Ke riko me monta esta sabrosura

Ke riko me monta esta sabrosura
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I was at a friend's superbowl party (2012), and met a guy there (Jackson) who was with his girlfriend. They were about my age and an attractive couple.

Definitely the type you fantasize about having a threesome with. Even as a straight guy, this was a guy you'd consider messing around with if you were just crazy enough to ever go gay for a night. Anyway, we were all drinking of course and by halftime, most everyone was getting tipsy or beyond. His girlfriend (whom I would've gladly snuck off with in a back bedroom for 3 minutes, ripping her pants off and tonguing every inch of her pussy), made a run out into town with another girl to pick up more alcohol.

I was standing in the kitchen mixing the host (good buddy of mine) a drink, and getting myself another beer when Jackson came into the kitchen to get himself a beer. I was buzzed already and pretty sure he was at that point, and he broke the ice with me, asking me how I knew the host. We talked for about another minute while I was finishing my friend's mixed drink, and we made our way back out to the patio.

That minute in the kitchen with him was crazy intense was the feeling you have when you're finally alone with someone you've been checking out all night and you get a chance to feel them out and make an impression that may lead to other things.

I'd never felt that from another guy, it was like he wanted me, and I wanted to give him everything he wanted from me!

We'd been back on the patio for a few and the 2nd half of the Superbowl was starting so everyone went back inside for the game. I was gonna finish my cigarette quick and head back in too. He stayed out there with me and we kept talking, and I was so hoping that we'd have enough time alone where he'd make a move on me.and I was gonna let him.

We saw his girlfriend was back and I was finished with my cigarette anyway, so we headed back in to join everyone. A little time had gone by and we'd separated, I was back hanging out with a group of my work buddies. I noticed Jackson and his girlfriend we're chatting with a small group in the kitchen, and I made my way in there to get another beer and then to go use the bathroom. I was literally hunting him like he was any girl I'd be trying to flirt with, I just wasn't trying to make it obvious to anyone else.

I got my beer and stopped by him briefly, making a comment about the game. I was only there for about half a minute talking to him and left to go use the bathroom. I knew he'd watch me head down the hall to the bathroom and I was hoping if he wanted to do anything that he'd break away from his girlfriend and tell her he had to hit the bathroom quick.

I stayed in there about a minute after I finished peeing and then opened the door to walk out. He was standing beside the door, acting like he was just waiting for the bathroom.

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I was so nervous and hesitant to make any move because if it backfired and he wasn't on the same page with me, he could cause a huge scene and beat my ass or something.and I sure the hell didn't want everyone to find out I was trying to come onto him!

I said, "oh, sorry man!" and he replied, "haha, no worries!" and made his way into the bathroom. I was so paralyzed and wanted to make something happen.

I just didn't know where, when or how. I thought fuck it, and made my way to the end of the hall to the master bedroom doorway.acting like I was just briefly peeking in, looking for the host of the party. I heard the bathroom door open and turned my head and he was making his way out but was looking at me. He turned to look back at the kitchen and I just fucking knew at this point he wanted to make something happen too.

I assumed he was checking to see where his girl was and make sure she was still in the kitchen. She was of course. He then turned to make his way towards me and the end of the hall, acting like he also was interested in seeing what the master bedroom looked like. We were both standing there together now and he was looking past me into the bedroom and mentioned something casual about how nice the room was. I just said "yeah, not too bad".just a pointless reaction to what he said.

It was insane how strong this flirting was and I was pretty sure he had the same thing in mind. You could feel it like electricity, fucking amazing. Not 5 seconds after I'd replied, we both made eye contact as in to see who was going to say the next line and I quick glanced back at the kitchen behind him and thought, " fuck it, do it." I risked it all and started to move in to kiss him and he beat me to it. We locked lips and kissed each other soft for a few seconds.

He moaned lightly and wasted no time, moving his hand down to my dick. I moaned softly and put my hand on top of his, as to assure him that yes, you can touch that as much as you want! I pressed his hand hard onto my cock, and he starting rubbing it harder, causing me to quickly become fully erect in his hand. This lasted only for about ten seconds or so and I broke away before we risked getting caught. He said, "you wanna go smoke?" I said yeah and let him make his way into the kitchen first.

He was probably only gone for about 3 minutes from his girlfriend and she didn't seem to notice anything. I waited another minute and made my way as someone else was coming to the bathroom. We were lucky we had enough time to do what we did before anyone came down that hall! We're outside smoking now, his girl was still in the kitchen. There were 4 other people out there at the time, and about 10 minutes passed of others coming out to smoke and what not.

I was talking to my work friends that had come out for a bit and Jackson made his way back in.I guess to not make anything obvious. We didn't get a chance to be alone again until after the game was over and at least half of the party was leaving. I made eye contact with him from across the living room, went to the kitchen to grab another beer and he followed me in there. At this point, everyone left was either outside or in the living room.


We were alone in the kitchen and he asked me if I was cool with what we did and I said hell yeah dude! I was really buzzed at this point and I knew he was too, and that just amplified the lust and taboo of the situation. He slid behind me, both of us facing the living room with a good eye on anyone looking our way, and I felt him grab my waist and pull me into him hard.exactly how you'd thrust your girlfriend from behind.


He started kissing my neck and put his left hand down the front of my pants. This was almost worth getting busted! He was now massaging my cock inside my pants, bringing me to full erection again. I was pushing my ass into his dick and I could feel how hard it was through his jeans. I wanted him inside me right at that moment. At that moment, I'd felt so much impulse to sexualize this one experience with another guy, my first experience.

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It was unreal how natural it felt to give up everything to him that he wanted and to let him use me to pleasure himself. He was thrusting me hard from behind and I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down just a few inches. It was far enough for him to pull my dick out into the open and stroke it. I reached back to grab his dick, and he pulled his pants down just enough where I could pull his cock out freely.

We were pushing it doing this in the kitchen, even though we had a full view of the patio and living room.

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I told him, "fuck it, come on", and we headed for the bedroom at the end of the hall. I wanted his dick inside me so bad, I had him facing the kitchen and got on my knees in front of him. I felt like a college girl drunk at a frat party and I was too intoxicated with the lust of this to see anything wrong with it.

I grabbed his cock and began stroking it, putting it into my mouth. I was going to suck my first dick right now.

I took it in as far as I could, and I massaged it hard with my hand and tongue.

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I thought about all the blowjobs I could remember and how great that feeling is as I slid his cock in and out of my mouth. He had a really nice dick too. I'd guess about 7" and thick, but not too thick. I was in a moment of such ecstasy doing this and was laughing in my head at why so many girls complain about doing this! It was seriously so hot and so pleasurable for me as much as him.

I sucked his dick for about 2 minutes and left it as wet as I could.because I was taking his cock in my ass next.

I got up and we heard someone coming in from the patio. We bolted inside the bedroom and I was hoping like shit that it wasn't the host or his wife, coming to the bedroom!

It was just someone going to the bathroom though and they didn't seem notice anything. I didn't care at this point though, I got in front of him and leaned against the bed and told him I wanted him to fuck me. He grabbed my face and kissed me hard, stroking my cock passionately.

I turned back around and reached behind me, pulling him into me. I grabbed his dick and was getting adjusted at a good angle to take his cock into my ass. I could feel the head of his dick on my asshole, getting ready to push it into me. We heard to toilet flush and the bathroom door open and froze for a second. All was good, they walked back outside. I was pushing my ass into him as he was slowly grinding me. He slowly started penetrating me and I was loving every second. His dick was inside of me, all the way.

He then slowly pulled it back out, and back in. He was full on fucking me now. He was going slow and gentle enough that it wasn't even painful, just pure pleasure for both of us.


I was seriously amazed at how sexually awesome this felt. Maybe being drunk helped but it was so intense and exciting. He was jacking me off now as his hard cock was sliding in and out of me.


His pace sped up and I sped up to match it. I could feel it coming and knew it was about to happen and I was ready. I was going to finish this and bring us both to orgasm. He thrusted me really hard about 5 times and then his dick exploded inside of me. I could feel his cock pulsating and knew he was cumming, and the rush of this whole experience sent me over the edge. I started jacking my dick and he took over for me.

He slowly pulled out and swing around quick in front of me and got on his knees. He took my cock into his mouth and was jacking me off. I was cumming in his mouth within seconds. Completely amazing. He swallowed my cum and I pulled his face into mine hard and kissed him. I could taste my cum on his lips and tongue. We pulled ourselves together and headed back outside to join the rest of the party.

That wrapped up my first experience with another guy.

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