is that girl you just fucked your daughter?" said Tom, everyone stared at me, I looked at Terry and Willy who were smiling at me, " actually…she is" I said going red in the face with humiliation and rage towards the Murphy's for setting me up, no sooner had I said it when everyone in the room started to clap and applaud, I was amazed as was Terry and Willy who had expected everyone to laugh and jeer me for fucking my daughter, " good man Damian" said Tom, " your great" shouted big Trevor the man who popped my daughters cherry, I smiled and laughed as everyone shook my hand, " hey!

Why don't we do this with all of our daughters" said Jerry (one of my many drinking buddies), " yeah!" said another voice, " I have 3 teenage daughters who I wouldn't mind fucking" said Mickey (another regular to my local pub), "We could do this every weekend" said Tom, We all cheered and then turned to the Murphy bros' who were looking at me apologetically, I held out my hand to show I held no grudge and they each shook it gratefully, "no harm done" I said "besides we'll need both you two to mark all our daughters and coordinate these little evenings" said Mickey, " no problem there!" said Terry grinning, " I can't wait" said Willy ( they'd obviously seen Mickey's daughters and approved), We all celebrated and got on with the night each of them taking turns with my daughter whipping her, fucking her, humiliating her and degrading her and each of them did the same thing when they entered the sitting room again afterwards they walked over to me and shook my hand and complimented me on my daughters performance, after they had all had a go of her, we brought her downstairs and gang fucked her, punishing her as much as we could, At the end of the night we all arranged to meet up the following weekend for Mickey's daughters, I collected my £1500 from the Murphy bros and everyone generously donated and extra £10 each for Rebecca as a tip making her an extra £200 on top of the £1000 she already earned, The following morning I got up and went to the pub everyone was talking about the night before and how much they enjoyed my daughter, many had already arranged private visits to fuck my little girl and I of course get 50% being her father, I could tell Rebecca was going to be a very busy girl from now on and I was going to be very comfortable financially, I went home that evening and saw Rebecca, she had just got in and had designer shopping bags under each arm, "did you have a good night at your friends house last night?" I asked (pretending to be casual) " yes thank you Daddy" she said cheerfully, "I've been invited over again for a couple of nights this week for a studying group, is that okay Daddy?" she asked sweetly, " sure thing sweetheart" I said, and she went upstairs and 5 minutes later called out to me, "Daddy, come upstairs and help me" she called, I went up the stairs and walked into her room and was shocked to see my 16 year old daughter naked on all fours with her ass pointed straight at me she turned her head and looked at me biting her lower lip, I saw a vibrator and a thorny stick on the bedside locker and then looked back at her, "could you help ram that vibrator into my pussy while you pump my ass Daddy?" she said shyly, "how did you know it was me fucking you last night?" I said still shocked but now with a major hard on, " I recognized your after shave and you forgot to disguise your voice when you whispered 'good girl' to me" she said smiling " was I good Daddy?" she asked, "you were great sweetheart!" I said unzipping my fly, " can you help me Daddy?

She said wiggling her bum at me, " sure thing sweetheart!" I grinned and stepped into the room, life was going to be good from now on, really good.

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EPILOGUE Mickey had waited in his room facing the back garden with a camcorder in his hand filming his 3 voluptuous daughters Susan (17), Germaine (16) and Joanne (16), Germaine and Joanne were twins and all of them were Busty firm and tanned as they sunbathed topless in the garden lying on their stomachs with their asses sweating in the sun, oblivious to Terry and Willy Murphy walking up to them with ropes sticking out of their back pockets, The Murphy Bros' licked their lips they were going to enjoy their new line of work.


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