Silky Thumper is about to have a silky smooth wad

Silky Thumper is about to have a silky smooth wad
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In the middle of class, You call on me, but I don't hear it. You write a note and hand it to me. I bite my lip, staring down at the note; See me after class I look up at you. You stare back at me for a moment, then go back to teaching. I start taking extensive notes, pouting slightly, contemplating what you want to talk to me about.

The bells rings suddenly and every one races to the door to get to the next class. I stay in my seat, packing my things slowly. You walk over to the door, close it, then lock it. I turn to You, biting my lip, slightly worried. "Do you know why I asked you to stay after class?" You ask.

I shake my head slowly. You lean against your desk, your arms crossed. "Guess, then" " grades are slipping?" I ask, playing with a stray curl in my face. You shake your head. "Your grades are perfect, unlike your attitude in class," You reply. I bite my lip, pulling my curl. "I'm sorry Professor," I mumble. "I don't.mean to.I just daydream a lot." You nod, sighing. "I've noticed that and it bothers me quite a bit," You say.

"You're a good student and I don't think anything should get in your way.especially day-dreaming." "I'm.sorry Professor," I mumble again.

" aren't.but you will be" You say. I turn my head to one side, You sit down at Your desk. I stand up and walk over to You slowly. You stare up at me from Your swivel chair, an angry stare upon Your face. I cringe away from Your glare, then look at the chalk board. Your hand is suddenly on my thigh, inching under my black mini-skirt. I look down at You, You stare back. I realize I've mistaken Your lust for anger.

I feel myself become wet suddenly. Your other and moves up my thigh. "I believe I need to teach you a lesson," You say.


I bite my lip, becoming more moist with every word You say. Chills run down my spine as Your hands reach my waist. I shiver, You raise Your eyebrows.

"Yes, I believe I will." You lift up my skirt, Your fingers on the waistband of my bright rouge panties. You pull them down, all the way to my knees, then Your fingers slide to my pussy. "Hmm.You're shaved?" You say, Your fingers tracing along my nether lips.

I shake my head slowly, my body entirely still besides my heart which is beating at a rapid rate. "How else then, are you bald?" "Waxed," I mumble. You smirk, Your fingers gently brushing over my clit. I shutter. "You're wet for?" You ask. I nod once, slowly. You smile, pulling me towards You quickly. You unzip Your trousers, then have me sit on Your lap, facing You, my legs straddling Your waist.

You slowly pull Your hard cock out and kiss me, fully, passionately on my lips. You pull me onto Your big cock, I whimper. "What is it?" You ask gently, Your hands on either of my thighs, lifting me, Your cock pressed onto my opening. "I've never.done this before." I mumble. You raise Your eyebrows, incredulous. "You're a virgin?" You ask.

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I bite my lip. "Erm.out of technicality, no." I mumble. "Rape doesn't count, does it?" You shake Your head. "Uhm.then.yes, I am." You nod slowly, kiss me, then plunge Your cock deep inside of me. I moan against Your lips, my eyes fluttering shut. You pull my hips all the way to Yours, making my legs press against the cold metal of Your desk.

You thrust gently, then hard, then gently, then hard again, in rhythm.


You pull away from our kiss, lifting up my shirt, then unhook my bra. You lick my nipples, pinch them gently. I moan louder and louder as You begin to thrust faster, harder, forgetting Your hard/gentle pattern and focusing more on the Hard. You grab my ass, Your cock penetrating deeper and deeper into me. I feel Your cock swell within me and You throw me off You, into the chalk board. You grab my hair and push me onto Your large metal desk, bent over. I feel Your cock press against my ass, but before I have time to brace myself You ram into it.

I shout out in pain as You begin to thrust, not really able to move because f my tightness.


Your cock is so hard and big that it barely fists at all. After awhile of thrusting, You are able to move in and out. I moan, pleasure moving through me in waves. YOU bend over me, Your fingers grabbing my swollen clit, rubbing it fiercely.

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You drill into my as harder, harder, Your hands moving up to my breasts. You pull out abruptly, then plunge Yourself into my pussy. You fuck me, hard. You pinch my nipples, pulling slightly.


I moan then shout out, "Professor!"loudly, my orgasm crashing on my like a tidal wave. You pull out of my pussy, pull my hair and force me onto my knees in front of You. I stare up at You, slightly dazed from my First climax.

You stare down at me, something close to pride- and-lust-filled anger crossing Your face. I bite my lip, then look down at Your swollen cock. It's fully erect and looks so very delicious. I lick my lips hungrily. "Suck on it if you must," You say. I bite my lip, staring u at You. You look down at me, then tug my hair. "Fucking suck it, slut," You growl at me. I cringe, then lick it up and down.

I lick up, then down ts pulsing veins, wanting to relieve it of its large load. I look down at my breasts, my nipples fully perked. "Tit-fuck me, please, Professor?" I ask. You smirk down at me.

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You pull my hair to make me stand up, then You force me back onto the cool metal of Your desk again. You spit in between my tits, straddle my abdomen, then put Your cock between my breasts. I press my breasts together and You slide Your cock between them. I engulf the head of Your cock between my lips, nibbling gently. You slide Your cock in-out-in my mouth, my teeth grazing onto it.

You moan each time my teeth meet Your head. I rub and squeeze Your balls softly. When Your cock is nearly red and fully swollen, You pull away from my tits and slide down to my wist.

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You shove Your ever-swelling cock into my pussy. I shout out, moaning as You thrust Your swell in and out of me.

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Each thrust harder, faster, more painful, yet much more pleasurable. I sit-up a bit, reaching past Your ass as You pump furiously into me. I squeeze Your balls as they slap onto my ass. We moan simultaneously, climaxing. You cum inside of me, kiss my lip, then stand over my nude body.

"Hmmm.I suppose this will be a good enough lesson for today," You say, throwing my clothes at me.

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I dress, You write me a pass for the class that I've missed almost entirely. "Get to class," You call after me while I'm walk, nearly limping, out of Your classroom.

"And expect another lesson tomorrow." ~ That's.a fantasy.