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Gay group Fucking hard in a brothel
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first story…so do please give me some leeway. It's also worth mentioning that this is much more story driven, and while plenty of sex is there, it kind of takes the back seat (especially early on-there's basically nothing in this chapter).


Other than that, feedback is appreciated and suggestions for future parts are welcome. If you vote it negative, please comment and tell me why. I'll try to be as active as possible in responding to comments etc. Note that I don't own the rights to any of the trademarked/copyrighted stuff I reference in the story-blahblahblah.

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Enjoy! New York. 17 years of experience, you would've thought, was enough to know a city. But the story I'm about to tell you bends over and rapes that theory over and over again. My name is Daniel. I've lived in New York City for the entire 17 year period that is my life, and I need to share this story with someone. The story begins with me, about a year ago (16 yrs. old), discovering something strange that would pursue me the rest of my life… ************************************************************************************* CHAPTER 1 ::APRIL, 2010:: Friday Today had been, seemingly, the longest of days.

It was Friday, and I was more than ready for the weekend. After exiting the bus at my house, I ran upstairs to my room to occupy myself with the best of pastimes: video games.

Logging on to my Steam, I scrolled through my fairly extensive library and picked DCUO. Once I got onto the world, I didn't leave my computer for about 3 hours. After that, I took a break to eat dinner and then resumed until about 10:00. If you're wondering yet why neither of my parents are home, the answer is simple. My dad left me when I was about 3 (So I don't really remember him), and my mom's a waitress who works nights, and most of the afternoon, with no days off save for the occasional vacation time she accumulates.

So, drifting off to sleep, I finally was away from all those pesky real-world problems.

My dreams, are, to say the least, unusual most times. Surreal doesn't even begin to describe it. But this one seemed fairly…normal. I was walking through some large cement pipe, with no visible end. Suddenly, I very bright, but pale-blue light flashed behind me. Turning towards it, it seemed to be pretty far away. For whatever reason, I felt the need to begin walking towards it. After a while, I had finally reached the light…floating there in the center of the pipe.

But as I reached out a hand to touch it, the floor retreated and I experienced the oh-so-familiar "falling down to end the dream" feeling. Weird, I thought, slowly waking up. I decided to forget about it, and I slowly drifted back to sleep. ************************************************************************************* Monday I woke up to the BZZZTing sound of my alarm clock, and pulled myself out of bed to start yet another day as a freshman at NBHS (North Bay High School).

The weekend had been uneventful (Unless, of course, you count me nerding out by 22 levels eventful), with no reappearance of my strange dream. Shutting off my clock (But not really looking at it), I meandered downstairs to eat breakfast. As I was staring out the front window, I saw MY BUS PULL UP! SHIT! I thought, as I tore upstairs to try and throw something on in the 60 seconds I had.

I stopped though, realizing I just couldn't make it. Finally dressed and ready, I started sprinting to school. It was about a mile, so if I hurried, I'd make it&hellip. barely. About halfway there, I noticed a strange looking dog. It was white, and looked more like a wolf or something, with weirdly large paws.

Ignoring it, I continued on, and arrived at school with about 30 seconds to spare. I barreled through the halls, ignoring 2 separate teachers shouting at me to, "Slow down there, mister!" I practically dove into my homeroom, and jumped over a few sitting people to make my way to my desk at the back. The bell rang and my teacher, Mr. Foregh, entered the room just as I took my seat. My best friend, Matt, leaned over from the desk across from me and said, "Miss the bus again?" I gave him a death look that effectively answered his question.

After the normal pointless announcements, Mr. Foregh stood up and told us that there was going to be a slight shift in the usual schedule, with a mandatory school assembly in the gym right after school. Matt starts laughing.

"What's so funny dude?" "You know Kiera and Robert, right?" "Yeah, why?" "Dude, they always make out in the gym every day after school.

And out in the open too, apparently it's a turn on for one of them or something. Just imagine the face on whatever teacher busts 'em!" I chuckled a little, imagining Mrs. Rob, the eighty-year-old Math teacher being the one to do the honors. After that, the bell rang and Matt and I headed towards the hallway. We were stopped, however, by Jennifer Lorn, another sophomore who had a bit of a "reputation" for hooking up with basically anyone.

Still I was surprised she had approached me, for a few reasons. Let me explain a little something about myself. As you may have already picked up on, I'm a wee bit of a nerd. But I have also been told on multiple occasions that I am, in fact, pretty good-looking.

No acne, "cool" hair, etc. But the problem comes in when a girl starts talking to me. Because then, my full geekiness shines through…mostly because I have a problem with acting. Don't get me wrong, I'm an amazing liar, but the whole "pretend to be someone you're not" thing doesn't really work for me. Although again, it can, in an emergency.

This might just be an emergency. "Hey Daniel," She said. "And…uh…" she said, looking towards Matt questioningly. "Matt," he replied with a bit of a scowl on his face. "Oh. OK. Well, Daniel, I wanted to see if you wanted to come to the party Friday." I responded with a puzzled face. As you can guess, I'm not exactly well informed about upcoming parties.

And at NBHS, parties are DEFINITELY invite-only. "It's at Will's house, Friday night." "Sure, we'd love to come!" I said. "Oh…uh…well I don't know if…Matt…was invited…" she said uneasily.

"Well, better check, or else I just don't think I can come," I replied sourly. "No, it's fine, just go dude," Matt said angrily, and stormed off. "Well OK then!" Jennifer beamed, "See you then!" She said, and walked off. Well, shit. Now I had to go sort things out with Matt.

I knew why he was acting like this. You see, as a kid Matt had been bullied…A LOT. So he kinda has this deep-seated hatred/fear of the popular kids. Even if he was invited, hell would have to freeze over before he went to it. Matt avoided me for a while, until I finally caught up with him at our usual lunch table.

"Dude, can we talk about this?" I said, looking him in the eye (He didn't return the favor). "What's there to talk about?" He said, still averting my gaze. "Uh…A kick-ass party to which I can probably get us both invited?

And the prospect of the loss of virginity?" He did perk up at that last part. I wasn't still a virgin, but he was, and the topic was a little sore for him. Still, he resisted. "So?" "SO?? US, the dorks of North Bay, going to a party hosted by Will Sharon HIMSELF!

Not to mention, it's time to face your fears and at least take a stand against these guys. Or you could, you know, just enjoy yourself at a freakin' awesome party." He still didn't look convinced. "Tell you what; I'll play the game with you for an entire day if you go." Now he got interested. The "game" in question was Dungeons and Dragons, but I both refused to say those words together aloud or to play it.

I liked video games and tabletop games (To some extent), but I considered D&D a line not to be crossed. Unless, of course, it means taking my friend to a kick-ass party for his own good. "Shake on it?" He asked carefully. "Absolutely," I said, holding out my hand. We shook on it. Fast forward to last period, and I'm in the realm of the GORGEOUS (And SINGLE!) teacher, Ms.

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Robyn. AKA, Health class. The notable part of this class is Fred Klein, unofficial pervert of North Bay. For example, he takes an HD Canon EVERYWHERE with him.

It's rumored he doesn't take it off even while he's asleep. His stated reason for having it is his interest in photography. But as every female in North Bay knows, it's purpose is FAR more devious.

As so dutifully displayed by Ms. Robyn today. As she was reading and pointing to a diagram of some sort about why drugs were bad, she started writing on the board to-I don't know- make a point or something.

(You think I was actually paying attention??) At the worst possible moment, she drops the EXPO marker. And then, in the worst lapse of judgment yet recorded at North Bay, she bends over without turning back around to pick up the marker. Now, why is this so bad, you ask?

Well mostly because she's wearing a fairly loose skirt that only goes down mid-thigh. So when she bent over, anyone could see all of it, namely Fred. Trying frantically to count the shots, I totaled Fred's little photography endeavor at around 30ish or so.

His mom's probably gonna have to restock the house on tissues tonight. The whole event really just reminded me how much I loved 10th period. Ms. Robyn didn't seem to be aware that anything had happened, and nobody dared say anything.

************************************************************************************ Friday "So, you ready for tonight?" I asked Matt before school that morning.

He looked up from the ground in sarcastic shock. "What?" I asked, feeling like I was suddenly unaware of something important. "Well…it's just that…something weird happened today…something I thought I'd never witness in my life…" "Well what is it?" I asked, starting to get really curious. "Daniel Furrow…is early…" he continued, "to school!" I smacked him on the back of the head.

"Ha-ha!! Totally worth it!" Matt said. "Yeah, whatever, you're hilarious," I said, rolling my eyes with all the force I could muster. "But seriously though, guess what Linda Eves just told me?" "What??" Matt asked. He kinda had a thing for Linda. "She informed me of two things. Firstly, she wants to make sweet love to you." Matt stopped listening. "Oh, and she's going to the party." "Wait, she is?" Matt said. "Yep. But there's kinda one problem…" "WHAT??

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I swear to god if you're messing with me Daniel…" "No, it's just that I've been chatting with Jennifer lately and it seems as though we've worked out something to get you an official invite to the party." "Oh yeah," he said, "I still haven't technically been invited." "Just meet me behind the school during lunch," I replied.

"Ok…" he said, a bit uneasily. I waited patiently with Jennifer for Matt's arrival. After a few awkward minutes, Matt finally showed up. "Alright, Matt." I began, "Jennifer and I have figured out a little something to get you in Linda's pants." His eyes got wider, and I knew I had his undivided attention.

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"All you have to do" I continued suspensefully, "Is ask out Karen Miller-in the most intimate way possible. On video." He suddenly paled.

"Oh, no." He said, "But-I-is there any other way??" He practically begged. Jennifer and I simply shook our heads in mock pity. He considered the 'arrangement' for a moment, and looked thoroughly distressed. "Fine." He stated firmly, chin up and chest out. I guess i was kinda proud of a weird sort of way. He bravely started towards the east side of the school.where Karen always ate lunch.alone. Now, the whole thing might seem a little strange at first, but there is a good reason.

That reason was Mark Ruben, a sophomore who ran a blog that who's main focus was school drama (or school "social interworkings" as he called it). In short, is the #1 source for anyone who wants gossip on anything. Even for the uber-popular gossip girls, it's THE go-to source.

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The other 'big secret' was that Mark Ruben is not exactly impoverished, and prides himself on being in the know about anything big. So he's willing to pay for that info.

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Recently, people have started faking social drama-bombs to get his attention and to earn a little cash for it. This was one of those. Matt tried to quietly approach her, and she hadn't noticed him yet. What I had just noticed, however, was the fact that Jennifer Lorn had just groped me. Through the pants, with no warning whatsoever, just squeezed my package vigorously.

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And she looked surprised. "I'll definitely have to check that out later." She said.


Did she lick her lips?? At that point, i was too confused to even pay attention to Matt's little escapade. "Shit!" Jennifer exclaimed, "He did it, and I forgot to film it.

I guess I got a little distracted." She smiled at that last part. "Am I invited now??" Matt said, walking up to us. "Absolutely." Jennifer replied. PS: Sorry that there was practically NO sex in this one. I'll make it up to you guys next time!