Hottie stimulates and drills her cunt and makes pissing after

Hottie stimulates and drills her cunt and makes pissing after
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Eric Forman sighed as he stormed his way up the stairs, heading towards his bedroom. He had just spent the last six hours alone in his basement constructing Star Wars models and enjoying a one-man circle. Not that long ago he had a large group of friends who he would hang out with in the circle to take his mind off his pain, but he had lost that.

He felt like he had nothing now. A few days ago Eric's world had come crashing down around him when he had caught his girlfriend Donna Pinciotti cheating on him with another man. and another woman!

And not just any man or woman but his dumb and annoying friends Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart. He honestly wasn't sure which was more surprising. On one hand Donna had always hated Kelso, or at least acted like she did.

On the other hand Jackie was a girl and before finding her in bed with Jackie there hadn't even been a hint that Donna was anything but heterosexual. Ok so she was tall, athletic, good at sports, etc, but still to Eric's knowledge she hadn't ever shown any attraction to girls before, then again it would seem Eric's knowledge wasn't as good as he thought it was.

Eric had thought about Donna being with other women in his fantasies but somehow fantasy and reality were two different things. And of all the women in all the world why did Donna have to pick Jackie Burkhardt as her experimentation buddy. Jackie was just so. well.


Jackie. When Laurie had told him Donna was cheating on him with Jackie he had laughed, but Eric had seen it with his own eyes, Donna and Jackie in bed together and Kelso lying naked on the floor. He certainly wasn't laughing after that. He felt betrayed.

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Hell, he didn't feel betrayed, he had been betrayed. And he was angry, angrier than he'd ever been, frustration building up inside him like never before. It was in this mood that he open the door to his room to find his former girlfriend Donna Pinciotti standing by his bed. "What are you doing here?" Eric asked bitterly as he walked into his room.

"I came here to talk." Donna said. "I'm not in the mood to talk." Eric said. "Good, then you can listen." Donna said. There was a long pause before Donna took a deep breath and said, "I owe you an apology Eric." "You're damn right you do." Eric started before his mind processed what Donna just said, "Wait, what?" Eric had imagined this conversation many times in his head and yet he had never expected this.

Donna, seeing that she had knocked him off guard, did her best to capitalise on this opportunity. "I owe you an apology. I've been going through some stuff lately, and I've been trying to sort it out without getting you involved but all I've ended up doing is hurting you." Donna said, before taking another deep breath, "The thing is Eric, I'm sorry for hurting you.

but I'm not." "What?" Eric said, a little confused and more than a little angry.


"What I mean is," Donna said, "I'm kind of having an identity crisis, a sexual identity crisis here, and I kind of feel like I need to find out what it is I really want." "And you thought you'd find out what you really want by cheating on me?" Eric yelled. Donna glared at him for a moment, before smiling, "You know what Eric, you're right, I cheated on you and I'm sorry, but I think I have a way to make it up to you." "Oh, and how are you going to do that?" Eric asked.

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There was a slam which made Eric spun around. There standing by his now closed bedroom door was his girlfriend's lesbian lover Jackie Burkhart. She must have been hiding behind the door when he came in. "What's the matter Eric?" Donna asked, "I thought two girls was every guys fantasy?" Eric paused for a minute, trying to get over his shock but quickly recovered. "This isn't two girls, this is one girl and Jackie." Eric said, anger and bitterness in his voice.

Donna couldn't help smiling at this. Eric had always hated Jackie. This is something that was going to have to change if she was going to be able to keep them both.

"Jackie, strip." Donna ordered. "Yes mistress." Jackie said obediently as she began to strip. Despite himself Eric found his eyes being drawn towards Jackie the moment her top came off, and his eyes were glued to her once her bra was off.

Her mistress Donna had explained her plans in detail to Jackie before they had come to the Foremans house, and one of the many instruction she had been given was to not make a show of her stripping and get her clothes off as quickly as possible, and because this was a direct order from her mistress Jackie had no problem in doing so.

It wasn't long before Jackie's pants, panties, shoes and socks were in a pile with her top and bra on the floor and Jackie was standing there completely naked.

"Now, turn around slowly Jackie, show Eric my property." Donna commanded. "Yes mistress." Jackie said, obeying her mistress. Eric couldn't stop his eyes from travelling over Jackie's body as she turned around, just as he couldn't stop his horny body from reacting to the sight. Before breaking up he and Donna had been barely having sex, which was apparently because the redhead had been getting some on the side with Jackie and God knows who else, but as a result Eric was even hornier than usual and more than likely that was affecting his judgment.

That surely had to be the only reason he was suddenly finding himself incredibly attracted to Jackie. Eric had never understood Jackie's appeal. She was bitchy, and whiny, and annoying, and. and. and. this Jackie didn't seem anything like that. She hadn't said anything bitchy or complained since she got here, in fact she was acting so quiet, obedient and submissive it was kind of endearing.

and hot. and now Eric was actually looking at her he had to admit Jackie was actually quite hot, he had probably just never noticed because of her personality.

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"As you can see my bitch is nothing like the old Jackie." Donna said, pointing out what Eric had just thought, "She's obedient, submissive, and so very, very eager to please. And God she's got a great mouth. Seriously Eric, you should really try it. I swear, her mouth feels like pure heaven on my cunt and I've been training her to suck cock with my strap on so I know she can satisfy your needs as well as mine." Eric turns to his former girlfriend, unable to find the words, possibly because all his blood wasn't exactly rushing to his head.

"What." He began before he was cut off. "What am I proposing?

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I'm glad you asked." Donna said, stepping closer to Eric, "I was thinking the three of us could be like, a couple. I'll let you use Jackie whenever you want, just so long as you ask my permission first, we'll still have each other and I'll have her.

Everybody wins." Eric just stood there for a few minutes stunned out of his mind. "Kelso." He began finally. "Was with us one time.

You'd get to brag you can have us whenever you want." Donna said, before smiling, "Well, you can have us whenever I want, but you don't have to tell your friends that." Another pause. "Hyde." Eric said. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Donna said, wanting to try and avoid that conversation. The actual plan was for the four of them, Eric, Hyde, Jackie and Donna herself to become a couple of sorts, but no need to overload Eric's mind right now with that information.

Besides Donna was sure he'd agree to it once he'd had a taste of herself and Jackie together. There was another pause and then Eric said, "You left my sister naked and tied to the water tower.

She was up there for hours before the cops found her, and then they arrested her." Donna gave him a look, "Do you really care?" Eric thought about this for a second and then answered truthfully, "No." There was another long pause as Eric considered his options, thought about how he was still mad at Donna for betraying him, and how this could only end badly, and lots of other good reasons for him not to go through with this, but ultimately the fact remained he was being offered a threesome with two hot girls.

If he turned them down it would be like an offence to every straight male out there. "Ok." He said softly, although he still wasn't exactly sure what he was agreeing too. "Good. I love you Eric and I want to make this work." Donna said, kissing him softly for a moment before turning to her bitch, "Now, I think it's about time you saw what my bitch can do.

Jackie, on your knees." Jackie immediately did as she was told and fell to her knees. "Crawl over to Eric." Donna ordered. Again Jackie did as she was told and crawled over to Eric. "Good, now take off his pants and start sucking." Donna commanded. Once again Jackie did as she was told and reached up, undid Eric's pants, pulled them down along with his underwear until they were around his ankles and took his semi-hard dick into her mouth.

His dick did not remain semi-hard for long. As soon as Jackie wrapped her lips around his cock Eric let out a moan, and he continued to moan as those lips slid up and down his hardening shaft, sucking it into full hardness in what felt like a matter of seconds.

Once he was fully erect Jackie slid his cock down her throat with out a hint of gagging until his balls were resting against her chin. Eric was not a bad size, at least in the cock department if not the height, but Jackie had spent hours sucking on her mistress's collection of strap ons, her wonderful mistress Donna teaching her how best she could serve her and because of her advanced cock sucking training deep throating Eric was no problem at all. Remembering her training Jackie reached up and caressed his balls which were resting against her chin as she used her throat muscles to massage his dick.

When she was ready she effortlessly began to remove her mouth from his poll until only the head of it remained inside, and then she slid her lips backed down his shaft. Jackie then repeated this process, bobbing her head up and down on Eric's cock, deep throating it to the balls every time. Suddenly Eric's dislike for Jackie was a thing of the past. The girl's mouth and tongue felt so unbelievably good on his dick he almost couldn't comprehend it.

He had always loved it when Donna had given him head but Jackie seemed to be in a league of her own when it came to cock sucking. She was just so. eager. When Donna sucked his cock Eric always got the feeling like she was just doing it to do him a favour, but Jackie was sucking away at his cock like she actually wanted to be sucking on his cock and it was an incredible turn on.

Of course the truth was that out of all their friends Jackie was leased eager to suck Eric's cock, but her mistress Donna had ordered her to do it and Jackie would rather die than ever even think of disobeying her mistress. Donna watched in amazement as her girlfriend/bitch Jackie sucked off her boyfriend Eric, and thought about how only a few months ago if she had seen this she would never have talked to either of them again but now it just seemed perfect.

The two most important people in her life, her girlfriend and her boyfriend, together with her. After all this time she was finally going to get her cake and eat it too.

Continuing to watch Jackie suck Eric's cock Donna stripped herself of her clothes and quietly sneaked up behind her boyfriend and pressed her naked body into his back "I told you she's got a great mouth." Donna whispered huskily into Eric's ear before gently biting it. "You. you weren't kidding." Eric groaned. "Of course not, Jackie's the perfect bitch, and if you like her mouth, wait until you feel her pussy.

It's warmer, wetter and tighter than her mouth and it feels great on my tongue and fingers. I bet it feels great on a cock." Donna whispered huskily into her boyfriend's ear before she began to pull his shirt over his head, "Now, let's get these clothes off you so you can feel my bitch's warm, wet, tight pussy on your cock.

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Jackie, stopped sucking his dick and help me." Jackie obeyed and helped her mistress strip Eric and then pushed him down on his back on the bed.

"Get on top of him and ride his cock." Donna ordered her bitch who did as she was told. Mounting her mistress's boyfriend Jackie reached down to grab a firm hold of his cock, which thanks to her mouth was hard as a rock, and pressed it up against her wet love hole, the lips of her pussy gently parting as the obedient sex slave pushed the cock inside herself. Once the head was inside and she had given herself time to relax Jackie slowly lowered herself on Eric's shaft, taking his length inch by inch until it was all the way inside her, at which point she waited for further instruction.

"Good girl Jackie." Donna praised her slut, "Now, ride him." "Yes mistress." Jackie cooed, before slowly raising herself off Eric's cock so that it was almost all the way out of her before sliding back down on it all the way and then repeating the process. Eric groaned and moaned as Jackie began gently bouncing up and down on his dick, the sensations of having her warm, wet, tight pussy caressing his cock driving him wild.

Donna had been right, Jackie's pussy was even better than her mouth and Eric was more than content to lay back and let the beautiful brunette fuck herself on his rod. And she was beautiful.

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Eric couldn't understand why he hadn't seen it before. Well, actually he could. Jackie's old personality had been a total turn off for him, but this new personality that Donna had created, one of quiet submission and obedience was very much a turn on and if Eric absolutely had to have sex with both Jackie and Donna to keep Donna happy then he supposed he might just about be able to stand it at this rate, especially if Jackie was to act in the way that she was right now.

As far as Jackie was concerned Eric was the least desirable of all their friends, even Fez, and she didn't much care for him as a person, he was a bit of a dumbass, so why her mistress Donna wasted her time with him would forever be a mystery to her.

But Jackie was completely in love with her mistress Donna and would gladly do anything for her and if that included having sex with Eric Foreman then she would do it with a smile on her face. At least Jackie could take comfort in the fact that Eric's cock was hard and it did feel good in her pussy. She adored being filled by Donna's tongue, fingers and dildos but Jackie had to admit there was something about having a real cock inside her which she didn't get to enjoy normally when serving her mistress.

It was something Jackie could go without, but since she had the chance to enjoy a real cock Jackie was more than willing to take advantage of it, happily bouncing up and down on Eric's cock, gradually picking up speed as the fucking continued.

Donna watched proudly as her girlfriend fucked herself on her boyfriend's cock, her mind flashing back to the many times it was her riding Eric's cock, and the many, many times Jackie was riding her strap on cock in the same position.

It was this thought which reminded her of the toy she had brought with her for just this stage of the fucking. Pulling her strap on out from underneath Eric's bed where she had hidden it prior to this conversation Donna steps into the harness before pulling it up and fastening it around her waist. She then reached under the bed again for the small bottle of lubricant she had also brought, squeezing out a generous portion and rubbing it all over the dildo before advancing to were her boyfriend and girlfriend were going at it.

Having been caught up in all the fucking Eric hadn't noticed Donna retrieving her toy so when he felt the weight on the bed shift he looked over to where his redheaded girlfriend was kneeling behind the brunette and saw the threatening object strapped in between her legs. Seeing the look on her boyfriend's face Donna laughed and said, "Relax Eric, I'm just going to use my toy here to loosen up Jackie's ass for you a bit so you can enjoy it later.

You see my bitch has a really tight little ass hole and I think it'll be easier for both you and Jackie if I stretch it out a bit, get it properly prepared so you can have all the fun you want with it. Besides, this way we can fuck Jackie together.

Won't that be fun?" "I guess." Eric mumbled, finding it a little hard to concentrate giving Jackie's soft pussy which was still bouncing on his dick. "Good, I'm glad you see it that way." Donna said, before turning her attention to her bitch, "Jackie, stop bouncing so that your mistress can prepare your ass for her boyfriend's use." Understanding what would be expected of her Jackie immediately stopped bouncing and leant forward slightly, sticking out her ass so that her mistress would have the best access possible to her ass hole, quietly hoping Donna would take her time preparing her ass and take some enjoyment out of it herself.

Once Jackie was in place Donna coated her index and middle finger in a generous amount of lube before pressing her index finger against her bitch's butt hole. She took some time to rub the lube in a bit, before pushing her finger passed the tight ring of puckered flesh and into her slut's tightest of holes. Donna squeezed soft moans out of Jackie as she twisted her finger inside her bitch's back door, coating her tight little rectum with lubricant before adding her middle finger and twisting some more, slowly stretching the brunette's back passage out for the invasion to come.

When Donna was satisfied that her bitch was properly prepared, she removed her fingers and quickly pressed the head of her dildo against Jackie's tight rosebud and forced her way inside, Jackie gasping as her mistress began to fill her with her strap on cock. Thanks to the lubricant Donna was able to get the head into Jackie's pooper without too much trouble and then begin the process of slowly adding inch after inch into her bitch's rectum, her brunette sex slave taking every inch of dildo without a single complaint until Donna's thighs were pressed up against Jackie's butt cheeks, the redhead once again balls deep inside her bitch's bowels.

After a few moments of letting Jackie get used to having an ass full of dildo Donna began to slowly remove her strap on from her girlfriend's ass hole until about half of the fake dick had been removed at which point the redhead slowly slid it back to the balls inside her bitch's butt hole, and then repeated the process, wanting to give Jackie a nice gentle butt fucking to stretch her ass out to prepare the enslaved brunette to be ruthlessly sodomised.

As far as Donna was concerned they were just getting started so she didn't want to fuck her bitch up her butt too hard, too soon. Besides, why should Donna rush? She loved fucking Jackie in the ass. It was one of her very favourite things to do to her bitch, and Donna had many things she enjoyed doing to her bitch.

It was just such a symbolic act for her, a clear statement that she, Donna, was the dominant woman of their relationship and Jackie was the submissive bitch who took it in the ass for her mistress's enjoyment, and oh how Donna was enjoying taking Jackie's ass right now. The stimulator inside the strap on was doing its normal good job of stimulating her clit and it was combining nicely with the mental stimulation of butt fucking another woman, and of course the beautiful sight in front of her.

Looking down Donna could see her hips gently smacking into Jackie's firm little ass cheeks, causing her strap on to slide in and out through that tight little hole in between her bitch's butt cheeks, Jackie submitting to her mistress's will and taking every inch of that big fake cock as deep into her pooper as it would go on every thrust without a single complaint, the little slut moaning as her owner used her ass hole for her pleasure.