Blonde teen milfmailed by old man

Blonde teen milfmailed by old man
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Best of Friends I've known him for a couple years now. We had become fast friends, and the best kinds of friends. We shared everything with one another; our hopes, dreams, and even our sexual fetishes. He often hinted at the fact we should hook up, or that he found me attractive enough that he wanted to get together with me. We were friends, so I pushed him off.

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I never wanted to make our friendship muddled with sex. One sunny Spring morning, my phone rang.


It was my best friend, Grant. "Hi honey!" I greeted him. "How are you?" "I'm horny as hell" Was his reply, usually a standard for him. Recently he had moved into his own place and often would respond that way. I giggled softly. "Poor baby!" "Yea, so I was thinking, maybe if you're not busy you'd like to come over for the day." Grant suggested. I knew I should have declined given his state of mind, but something compelled me to agree. I got up to his place and he greeted me at the door with a big hug.

He wore a muscle shirt that showed off his tattoos and a pair of loose fitting tracks. He showed me into his apartment, which he was pretty proud of. After receiving the tour we ended up in his kitchen. Sitting on the counter were a couple coffee cups from the local coffee shop.

I glanced at Grant and quirked a brow. I knew those coffees would pass through him easily. "I was thirsty" was the response he gave me, shrugging a shoulder. We went to his living room and sat down on the sofa. A few minutes pass and Grant looks at me, his hazel eyes sparkling with mischief. "I have to pee." he announced.

I chuckled softly. "No. You're not allowed." Grant nodded and remained on the sofa where we sat watching movies. His right foot began to bounce.

"I need to pee." Again I denied him that right. I knew what he was doing. He was fully aware of my love for being in control and how much desperation turned me on. We had discussed once how I really wanted to see someone do that in person, to have that sort of control over someone.

I'd seen the various videos of the girls so desperate to go and wetting themselves. I never cared much for the wetting part, but the desperation, the moans of pain, the begging; that got me really wet!

I had told Grant how I thought it would be hot to see a guy do that, but rather than wetting themselves they whipped their cock out and let go in a torrent of piss.

Grant was giving me that fantasy, and he knew it would effect me.

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Grant's hand nudged my leg as he rubbed against his right leg. It still was hopping up and down as he fought off the need to pee. I knew it would be bad. Coffee always ran through him. I remembered the one night after he had two cups of coffee he was in and out of the bathroom. I grinned mischievously as I realised this day was about to get a whole lot of interesting.

"Are you okay hon?" I asked him softly as I glanced sideways at his foot. "No.

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I need to pee!" He told me, a look of pain crossing his face. "Just let me go, ok?" "Nope!" I declared, patting his bouncing leg. "You can sit there and hold it." Grant let out a groan, but dutifully sat beside me.

His left leg started bouncing too, and I knew the sensations were getting worse. I grinned as I felt my pussy get wet in anticipation. "Is it really that bad?" "Yes" He told me with a groan. "I've really got to pee!" "Tough." I told him and ran my fingers over his neck, a spot that I knew was sensitive for him. "Hey!" He growled. "Come on. I have to pee!" "So hold it!" I told him.

He groaned, in pain and need, and wiggled in his seat a little. His right foot bounced a little faster as the need increased. We had been watching the movie for a half hour longer when Grant groaned and stood up. "Where are you going?" "I have to pee!" He told me as he started across the room. "I can't wait any longer!" I got up and followed him. "No!

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You can't go until I tell you!" I told him. My pussy was dripping and screaming for attention.

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This sort of thing really turned me on, and he was playing it up fully. "I can't hold it any more!" Grant stated, and grimaced as pain crossed through him. His bladder was really full and needing release.

He was so close to bursting I nearly moaned in pleasure. "Yes you can!" I told him as we came to his bathroom. I stood before the door.

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"Oh come on!" He cried. His face was a mask of pain and I could see how badly he needed to go. He couldn't wait much longer. I kissed him on the cheek and lead him into the bathroom.


He was just about to put his hands on the waistband of his pants when I stopped him. "This isn't funny any more! You're such a tease!" He complained. I was beyond turned on and didn't really care about his pain. I had to push him a little further. "Tough. You can't go until I say so." I told him, and shifted as my pussy begged to be touched.

I was breathing a little heavier in my arousal. I tugged on the waist of his pants and he groaned, which delighted me. I loved this torture I was giving him. I lifted up the toilet seat lid, and grinned at him wickedly. "I bet it just burns you to see the toilet and be so close. and yet not be able to pee." Grant groaned in response, which made me giggle as my pussy gave a little lurch in excitement. "What if I . turned on the water a little?" I asked him as I reached over for the tap in the sink.

Grant groaned. "No. please. I have to go! I'm not playing any more!" I giggled again, and this time I did moan in pleasure. Grant was really turning me on. I reached over and turned the tap on to a trickle, which immediately caused Grant to groan. I could tell by the way his jaw was set that he was grinding his teeth. He really had to go! "Come on!" Grant moaned. "I really have to go! I'm going to piss myself!!" I laughed evilly and tugged his pants down slowly, delighted at the fact he wasn't wearing any underwear, and exposed his flaccid cock.

Grant groaned again, and I could see he was really fighting the need. "What will you do for me if I let you go?" I whispered in his ear, pinning his hands back. "An. anything!" He stuttered. "Come on! I'm going to explode!" He shifted from foot to foot, and I could see the need was eating at him. I slowly wound my fingers around his cock, and slowly moved it into position.

I nipped his ear lightly and whispered. "You'll do anything for me?" "Mmmhmm" was all he could mutter in response. His face contorted in pain.

"You'll be my slave for the day? Doing what I ask?" I whispered, sliding my hand over his cock teasingly, moving it back and forth over the bowl. He let out a groan. "What was that? I didn't hear you. Maybe you don't have to go." I told him in a whisper.

My pussy was aching to be touched now. This had turned me on so much. "Yes. god. please. I have to pee! Stop .


teasing me!" Grant groaned in pain, speaking through clenched teeth. "Wellll. " I let the word hang in the air, and grinned when I heard Grant groan and his breathing intake. He was so close to just exploding, I was in heaven! I slowly moved his cock back into position over the bowl. "Okay babe. you can go now." Grant went to move his hand down to his cock but I stopped him.

"No. don't touch. just go. Unless you don't have to. " Grant's response was a deep groan from him, followed by a moan of relief as a steady stream of piss splashed down into the toilet bowl.

I bit my lip to stop my moan of pleasure. I could feel the stream coursing through his cock. He wasn't kidding! He really had to go. He stood there for five minutes straight, before he finally let out a moan of satisfaction. "Feel better?" I asked softly. "Mmm yes." he responded as he took his cock in hand and shook off the excess urine, then tucked it back in his pants.

"So you're my slave now." I announced with a grin. Grant nodded his head, also grinning. "Yep. Whatever you want, I will do." I grinned, and lead him back out to the living room so we could finish the movie. This was my first attempt at writing a story for the website.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)