Peter is always willing to eat my pussy

Peter is always willing to eat my pussy
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I again want to thank everyone for the mostly positive ratings and comments on part 1. Unfortunately I had to write that story on Notepad and the formatting when I transferred it was awful and I didn't have time to proof read it. Despite the basic grammatical errors I feel it is a good story and appreciate the feedback.

PART 2 The intense noise of my alarm was beyond annoying but almost encouraged me to rage. That is until I realized why I had set it at 7am. Today was the day&hellip. As long as I played my cards right, I was going to be able to watch my mom on cam and I drooled at what my mom might do. She will probably get naked and put her toy in her mouth… My cock hardened as I thought about the possibilities. I wonder if she will show her pussy too. Oh how I wanted to see that.

After cumming just a fraction of an inch away from it last night, I wanted to see the whole thing unobstructed. I was so hard at this moment that I had to force myself not to jack off. I wanted to save every ounce of semen I had for the show.

I forced myself into the shower and fought the continuing urges to rub one out as I washed my full mast (yet not impressive) shaft. After I dressed (in jean shorts to camouflage my continuous hard on) I went to the kitchen for a quick snack.

I was intentionally louder than I normally would be so Mom would hear that I was leaving. I heard the shower in the tail of the trailer turn on and smiled as I knew she was up.

I ate my cereal slowly and stared down the hall waiting for my mom to get finished. Thinking about her naked in the shower was causing me some pain. I was forcing my own blue balls and my dick was constantly trying to get comfortable in the snug shorts. I smiled again when the water turned off and pretended to be gathering things for my departure when I heard moms door open.

Without looking directly at her I saw her walk down the hall to the kitchen. I sure hope she is not weirded out about what happened last night. A.K.A. the greatest thing to ever happen to me ever. "good morning handsome" she said with a cheerful tone.

I was so glad she was approaching what happened so cool.


"morning" came from my mouth as I looked up to meet her approach. Mom was wearing her thick white bathrobe and a white towel curled onto her head.

She was not wearing any makeup with her sexy glasses. Although her robe covered everything from her neck to her knees, I still thought she looked really good. I smiled big and said "I'm about to head out… I'll probably be gone till noon or so. " "Well I have some work to do this morning… on… those… surveys and all. So I will get lunch ready around 11ish" she said with the smirk of a person thinking about an inside joke. I approached my mother and gave her a firm hug.

I pulled rather tight and squished her mammoth tits right against the side of my face. She returned the firmness of my hug. I was in paradise in this moment. After several seconds I broke from her and gave her a quick peck on the mouth like normal.

Although it was more important to me than ever before. We said our goodbye's and I headed out the door. When I was about 100' from the house and felt I was clear from her potential view, I ducked into the tree line and returned towards the trailer. I went to the back of the house and into the small tin shed we use to house our lawnmowers and the few tools we have. I flipped over a 5 gal bucket and took a seat then retrieved my laptop from my backpack. I turned it on and smiled as I confirmed that I had wireless signal from the router in the trailer.

That was the only potential hang up I was worried about. I opened the browser and signed into my guest account. I guess I was either lazy or in a hurry when I created the account because I used JASON0403 as my username.

That was kind of dumb because that was the month and day of my birth. I hope mom wouldn't catch on to that. I located mom's profile and the butterflies in my stomach almost made me throw up in anticipation.

Unfortunately she was not online yet so I had to sit and wait. While pondering my upcoming show, I got another mischievous idea. I wonder if I could see into mom's bedroom window while she did this? I was contemplating and weighing the risks of getting caught while doing so when the point became moot.

It happened… Mom's profile prompted to "online" and I was now able to load her cam to see what she was doing. I swallowed hard as I clicked the icon and my dear sweet mother's face and upper body appeared on my screen. She was smiling and waving at the cam. She was wearing her hair in pig tails and she was wearing that pink strapless shirt. Her massive cleavage consumed more than half of the video screen. "Hi boys… I hope your ready for a doozy this morning because I am so fucking horny right now." mom said in a very provocative voice.

I was stunned by her language and dirty talk. I would have never thought in a million years I would hear mom say something like that. Mom's radio was on and she just kind of stared at the camera and bobbed her head side to side with her muffled radio playing in the background. She was no doubt waiting for the room to populate. Unbelievably their was already 65 viewers in the room. They were all typing message in the public chat to her.

They were telling her good morning and hot hott she looks. Mom was responding to many of them with simple HI'S and icons of kisses. Mom looked really happy and excited for what she was doing. Although I wanted to be the only guy on the planet watching this, the fact it gave her so much enjoyment was more important. After about 5 minutes mom said "Is everyone ready with cock in hand?… I have a really hot story to tell before we begin…" I pondered to myself if she was going to tell everyone of these creeps about what we did last night.

I doubt she would admit to a bunch of strangers that she dry humped her own son enough to make her cum on him. The chats flooded the page with guys telling her she looked beautiful and that they were ready for her to begin. Also on the side of the page was a "tip's counter"… I assume this calculated the amout of money guys gave her to do this show.

It was currently at 0. "Well I found out yesterday that my son has been using my underwear… some clean, some dirty, as cum rags." she had a smile on her face and she seemed to enjoy telling the story. I was super embarrassed at that moment and was almost angry that she would tell all these guys that.

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But I realized that none of them know me or her for that matter so I decided to put my own dignity aside and just listen intently.

Before mom continued, she got her first tip of a dollar. "At first I was kinda wierded out that he did that, but to be honest it made me horny in the wrongest way." Another few tips came in. "I mean, I was so turned on by the flattery that I actually dropped a pair of worn panties in his room to cum on." I was so happy and proud at this moment as she confirmed my begging desires. Tips started flooding in at this time a dollar or two at a time. "So… Last night I took yall's advise and I got a little work done downstairs and you guys were right… I do feel sexier for sure." I pondered this statement but I didn't catch on.

"And I teased him until he was hard then I sat on his lap with his cock between my legs while we rode down a bumpy road… The feeling of his cock pressing up against my pussy actually made me cum… can you believe that?'' She said with a really proud and upbeat voice.

Words could not explain my passion and absolute fulfilling love I now had for my mother. Mom rolled her eyes a little and lifter her head looking at the ceiling.

She slowly started rocking her hips from side to side as if role playing what happened the night before. "Then he came in his shorts right in front of my soaking wet fuck hole." she almost shouted. She gasped and clenched her eyes shut as if she was on the verge of another orgasm. I couldn't take it anymore and fished my aching dick from my pants. It was hard and precum was drooling from the tip more than I had ever seen before. I knew only a stroke or two would cause it to explode.

I promised myself I wouldn't touch it for now. I looked at the comments flying in from the now 120 viewers. The guys were piling in line to tell her how hot that was. I was pleased when I saw a bunch of guys telling her to go ahead and fuck me. Apparently I'm not the only guy in the world who thinks our "relationship" isn't bad and extremely and excitingly fulfilling. The wrongness of it is what made it so purely exotic. "Oh my fucking god I am so fucking horny… Are you boys ready to see what momma got done last night?" she said with a matter of fact attitude.

She was truly horny and ready to please. Mom stood up and adjusted the camera so it could see her full body as she stood up. Mom is a bit of a muffin top with a soft midsection. But her enormous tits and wide ass made her look super fucking sexy. That pink strapless shirt clung tight displaying clearly her erect nipples.

The tiny miniskirt she was wearing barely covered the bottom of her crotch. Her belly was completely exposed along with her little side rolls.

"Do you guys like the way this fat trashy slut looks?" mom barked into the screen. Dollars were flying into her account now. She was almost to a hundred dollars and she hasn't removed a single piece of clothing yet. Mom lifted the front of her skirt and displayed the front of a thin white panty. "I'm so wet right now" mom said as she shuffled her panties to the side exposing a hairless bald pussy.

Cum soared from my cock onto the floor between myself and my laptop. I almost fainted as my cock erupted without a touch. It was the sheer sight of my moms bald pussy that forced me into an orgasm. I shook and grabbed the nearby mower to prevent my collapse.

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I think I may have blacked out for a moment because I missed some time of moms show. When I was able to focus on anything, I looked at the screen to see mom's huge floppy tits hanging out over the top of the pink shirt. She was squeezing the massive mounds and moaning with her head back. As I stared intently I felt my cock starting to arouse again.

I couldn't believe what it was doing on it's own. I have never experienced that before. Mom slowly brought her right tit to her mouth and sucked on the nipple. She then stuck out her tongue and flicked the tip teasing herself. Her account now exceeded 120 dollars. Mom dropped her tit and approached the camera.

Zooming it onto the bed where she backed up to and sat on the edge of. "So how many of you young cocks are manscapers?" mom asked.

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I was confused at first until I saw the flooding of messages from guys who admitted they shave their cock and balls. I have never really thought about that before. "mmmm… That's hot. I would like to suck a good hairless prick right now." mom said sexually while licking her lips. "I waxed everything last night… Even my tight little asshole is bare and ready to be violated…" she continued with a teasing voice as she slowly spread her legs to expose more of her panty covered crotch.

I KNEW IT… I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!! I almost screamed as mom made her comments.


I have fantasiesed about whether mom would or could suck dick or do anal… This sexy vixen has read my mind and I almost felt that she was appearing in my dream telling me just what I wanted to hear. "Uh-oh look what I found" mom said with a lingering tone as she leaned out of view and retrieved the two headed dong from her profile photo's. With her left hand she brought the fake dick to her mouth and started licking around the tip. Her right hand wondered it's way down to her crotch and pulled her panty to the side.

She slowly started rubbing her pussy and expelled low moans from her mouth that was licking the 12'' shaft from tip to tip. "oh my god I'm so ready to be fucked. " Mom stood up and turned around. Slowly and very stripper like, mom exposed her wide ass and pulled the g-string down her legs.

She exposed her bare ass and slowly crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees. I read a few comments in the chat from guys saying how bad they want to fuck her. I wasn't mad one bit, as a matter of fact I felt like boasting a little bit because I have done something with mom that these 212 guys only wish they could have. Mom pulled the fake penis underneath her and lined the tip up with her pussy.

It took only a tiny bit of effort before thin dong glided right into her pussy she pushed it in about half way and started moaning heavily. She slowly pulled the dick in and out. She gradually increased her pace and before I knew it she was vigorously pounding herself with it.

Mom moaned louder and louder. "UUUUHHHHHHHH&hellip. I'M CUMMMMING…" she screamed and pulled the dick from her now well used pussy hole.

The floodgates opened and mom started spraying pussy juice. She squirted at least three feet from where she was. I was so completely amazed from what I saw and I sat there erect without the ability to move or make a sound. I just watched my mother dildo fuck herself and squirt all over her bed. Mom collapsed for a few moments before slowly getting up and regaining her composure. She sat on the edge of her bed and slowly calmed her breathing before she finally spoke.

"Oh my god… I have never squirted before… " I was so thrilled to be one of the many to see her do it for the first time… "oddly, I was thinking about my son watching me fuck myself… I'm such a dirty little mommy." she said with an evil grin.

I couldn't believe my moms greatest orgasm came at the thought of me. Of me watching her being a slut. If she only knew what I was doing right now. "Look at the mess I made on my toy." she said with a wide eyed glare. Without hesitation mom started licking the dong from tip to tip savoring every ounce of her own pussy juice on it.

I couldn't stand it any longer and began slowly and cautiously pumping my cock. Mom positioned the tip of the dong in her mouth and began to push. Inch by inch mom inserted the toy until the head on the other side was barely visible.

Mom pulled the dick all the way out and globs of thick saliva followed. It kinda looked like cum at first it was so thick and foamy. Mom then quickly swallowed the dong again. And again, and again, and again. She picked up her pace and she was viciously throatfucking herself with this long skinny fake dick.

Mom pulled it from her mouth one last time and gasped for breath. She used her forearm to wipe her mouth. With a labored breath she blurted "mommy has one more trick for you mother fuckers." Mom rocked onto her back and brought the spit soaked dong to her crotch.

Without any warm up or easing into it.

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Mom forced just the head of the dong into her pretty little sphincter. She paused a little then before slowly pushing a few more inches of the dick into her ass.

Then she bent the lengthy cock around in a horse shoe and inserted the other head slowly into her pussy. Within no time mom pushed the dong all the way into both her holes. Only a small portion of the double headed dick was visible as it bridged the gap from her pussy to her ass. "Oooohhh baby… That's it hunny that's it… fill mommy's holes baby." mom literally screamed and I could faintly hear her from the outside of the trailer.

I flung rope after rope after rope of cum onto the keys of the laptop. I didn't even care at this point that it was going to be a gross mess. I exploded from the very depths of my balls in an enormous uncontrollable orgasm that shook my body. Like before I had to grasp the mower to prevent from falling off the bucket. For the first time in my young life I believed my balls were completely empty and I didn't have a drop of sperm left. I watched in a haze as mom's orgasm exploded on the screen.

Gushes of liquid flew from her pussy as the dong flopped out. Mom vigorously rubbed at her clit with her palm as the spraying continued and continued.

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Unfortunately I was so spent from my two mind blowing orgasms that I was unable to fully enjoy the sight in front of me. Mom finally stopped her spasm and laid flat on her back breathing heavily.

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The other end of the dildo fell from her ass onto the floor at the edge of her bed. Several minutes went by and mom didn't move.

I almost thought she was asleep. Finally mom sat up and wabbled over to the chair with weak knees. She plopped into the chair and repositioned the camera as she stuffed her giant tits back into her shirt.

She looked absolutely exhausted as she looked into the camera and slowly and carefully spoke. "That was absolutely amazing&hellip. I have never in my life experienced something so electrifying… I feel like a dirt slut right now and I'm watering at the mouth to suck a REAL cock…" Mom paused for a moment before continuing. "Tonight I'm going to be a dirty little cum dumpster. I'm going to leave these panties (She picked up the pair she removed at the beginning of her performance) in my sons room.

Then, I'm going to go to the truck stop about three miles from my house and I'm going to sit in the stall attached to the men's stall. There is a glory hole there and hopefully… And I mean hopefully, a clean shaven cock will present itself. I will then suck that cock like a whore should until it feeds me it's batter. And the whole time I will be thinking about my son jerking his cum onto these panties&hellip.

Mmmmmm&hellip. Mommy is a dirty nasty little tramp… This is goodbye boys and I will see you throughout the week but your gonna have to pony up a little dough to get a repeat performance. " Mom blew a kiss at the camera before she turned off her camera and went offline. I couldn't respond. I was staring at the now blank screen with wide eyes and a motionless body.

In 35 minutes, 350 people watched what mom did and said, and they paid her almost 600 dollars for the show she provided. Probably an hour went by before I moved (and breathed for the first time).

I didn't know how I would face my mother after viewing this. Or how she was going to act towards me.

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Im not even sure If I will be able to look at her ever again&hellip. The only thing I did know, was that I had a razor and shaving cream in my bathroom.

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Also, I know a shortcut to the truck stop that makes the trip less than a mile through the field. To be continued…