Gay pissing sex tube Scottish fellow Jason gets a surprise when we

Gay pissing sex tube Scottish fellow Jason gets a surprise when we
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Simone by Diomedes050465 Gang Banged Simone Richards had been born poor white-trash and had married just short of her eighteenth birthday, a marriage that had lasted barely fifteen months, he had beaten her, whored her out to his friends and turned her into a street hooker.

The trouble was that after she had finally had the courage to walk out she had no means of supporting herself except on her back or with her mouth.

She was however a natural beauty and quickly became an expensive escort who worked less often and at a far more specialist level than the street whore she had been.

At twenty-one she had met Derk van der Meer, fifteen years her senior, who had started out as her client but swiftly fallen in love with her, a love she had completely reciprocated. Their sex life had been, to say the least, imaginative and he introduced her to sodomy, bondage, group sex, lesbianism, watersports, and numerous other perversions which she had participated in because of her love for him but had grown to love for their own sake and she had to admit that she have developed a love of all forms of sex.

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She adored swallowing Derk's cum, and even that of some clients when he had wanted to simply watch her. Derk was wealthy beyond her wildest dreams and their life together had been wonderful and as she had descended more and more into being a total slut so Derk had loved her more.

At his suggestion she had even slept with his father while he watched and afterwards he had kept her in bed for three days solid. When Derk had died in a car crash Simone had been distraught and even though she had inherited his great wealth it had not consoled her. At first she couldn't even think about sex but slowly the itch returned and she needed that raw basic fucking, she needed men inside her.

Now thirty-five Simone van der Meer was still considered a 'stunner'; she certainly still turned heads when she walked down the street. She worked out every day and thought nothing of spending a half-day having her hair or nails done.

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Money was no object and she knew that she would inherit a whole lot more from Derk's aged father, who adored her as a link to his only child and dead wife, when he also died. Simone was at the centre of her Community, always there to help with local Charity or help out when needed at the Church but she had sunk into Derk's predilection for what some might term "perversions" and two years ago had started work one or two evening per week as an expensive London escort specialising in the 'unusual', she had even allowed two regular clients to whip, cane and sodomise her for a whole evening.

She hadn't been able to work for three weeks after that but she had achieved some incredible orgasms while they used her even if none of it was really her own preferences. She hated pain and thought sodomy to be the ultimate humiliation for a woman, especially if her cunt was empty when she couldn't understand why a man simply didn't use her natural entrance.

She had always been discreet and was very careful to keep this part of her life secret, there were no photos of her face on the Agency's site and she insisted on vetting all clients before accepting a booking, although these days there were few meetings that were not with regulars who enjoyed her special talents. Thus her booking with a group of, as the Agency had called them, "younger clients" was the exception but she looked forward to it with the excitement of the slut she had become.

The booking was in a very expensive part of the City for four hours, with nothing asked for beyond Group sex including sodomy.

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Simone rang the bell at the given address and was greeted by a handsome man of around twenty, "Richard ?" she asked. He nodded as he handed her an open envelope, tucking it into her handbag she took the offered drink, a large Gin and tonic, and followed him up the stairs, past expensive prints and paintings, into a luxurious bedroom with a large four-poster bed.

She immediately took in her surroundings including the two other men of about the same age, both wore jeans and shirts but were already barefoot. "Mmmmmmmmmm", Simone purred and turned to throw her arms around Richard, obviously the prime mover of the three, and embraced him in a long lingering kiss. His hands strayed down her body to cup her ass cheeks through the dress, she had been requested not to wear knickers and, as always, had complied. She realised that the others must have come across to her as she felt the zip of her dress being pulled down and hands groping at her ample breasts.

She turned and kissed another of the men as the multitude of hands helped her step out of her dress and she stood back in front of all three, naked except for the black lace-top hold-ups and the black stiletto heels. There was a murmuring of approval as she dropped to her knees and unzipped the first man, engulfing him in her mouth without hesitation.

She was aware that the other two were undressing and, almost instinctively reached out and took one in her hand while she alternated between the other two in her mouth. They did try to both get themselves in to her mouth at the same time and whilst she was more than willing the contact of erections made both men shudder. She had often found that, outside of porn movies, men didn't enjoy double penetration of any hole, it was the thought of getting off by rubbing against another man she guessed.


Two hands slipped beneath her arms and lifted her to her feet and away from her oral enjoyments. Unresistingly she was led towards the bed and one of the three sat down on its edge ahead of her and pushed her shoulders down so that she could take him in her mouth. She knelt and as she did so felt hands massaging her ass cheeks, she instinctively raise herself so that they could find her smooth cunt and two fingers slipped inside.

Moments later she gasped as a prick slid inside her wetness and she was pushed forward onto the man in her mouth. "God she's both sopping wet and tight at the same time.

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Wills, you try her." Richard withdrew to be swiftly replaced by another and she felt hands on either side of her head pull her mouth of the one erection and onto the one that had just vacated her cunt. She could taste her own juices on the rubber covering the cock and swallowed at a taste that excited her as she wished that she had more couples as clients. Behind her she was being fucked fast and hard and with each thrust she nearly lost the man in her mouth.

She paused "Shall we make it easier and get on the bed ?" Her idea was swiftly implemented and within moments two men were lying side by side on the bed as she alternately masturbated one while she took the other in her mouth and switched from one to the other. Behind her 'Wills' had resumed his fucking with, if anything, more gusto than before. She knew that he couldn't last long and within moments she heard a guttural roar as Wills climaxed inside her cunt.

She eased back from the men in front with the practiced knowledge that they would now want to move position. Turning she knew what these men would like to see and took the part-filled condom from Wills, she smiled at all three, lifted it to her lips and poured the contents past her lips. She showed her cum-filled mouth to Wills and swallowed hard. "God she really is the slut that Jim said". Wills withdrew for a rest but pulled a chair close to the bed as Simone slipped a rubber onto the man whose name she still didn't know and then straddled him.

Entry into her sopping cunt was easy and she felt him deep inside her as she rocked back to forth and felt his head banging against her womb. He put his arms on her shoulders and pulled her down onto him; she felt the cold stickiness of lubricant being applied to her as yet unused anus. "God Yes, I want to see the whore take up the ass." It was Wills and the excitement in his voice was infectious as Simone felt Richard's hardness press against her sphincter and then, in a rush, force its way through and deep inside her dark forbidden place.

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She gave a low scream as she was filled like she loved being. She might have hated anal sex but she loved the feeling of being used completely, it was a dichotomy in herself she had never reconciled.

The two men ploughed backwards and forwards in time, practiced from other occasions and Simone screamed an orgasm and was unaware that Wills had recovered, excited by his watching her lower holes abused, and was now in front of her.

As her mouth opened he pushed into her throat and she was filled everywhere. She gave her attention to Wills knowing that the other two would just enjoy fucking her and also trusting that the natural tightness of each of her lower holes, exaggerated by its neighbouring hole being fucked, would be enough for the two men to cum. Her assessment was partly correct and she soon felt Richard pounding her ass as hard as he could as she felt him climax deep inside.

Simone was in heaven, this was what she craved. She wanted to grab Richard's cock and drink the cum from his used rubber but was too busy with Wills' magnificent erection filling her mouth and fucking her throat. She was so far gone that when another prick replaced Richard in her ass she didn't even think of it but just revelled in being so full. Wills exploded into her mouth and she greedily drank his cum, letting just a little trickle from the corner so that they could all see the slut she was.

Moments later she felt another orgasm in her ass and an almost simultaneous one in her cunt. Her own orgasm completed the noisy climaxes and she fell forward onto the man below her as the other pricks were removed from her cunt and mouth.

Only as she rolled off did she see that there were three other men in the room as well as the one still on the bed and only then did she realise that the newcomer, this fourth man, must have been the one who had just fucked her in the ass. She lay exhausted for a moment and watched as her sodomiser emptied his rubber into a glass that already contained some cum. She smiled to herself knowing that they would want to watch her drink this later, it was a humiliation that she was looking forward to, but before she could even get her breath back she saw two more young men enter the room and immediately come to the bed.

The first simply unzipped himself and knelt beside her face, pushing himself into her mouth. The other similarly didn't bother to do more than push down his trousers and simply lifted her legs to his shoulders and, pausing just long enough to slip on a condom, entered her cunt in one long swift plunge.

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Simone was in heaven again being fucked at both ends. Moments later the man in her cunt withdrew and simply slipped himself backwards to enter her anally. She opened her eyes briefly to see a couple of the others watching her buggery intently. She knew from experience that men loved to watch a woman penetrated and penetrated anally more than anything, it was, she supposed, like a porn movie but live.

Both men withdrew and she was turned over into a kneeling position and the two men changed ends. The one from her ass let her taste herself on the rubber before he removed it and pushed into her throat, the other was happily pounding her cunt and had three fingers, or at least what felt like three fingers up her ass masturbating himself through the thin wall between her two holes.

Someone slipped a blindfold over her eyes and the sensory deprivation drove her into another orgasm as she felt her throat filled with cum. The one in her cunt withdrew and slipped below her and then back into her cunt and she knew that someone would be in her ass again pretty soon.

Another man in her mouth and then the expected penetration of her ass, she was totally full again. The pounding continued of her holes continued for what seemed like hours, no hole was left unfilled for long and there was rarely a time when she wasn't servicing two men and more usually three.

When they came if her mouth wasn't being used they emptied their rubbers into it if it was she guessed they were emptied into the glass although at least twice they were poured onto her face and hair.

She had been moved and hauled and tugged into every position and had orgasmed more times than she could imagine and as the men eventually began to tire she was laying across the bed with her head dropping down one side and one man ploughing her throat whilst someone else had her legs raised and was fucking her cunt, he had tried to enter her ass but although she knew that it must now be gaping he had been too tired and fucked her cunt instead.

She had lost count of how many men had had her and since they had put the mask on she had no idea even how many men were in the room. Eventually she felt the man in her cunt withdraw and then cum over her belly by finishing himself off she guessed, the one in her throat shot himself onto her face and withdrew. She felt her blindfold removed and looked up to see Richard, obviously the organiser, standing over her.

"Okay ?" he asked. "Mmmm. Did you enjoy me enough ?" she smiled and moved to lie properly on the bed. She looked around at what she guessed to be fifteen or eighteen guys. "Most definitely, but we thought that you would like a drink after all that".

He smiled and handed her a tumbler with what must have been almost a half pint of cum. Simone smiled and took the glass, she feigned disgust, knowing that would excite them more, and lifted it to her lips, drinking it back in three swallows and letting the last amounts roll down out of her mouth.

There was a cheer and many of the men began to leave. Richard stood beside her and took the glass, bidding farewell to his colleagues as they left. "One last thing, just for me." He looked straight at her and unzipped himself. Simone guessed what was next as she watching him put his limp prick to the glass and start pissing. He filled the glass and then pulled her mouth onto him to finish the last drops directly into her.

Of all the things she had done drinking piss was the second most humiliating, she hated the taste and hated the thought but, damn it, the humiliation excited her. She took the glass and drank it all back to another cheer from the remaining men. "Stay here a moment while I see these last guys out". He said as he led the last few men out and Simone shortly after heard the farewells and the door close. Richard returned. "How many were there, in all I mean" Simone needed to know.

"Twenty-seven although not all at the same time." "And they all had me ?" "Yes, some just the once and some more. You really are something. Your face when you drank my piss was wonderful, I have never known anyone do that before and when the Agency said that you would as a special for me… Well I didn't really believe it." "Second most humiliating thing a woman can do, and that I have done.

But I could see the excitement in your face while you watched me." "Second ? You've done something more ?" Simone looked into the man's face as he watched her. She knew what he was seeing. A beautiful woman, although one actually old enough to be his mother, covered in cum, makeup in a mess and with breath that now smelled of piss and cum and well.

"You want to know what else I have done don't you ?" Richard's face was aghast and he simply nodded yes. "And what is THE most humiliating thing that you can ask a woman to do ?" He nodded again. "And whether you can ask me to do it for you." "Yes" "I will do it for you but under certain conditions, and I will only do it if I set it up and you have at least a dozen friends present including at least three other women." "Okay but what are we talking about ?

I don't understand" "Wouldn't you like to watch me fuck a dog ? Lick its prick. Swallow its cum. Have it fuck my cunt and even my ass ?" As she was speaking she was watching his prick harden again and she reached out to stroke it through the denim and to unzip him, she had only now realised that she was still naked whereas he and everyone who had left had all dressed. She moved to take him into her mouth and then swiftly rolled over to bury her head in the bed with her ass raised high.

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"Go on. Fuck me again. Fuck my ass and leave your cum up it. Fuck the little whore who even fucks dogs." Richard almost leapt on the bed, pulled her ass cheeks apart and plunged deep into her anus with a hard brutality.


Despite the fact that he had cum a number of times already Simone knew that she could bring him off again quickly. He fucked her hard, almost viciously as she muttered the words she knew he wanted to hear. "Fuck my ass.

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Go on. Hurt me. Fuck it open so that the dogs can get up there. Imagine fucking it when it is lubricated with doggie cum." The fucking was fast and when he groaned his climax and she felt the hot cum deep in her anus she climaxed again as well. Yes. She decided. She liked fucking this guy and if he wanted it, she was ready for that again. But she doubted if he would ever organise it. She gave him her 'Escort' card as she left and told him that if he wanted the special to contact her.

Her car was waiting where she had left it, with her two minders inside. She was too tired to drive or do much else and let them take her back to her City flat to sleep the rest of the evening. Even when the two of them fucked her, as was her wont in place of a tip, she was too tired to respond much. "Twenty-seven ? She was impressed with herself as she fell asleep on the warm comfortable bed and relished the smell from over her and the soreness in her ass and cunt and the warmth of Richard's cum just beginning to dribble from her ass.

Two weeks later her 'Escort' phone rang. It was Richard. "How soon can you organise what we were talking about. I have eleven guys and five girls who want to watch.

And…" he hesitated "can we get together after, just you and I ?" "Give me a week and call me back. And yes, I think we can get together after."