Playing with Clothespins for iwannaenjoyalot

Playing with Clothespins for iwannaenjoyalot
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Part Three I woke up with a headache. Confusion rained supreme. I hadn't been that drunk, but at least for a minute I let myself believe I let what happened happen because I was drunk. But that soon passed. I knew what I had done.

I was angry. I was happy, giddy almost. I thought of John, then David. What had I done. Didn't I cross a line. Didn't I break the rules that every good person in this world knew was an essential rule.

I dove back into my pillow and tried to get it out of my mind, but it was impossible. One cannot escape ones mind. But what had changed?

Had the sun not come up?

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Was there a protest on the doorstep protesting the natural order of the world? The answer was clearly no, and it was that answer in my head that made me feel better. Who would ever know?

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No one, David wouldn't tell a soul. People would think he was just as bad or worse. Of course. He would be the whore and taking advantage of his drunk virgin sister, but what would I do about David? There would be awkwardness. Words would have to be spoken. I mean I couldn't avoid him all week. If I could he would go back to school, and I could just not talk to him. Holidays sure, but that is always awkward. Time would help. "Hey sis. I got breakfast. Wake the fuck up." Was god cursing me?

I didn't say anything. "You alive in there?" I sat still. I thought hard. Should it just treat it as if nothing happened? How in the world could I do that?

Would he be able to see through that? Its what I have to do. He wont say anything. He wouldn't. "I'm good. Give me a sec." I looked around. I couldn't find any clothes. I panicked. I had to keep my cool.

I found my suite case, still unpacked and grabbed the first shirt I could find. I found my sleeping shorts and put them on and then raced to the door. I unlocked it and walked into the living room.

The cold air hit me immediately. I had forgotten a bra. Why in the world did I forget my bra. I always wear a bra around people. Shit, and its cold. Its only a matter of time. Shit. "You want some grits?" He didn't say anything sexual. Nothing at all. Or maybe… could grits be sexual? "Sure." I hated grits. They were bland with no flavor. I was a cereal girl. Liked the sugar in the morning. He made me a bowl and we ate in silence. I choked it down and all I could think about was the irony of nearly throwing up on grits and finally sucking and liking it.

"So I'm going to shower and head down to the beach. Your welcome to join me or we can just join up later and hang out. I think The guys next door are having another party." He didn't say a thing. I watched him as he left the room and walked into his bedroom.

Either he was intentionally avoiding the issue or he was just being mean and torturing me. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have any plans and last night had kinda set the bar high. I decided the follow Davids lead and also because I wanted to hide out in my room until he was long gone. One behind the safe door, I walked into the bathroom, peed, and then turned on the water.

I took off my shirt, now noticing it was inside out, and stepped into the water. I just stood under the water and let the water run off me. Then I heard the door open. "David… really get the fuck out." Nothing. No noise. Then I heard a someone moving. "David… Really this is not cool. Get the fuck out." Then I heard the door shut. Relief. Seconds passed.

Then the shower curtain moved. "Davi…" then I looked around. It was John. He was naked.

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He smiled at me and looked down at my body. "Sorry. Only cold water at my place. Thought I would steel some hot over here." "I thought you were my brother." "He just come waltzing into the shower with you?" He laughed.

He moved closer to me. "So you just come into women's showers that you just met?" He took a step back. I could tell what I had said was processing in his mind. Was he scared?

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I laughed. I reached out and took him by his soft dick and pulled him closer. I got on my tip toes and kissed him with his dick still in my hand. "I take it that you like strange men to come find you in the shower." "Only you." I kissed him again. When I did he reached his arms inside mine and forced my hard away from his cock. He pulled me close, looked down at me and smiled.

"Well I just had to be close to something this beautiful." He lifted his arms and put them around me once again, this time around my arms and when he pulled me close I was firm against his hard chest. He was hairless and his skin felt good against my cheek.

The water was only hitting my butt at this point and I was getting a wave of cold air from the still parted curtain. I pushed him away. "Leave me alone I need to wash." I smiled facing away from him. I began to think how amazing it was that I had this man in the shower with me and how strange it was that two days ago I would have freaked if I knew this was going to happen. I wouldn't have believed it. "Let me help." I felt him lean against my back and reach over my shoulder and grab the bar of soap from the ledge.


He took it and reached over my other shoulder and took the wash cloth from the shower caddy. He lathered it up and went straight for my tits. He didn't wash them as much as just lifted them with the cloth and let them fall. He paused on my nipples and moved the cloth down as his other hand, wrapping around me, decided to lift and let the other fall. He reached around my right boob and grabbed the left and pulled me to him. I could finally feel his size pressing into my back. I was no pressed almost under the stream of water as it fell without much force.

He forced my head to the side as he kissed my neck. It loosened my muscles and I was forced to concentrate on not falling forward into the shower wall. It was heaven to feel the water and his lips against my skin.

He ran his left hand up my side with the washcloth and pushed my breast up and to the right. When he did I moved to the side and he dropped it. It smacked the drain and he simply put his hand back on my side.

I bent over to get the washcloth and looked back at him. The vantage point was kind of amazing. I felt totally at his mercy. He looked at me with no aggression. His hands simply rested against my ass. I pushed back against him hard and kinda pushed at his thigh.

He retracted and laughed. When he did I reached and grabbed the washcloth and he moved back against me. He was trying to push me forward to pay me back, but the angle being what it was, whether it was his plan or not I do not know, but his dick pushed hard against my opening and half his length entered me.

I shot forward with the feeling. My shoulder hit the shower wall and I dropped the washcloth immediately. I brought my hands up and pushed against the wall to force myself back up.

I stood upright and looked at him. "Im sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen." My pussy was on fire. I felt his absence from me. It was a strange feeling. "I really didn't mean to do…" I bent over again and pushed back against him. He looked at me in the eyes as if to question me and grabbed my hips.


I felt the head of his dick against my opening for a quick second, and then he pushed in. I gasped. I felt myself spread and I couldn't catch my breath. I don't know how much dick was inside me, but I leaned forward with the pressure and my head rested against the wall.

With me as far forward as I could go, his pressing forward brought his body closer to mine and his dick further in me. I lost feeling of his head but the pressure was intense. I felt the parting inside me.

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When his pelvis finally reached my ass, I lost all since of his length, but the upward pressure was intense. The sexual heat that spread through my body earlier was almost all gone. I could feel him inside me but the lack of feeling shocked me. He paused once all the way in me and lifted me with his hands pulling up on my boobs. As I lifted up right I felt him slightly withdraw from me.

He kissed me when I was totally up right. It was difficult, but his tongue reached mine. Then he pushed me forward and I felt the full force of his dick as he pushed into me hard. The lack of heat was immediately surrendered. When his pelvis struck mine a wave of pleasure went through me, and he didn't stop. He started fucking harder, and the water started getting colder. I reached for the controls but with his force it was difficult.

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When I finally pulled down on the controls, the sound of him hitting against my ass as he entered me all the way was loud. I couldn't believe what I was doing.

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I couldn't think straight. Every time I tried to have a thought he slapped against my ass and the wave of feeling cleared my mind. He began fucking me harder. For the first time in my life I got excited about being a woman.

I thought about this as a forerunner to what I could enjoy as a woman my entire life. The force quickened.

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The heat increased and his gribbed grew harder. I lost feeling of his dick but the pressure and the force was intense. I braced myself agasint the wall and began to push back against him as he pushed against me. The sounds became louder. I began to let go. I could hear myself moaning, the pressure rising inside me. My skin was on fire. His touch was more intense than ever and then he tapped my ass. He pulled away from me, but I wasn't having any of it. I reached back to try and pull him back into me, but I couldn't reach him.

Frustrated I said, "Get your dick back inside me." He resisted and I pushed back against him. He stopped. "Im going to cum." "Then cum inside me." He didn't argue. He slammed back into me and after two or three hard thrusts he yelled. I could tell he was cumming.

I couldn't feel him shooting but I imagined what he had been like when he came in my mouth, how much David had cum. I felt the wetness increase and the friction that had produced so much heat eased. A different pressure built, but he kept pounding in me. As he slowed, his size came back to my consciousness. He stopped completely and pulled me up and began kissing my back and shoulders.


We paused for a min and his semi hard dick slipped from me causing me to release air that sounded like a fart more than anything else.

When I did I felt a thickness ooze from me.