Threesome sex in a photo shoot for a mature brunette

Threesome sex in a photo shoot for a mature brunette
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Prologue: Becky Connor and her mother, Martha are just about to meet with Becky's senior history teacher, Mz.

Saxon. The day before Becky was stunned when the middle aged woman had her stay after class and then proceeded to expose herself to the shocked youngster, and while it took a little doing, Martha Connor finally was able to coax her daughter into telling her the whole story. In what turned out to be a very arousing conversation, young Becky told her mother how the older woman had exposed herself and then instructed her to do the same.


While describing how the two of them had rubbed their breasts and vaginas together, both mother and daughter masturbated until each of them had a shattering climax right in the kitchen. It was then that Becky told her mom that Mz. Saxon wanted to see both of them in her classroom at the end of the next school day.

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So now was our story continues Martha Connor has just entered the room and finds her daughter and Mz. Saxon chatting amiably while waiting for her arrival. "Oh, hi mom," Becky says, "I'd like you to meet Mz.

Saxon." "It's so nice to meet you," Martha replied with a smile while extending her hand. "Becky's told me so much about you!" "Nothing bad I hope!" the teacher replied with a chuckle. "Indeed not!" Martha answered quickly. "In fact, I'm happy that you're taking such and interest in her, after all, she carries such an extra burden, it you know what I mean!" "Of course I do," Mz.

Saxon replied smoothly, "but please, call me Margo, it seems so formal to use Mz.

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and Mrs." "Okay, Margo," Martha replied while taking a chair, "and please call me Martha." After everyone was settled, Margo Saxon calmly began undoing her blouse while offering, "I think we all might as well take off our tops and bras, I feel so much more comfortable with my breasts exposed, don't you?" "Of course," Martha replied while unbuttoning her blouse, "when the kids are out Ed and I always go naked around the house." Becky was taken aback by that bit of information and said, "I didn't know that, why didn't you tell me?" "Well, I was going to, dear," her mother replied.

"But I just never could find the right moment, you're not upset with me are you?" "Of course not," the eighteen year old replied as her incredibly large breasts fell from her white satin bra. "I was just surprised, that's all." Now with all three woman were naked from the waist up, Martha turned to Margo and asked, "Are you married?" "Oh no," Margo replied while cupping her huge bosom.

"I have a young female roommate." "Bi or les?" Martha asked. "Mostly les," came the quick reply, "but Tracy, she's my roomie, sometimes brings her boyfriend over and if I'm in the right mood I'll let him fuck me." "I could never go without cock for any length of time," Martha replied a matter of factly. "In fact when Ed and I are naked around the house it's not unusual for him to fuck me two or three times a day." All three women were by now twisting their hard nipples and sighing as the conversation moved along.

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"Does he have a nice cock?" Margo asked a little thickly. "Mmmmm, yes!" Martha replied with a slight moan.

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"When were alone I call him "horse boy"!!!" "When Tracy and I are alone of course we're always naked," Margo offered, "and she usually wears a large black strap on dildo." "What's that?" Becky asked softly. "It's a fake cock, dear," Margo replied smoothly. It's made of latex and has a harness that makes it look like the real thing." "D-does she fuck you with it?" Becky panted while shoving her chest towards the older woman. All the time, dear," Margo sighed, "all the time." Everyone was quiet for a few moments until Margo Saxon offered, "I think that it's time to take off our skirts and panties, don't you?" Neither Becky or her mother bothered answering, instead they both stood up and began stripping off their remaining clothing.

"I can see where Becky gets her prominent mons," Margo observed. "Your vagina is incredibly puffy!" "I guess it runs in the family," Martha replied a little red faced. "Ed seems to like it." "May I?" the teacher asked while reaching out to caress the over sized organ.

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"Okay!!!" Martha whispered. "Ohhhhh, that feels very nice!" "I can see that you both shave," Margo said while gently fingering the buttery snatch. "Is there a reason?" "I do it to make it easier for Ed to suck me off," Martha sighed.

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"And what about you, Becky?" Margo asked. "Same reason," Becky moaned softly, "except it's for my boyfriend." "Like mother like daughter, eh!" Margo laughed. S-something like that!" Martha gasped as Margo's very experienced finger flicked over her hard distended clit. "You seem to be quite aroused," the teacher asked quietly. "Would you like some oral servicing?" With her legs now splayed wide apart, it was all Martha Connor could do to reply, but with her voice cracking she managed to moan, "P-please, please suck my cunt!" Becky couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing!

Her big titted history teacher was down on her knees between her mother's plump thighs with her open mouth pressed firmly against her mother's gaping pussy!

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"O-ohhhhhh, mother!!!" she gasped. "She's sucking your bare pussy!" "Oh god, oh god!" Martha mewled. "She's has a wonderful mouth, so fucking soft and warm!" "Suck her!!!" Becky hissed while she wildly fingered her buttery cunt.


"Suck her off and make her cum!!!" Martha leaned back and cupped her mammoth chest as the hot mouthed exhibitionist bored in on her pussy with ardent fervor. In only a matter of a few minutes she was bucking her hips forward into Margo's hungry mouth in an attempt to apply more friction to her aching clit! Ed was a wonderful cuntlapper, but only in his dreams could he have wielded his tongue in such a wonderfully erotic manner!

"I-I'm fucking cumming all over her face!" Martha gasped as her orgasm whip sawed through her pussy over and over again. Becky's finger literally flew over her straining little organ, and just as her mother teetered over the edge, a brutally satisfying climax wrenched her helpless pussy over and over again until she was lying there limp as an old dish rag while her heart beat pounded in her gaping cunt!

After cleaning Martha's pussy and asshole with her tongue Margo slid up and kissed the stunned woman on the lips and offered softly, "I must say that the two Connor women have quite the hot little pussies!" "Thanks," a stunned Martha replied while caressing her big chest. "I guess it must run in the family!" "It must," Margo replied while sliding over to Becky. "Let me see your vagina, dear, it must be ready for some serious tonguing." "Oh god, mother!" Becky sighed as the older woman's tongue found her still erect little clit.

"I just love being eaten!" Then just as she was about to cum, the shocked young woman screamed out in ecstasy as the sly old teacher rammed an eight inch long rubber dildo deep into her unsuspecting pussy! "Fuck her!" Martha hissed. "Show her what it feels like to get fucked like the hot pussied little bitch that she is!" "Out of control didn't even begin to describe how Becky's poor defenseless pussy felt as orgasm after orgasm wracked her now quivering cunt in an almost vicious attack!

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"I think she's had it," Martha chuckled, "Me too," Margo replied softly while leaning back to diddle her own clit to climax. "I think that we all have!" On the way home Martha patted Becky on the leg and sighed, "I really like Margo, you're lucky to have for a teacher." "Uh huh," Becky replied with a smile, "and I'm even luckier to have you as my mother." THE END