Nick Stuart busting his amazing college gay boys

Nick Stuart busting his amazing college gay boys
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I'm a fifteen year old high school student and I guess I'm pretty average in most ways. My grades are about average and my social life is OK but with sports and spending time with the rock band I'm in, I don't have a lot of free time. In high school everyone has a Home Room where you start every school day. Every year you get a new one and this year I was put in Miss. Porter's room. She's a thirty something English teacher with blond hair and a nice figure but what I noticed most about her was her smile.

She has a smile that lights up a room. You know the kind I mean.

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When she smiles, you just know the rest of the day will be great. At first she didn't pay very much attention to me and so my first few weeks in school were pretty much the same as every other year. Then one day my English Teacher Mr. Ballard gave us an assignment to write a critical analysis of a book we read over the summer and things changed.

I was not very confident in what I wrote or how I wrote it so in Home Room I asked Mss. Porter to go over it for me. "Why don't you ask your teacher to do this?


She asked "I'm kind of embarrassed" I said " and besides Mr. Ballard kind of creeps me out" I said not knowing how she would respond. "Oh I see" she said and then she smiled and leaned toward me whispering in my ear.

"He kind of creeps me out too" she whispered with a smile and a little laugh. "Ok, when is it due" she asked. I told her that it was due the next day and she said she would read it during the day and I could pick it up after my last class of the day. At the end of the day I went back to her class room and she was sitting alone at her desk holding my paper.

As I walked in she looked up and smiled that smile that I was telling you about and said "come on in and leave the door open please." I looked at her funny and told me "Teachers can't be alone in a room with a student with the door closed anymore.

It's school policy." She explained with a shrug of her shoulders. I went over to her desk and just stood there while she continued looking at my paper.

"Well Scott, can I call you Scott? She said "Yea of course" I told her "This is not a bad first draft but I think you missed the mark in a few places. If you look where I marked it and make a few changes, I think you could make it an A paper. I particularly liked where you compared the writing to this poem, but I don't recognize the author." "That's cuz it's mine" I said kind of embarrassed.

She sat back in her chair and looked at me kind of funny and said "It's beautiful, you should write more poetry." "It's not really poetry." I said "their lyrics to a song I wrote" She smiled and said "Well I'd love to hear it sometime" "Well our band is playing at the school dance this Friday and I'll probably be playing it then. If you're going to be there." "As a matter of fact I am going to be one of the chaperones for the dance.

I thought it was going to be kind of a drag but now I'm looking forward to it." She said handing me back my paper. I left the room and found myself looking forward to Friday night. Well the night of the dance we played a couple sets and during one of the intermissions I announced that I was going to play a couple original songs. I did this to see how the tune went over before I did the whole band arraignment. After I played the song that Miss Porter liked the words to, I glanced over at her and there was that smile again.

She nodded her head and I think she winked at me but I wasn't sure. As luck would have it, the next day I was walking back from the library where I went to write lyrics and research some music theory when I saw Miss. Porter raking a lawn.

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I stopped on the sidewalk and just starred at her for a moment when she looked up from her raking and said Hi.

"You live here?" I asked, never having noticed before who it was that lived in that particular house "Yup, almost five years now." She said I saw a second rake leaning against the tree, grabbed it and started raking.

"You don't have to do that." She said " I can manage." I just smiled and kept raking. About an hour later the yard was clean and we both were leaning against or rakes. "Well I guess I owe you a cold drink at least. Come on" she said as she led the way into the house. She poured two lemonades and we sat at the kitchen table enjoying the cold drink when I noticed a guitar leaning against the wall in the living room.

"Do you play?" I asked motioning toward the guitar. "No, not really." She said "I've been trying to learn for years but I don't think I have the talent for it.

"You can't be that bad." I said "Let me hear you play something" She shrugged her shoulders and walked over to the guitar. She sat on the living room sofa and so I moved into the room and sat next to her.

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"You asked for it." She said as she picked out the worst rendition of "Old Brown Jug" I ever heard. She looked at the expression on my face and stopped playing. "I guess I shouldn't quit my day job." She said "I have to tell you its pretty bad." I told her "But why don't you just start by playing some chords and work into a melody?" I asked.


"Do you know any chords?" I asked and she just shook her head. I spent the next half hour showing her and drawing pictures of the major chords and when I'd finished she took my hand, smiled and thanked me for the lesson. This smile was a little different, this time I saw something in her eyes that had been missing before. Without even thinking I said " If you like I can stop by next Saturday to see how you're doing." "That would be nice" she said and then she walked me to the door. The week went by quickly and the two of didn't exchange more than a few words the entire time but when she looked at me and smiled there was that new look in her eyes that made me wonder.

Saturday came and I walked over to her house at about two in the afternoon. When I got there she was in the driveway taking some bags out of the car and I rushed over to help her. "You always seem to be around when I have work to do." She said as we brought the bags in the house. I went out to get the last of the bags and when I came in she was standing in front of a cabinet, on her toes putting some things away on one of the top shelves.

I went over to try to give her a hand and when I touched her she lost her balance and fell against me.

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I grabbed her around her chest and when I did I got a big handful of her breast. We quickly recovered and she thanked me for catching her but when she looked at me the smile was gone and it was replaced with something more like lust.

After putting away all the groceries we went into the living room and she picked up her guitar. "I think I have the chords down." She said and proceeded to play them one after another. I had her do it again and guided her fingers in a few places so the chord would be cleaner when she played it and then sat back and said "That's Great" "Great! She said "What good are these chords if it doesn't sound like a song?" she asked.

I sat back and thought for a second and then took the guitar from her and said "This is a song I wrote a few days ago with just the chords you just showed me. I played the first verse with just the chords and the second with the chords and picking a melody line and the bridge and chorus of the song using the chords, the melody line and some accent notes .

"That's beautiful." She said as I place the guitar on the table next to us. "Those are just the chords that you played for me a few minutes ago." I said. If you want to play like that, all you have to do is practice, close your eyes and put your heart into it. I don't really know what happened at that moment but the next thing I knew we had our arms around one another and were kissing.

The first few seconds were very passionate and spontaneous but that soon led to gentle more loving kisses. Without saying a word, we started to take each other's clothes off. A few minutes later we were both naked admiring each other's bodies without saying a word. He body was perfect. Her breasts were about the size of my fist with no sag at all and nipples about the size of a silver dollar that suck out about a quarter of an inch.

She had a thin waist and beautiful legs. As I looked down I noticed that she shaved her pussy so that just a patch of blond hair was showing. I had an erection like I'd never had before. I felt like tit was ten feet tall and waving in the breeze. She looked down, wrapped her hand around my cock and started to gently stroke me. With her other hand she gently rubbed my balls.

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We kissed and our lounges moved in and out of each other's mouths while she worked my incredibly engorged cock. She slid off the couch and was now kneeling in front of me looking me in the eyes when she lowered her head and slipped the head of my cock in her mouth. She moved up and down taking more and more of me with every bob of her head. "Oh shit" I said "I'm going to cum." I said as I tried to pull her head off my cock.

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She held on tight and moved both her hand and head faster as I exploded into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed every bit of cum out of me and when I was empty she continued to suck getting every last bit. I collapsed, lying back on the couch with my eyes closed as she took her mouth off of my cock but continued to stroke me.

" Now it's my turn she said releasing my cock and laying back on the couch. She spread her legs and started to play with her pussy with her fingers. With her other hand she spread her pussy lips and ran her finger up and down the entrance to her cunt as I watched.

I moved over and knelt between her legs putting my fingers where hers were and she guided them up and down her pussy showing me what she wanted. I moved my head between her legs and started to lick her and suck on her clit.

"Yessss" she said as my tongue hit her clit. I got the hint and began alternating flicking my tongue on her clit and sucking it.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she said as she had her first orgasm of the day. Cum started pouring out of her and I drank as much as I could and then started sticking my tongue deep into her pussy and shaking my head "God yesssss" She said as she came a second time. By this time I was hard again and I knew what both of us wanted. I raised my head, laid across her taking one of her tits into my mouth and I slid my cock into her pussy. "Oh yess fuck me Scotty, please fuck me hard." She said as I began pounding my cock into her soaking wet pussy.

"Bite my nipple" she begged "make it hurt" she said as I clamped my teeth down on one of her nipples. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" she cried our as she threw her head back and had her third orgasm of the day. I could feel her cum soaking my cock and balls and started to cum deep insider her. She felt the heat of my cum erupting deep inside her and she had another orgasm wrapping her legs around my waist and humping me wildly.

"Oh yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she yelled as we both pounded our hips together in a wild frenzy of lust. When we both calmed down, my dick began to get soft and she stopped shaking from her multiple orgasms, we laid there in each other's arms and kissed each other gently. After a few minutes we got up and she took me by the hand leading me into the bathroom.

She turned on the shower and pulled me under the warm water with her. "You know Miss. Porter" I said and she started to laugh "Scott, I think you can start calling me Patty when we're not in school" She said giving me a little kiss on the lips as she soaped up her hands and began washing my cock and balls.

In about a minute her washing gave me yet another erection and she started to laugh again. "Oh God I've created a monster." She said as she smiled and guided me into her, now well fucked pussy.