Hope Howell is multitasking in two cocks fucking her

Hope Howell is multitasking in two cocks fucking her
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For Sir, We were walking in the woods one day, as we often did back then. It was spring, edging its way in to summer and the leaves had just started to grow back on the trees.

We walked and talked as we always did, spanning so many topics, tackling the big issues in life. I walked a little behind her; she was free-willed and tended to venture off the path so she led the way. She wore a lot of skirts and dresses back then. Her bare legs impressively pale, despite being an outdoorsy girl she was cursed with never being able to tan.

She walked on and on, I watched as her short skirt blew up a little in the slight breeze, showing me just a slither of one of her ass cheeks. Then what I saw actually registered with me, was she really not wearing any pants? God that was hot. I put it out of my mind as she stopped to watch a robin resting on a fence post. Suddenly she turns to me and declares "I need to piss" "Well then go" "Here?" "Well not exactly here, we'll find somewhere more discreet.

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You realise we're literally in the middle of nowhere?" "Shit, you're right, ok whatever, let's go." We walked a little further until we found an area with a fallen tree and lots of high shrubbery all around it. "I'll turn round" I offered but she assured me she didn't care. She squatted down and lifted her skirt up to avoid soiling it. I watched as a steady stream of piss flowed out of her, she clearly had been holding it for a while, it gushed out with a sense of urgency and hit the soil beneath her pussy and sunk into the earth.

When she had finished she stood up and noticed a couple little drops still clinging onto her thigh. "Shall we head home?" I asked a little flustered from what I just saw. "So we can have sex?" She asked innocently with a little smile and her head cocked sweetly to one side.

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"Yeah, I want to fuck you into next week Miss no pants." I teased. "Butttt&hellip." she said jumping up on to the fallen tree and parting her knees.

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"It looks like you're ready now" She said with a giggle gesturing towards my crotch. I walked over to her and kissed her passionately as my fingers inadvertently wandered down to her wet slit. I rubbed as she moaned into my mouth. Her hands were behind my head, running her fingers through my hair as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. We made out, her tongue massaged mine.


Then she pushed me down until my face was between her legs. "Put that talented tongue to good use." She said firmly I obliged, I licked up the entire length of her.

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From her tight little ass hole up to her clit. She quivered and moaned as I went, I reached her clit and began running my tongue over it in little circles. She gasped in pleasure as her salty, acidic taste flooded my mouth. God I loved to eat her pussy, the noises she made, the way her tits looked from underneath, the way she grabbed on and pulled my hair.

I slowly pushed one finger into her pussy and started rubbing her g-spot. I loved how quickly she got wet, a little flood rushing over my fingers and dripping down my wrist. Within a few short minutes she was ready to cum. "Can I cum sir?" She asked as her chest heaved her deep breaths loud in the quiet forest. "Yes, I'll allow it" I said "Because you've been such a good girl" With a few final licks she tipped over the edge. I buried my face into her pussy as her body spasmed with pleasure.

Her pussy contracting so tight around my fingers, then as she relaxed she squirted all over my face. I loved the feeling of her pussy juices dripping down around my mouth, cooling in the fresh forest breeze. I couldn't hold back anymore, my dick was practically ripping its way through my jeans. I unbuckled my belt, undid my button, slid down the zipper and pushed my trousers and pants down to my mid thighs.

I sat down on the tree and motioned for her to climb on top.


She moved over to me, squatted above my erect cock, just as she had when she'd pissed earlier, then she pushed down, taking my whole length inside her. She kissed me as she rode me. Her moans mixing with mine. "That's it baby, ride me, good girl.

You're my good girl." I could feel myself getting close already so I asked her to slow down, I didn't want to cum yet, I had to enjoy this.

I asked her to get up and get on to all fours for me. I stand behind her admiring her round, bubble butt with her soaked pussy peeking through. I take my tongue to her ass hole licking round and round in circles loosening up her tight sphincter, occasionally probing inside her, enjoying her little squeals of surprise. I stand back up and push the tip of my dick into her arsehole.

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She gasped at the sudden stretching. I grabbed two handfuls of her voluptuous arse and pushed myself in to her completely. I pumped and pumped as she almost screamed in ecstasy. "Cum in me, fill me up" She begged. I held off for as long as I could but pretty quickly I couldn't handle it anymore.

I slowed down a little, my last thrusts building in power and strength. I focused on her tight ring stretching to accommodate me and then I came. The built up pressure was so intense I barely felt the cum explode out of me and rush toward her colon. I pulled my exhausted dick out and watched with satisfaction as my cum dripped down her inner thigh, her ass bright red, her skin glistening with sweat.

God, I miss our walks.