Big tits neha kakkar fuck

Big tits neha kakkar fuck
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My ex and I fought all the time it seemed and I guess this was the one argument too many. I did not know it at the time but it was and he had planned it ahead of time and had actually started the fight. He called me names that really hurt and made sure to tell me that I was going to be ruined if I walked out the door. I of course was independent and slammed the door behind me.

"Ok slut, I tried to warn you. You don't know what is waiting for you." he shouted.

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I got in my car and drove to the lake near the base. It was still daytime and I just wanted to go and relax and be alone. I was wearing a tank top and had not put on a bra and had a short skirt and thong and sandals. I parked near the beach and got out and walked. A little after that some guys drove up and parked and got out.

They were drinking and yelled at me to join them. "No thanks." I said and walked away from where they were.

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I heard feet running behind me and turned around to see 6 guys very close to me. It was obvious I had no bra on and they all commented how nice my tits were and one reached out and grabbed one, squeezing hard and I cried out.

"Damn baby, that is a nice one." he said and they laughed. "Please leave me alone." I said and tried to walk away to the car but they circled me and got close. Suddenly hands were all over me and one pulled my nipples hard hurting them and then my tank top was torn off me. "Oh shit guys, really?" I yelled.

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"Yeah lady, really. You are going to provide the entertainment at a little party." I felt a stick in my ass and then everything swam and I passed out. I woke some and was tied legs and arms apart. Someone was fucking me and was not caring if I liked it or not and I didn't. "The party girl is waking up." he said as he filled me with cum. Another jumped on and drove into me and humped some and dumped his load.

There was not even any attempt at pleasure but just one after another fucking me and making room for the next guy. I do not know how many but they turned me over and put a cushion under my hips and began assaulting me in the ass. If I was not already gushing cum it would have been dry and they did not care.

Guys were also now in front of me and forcing cocks into my throat. Ramming me deep and hard and filling my throat with hard cocks and cum. My ass was really hurting and it was not enjoyable at all. The guys finished one by one and sat around drinking and smoking and not offering me anything.

"Bring in round two." one said and I saw 7 or 8 huge dogs being brought in. I was moved so that I was on a kind of breeding bench and my legs tied apart and my tits hanging over one edge while my arms were again tied apart. Someone slapped me hard on the ass and I cried out in pain. "Like that?" said one and another slap landed on my ass. They had a leather belt and were now beating my ass harder than is desired for fun. Tears were rolling from my eyes and I was begging for them to stop.

When they did a dog was led to my ass and he mounted me and easily found my pussy and plunged in and began humping, his knot securing him inside me. He front paws dug into my skin and hurt really bad.

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After he had finished his knot finally shrank and the next one was led to mount me and he repeated the same thing. After he finished my ass was treated to another round of hitting with the belt and then another dog mounted me.

I do not know how long all this had been but I was worn out and sore. I was taken off the bench and dogs were put in front of me, "Suck them not slut" I was told and my mouth was forced onto first one then another after each on filled my mouth.

"Okay guys, now for the finish, out back." and I was carried to the back yard and tied to another bench. This one was different and I knew what was happening next.

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I heard horses near and knew what I was on for. The belt came down on my ass again and then a horse was moved into place and secured. He was guided to my cunt and then he was in me deep and began thrusting hard. I cried out over and over and they just laughed at me louder.

The horse filled me and cum was gushing from me and it took him a while but he finished. Another was led in place and again drove into me. This one was thicker and was really hurting me but they all laughed more.

Finally the last was led to me and I think I passed out from the use. I woke soaked in cum of one kind of animal of human or another.


I could feel my ass and pussy swollen and gushing cum everytime I moved. I was laying on the beach of the park again with some clothes laying near me. My keys were in the car and I just laid on the beach for a while. I managed to stumble into the water and tried to sooth my body that was sore every place I could be sore.


I finally dressed in the long shirt they had left me and got in the car and slept. I got home the next day and stumbled in. My ex was sitting drinking beer with a bunch of guys, "Have a nice night dear?" he laughed and I got to bed.

I took some meds and slept for two days still hurting when I woke up. "You don't think you got pregnant do you?" me ex said. "If you did will it be a man, dog or horse that knocked you up?" and he got up and left the house.

I managed to pack and called a girlfriend and she came and got me.


She drove me to a friend a ways away. That is when the divorce took place. My girlfriends took care of me until I could get on my feet. Well, one time, I did not enjoy all that sex. Talk to you all later. I have been very busy of late and so do not get much chance to get on here. love sue