Hot gay scene But boy it was a great relief for

Hot gay scene But boy it was a great relief for
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I was working with this company and was involved with one of the women and after a party I offered to drive her home. She had already told me she wasn't married - any more. On the way she moved closer to me and put her hand on my crutch and gave it a squeeze and naturally I got hard.

She smelled nice and even though she was a bit older than me she was quite attractive. I thought I hope this is not the wine working. I said what was that for. She said just to see what would happen I don't know about you but I am interested if you are. Can we stop and see how the back seat feels.

I shit are you suggesting what i think you are. She said I have dropped a couple of hints and they seem to have missed the mark. I said not really - I know what you were suggesting but with age difference I thought you were prick teasing. She said only your cock will ever know how well I can tease, I am sure it will enjoy it. I said fuck me and before I could say another work she said that's the whole idea. I drove to a park and pulled up and she was over the back and had her pants off and her blouse undone exposing her beautiful tits.

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I had my pants off and my cock was buried in her bushy pussy within seconds. She was wet and had a reasonable cunt for fucking not tight but not too loose.

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She had a daughter aged 16 i know as she had mentioned her during the times I was working for her. I hadn't ever fucked a woman who had kids so I had no idea if that changed their cunt size. Any how once I had settled down and was enjoying her warm wet and most inviting cunt I must admit she was good and responding to me and she began to work with me to enjoy our fuck. She said to me you are good, I haven't had a fuck this good for ages.


It has been old guys who knew my husband and came sniffing around hoping I would come around and give them sex. They were supposed. to be keeping me happy but in fact it was them who was randier than me. After they came they were off I wouldn't have minded a repeat but they busted and that was that.

They could not perform again I drained them of more than cum. Any how I played with her tits and we fucked for at least half an hour and she said to me fuck you are better than I thought.

In actual fact the booze had slowed me down but I managed to keep her happy, bit her on the nipple which she enjoyed, kissed her and came in her.she came twice and really made it big time telling me once was good twice was amazing. You are far far better than I thought you would be.

After that I took her home still half dressed. When she got out she was half naked and said that was something else - I will be wanting more than that. I said not tonight lets talk next week. Monday she was all over me telling me she had not had as good a time for years as we had in the car- god what would we be like in the bedroom. I said well I could arrange for an audition - I liked what happened myself.

You were great.

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She said how about Friday night and plan to stay overnight. There is room for you in my bed I can assure you. I said sounds good to me - dinner out and the to bed - how does that sound. I am sold - be prepared for an amazing time she said.


Friday night we went to a nice restaurant and had a nice meal and a bottle of wine we were both ready for some serious shagging and I took her home and straight to bed.

We fucked like rabbits for ages. I managed to get it up three times - she helped suck it up slit was easy. The next morning she rolled over and said how about a sunrise special. We fucked again and I headed for the bathroom naked. It was down the hall. I had a piss and was getting into the shower when in walked a naked teen ager.

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It was her daughter and when she saw me she didn't seem embarrassed and said what the fuck are you doing here. At that time her mother walked into the bathroom too. She heard her daughter get up and headed straight to the bathroom as she realised there would be an unscheduled meeting and a possible screaming match. She arrived just in time to explain I had been in her bed all night.

Her daughter said shit he is not much older than me fuck me you are cradle snatching. Her mum said meet Mike - he and I work together ----and sleep together. He is good. Jane the daughter said well if he is so good he can service me and I will see just how good he is. Sally said be my guest I am happy to share. I looked at them both and said am I hearing right - Jane wants me to fuck her and you won't mind. No in fact it will be good to share - if you don't mind.

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Fuck me I said - mother and daughter you don't get that offer too often- lead me to your bed. Jane said wash the shit off that cock first, I don't mind sharing her lover but not her cunt juice. I hit the shower and cleaned up and grabbed a towels dafter she finished having apsis followed her to her bedroom.

I kissed her and immediately knew she knew her way around and within a minute I was on top of her and and fucking her like a rabbit. Sally walked on and said he isn't bad is he. She said I have to agree he knows his way around. How is she her mother asked.

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Tight and terrific - she has played this game a few times before. Since I was 14 she said. I said well I have some catching up to do. When is breakfast if I am to keep this up I will need some sustenance.

Not till cum she said. .five minutes later if slid out of her cum filled cunt- she came twice before I did and said I hope you are not going home too soon . I want some more of this. I said for a 16 yo you are good really good. Thank you she said after breakfast we can see how many moves you can make.


Test me she said I will she replied. I went home on Sunday night.I lost count of the number of times I fucked them both and came. Jane and I really got it together,evenSally was I pressed and the thee of us had a ball - I was naked the whole time and had my cock sucked by both of them. They swallowed a heap of my cum. After that I spent anew nights at their place fucking them both it was fantastic.

Now I am fucking Jane more often than her mom but mom still gets a share.