My girlfriend is extremely hardcore

My girlfriend is extremely hardcore
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Tankena and Sheeka were both watching the metal truck burn a wicked smile on their lips, though Sheeka hadn't wanted to do it she knew better than to disobey. For a moment neither noticed Rashala as she fired a blast of her own at them, barely striking Tankena's arm he cursed he'd forgotten about the whore warrior Genie Master Jake had, though it left a bad taste in his mouth he had to admit he'd never seen another like Jake.

The blast should have killed Jake at the least hurt him but there he was not a mark on him. Tankena quickly fleeing, Sheeka tried to deflect Rashala's blasts but soon found that somehow Rashala was far more powerful than she remembered her. What the hell was going on? How could all their power have increased that much, Jake was only a human a plain one at that nothing special about him.

though that warm feeling she'd had in her chest had been so wonderful like a caress of a lover so tender and sweet. Jake could see that something was going on with the other Jinn female that was there. Her entire body was glowing not unlike Rosalinda's right before she changed, her curse lifted. Sheeka realized too late that the warm feeling in her chest had spread further than it should, desperately she tried to stop it but it was far too late.

Even Rashala had stopped firing as she watched as Sheeka screamed, then her body started to glow brighter. "NO! IT can't be NO!" The small willowy woman suddenly screamed as a darkness left her body, her breasts began to grow as did the woman's height, her hair grew lighter, her hips filled out. Looking at herself she started to smile finally she thought I am free!

For several minutes they all watched opened mouth at the complete transformation of Sheeka. Finally she floated down to in front of Jake. "Master Jake," she started, "I have committed many atrocities, I have killed, destroyed, hurt a great many. I accept any punishment that you declare upon me." Within moments the entire counsel appeared, each in shock that the second in command of the bad Jinn's had surrendered to Jake.

"Sheeka, for everything that you have done, you will be punished though declaring yourself for justice from a human is most unusual. What say you Jake?

Any punishment you declare will be, so speak carefully everything you say will come to pass." Jake had been thinking the whole time, "I need to question her first may I?" Jake asked.

"Yes by all means." The leader of the council smiled, knowing Jake, this was going to be a well-deserved punishment though far different than anything they could think of. "Sheeka, when you were in the other form did you have free will?" Jake asked. "Yes master Jake to an extent I did," she replied.

"To an extent? what exactly does that mean please be plain for me." Jake said. Sighing she continued, "I had free will, as long as I went with what Tankena and the leader said. I could kill as I wanted, hurt, maim as I wanted but I had to do It." she replied as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"So you're telling me most of the time you didn't want to, why pray tell were you with them in the first place?" Jake asked. "My sister was," here Sheeka started to cry, "In the last battle, they said she was in the mist that if I helped them they could release her. Master Jake," she said between huge tears, "please kill me, I deserve nothing less for all I have done." Lowering her head she awaited Jake's words knowing that he could end her torment and possibly free her sister.

If Jake could actually do that then her offering her life was a fair trade to her. "Rise Sheeka, I do not want you dead, neither do I think does your sister. You will be punished though; I declare that you will live as a human no powers, for the next 2 years here with me and my Jinn's." A gasp went up from the council the ultimate punishment!

Jake just shook his head, "At the end of that time we will look again at your punishment, if I decide that you are a really changed woman then we will restore 1 power each month." Again there was a gasp from the council another slow punishment, they were all nodding by the great Jinn!

Master Jake was far fairer then any of them would have been. Sheeka was crying so hard she didn't actually hear all that Jake had said. Rising Sheeka stood still as the council began to block each and every power. When they were done they each ran a hand over her finding nothing left, nodding at Jake. "Alright Sheeka, you will be a servant in this house or the next for the next 2 years." Jake said.

Sheeka was shocked; they weren't going to kill her? She'd get to see her sister again? Running up she threw her arms around Jake hugging and kissing him fiercely. "Thank you for my life," she said as she bowed, "I will do all that I can to make up for all I have done," she whispered.

Jake nodded then sent her to the room that Gen and Rosalinda had made for her. "I want her protected, I want her to have a chance to be good again," he said to Gen and Rosalinda. "Yes master Jake, it will be as you request," they both said smiling both blinked then turned to Jake. "Rashala has also added her energy to ours she will be safe now master Jake." "I was going to ask where Rashala is, I haven't seen her since we appeared here," Jake questioned.

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"She said that she is fortifying the house there are obviously forces out there trying to hurt or destroy you Master Jake, all 3 of us refuse to let that happen." Gen said with the most serious face Jake had ever seen her wear.

Tankena was more pissed then he'd ever been, plus the fact that the warrior whore Rashala had actually hit him. A moment later the dark mist appeared behind him, "Tankena! What have you done!?" The leader's voice demanded of him.

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Snarling Tankena whirled and started pointing his finger at the dark mist. "You!" Tankena shouted, " This is all your fault! Had we attacked him at first when we learned of him, we would have the power and his ass to use for our pleasure!

You are nothi.," as he started to choke Tankena pushed with his power almost escaping, but was quickly gripped tightly. "You forget your place SLAVE!" The voice from the mist screamed at him. "Never forget I am YOUR master, your weak pathetic power will never surpass my own, NEVER!" This last word knocking Tankena down and taking practically all the air out of him, a look of extreme hatred crossed his face, how dare the leader treat him like common rabble trash!

Soon Tankena thought, soon. He'd almost escaped that time the leader was obviously weak and not thinking right. Jake had lain down but quickly found that sleep evaded him. Getting up, going and sitting at his drafting table he started to draw an idea that had suddenly hit him not long after Rashmir and the council had given him most of the information on the disembodied ones. The design of the building was extremely important as was the construction; nothing could be touched by a human or non-magic user 'til after it was completed and enhanced then enchanted.

An hour later Jake looked at the strangely shaped building, too bad no one in the real world would ever see it. For the next 2 hours Jake checked and rechecked the plans correcting a minor detail here and there, finally he stopped again looking at the strangely shaped building.

It was in the shape of a star but the inside was nothing as simple as the outside. Basically it was a prison, one that even if you got out of the cell the interior always delivered you back to the same cell. Writing for the council on it, Jake started on another with even more detail and elaborate design. This design Jake watched as it took shape, it started as a simple box or tent shape nothing intimidating but upon entering it there everything changed. Though at the opening it appeared you were going into a single room once you stepped inside you were suddenly at the center of the building.


Spiraling outward every bit of the walls at the center were covered with doorways that lead to passage ways that held more doors.

The second set eventually led back to the center, what no one realized was that also in the center was a power siphoning crystal that would render the magic user powerless for a few hours. Jake stared at the plans well, that was about as close as he could explain it. Ah!

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The one thing he forgot about only 2 beings could turn it on or off. Plus anyone Jake didn't consider a threat wouldn't be harmed either. Rather proud of himself Jake carefully wrote exactly what the building did, everything he'd just come up with. Sighing now all he had to do was sell the council on it, there were also fail safes he needed to add.


Laying back down he'd finally gotten to sleep when he felt a calloused yet gentle hand reaching into his shorts. Ah! He thought Rashala has returned, and it appears she has business with me. Built different than Gen and Rosalinda, Rashala's breasts weren't as large; her hair was more of a dark blond color, her build not as slight.

Though she was a warrior she wasn't endowed with huge body builder muscles, plus her touch was as light and loving as his first 2 Jinns. Reaching up Jake grasp her breast drawing a shuttering gasp, slowly Jake began to ease his hand toward her woman's core.

Another deep inhaling gasp and Rashala started to pant. "Master Jake, it has been so long. The other day was beautiful but I have need of you again, I need you deep within me, please!" Rashala whispered almost begging as Jake's actions were causing her pussy to leak heavier covering his hand. Rolling them both Jake was above Rashala, bending low he kissed her tasting her lips, savoring her taste.

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Kissing her throat then lower to her breasts he began to tease her pert nipples with his tongue drawing another gasp of surprise and pleasure. Kissing lower he teased he belly button a moment before he began to lap at her wetness that had increased from her sex. Only a few minutes and she pushed his face away begging him to take her, "please master I need you now take me I am yours. Kissing her again she could taste herself on his lips, pausing at her opening Jake plunged in almost his full length, the kiss helped to quiet her scream of pain and pleasure, again!

She felt so full it was such a wonderful feeling, that is, until master Jake started to withdraw and re-enter her again and again. By the great Jinn this was nothing like the first time with master that had been tender, but this, this was exactly what she needed raw pure lust.

She had to admit she had been lusting after Master Jake all day, the main reason she hadn't come back with them. She thought that being away from him for a bit would help. Unfortunately it had only made the want and lust for him grow to a point that she had wanted to attack Jake and impale herself on him.

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Looking over at Gen and Rosalinda they both appeared to be asleep, yeah right! When there was sex involved they were always awake. He tried to think talk to them but they didn't answer, then he felt Rashala tightening up around his cock as she had her first orgasm. Holy shit! Jake thought it's true she wasn't a virgin but man her pussy is tight! The almost vise like grip she had on him was almost painful and might have been had not been for the fact that he was so worked up and steel hard for her.

Finally relaxing Jake began his rhythm again this time stroking in and out at a much slower pace, the satisfied sigh he heard let him know she was enjoying the pace also.

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Another 10 minutes and Jake knew he wasn't going to last much longer, Rashala's tightness was about to drive him crazy, then he heard her start to breathe faster and he knew she was indeed close to another. With the feeling so close Jake started to plunge faster losing all desire to go slow he was about to blow, then a minute later he drove as deep as he could blasting wave after wave of his hot seed scalding her insides.

The sudden onrush of his hot seed sending her over the edge, gripping Jake with her legs she started to spasm, the feeling was more incredible than she'd ever felt, then the world went black. At first Jake was afraid that he might have killed her, and then he saw her chest moving up and down. "Gen, Rosalinda, please check Rashala I remember the doctor saying that I had to be careful with her for a bit. I want to make sure I haven't overloaded her again, put her in danger again." Jake asked both of them.

Both concerned sat up and blinked at Rashala, "I feel nothing bad master; I believe she just experienced," here they both giggled, "the loving Jake effect." Jake had drawn a deep breath while they looked over Rashala; now letting it out with a whoosh he felt a 100 times more relieved. That is 'til he heard a whimpering sigh outside the window.

Sighing Jake looked at Gen and Rosalinda, "bring whoever it is in here with clothes on them." They both blinked and another young woman appeared at the foot of the bed, something about this female was strange, not only was she weak but also appeared to be close to dying. Jake was shocked wishing her to be healthy but almost powerless for now, when the woman still did not awake, Jake called Rasmir he shook his head when he saw that Jake was naked again.

Sighing he thought he'd be used to it by now, nodding he looked where Jake pointed shock apparent on his face. Falling to his knees, he started to weep. "Rasmir are you alright?" Jake asked. "More than that Master Jake, we thought she was destroyed, the very first to die." Rasmir whispered. "Who," Gen and Rosalinda asked. "Your Aunt Trully Gen, my little sister." Rasmir said.