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Cute young blonde babe in stockings fucks older british guy
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Every person in this story is over the age of eighteen. This is the first spooky story I have ever written. It is total fiction, so don't expect all the facts to fit neatly into place. My grandmother was a true believer in ghost and had many family ghost stories that were passed down to her from her mother and grandmother. The south is full of ghost stories from the Civil War era. Some people believe that a lot of souls were trapped on this earth during that vicious war and some soul still wander in search of their resting place.

This story is not one of my grandmother's stories. However, it was inspired by one she told me when I was just a teenager. ******** Christina Parker married Greg Townsend just after graduating from high school.

She was eighteen at the time, and Greg was twenty-five. Greg never advanced past the tenth grade, so he was forever locked into a dead-end job as a laborer. They lived in a run-down shack near the railroad yards.

That was all they could afford on his laborer's salary with the B & O railroad. Greg spent his days, and sometimes evenings, loading and unloading boxcars. He was typically exhausted most nights when he got home. His usual evening routine consisted of eating dinner, plopping down in front of the TV and consuming one beer after another until bedtime or until he passed out; whichever came first.

That soon took a terrible toll on their sex life. Christina desperately wanted a baby, and Greg wanted a son, but in the eight years they had been married they'd had no luck in producing a child.

Christina's doctor suggested invitro fertilization, but it was too expensive, and Greg balked at the idea because people would think he wasn't man enough to get his own wife pregnant. It was a constant source of unhappiness for them both. Christina prayed every night that she would be able to get pregnant. She fell into depression, and Greg began to drink himself into unconsciousness every night. After a few years Greg began to show no real interest in sex anymore; at least not when she needed him most.

Occasionally he would give in to her plea for sexual relief and climb on top of her, stick his cock into her vagina and quickly deposit his seed before rolling off and going to sleep.


There was never any foreplay on those nights. He didn't even bother to kiss her most of the time, nor do anything else that would lead to an orgasm for her. It had just become mechanical with him; shoot his wad and fall asleep. She needed more than that to satisfy her needs. She needed someone to make her feel like a woman again.

She was long past the hopes of actually getting pregnant, but she would still like to have a real orgasm every once in a while. She wanted an orgasm that was the results of a hard cock rather than her fingers or the vibrator her husband didn't know about. There was a storm raging outside when Christina was shaken from a deep sleep by a loud clap of thunder. She thought she'd heard someone calling her name from outside. She looked over at Greg, and he was sound asleep.

If not Greg, who had called her name? Could she have dreamed it? Regardless of the circumstances, she was awake now and the flashes of lightning and the heavy rainfall made it hopeless to get back to sleep. In addition to the storm, there was an eagerness between her legs that needed desperately to be rubbed, but Greg was in no condition to provide her with needed relief. She vigorously rubbed her vagina through her panties, but that didn't bring the fulfillment she needed.

Christina needed a hard cock, but that was out of the question. The only cock available was useless at that moment. She lay in bed for approximately fifteen more minutes before going to the kitchen for a cup of hot tea.

The constant flashes of lightning lit the house enough she didn't need to turn on any of the lights. It also cast an eerie glow over the rooms, but the darkness did offer some comfort. She sat at the kitchen table drinking her tea while lamenting the desperate need between her thighs, an emptiness begging to be filled. She truly missed the intimacy that had been lost between her and Greg. She stood up from the kitchen table and nervously paced the small room in her flimsy nightgown.

The nightgown was the same one she had bought eight years ago for her honeymoon and was only brought out for special occasions like tonight. Tonight had been special because she was in her period of ovulation and had the best chance of becoming pregnant. She had worn that nightgown tonight hoping to entice Greg into making love to her.

She had practically begged him to have sex with her, but he said he was too tired and just rolled over and passed out. Christina would have been satisfied if he had at least dumped his seed in her before going to sleep.

Now he lay snoring in their bedroom like a Buzzsaw. He was probably more drunk than tired. Christina gazed out the kitchen window at the heavy rain and wondered if she would ever have a child. There was a brilliant flash of lightning, and for a second, she thought she had seen a man standing in the roadway in front of her house. A moment later the lightning flashed again, and there was no one there. She nervously laughed to herself and figured it was her imagination until the flash occurred again and she was startled to see that same man standing in her yard.

He appeared to be staring at her house and was wearing a green hip length army field jacket and blue jeans. When the lightning flashed again the man was gone yet again.

Christina's heart was racing ninety miles an hour. Now she wasn't sure if it was her imagination playing tricks with her mind or if she had really seen someone in her yard. When she looked back into the yard, the man was nowhere in sight. Christina considers for a moment if she should wake her husband and have him check the yard for an intruder, but after a second thought, she changed her mind. "It's only a fantasy," She told herself, "No one would be out wandering in a storm this fierce.

The lightning and shadows were playing havoc with her mind, she convinced herself." She felt silly for being frightened by what may have been only a shadow created by the flashing bolts of lightning. For some odd reason, she felt somewhat cheated and disappointed it was only her imagination.

One of Christina's most recent fantasies while masturbating had been to imagine someone breaking in and forcing her into wild, uninhibited sex. That fantasy always made her cum harder than usual.

Christina decided she really needed to cum just to relieve the tension building in her vagina. She told herself, "That tingling in her pussy is what sparked her imagination of a man prowling her yard." She knew exactly how to take care of that imagined prowler.

She returned to her bedroom and got her vibrator while making sure her husband was still asleep. She found her vibrator in the back of the closet where she hid it from Greg.

He would pitch a fit if he knew she played with herself after he went to sleep. He was still deep in slumber so, she returned to the kitchen and laid the vibrator on the kitchen table.

She sipped her hot tea and stared out the window of the kitchen door into the driving rain. The lightning flashed again and the man was just outside the kitchen door looking directly at her. She laughed to herself and dismissed it as an apparition that existed only in her imagination. There was no doubt in her mind he was only in her sexually frustrated imagination and was not really standing on the other side of the door. However, the excitement of someone watching her masturbate, real or imaginary, caused moisture to gather in the pulsating slit between her legs.

Christina's nipples felt like they were going to burst as they brushed against the fabric of her nightgown. She slid a hand under the short hem of her gown to touch herself. She knew it was crazy, but she was going to masturbate while pretending to be watched by this imaginary man who wasn't really there. She took the vibrator and moved it over her clit through the thin layer of her silk panties.

She felt a warm wave of electricity run through her body as her orgasm approached. The lightning flashed, and she made eye contact with the imaginary man. That's all it took to launch her orgasm, which hit with the force of a tsunami.

It was one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced. She closed her eye and let it wash over her. It was good, but she still needed more.

She heard a movement and opened her eyes just as another flash of lightning lit up the kitchen. The man was standing a foot away and he had a warm smile. Kindness radiated from his face. She tried to speak, but nothing came out of her mouth. Her heart was pounding so hard it caused her whole body to shake. This fantasy had become too real just to be her imagination. The room was lit up again with another flash of lightning, and she could see that the imaginary man was wearing an army jacket with three gold chevrons indicating the rank of sergeant.

There was an Airborne patch on one shoulder. Every nerve ending in Christina's body came alive, and she didn't know if she should scream for help or run. She couldn't move. She closed her eyes again and exhaled a long sigh of relief and laughed. She quietly admonished herself for acting so foolish. The man was apparently a figment of her imagination. It could never really happen.

The kitchen door had been locked, and there was no way a man could just appear out of thin air. The emptiness in her vagina had caused her imagination to run wild. Her fantasies of being forcefully taken by a stranger were apparently driving this imaginary occurrence, she thought.

One more Lightning flashed, and she got a brief glimpse of his rugged face and shuddered. She couldn't understand why this obvious hallucination didn't go away as it had several times in the past few minutes. Christina closed her eyes again and told herself it was just her imagination and just to stay calm. She kept her eyes tightly shut and rubbed her swollen clit. It felt good. That much was real for sure. She thought that she was being silly and pulled her hand out from between her legs.

This all had to be a stupid dream. There was no other logical explanation. The lightning flashed again, and she opened her eyes to find the man was still standing there.

He was a big man; tall with broad shoulders and a three-day-old beard. She knew she should scream, but didn't. For some strange reason, she felt drawn to this man. Her heart was racing, but the fear she first had was gone.

She finally got the nerve to reach out and touch his face. Her hand recoiled like she had felt a hot stove. The man was real. "Who are you and why are you in my house?" She whimpered.

"My name is Michael and I came because you needed me; because you wanted me to come to you," he answered in a soft voice.

An unexplained excitement raced through her body, and her swollen nipples burned with desire. She no longer cared about how dangerous this man might have been.

She had no knowledge of what he could mean by she needed him. All she could think of now was how badly she wanted him to take her, to fulfill her fantasy, to fuck her until she begged him to stop. Rain dripped from his jacket onto the floor, and all she could think to say was, "You are soaking wet in those clothes.

You need to go into the other room and warm yourself by the fireplace.

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I will get a blanket from the closet. She took his hand and led him to the fireplace then disappeared down the hall to the linen closet. Christina returned with a thick wool blanket, and Michael stripped to his boxers and wrapped himself in the blanket. He sat on the leather couch in front of the warm fireplace while Christina spread his wet clothes in front of the fire to dry. Something shiny dropped out of one of his pockets and made a loud clunk when it hit the floor.

She picked it up and examined it. She turned to Michael for an explanation. He told her it was a Silver Star awarded to him for bravery in battle. He further explained he had received the medal while serving in Vietnam.

The military gave it to him for saving a bunch of his men who were under heavy fire from the Viet Cong. He was prouder that his men had been saved than he was about receiving the medal. She brought him a steaming hot cup of tea to sip while he warmed himself in front of the fire. Christina examined the medal closer and then stuffed it in the pocket of his jeans.

She stood awkwardly in front of him not knowing what to say. The room was filled with the sound of crackling logs on the fire. Christina finally broke the silence when she sat down on the couch next to him and asked, "Why were you out in this terrible storm tonight?" Michael smiled at her and said, "As I told you before, I came because you needed me." Christina's heart pounded in her chest with a mixture of fear and excitement.

He could see the fear race across her face and reached out to stroke her face. His fingers brushed across her cheekbone and then traced her lower lip. Despite just coming in from the cold rain, his touch felt warm to her flesh.

"What the hell do you mean, you came because I needed you? You don't even know who I am," She whispered softly. Her breathing was heavy. Her breasts were heaving from the excitement she felt. Michael's fingers retraced along the lines of her lips. She was sure he was going to kiss her. Even in the shadows of the fireplace, she could sense his eyes boring into her and telling her of his erotic intent. His soft hand moved slowly down to her neck and then to the low-cut of her gown.

His fingers skim the valley between her breasts. Her nipples began to swell and tingle. Christina was trembling; not with fear of this man, but with an urgent need for what he could give at that moment.

Every nerve ending in her body was screaming for his touch. His hand advanced inside the top of her gown and gently cupped her breast as if it were a priceless treasure.

His thumb brushed over the hardened nipple protruding out from the tip of her breast. She moaned softly. Christina knew she should protest, but she didn't.

Her husband was sleeping in the next room and could walk in at any moment, but she didn't care anymore. Michael was fulfilling every fantasy she'd had in the last few years. She was begging with her eyes for him to take her. Using both hands, Michael slowly pulled the nightgown up her body. She willingly raised her arms over her head and let him remove it. Lightning flashed through the window exposing her naked body to his gaze.

He stared into her eyes and gently pushed a hand between her trembling thighs. His fingers slid across the moist silkiness of her panties.

An audible gasp escaped her throat. She knew she should tell him to stop, but her eyes begged him to continue. She purposely spread her thighs a bit to indicate he was welcome to proceed. Michael hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and she lifted her hips to aid in the removal of her soaking wet panties.

He slid his index finger into her saturated hole unfolding her exposed labia. She voluntarily spread her thighs wider and tilted her hips forward to encourage him. He pushed a second finger inside her. Her mind was unable to form complete thoughts. She was only aware of the rhythm of his two fingers stroking her, filling her, plunging into the depths of her longing.

The other hand squeezed the soft tissue of her breast and tortured her hot nipple. His thumb found the tiny knob at the top of her opening. It was already swollen with excitement. He strummed it as though it was a guitar string. She tried to contain the pleasure coursing through her body, but it was impossible. She uncontrollably squirmed against his hand. Her breathing became erratic. A series of spasms gripped her insides as she let out a loud squeal.

Her body quivered from the instant release of her orgasm. She placed a hand over her mouth to stifle her moans. She did not want Greg rushing in and stopping this magnificent assault on her vagina. His fingers continued to move inside her. She momentarily grabbed the arm of the couch for support.

Another series of spasms sent her spinning into a storm of orgasmic bliss. Her legs trembled as she shuddered intensely.

The pleasure was too much. In the act of desperation, she squeezed her thighs together and pushed his hand away. He threw his arms around her and held onto her to keep her from scurrying entirely away. Michael guided her into a prone position on the couch.

She was still trembling and shaking with excitement. He quickly shrugged off his boxer shorts and tossed them across the room. He got on his hands and knees and positioned himself directly between her thighs.

She looked up and tried to make out his features in the glow of the fireplace. There were shadows across his face, and she couldn't make out his expressions. Until, a bolt of lightning illuminated the room and she could see that Michael had an adoring smile on his face. Her eyes traveled down his body. Another flash revealed the outline of his firm cock bulging out from between of his muscular thighs. Her body trembled at the sight of his pulsating appendage paused to enter her waiting love tunnel.

She slowly raised her hand and traced her fingertips along the length of his shaft. Using both hands she tugged on his cock, guiding toward her yearning wetness. Another flash from the storm illuminated his erect organ dripping with pre-cum.

She took her fingertip and smeared the pre-cum before licking her finger clean. His hard penis came to life at the sight of her sampling his pre-cum. A series of lightning strikes hit close enough to shake the house. She was amazed it didn't wake up Greg. Christina leaned forward and swirled her tongue over the tight skin of his crown tracing it along the ridge leading to his frenulum.

He laid back on the couch as Christina slowly explored every inch of his hard flesh with her lips and tongue, kissing down the length of his cock to his balls. She took each one into her mouth before moving back up and sliding her lips over his swollen helmet. It had been much too long since she had pleasured a man this way.

She realized how much she had missed the feel of a hard cock sliding through her lips and throbbing against the back of her throat. She took him deep into her mouth savoring the salty flavor of his juices.


Michael's cock felt so alive and full of sexual energy in her mouth that her nipples were bursting with eagerness. Her pussy seeped with desire.

The latent skills for pleasuring a man's cock with her mouth quickly returned. She moved her lips skillfully up and down massaging the ridges and veins of his swollen cock with her incredible tongue. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and stroked him in perfect synchronization with her lips. He put his hands on her head and pumped his cock in and out of her mouth to match her movements. Christina's breathing increased, the tingling between her legs could no longer be ignored, and she slid a finger along her open folds until she found the swollen knob pushing out from its little hood.

A soft moan was muffled by the massive cock stuffed deep in her mouth. She moved her lips up and down his length faster and faster. As his cock penetrated her throat, her moans became louder and more desperate.

The sensation between her thighs continued to build. Without warning, it released with a burst. The surprise caused her to let him fall from her mouth.

As her pussy clenched in a series of spasms, spit drooled from her lips and dribbled down her chin. She gasped and coughed while squeezing her trembling thighs together to contain the explosion. She caught her breath and took him back between her lips. She wanted to consume his hard flesh and suck the juices from his body. She wanted to feel his cum fill her mouth and savor the taste of his nectar.

Her lips moved faster and faster as she pumped him vigorously with her hand. Her tongue swirled around the smooth skin of his bulging crown, and her fingers gently massaged his balls. She could feel his balls tighten as his cock swelled between her wet lips. Michael's fingers gripped the hair on Christina's head as he thrust into her mouth and grunted.

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His creamy seed exploded across her tongue and splashed against the back of her throat. She felt his cock pulse, again and again, filling her mouth. She wrapped her lips tightly around his flesh and sucked the last few traces of semen from his spent organ. He stayed hard. She didn't want to let him go. Her fantasy had finally come true. His warm seed was pooled deep in her mouth; she swirled it around with her tongue and savored the taste.

She had become his shameless whore, his wanton slut. Now she just needed his sperm pooling in her womb.

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Michael pulled out. She swallowed. Michael lifted her from her knees and laid her back on the couch as he pushed her knees back and spread her legs. His lips teased the insides of both thighs. He blew gently on her moist folds sending a shiver through her body. His tongue reached out and flicked over her hard little clit and then plunged his tongue into her steamy passage.

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"Oh god. yes," She moaned. He clamped his lips around her quivering mound and continued to pleasure her with his tongue. She squirmed on the couch and pushed against his mouth. Her hands found the back of his head and tried to pull him into her. Her moans became louder and more desperate. She no longer cared if Greg heard them or not.

Her thighs began to shake, and her toes curled. The pressure in her belly became unbearable. It released in another violent orgasm. She bucked and jerked against his mouth. Ripples of pleasure gripped her insides in a wave of bliss.

Her shrieks and squeals filled the air. Michael's tongue lapped up the juices pouring from Christina's opening. She moved her hands from his head to her breast and pinched her throbbing nipples.

She arched her back and gritted her teeth. Another wave of spasms gripped her. His tongue moved to her sensitive clit fluttering across it like the wind across the top of prairie grass. Two fingers plunged expertly into her quivering vagina.

It felt like her insides were going to burst from the explosions of pleasure gushing out from between her legs. She heard a scream and realized that it had come from her own mouth. Her breasts heaved up and down as she gasped for air. Even though her cry had been loud, still no husband appeared. She tried to communicate to Michael that she needed his hard cock; not his tongue.

Her body was still shaking when Michael finally got the message and pulled away. Bolts of lightning reveal his body that looks like a Grecian carving. His oversized cock was still jutting out from a mass of dark pubic hair. She could see it pulsing with life. She needed more than anything to feel his massive cock deep inside her pussy.

She needed to feel his sperm flowing deep into her womb. She wanted a baby. Michael pulled her towards him until her butt was literally hanging over the edge of the couch. He pushed her legs back towards her shoulders and guided the engorged tip of his giant cock between her labial lips. She felt his bulging mushroom at her entrance and knew she was about to get what she had so desperately craved. She didn't understand why he didn't go ahead and shove it into her.

She could wait no longer. "Fuck me," She heard herself say using words she hadn't said to any man in ages. "Please fuck me. Give me a child." His hips vaulted forward driving his hard cock deep into her welcoming wetness.

She let a startled yelp of delight as he plunged into her again and again, stretching her tight passage to accommodate his size. He continued to plow into her filling her as no man had ever filled her. Every nerve ending in her body could feel his hard, almost violent, thrusts. It was what she wanted…what she needed…what she had dreamed of each night since Greg had begun ignoring her needs.

Her head jerked backward each time he slammed into her. He wrapped his hands around her waist to keep her body from sliding away. She grabbed his hips with her legs in a death grip attempting to maintain her connection, but it was almost a losing cause. She felt like she was being torn apart by the non-stop explosions ripping through her pussy.

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She was able to wrap her legs securely around Michael and gain some stability, but she needed to feel his seed explode inside her. She needed to feel that immediately.

"God yes. fuck me. FUCK ME." Her screams of pleasure turned to whimpers of exhaustion when Michael finally stopped moving. His huge cock was still buried deep inside her and he knew she was on the verge of her next orgasm. She wanted to scream for him to continue and he wanted it to last a bit longer.

The walls of her vagina twitched against his cock as the muscular contractions of her vagina slowly subsided. Michael pulled her into a sitting position and kissed her hard on the lips. He lifted her into the air and cupped the cheeks of her ass. She threw her arms around him for balance. He held her like a rag doll with his cock buried deep inside her body. She pulled herself up to his length and plunged down impaling her pussy on his massive shaft.

She did it again and again and again. She needed to feel his cum in her. He guided her movements with his hands and thrust up into her each time she came crashing down on him. "Oh god. yes. more. fuck me.more." She desperately held on tightly and rode him like the whore she had become.

He slammed her hard against the couch and fucked her harder, jerking her head upward on each powerful thrust. Christina's heels dug into the cheeks of Michael's ass as her fingers clawed at his back. She sank her teeth into the thin skin of his neck. She couldn't get enough. She desperately clung to him as he continued to slam down into her pussy. A bolt of lightning flashed dangerously close to the house, but she didn't care.

All she wanted was to get fucked by this handsome man and feel his seed fill her pussy. He held her to the couch with his cock still buried deep between her legs. She pulled her knees to her shoulders and felt him driving straight down into her twitching pussy. He fucked her hard and deep. An explosion, after explosion, shook her to the core. Her fingernails desperately clawed at his back. Her screams of pleasure were drowned out by the pounding rain and crashing thunder. Michael flipped her over until she was face down on the couch.

He lifted her ass into the air and rammed his cock deep into her pussy from behind. He slammed into her hard and fast driving her into the couch with each powerful thrust. Her hand moved under her body. She found her clit and rubbed it like crazy. "OH FUCK. OH FUCK. I'M CUMMING." More explosions gripped her pussy. Michael continued to drive his cock between her cheeks and deep into her quivering pussy.

She pushed back against him trying to pull him even further into her womb. She needed to feel his orgasm; not her own. One orgasm after the next crashed through her exhausted body until her screams turned to whimpers.

She was barely conscious when she felt him swell inside her. Tears came to her eyes when she finally heard his primeval grunt and felt a new warmth spread through her belly as he pumped semen into her body. She squirmed against his spewing member. Her pussy clenched his thrusting cock trying to squeeze out every drop of his baby making cream into her hungry passage. It seemed to go on forever. Her body shuddered with a final spasm when he was finally finished.

She collapsed onto her belly, and Michael stayed inside her. She felt his heavyweight pressing her into the couch. Her pussy twitched against his spent member in a series of post-orgasmic spasms. She continued to squirm against his cock trying to keep this moment alive for as long as she could. He finally pulled out, and she rolled onto her back and looked up at him. The next flash of lightning showed him on his hands and knees staring down at her naked body with a confident smile of conquest on his face.

He nodded at her and pulled her into the spoon position then pulled the wool blanket over them. She felt his sperm slowly seeping out from between her legs and realized that he might have impregnated her. She had never been on birth control since marrying Greg.

She and Greg had tried since getting married to start a family. So far, they had been unsuccessful. She secretly hoped that Michael had gotten her pregnant. It should bother her that a stranger might be the father of her baby, but it didn't matter in the least.

A part of her hoped he had indeed impregnated and another part wondered how she could explain an unexpected pregnancy after all these years. She decided she would worry about that if the time ever came. They drifted into a deep slumber.

After Christina was lightly snoring and obviously asleep Michael quietly dressed. His clothes were dry now, but he couldn't locate his boxer shorts in the dark. He decided it didn't matter and slipped away into the darkness.

When Christina awakened the next morning, Michael was gone. She briefly wondered if he had even been there at all, but there was a delightful soreness between her thighs.

She quickly dismissed the thought of him not being there and wondered if she would ever see him again.

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She found her nightgown on the floor and pulled it over her head. She noticed her panties were missing and assumed Michael took them as a souvenir. She noticed Michael's boxers sitting in the corner near the couch; proof he had indeed been there. She lifted them to her nose and smelled the intense fragrance of his cock. She shamelessly slid a hand under her gown and rubbed her pussy while holding his briefs to her nose. She felt like such a slut, but at least she was a sexually satisfied slut.

She tip-toed into the bedroom and hid Michael's briefs in her dresser drawer. Greg was still snoring. She prepared an excellent breakfast and then woke up Greg. He had just enough time to shower, eat breakfast and then head off to work.

Christina spent the rest of her day cleaning house and thinking about how wonderfully satisfied she was because of her night with Michael. EPILOGUE When Greg came home from work that night, he was bubbling over with excitement. It seemed he had discovered a dead body in one of the boxcars they unloaded. The man appeared to be a transient. The sheriff said he had probably come into the railroad yard in a boxcar from Canada three days earlier and wasn't discovered until the crew opened the sealed boxcar that morning to unload it.

The man was dressed in a green army field jacket and jeans. The only thing he had in the way of identification was a Silver Star in a pocket of his jeans. The medal had an id number they could use to find out who he was. Greg commented that the poor man didn't even own a pair of underwear, however he had a pair of women's panties in his pocket. The coroner said he was commando when he undressed him at the autopsy room.

He also noticed fresh claw marks on the man's back that looked like he had tangled with some kind of wild cat. After dinner, Christina slipped into her bedroom to see if the boxers were still where she had left them.

They were still in her dresser drawer and she asked herself, "How could he have been with me last night if he had been dead for at least three days'?". It was a question she never expected to be adequately answered. Three months later Christina excitedly confirmed she was pregnant.

Greg paraded around the railroad yards bragging about the new baby that was on the way. Exactly nine months from that stormy night, Christina delivered a healthy baby boy. Christina insisted on naming the boy Michael.

That puzzled Greg because there was no one else in their family named Michael. However, Greg was so thrilled to have a son he never objected to him being named Michael.

Christina secretly clung to the boxer shorts left behind by the mysterious visitor. She often told herself that she didn't care if Michael was real or a ghost; he gave them what she and Greg needed most. He gave them a son and restored their happy family. When no one was around, Christina would take the boxers out of the hiding place and sniff the aroma of Michael. She had renewed faith in prayer.