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Ban 10 xxx story dowanload
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It had been 11years since my parents had divorced. My mom, whom I lived with was going thru some financial difficulties and had to post adds about a room for rent in our house. She was initially looking for only one person to rent the room but most of the people who replied were either a couple or an entire family.

She finally settled for this young couple with a 4 year old. Walter, the husband was a 6'1 bronzed Salvadorian who worked in construction. His wife, Christina, was about 5'5 more tanned than her husband. Besides the constant bugging of the child to play with him everything was going smoothly. Everyday Walter would come home around 5:20pm with his tool belt still on his waist; his working boots his bright orange shirt and on occasion his vest. On the first few weeks I didn't think he or his wife were anything special, just 2 regular looking people with a regular lives.

As time went by however, I saw him exit the shower after he had come from work. He was wearing nothing but his towel wrapped around his waist. Water dripped from his medium sized black hair into his defined chest; the drops would run down his chest to his flat belly and disappear once they reached the towel.

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He was very smooth but had no razor burns so it was obvious he was naturally smooth. It took me about 3 seconds to take all this and I hadn't realized that I was standing in front of him, blocking his way and with my mouth almost ajar. After the first glance of his chiseled chest, flat belly and smooth body I made sure to be home by 5:30 so that I would wait until he was out of the shower just so I'd catch a glance of the god-like man that lived in my house.

Everyday I waited and saw him and never did I cease to get amazed at the pure perfection I had once called regular. The bathroom door was tricky and sometimes didn't lock and tried to walk in on him but he knew the secret of closing the door and never game me a chance to look at him fully naked.

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I began talking to him more just to be near him. His presence alone game me a boner regardless of weather he was wearing his work clothes, mesh shorts and a T-shirt or just his towel. I knew I was doing wrong for I desired a man who not only was married but had a son and whose wife had been nothing but kind to me.


At night after seeing him semi-naked, talking to him and stare at the perfection that I knew was under his garments, I would lock myself in my room and jerk-off. I thought nothing would ever happen between him and me, so I settled for the thought of him being with me. After about 3 months of them living in my house, I came home from work and found his car parked in my usual driveway spot.

I took his usual spot and walked into the house. I went to my room changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went to the kitchen. Near the kitchen is our laundry room, and I heard something coming from there. I walked very quietly to make sure that whoever was in there wouldn't hear me coming. The door was slightly opened and thru the crack I saw Walter shirtless. He was holding a piece of clothing to his face and rubbing his groin thru his jeans with.

I stared in disbelief as I realized that he was sniffing MY underwear! I wanted to go over and see what would he do but I was too much of a coward and decided to go back and make some noise to let him know he wasn't alone in the house anymore. He quickly came out of the laundry room and with a visible hard on even thru his jeans. He was still shirtless. When he saw me poking around the fridge he said: "Hello Bud, you just came from work?" "Yeah, u?" I replied "About five minutes or so, my shirt was pretty dirty so I was just leaving it out there.

Gonna take a shower no, then maybe we can have a beer." "Sure" was all I said and with that he walked into the bathroom with a hand on his dick. I knew what he was about to do, turn the shower on and jerk off till he released his man-seed all over the shower.

The thought had me going crazy. I literally ran to my room had my ear next to wall hoping to hear him grunt or moan as he jerked but the shower was to loud and wasn't able to hear anything. After that day I would come home straight from work with hopes of catching him jerking off while sniffing my underwear in the laundry room. My efforts were futile.

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I even cummed in one of them and left them stained hoping he wouldn't be able to resist. Instead he took them and I never saw them again. My imagination went even wilder, I knew he was into men as well now but I didn't know how to trap him. Till… It was a Sunday morning; it was summer and even tho it was still early you could already feel the heat. I got up around 10, changed into shorts and walked out of my room.


Usually everybody went to church. I had a hard-on but didn't bother to cover it up because I knew they would be in church by now. I walk out and see Walter seating in the couch. He was also wearing shorts and nothing else. He had his legs spread and arm on the remote and the other was behind him grabbing on to the couch. He eyed me and said: "morning bud, looks like u had a good dream" and smiled.

I went completely red with embarrassment. He saw this and added: "No worries, it happens to us all." He got up walked towards the kitchen and said: "your mom left you some breakfast" I followed him, sat down and had breakfast while he watched me eat.

None of us said a word to each other. After I finished eating he grabbed the plates for me and washed them, then said: "I don't know why are you stressing over this, it happens to me all the time and I'm a grown ass man.

You're just 21 so your hormones are still running wild. Relax bud!" I listened to him and wasn't aware that he was done with the dishes and had moved closer to me. He put a hand on my shoulder and made me jump.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you" he said. "Its ok, I was just thinking" "I was watching 'The Red Ridding Hood' if you want I can put it back to the beginning and watch it again." As he talked he moved to the fridge got 2 beers, opened them and gave me one. "Ain't it too early to be drinking?" "It's Sunday, besides it's never too early to start the party" he winked at me and walked to the living room. I took my beer and followed him unable to take my stare of his ass as he walked, knowing that he was naturally smooth I had fantasized about eating his hairless ass while he sat on my face and sucked my dick.

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I was still hard and he had already seen me so I saw no point on trying to stop my thoughts. He set up the movie while I sat and then he sat close to me, so close that his arm and leg touched mine. I put the beer down and when I look up again he put his hand on my knee, looked me in the eyes and said: "if you feel bad that I saw your boner, would it make u feel better if you saw mine?

So I can show you that there is nothing to be embarrassed about." He held my eyes as he said this and when he was done speaking I was speechless; I just looked down at his crotch and could tell he was already getting hard.

He took that as a yes and started to rub my leg, every now and then we would squeeze my knee. I had had sex with other guys before but they had all been my age, never anyone over 2 years older than me, but he was about 10 year my senior.

He chugged his beer, put he empty can down and reached for his dick. He rubbed until it got hard, never letting go of my knee. I was paralyzed on the couch, my fantasy was becoming a reality except that in my fantasy I was the one in control and in this reality I was nothing more than a life-less blow up doll. I decided I had to make the most of this and started by rubbing his leg. He looked me in the eyes and smile "See nothing to be ashamed of" he said.

As much as I enjoyed our mutual leg rubbing I knew we didn't have all day and I wanted him to fuck me. I eventually moved my hand close and closer to his groin, he started moaning and as I got closer to his dick his moans grew louder and more consecutively. I got to his dick and he removed his hand to allow me to rub him. I grabbed hold of the base of his dick thru his shorts and underwear.

He did the same to me. Once I had his dick on my hand I had to see it so I used my other hand to move his shorts slightly down to allow his dick to come out. He was thick with a crimson colored mushroom-head that was only half visible due to his foreskin.

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I prefer guys that are cut but this was the greatest dick head I had ever seen. He shifted in couch lowering his shorts a bit further. He began lowering my shorts but I stopped him, he looked at me shocked. I got up from the couch and signaled for him to get up and he did. I was in control just like in all of the so many fantasies I'd had about him.

I then ran my hand down his chest to his abs; his dick had gone back into his shorts when he stood.


I then ran my hands back up and ran them back down this time thru his back I could feel his well defined muscles: his upper back, his lats, his lower back and then his ASS which I grabbed and squeezed. This last motion moved him closer to me, our eyes met and we started kissing, kissing passionately our tongues met and began dancing first in his mouth then outside of both our mouths then into mine.

Once his tongue was in my mouth I sucked his tongue having it prisoner in my mouth. The feeling of his tongue had my dick twitching inside my shorts. The kiss lasted a while and he was good. I broke the kiss and sucked on his ear as he moaned and whispered: "yeah, that feels so good" then licked neck and his moaning continued.

I began my downward kiss trip thru his chest sucking on his nipple for a while, his dark quarter-sized hairless nipples, then thru the cracks of his abs and when I got to his shorts I pulled them off careful not to take his underwear down with it.

He was wearing a black pair of American Eagle Boxer-Briefs, MY UNDIES! I looked at him and said: "This look an awful lot like mine!" "They are" he said looking a bit bashful "I saw them in the laundry room, the other day, full of cum; your cum and I couldn't resist. I had to have them, I had to sniff them, to wear them, even taste them in hopes that I could get a taste of your sweet cum." I pulled them down and they were still stained with my dried up cum.

As gross as that might seem it turned me on even more and my captive dick throbbed like never before. I saw his thick uncut 9in dick in front of my face and went for it. Moving his foreskin as I sucked him. His enormous member didn't fit in my mouth but I did the best I could and he seemed to be enjoying it. I had sucked a few dicks before and I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I knew what I was doing. His moans became grunts and soon he was begging for me to stop or he'd cum in my mouth.

As much as I wanted his seed in my mouth I knew I had to stop because I wanted his dick up my ass; but I found myself unable to stop sucking his now glistening rock hard cock. He had to pull my face away because he was about to cum.

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He pulled me up kissed me and pushed me in the couch. He took my sorts of and sucked my 8.5in dick. We were almost the same size but; I was about half as thick as he was. He wasn't as experienced as I was but he still managed to get most of my dick in his mouth.

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He played with my balls and would rub my hairy asshole with his finger. My eyes closed and I kept thinking that if I open my eyes I might find myself back in my room being it all just a dream.

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With fear I opened my eyes and he was still there, sucking my dick and playing with my balls and asshole. After he sucked me for a while I pulled him up and kissed him. Our dicks met and this led us to frantically hump each other. Our dicks rubbed each other with each thrust. His dick was pre-cumming like crazy. I wanted to suck him dry but I had other things in my mind for him. I pushed him off me and sat him next to me and went for his dick now oozing with pre-cum.

This time I was able to get more of his dick in my mouth. I wanted him all, there was too much lust in me and to my nightmare I only had one tongue. Reluctantly I let go of his tasty dick and went to suck his balls. Putting them in my mouth, he had little hair on them and they felt great inside my mouth. I was closer to where I wanted to get so I went a little lower he spread his legs and allowed me a better access to him. I grabbed his muscular legs and lifted them; this had his ass open to me and just as I had imagined he was smooth.

I didn't hesitate; I stuck my tongue out and started licking his pink hole. I could smell him, that fabulous smell that intoxicated me with even more lust and desire for him.

I was uncontrollable, I had thirsted for this for so long that I had no desire in letting go. His moans only made me hornier. My leg wet from pre-cum, my dick ready to explode at the smallest touch.

I penetrated his ass with my tongue and he moaned, grunted and pushed my head further into him. With great pain I let go of his magnificent ass and went for a kiss again. The heat of his body felt incredible. His muscles were all tensed and flexed which made him even better. His legs were still up in the air and now rested on my shoulders my dick found its way to his hole and probed it, teasing him while we kissed. I put his legs down and this time I wanted some attention.

I got up on the couch and fed him my dick. After what seemed to be 10 seconds I was ready to cum I removed my dick from his mouth and sat on his lap. His dick was right under my hole, the throbbing of it near my ass felt so good. I wanted him inside me, he wanted to be in me but I wanted to be in control so I denied him the pleasure of entering me just yet. Instead I gyrated and rocked my hips before I knew it his dick had pre-cummed so much that my ass was really slick.

I then with my left hand on his broad shoulder; took my left hand, grabbed his dick and put it at the entrance of my hole. Slowly I sat lower and lower into it.

His large and thick dick spreading my ass like it had never been spread before. The warm thick head had entered my hole and it burned. I kept going lower and lower and my hole felt like if it were on fire. About half way down his cock I stopped not able to take it all at once. I let it in me for a while before continuing. He understood it hurt and allowed me to take my time. I on the other hand was mad at myself for being able to straddle his dick like in my fantasies.

The pain and burn eventually went away and I was glad it did cuz I wanted some serious fucking. Once I had his enormous dick all the way up my ass my dick throbbed. I began my squat-y motions and began screwing him. He had his eyes closed his mouth semi opened as he moaned and grunted.

Every now and then he would thrust his dick deeper into me and every time he did my dick would throb. He fucked me and I screwed him. He came close to cumming and I stopped. Got off from his dick lifted his legs yet again, rested them on my shoulders and teased his ass again with my dick.

When he least expected it I rammed my dick in him. He scratched my back and it turned me on even more, making my dick twitch inside him. His dick still oozed pre-cum from its slit.

I pulled his ass closer to the edge of the couch, leaned forward and was able to lick the tip of his dick. His dick tasted different after being inside my ass but still great nonetheless. I fucked him while I licked clean his dick from his pre-cum. After about 3 minutes of me fucking him he couldn't handle it any longer. He tensed up, his ball sack shrank and I knew he was about to cum I pulled my dick out a little so I could engulf his dick with my mouth.

As soon as I did he released his cum into my mouth. A thick creamy stream of hot juice his the back of my throat. Followed by 4-5 more strings of cum. I kept his cum in my mouth and once he was done I went up his mouth and kissed him, I fed him some of his cum I had kept in my mouth. My dick's head was still in his ass so I kept on fucking him while we swapped and ate his cum. This sent me over the roof and without any warning signals I unleashed my cum in his ass. When I shot the first string of cum in his ass my cock was mostly out, but the second shot of cum I had penetrated him fully with my dick.

I wanted to have my cum deep inside him. So show him that he was mine now. After I came I collapsed into him near his nipple I struck my tongue out and licked it.

He moaned, my dick remained inside him and was growing hard again…