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Busty asian tranny gets her butthole pounded bareback
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Club Fatale, Pt. 6 Chapter Nine Class Reunion I was so engrossed in my work that I didn't hear Devon when she came up behind me. I only realized when her hands caressed my shoulders. I quickly shut the laptop. "Something for work, sir?" she said and kissed my neck. "Do you want me to leave?" "What did you see, Devon?" "Nothing, master," she said, and kissed me longer. I pulled the nude woman to her knees beside me. My fingers went to her throat. "I can trust you, can't I, Devon?" I asked, dangerously.

"Not to reveal things that you shouldn't?" I squeezed her neck. I could see her emotions change rapidly. At first, she thought I was playing a game with her. Then she didn't know what to think. She coughed; nodded. I released her. "I'm going out for the morning," I told her.

"I need to get ready." Devon showered with me. First she washed my body, paying close attention to my cock. Then a blowjob on her knees. A second wash. Then I pressed her against the tiles and ravaged her from behind before blowing a load of sperm into her cunt. A final wash, on her knees: this one using her lathered hair as a washcloth. When we got out, she dried every inch of my body, ending on her knees before me. She then dried herself before helping me dress. When I was done, I pulled her to me and kissed her, deeply.

"I want you to meet me for lunch at the Blue View," I said. "Dress provocatively. We might just meet some new friends." -- The Club Fatale Commissary was expansive: a spacious single-floor building nearly a half-mile inland from the beach.

Directly inside was a long checkout counter with two blonde ladies behind it. The entire place was stocked with all sorts of goods and supplies.

It was the first time I had been in here. My beach house was routinely provisioned with food and basic supplies by the island's housekeeping staff, but everything else on the island was purchased through this Commissary. "Hello," a happy blonde greeted me. "I haven't seen you here before.

My name is Satine and I run the Commissary. This is my sister: Simone." "Evan Anderson," I said. "It's nice to meet two such beautiful ladies." I liked the way Satine's blue eyes sparkled. And Simone sported a pair of finely-shaped D-cup knockers that immediately made me want to caress them. "Of course, Mr. Anderson," she said. "That's so nice of you to complement us, sir! The Commodore informed me that you would be coming by at some point. I must say that I expected you sooner. Let me call up your account, sir." Her fingers flew across the computer tablet in her hand.

"I see that you have a credit of two Grade-A Femmes on your account, Mr. Anderson. Can I ask what you're looking for today?" "I'm not really sure.

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I don't know how it works." "Well, if you'd like to browse, sir, come this way." Satine showed me to a wall mounted screen. "Here you can browse for anything you wish to purchase and order it automatically. Most supplies are available on the island, but we don't have enough storage space to keep everything you might want in stock. Anything you order can be delivered here, usually within two to three days." "And the Femmes?" I asked.

"Of course, sir," she said. "Our most popular feature is an interactive database of every Femme available on the island." She pressed a few buttons.

"As you can see, there are currently 53 Grade-C Femmes available, 21 Grade-Bs and seven Grade-As. Grade-As are normally available only if the current supply exceeds nine. This is to allow a reserve selection for when someone is raised to a new membership level. Your two credits allow you to choose without restriction." Satine pressed another button. "You can review selections using these keys.

Would you like to browse now, sir?" "Sure," I said. "Why not?" "I can leave you if you wish to be alone." "Not at all, Satine," I said. "Stay. I'd like your input." "Very well," she said, happily.


I took it from the top. There were seven Grade-A's; one redhead, four blondes and two brunettes. I clicked on the redhead. A very attractive woman appeared. "Annabelle: five-nine, one hundred and twelve pounds, natural redhead, age 23, registered nurse," Satine read from the screen.

"Price: $200,000 or one Grade-A credit." "She's pretty," Satine said. "Yes, she is. but I already have a redhead." "Well, we'll continue on!" Satine said. "Gillian: five-six, ninety-six pounds, natural blonde, age 18, student." "Mary: five-seven, one hundred and eleven pounds, natural brunette, age 31, housewife." "Vivian: five-six, one hundred and two pounds, natural brunette, age 42, lawyer." "Giada: five-eight, --" "Wait a minute!" I said.

"Go back to the last one. Vivian." Satine clicked and a larger image of the woman in question appeared on the screen. "Name: Vivian.

Height: five foot, six inches. Weight: one hundred and two pounds. Hair: shoulder-length, wavy, natural brunette. Age: 42. Occupation: lawyer. Measurements: 34B, 25, 33." Her image stared at me: a mature brunette with a regal but sultry bearing. Deep-set eyes filled with wisdom and passion, just a tad on the aloof side.

A body made to be dominated: girlishly slender, but with shapely breasts. "Vivian Prince," I breathed. "You know her?" Satine asked, surprised. "I went to college with her," I said. "I even dated her once or twice. But she was two years ahead of me: an upperclassman. She married a professor from the school. I lost track of her and never saw her again." I flipped through the photos. "The years have been kind to her," I said. "Yes," Satine said. "She's very pretty." "What's this star next to Vivian's name?" I asked.

"Oh," Satine said. "That means that there is a relative available! Let's see. a daughter. It's Gillian, the Grade-A blonde." "Vivian had a daughter," I whispered. I could feel all sorts of stirring feelings coming to the surface.

I flipped back to Gillian. Blonde hair and blue eyes. I could see the resemblance, now. The same body, but even more slender. The same eyes, begging to be put in her place. If she was anything like her mother, she needed a firm hand. "Excellent! I'll take them both, Satine." "Are you sure, sir?

The girl, Gillian, has yet to go through the training regimen." "I'm sure, Satine. Get them for me." "Of course, sir," she said. "I'm afraid that it will take some minutes to track them down and prepare them. I can call you when they're ready to be picked up." "I'll wait," I told her. "Very well, sir," she said.

She pressed a few buttons on the tablet to complete the transaction. "I'll be back as soon as possible, sir. Simone will be available if you need anything else." And she left. I browsed through the aisles, not looking for anything in particular, when I felt a pair of eyes upon me. I looked up and caught Simone's gaze. She stared at me with a hot look and ran her fingers through her short blonde hair.

"Hello," I said. "Hi, Mr. Anderson," she replied. "Are you finding everything you need? Is there anything I can help you with?" "Cosmetics," I said. "I'm looking for some and I don't know much about them." "Well," the girl asked, "what's her coloring and complexion?" "Black hair," I said. "Blue eyes. Pale, but no blemishes. Slender, thin face. Early 40's." "Alright," the blonde said. She picked a few packages from the shelf; trying to explain in the vaguest possible terms the purposes of the exotic stuff.

I chose several and she rung me up at the register. "Simone, isn't it?" I asked. "That's a really pretty name." "Thanks." "You're not owned by anyone," I said, pointing to her black collar, "which means that you're a worker.

Where do you live?" "I live with my sister." "Do you like her?" "I more than like her, silly. I love her. She's smart and funny. She looks out for me and everything. She's great!" "So you love her. Do you do this often?" I joked. She smiled.

"Well, I love her all the time, but in the way you mean. yeah, often." She ran her hands over her breasts and bit at her lip. "Well," I said, "maybe I could use your help with something else." -- Several minutes later, I pushed Simone through the door into the backroom.

Our lips met and she forced her tongue deeply into my mouth. I tore at her clothes and ripped off her bra, revealing her magnificent breasts.

Bending her over a stack of boxes, I entered her from behind. She cried out as I penetrated her and then moaned as I started to move in and out. I slid my hands along her back, moved them under her to feel her full breasts. Squeezed. Another moan. I pounded her hard. My hands drifted to her neck and to her short hair and I held her with a hand on each, gripping hard. Pulled her head back violently. "Agh!" was her short cry.

"Did you ever dream of getting snuffed?" "Oh, god!" she mumbled as I pounded into her, each thrust more violent than the last. "You must have accepted that it would happen, eventually, slut!

Only the prettiest ones make it past thirty. Did you think that it would be someone that you knew or someone like me: a random stranger with time on his hands?" She moaned. "Do you want it, Simone?" I asked. "Do you want me to end you, baby?" Hand clamped around her windpipe, I could feel her moan and nod.

"Say it," I demanded, as my cock continued to plunge in and out of the blonde. She turned her head back to look at me. "I fucking pray for it!" she hissed. "I want you to fuck me and snap me, Mr.

Anderson!" I pounded harder, driving myself to quickly reach climax. "Say you want it." "Snuff me!" she said. My hands tightened on her neck. "Harder." "Snuff the fuck out of me!" she demanded. Distantly, I heard Satine return. Her beautiful voice called my name. Her heels clicked as she approached.

I waited until the door began to open. "Say it one last time!" I ordered. "YES, BABY! FUCKING SNUFF ME, NOW!" she screamed, orgasming. "Then say goodbye to your dear sister," I whispered icily into her ear. I wrenched Simone's neck. It snapped like a twig, twisting nearly around to face me, just as her sister entered the backroom. I imagined her shock at the sight: a brutal man fucking her sister from behind, her sister screaming out to be snuffed, then the brutal snapping of her neck while a sick perverted fuck plunged in and out of her pussy.

Satine's hands flew to her face and she stood frozen in horror as I ejaculated my burning come deeply into her busty sister's dead womb. Our eyes met in a deep, soul-rending stare and I grunted and cried out as I got off to murdering her blonde sister. My thrusting slowed.

I dropped the corpse on the boxes, pulled the head up and kissed it one last time. Satine's face was twisted, terrified at the unbelievable horror. She moved to her sister and knelt beside the boxes. "Oh, god." came her little voice.

"Simone. oh, god. oh, god. baby sister." She looked up at me, blue eyes turning to rage. "You bastard." she hissed. "This girl did nothing to you. I swear I'll take this to the Commodore." "She wanted it; you heard her. I'm sure you'll miss her lips on your pussy, Satine. I'm sorry for that. If it's any consolation, she was a tremendous fuck." I pushed open the door. Vivian and Gillian stood waiting for me. Vivian, as beautiful as I remembered, was holding her crying daughter.

When her eyes caught mine, her mouth fell open. "Hello, my sweet." I said and caressed her cheek. I lifted the girl's head to stare into my eyes. "Let's go, baby." As we got to the door, I called back to Satine.

"Thank you for the excellent service. Perhaps I'll be in tomorrow for another girl." Chapter Ten Palace of Flesh As I entered the front gate of the Villa Fatale, I couldn't help but feel the slightest stirrings of curiosity regarding what lay beyond the walls. I had heard stories that the Villa was only used during three meetings every year: the anniversary of the Club's founding, the Commodore's birthday and New Year's Day.

Tonight was the anniversary: twenty-five years in the existence of Club Fatale. I heard the clicking of heels behind me. Devon was accompanying me tonight, along with the newly acquired Vivian and Gillian. "Evan," Vivian said. "Where are we going? Can't Gillian stay behind, please? You know that this isn't the type of place for a girl." "She'll have to get used to it," I said. "It's her life, now.

Like it or not." "I can't believe that you're involved in this." I spun towards her, suddenly. "Quiet," I said. "I'm not your boyfriend anymore. I'm certainly not your husband; I never got that far. I'm you and your daughter's dominator and I will take you when and where I please. And do with you what I please." I stepped up to her, tangled my fingers in her hair.

Pulling her body against mine, I wrapped a hand around her slender neck. "You see," I whispered to her, "if you don't do everything I say, then I will snap your daughter's neck like I did with that girl. Her I don't care about. But you, you will spend countless nights pleasing me, on pain of your daughter's death. And this time. you'll suck cock like a good woman." I kissed her deeply then let her go.

"By the way, you look lovely tonight, Viv." I continued on. As I mounted the steps to the front entrance, I was greeted by a pair of lithe, athletic women with slender waists and large breasts, square shoulders and tall forms. Had either of them been standing, I had no doubt that they would have come close to reaching my height in their high heels. As it was, they were kneeling in submission, hands behind their backs. Long, golden chains bound them to stakes driven into the cement.

Both were nude and had their hair tied back in a ponytail. The redhead was Tessa and the brunette Tina. I had seen them at the Commodore's mansion and I had marked them for my fantasies. As hard as it was to believe, either of them was a match for Emmanuelle in sheer beauty Grade-AAA. I heard that they were models from France and England.

"Mr. Evan Anderson," Tina piped up, "Welcome to the anniversary party!" "Would you care for a proper greeting, sir?" Tessa asked.

"Please," I said. The redheaded goddess crawled to me, a smile on her splendid lips. With her teeth, she unzipped my fly; fished my cock out with her tongue. In seconds, her well-trained lips engulfed my manhood. It disappeared down her throat as she went deep, her green eyes opened and trained upon me.

"Holy god!" I said. "What did I do to deserve this attention?" Tessa seemed to almost smile around my cock. "Commodore's orders, sir," Tina said, looking up at me with exquisite brown eyes. "All members are welcome to pleasuring on this day." I reached down to touch the white-collar that circled her neck.

"I'm afraid that I'm not a full member yet, girls." I said. "Then we'll have to give you a bonus, sir!" Tina said. "To make sure you pass your tests quickly." She slid over beside Tessa and moved in close to me.

She dipped her head and I felt her tongue on my balls, licking up and down. For several minutes, I luxuriated in the magnificence of the perfect double blowjob.

Together the two super-Femmes coaxed me to early ejaculation. I gave it to Tessa, spraying her lips and lower face. Tina quickly kissed her, lapping my come from the redhead's jaw.

"Quite a pair, aren't they?" the Commodore said from the doorway. I zipped myself up. "Yes, quite." "Thank you, girls," the Commodore said to them. Then to me: "This way, Evan." "I hope that Devon and my girls are permitted inside," I queried. "Of course," the Commodore said. "Any clothed woman inside is considered out of bounds unless and until her master decides she's not." I gestured to my girls and they followed, somewhat reluctantly.

I entered beside the Commodore and my mouth fell open in surprise. Everywhere, as far as the eye could see, were the nude forms of women. They were lined up along every wall, beside every doorway. Standing, sitting, kneeling and laying like living statues, frozen in still scenes of depravity. A full score of the most beautiful hung from the ceiling, bound into erotic poses. Face up or face down, by their ankles or their hair, breasts bound by leather cords, in poses of embarrassment, discomfort or pain.

The remainder lay upon the floor like carelessly strewn pillows. Carefully-placed walkways allowed for traversing the hall between the fluctuating carpets of bodies. There must have been hundreds. My cock grew hard again, staring at that expanse of writhing flesh.

As I stared, a figure broke off from the background of feminine flesh. Emmanuelle approached us. She was wearing a sheer dress of gossamer thin, see-through silk that hid absolutely nothing. She stepped up to us. She was a delight that made my mouth water in anticipation, seemingly slender and voluptuous at the same time.

"Our theme this year is: Palace of Flesh." Emmanuelle said. "It harkens back to the legends of antiquity, where rooms full of beautiful goddess-like women lay in repose, waiting for their masters to take their pleasure from them, willing to do anything to please the masculine gods that owned them like so many dogs brought to heel.

Do you like it, Evan?" I didn't know where to look first. "My god. I mean. yes. I do, indeed, Emma." "Most of these new Femmes are courtesy of our new arrangement with Mr. Lucas and Mr. Manning," the Commodore said.

"So the arrangement is working out, after all?" I asked. The Commodore nodded, smiling happily at his new assortment. "My dear," the Commodore said. "You've really outdone yourself this year." Emma smiled, delighted.

I took a longer look at the bodies before me. In the center of the expansive room, two beautiful naked forms hung: tied and suspended by the wrists, their feet barely touching the ground.

The first girl was heavily tanned; her sweat-soaked, night-black hair fell well past her shoulders and clung to the swells of her more-than-ample breasts. Her wine-dark nipples poked through the dark tresses. Her dark eyes and beautiful, contorted features betrayed her discomfort.

The other was white-skinned and blonde-haired, full-bosomed as well. Her head hung in abject exhaustion, but when she lifted her head I could see that it was Satine. She glared at me through hate-filled blue eyes. I had no idea until then that the same eyes that had flirted with me this morning could hold so much pure malice. "Our sacrifices for tonight," the Commodore said.

"Interesting choices, Commodore," I ventured. "Too bad about Satine," he said. "At one time, she was a fine worker and wonderful lay. But today she seemed to lose complete control. She questioned me in front of my fellows; something about an unauthorized snuffing. I obviously couldn't allow the challenge to go unanswered." He winked at me. I nodded and a slow smile spread across my face. "And the other girl?" "A new girl named Mia," he said.

"She tried to escape from the island." I looked at him quizzically. "The Coast Patrol watches for girls who attempt to run away or escape from the island," Emmanuelle said.

"By decree of the Commodore, they are allowed to choose the punishment for the transgressors." "They chose execution on this night," the Commodore said, "as dictated by me." I nodded. Emmanuelle was cool and serene, as she nearly always was. I wondered what she thought about her sex being controlled and used, in such blatant and sadistic fashion, by the men on this island.

"So what are you planning for them, Commodore?" "I had thought a simple roasting," the Commodore said. "What do you think, Evan?" "Sounds ideal," I told him. Fond memories of my first night on the island sprung into my mind. My gaze turned to Satine, again. I hadn't had her, yet. "Do you mind if I.?" I asked the Commodore. He gestured. Carefully, I picked my way through the writhing mass of naked women and stood before Satine.

Satine said nothing as I stepped up to her. She simply stared at me with that same blue hatred. I unzipped my pants. My cock slapped into my open palm and I slid it, ever so slowly, into the blonde's sweaty cunt. Her lips twitched as I pressed forward, entering her oh so deeply.

She bit her lip as she struggled to keep from crying out. But as my penetration went deeper, I heard the breathy exhale between her teeth. Using Satine's breasts for leverage, I fucked her cunt as she hung before me. This pulled on her wrists and she cried out in pain. Several long minutes of hard fucking and I came, spewing my seed.

I looked into her hate-filled eyes and saw a flicker of passion there. "You see," I told her, "I'm not so bad." I pulled out of her and did up my pants. "Enjoy the dinner, Satine. I know I will." When I turned back, I saw that Enya had joined Emmanuelle and the Commodore. I walked up to them. "Enya," I said. "You look wonderful tonight; as magnificent as your mother." I eyed the black, sleeveless number.

It had a slit skirt that bared her leg to mid-thigh. "You look uncomfortable," she said and tangled her arms about my neck. "Hot and bothered; just like I like them." I adjusted my tie. "I think I'll get some air, if you don't mind. Devon, take the girls and go ahead and mingle." "Don't stay away too long, Evan," the Commodore said. "The show is beginning." Past him, I could see the girls being prepared for roasting. A large metal spit was inserted into Satine's anus.

Her cry came loud and high as she was impaled upon it. It seemed that I would be her last fuck. Satine's high-pitched cries of agony followed me out the back archway, until finally the spit emerged from between her red lips.

The air was cool outside. I walked to the pool. I felt a wisp of air and Emmanuelle was there, beside me. The transparent silk dress clung to her breasts in a most inviting way and her blue eyes called to me. In the next moment, I was pressing against her, hand on her tit, lips mauling her mouth. "Oh, god!" she said. "Evan, I want you so badly." "Me, too, my sweet." I muttered. My lips drank from hers as we lusted together, pressing our bodies against each other like love-sick animals.

"I thought that you two might be out here," Enya's voice came from behind us. Emmanuelle jumped. "You startled me," she said. "Don't worry. Everyone is entranced by the spitting. Go on and go back to what you were doing, mother. Evan is quite the kisser." I smiled at the brunette.

"Did it just get hot out here, or is it me?" I asked. Enya pulled her dress over her head revealing her perfect breasts. "Then let's cool you off," she said. She dove into the pool in a single motion. Emmanuelle smirked at me, then removed her dress and joined the younger girl. Together, the two beauties slid through the cool water like a pair of nymphs on an erotic moonlight tryst. "Come and join us!" Enya said, invitingly.

Her breasts floated in the pool, nipples peeking out at me. Teasing. In seconds, I was nude and splashing towards them. Their faces met mine and I kissed their lips, one pair after the other. I looked at Emmanuelle. "I want to assfuck your daughter in front of you." Twisting the young brunette around, I pressed her against the side of the pool. Pulling open her legs, I thrust inside. Enya bit her lip to keep from crying out. My hands locked around her neck and I thrust harder.

Emmanuelle got behind me and, pressing her tits against my back, moved with me in firm fucking motions. "How about behind you, my love?" she whispered erotically in my ear.

Aroused, I fucked her daughter hard, ramming my cock up her worthless ass until I came with shutter. "Oh fuck, Evan. Oh god." Emma whispered in my ear. "That was the assfucking my eldest always deserved." Pushing Emmanuelle against the side of the pool, I hissed to her. "I want your lips wrapped around my cock, right now! And my seed in your belly!" Smiling, the blonde slid beneath the surface.

Seconds later, her warm mouth embraced my deflating manhood and brought it back to life. Enya hooked an arm about my neck and hung off me, looking down as her submerged mother sucked me off. "Do you remember the first swim we had?" Enya said, toying with my chest hairs. "Oh, yes, my sweet." Enya kissed me while her mother sucked away. "Are you thinking of that, now, Evan? With your cock in my mother's mouth?

You wanted to snuff that girl, didn't you? The one that Jacob and I did? I could see that you did. Are you imagining her, now? Are you imagining my mother in that exact. same. way.?" "Oh, yes," I grunted. My cock plowed hard into Emmanuelle's mouth, pressed past the entrance to her throat and she had me all the way in.

"How long can she make it?" Enya asked. "Two minutes? Three?" I thrust harder, deeper and I could feel Emma struggle around my cock. "You better try harder, Evan, or she'll be dead before you come." Grunting, I ejaculated into the warm mouth.

Emma struggled to swallow my seed. She sucked hard. A few more seconds and she would begin to drown. I felt the intense desire to hold her down and finish her. But, I realized that if I did I would feel different tomorrow: hollow and sad. It made me wonder. Who was this woman who had enchanted me so quickly? I pulled Emma up and she gulped a huge lungful of air. "For a moment, there." she gasped, "I thought you wouldn't let me up." Emmanuelle looked at me as if searching for an answer, but I just kissed her softly, and said: "I could never hurt you, baby." "Oh, shit!" Enya said.

"Father's coming! Evan, duck and stay down until I tell you!" I did as I was told, ducking beneath the water, and the two women moved over top of me, shielding me with their bodies. Combined with the dim light and the distortion of the pool, the Commodore couldn't see me from his vantage point. My face barely cleared the water level and I found myself staring up at two pairs of magnificent breasts.

"What are you two doing out here?" I heard the Commodore ask. "Cooling off!" Enya said. "Want to join us, daddy?" I involuntarily jumped.

Did she want us to get caught? I bit at her nipple, softly, and she screeched. "Stop that," she said and splashed water at her mother. Giggling, Emmanuelle splashed back.

"Don't stay in there too long, dears! It's much too cool to swim, tonight! You ladies should come in and enjoy the show," he said. "Of course, daddy," Enya said. "We will. We were just discussing some. private things." "Oh, I see," he said. "Well, I'll leave you two to your girl-talk, then. But don't be too much longer." "We won't!" she said. And then he was walking away. I pulled myself out of the water and checked. "That was close, ladies," I said.

"I never doubted the outcome," Emmanuelle said and kissed me on the lips; it was a kiss that tasted of her lust. "You know that if father found out, he would snuff you," Enya said, as she pulled herself up beside me, "in the most horrible of ways, mother." Emma quirked a sculpted eyebrow at her. "You let me worry about that, young lady," she said, with a pointed look. "And you worry about yourself.

Teasing your father with Evan is fine. in limited doses. But, he can become jealous. Especially of the attentions his favorite gets." And she looked at me. I looked at them both. Were they teasing? Or would the Commodore really dispose of them so quickly? And was I the Commodore's favorite?

"I better get back inside," I said.


"There's just one thing I want to do first." Quickly, I ducked under the water and licked Emma's pussy. She burst out into giggling laughter and writhed in the water. Several minutes later, she was biting her lip and coming on my face. After that, I collected my clothes, quickly dried my hair and returned to 'the Palace'.

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Inside, the smell of roasting Femme-flesh greeted me. The tanned girl was limp and being turned on a spit by the chef: Sonya. From across the room, Satine's eyes met mine. I looked into her blue orbs, sensuously, and watched as she finally expired. I was the last thing that she ever saw in life and that though caused my cock to jump. I walked into the crowd. I mingled with the guests and discovered several men chatting near my ladies. Devon stood with Vivian and Gillian, smiling to the men and entertaining them with her more than ample wit and charm.

The men turned to me as I approached. "Just admiring the view," one of them said. "I heard that the Commodore had traded the beautiful Devon. Do you know who the owner is?" "You're speaking to him," I answered. "Ah! I don't believe that we have been formally introduced," the older man said.

"Adrian Kensington." I blinked in surprise. I had heard of Kensington. He was reclusive; rarely seen. One of the richest men in England, he was probably worth more than every other man in this room combined.

"And my young friend here is Max Weiss." Him, I had never heard of. Weiss was about my age. Thin and handsome, he gave off the impression of a man who was accustomed to getting what he wanted, on his own timetable and his own terms.

His blue Germanic eyes were watchful and calculating. He struck me as one to be wary off. Very wary. "Evan Anderson," I said. "Good to meet you, Mr. Anderson," the older man said. "I've been hearing very interesting things about you." "Ja," said Weiss. "They say you've thrown yourself exuberantly into the lifestyle." Weiss spoke perfectly modulated English. He was intelligent, then. "If I have," I said, "it's only because this place is the stuff of dreams and fantasies.

I can't help but indulge myself. It's like something out of a dream: thoughts and desires made reality and flesh." "True," Weiss said. "We were going to play some cards. Would you care to join us?" "Why not?" "Careful," Kensington warned. "Max always insists on interesting wagers. If you're not an accomplished gambler, I would suggest that you sit this one out." "I see," I said, but couldn't help myself. Together, all three of us sat at a green felt poker table.

Myself across from Weiss. Kensington to my left. Suddenly, Jacob was there, seating himself to my right. I smiled at him. "What's the bet?" Adrian gave me a warning look, but bit his tongue. I appreciated the concern, but at that moment, I was feeling confident. Weiss smiled at me. "The buy-in is one girl: an Alpha. I see that you have a couple of fine specimens with you." He peered at Gillian and Vivian and then moved his gaze to rest upon Devon's smooth, supple form. As if perusing his winnings, already.

"Alpha?" I asked. Kensington spoke up. "The common term for a Grade-A, Evan, is 'Alpha.' Grade-B's are called 'Betas'; and a Grade-AA is sometimes called a 'Deuce' or a 'Lady.'" "And the inferior Grade-C is usually just referred to as a 'Cunt.'" Max said. "Which I never understood," Kensington said. "Most of the -C's are quite pretty, actually." "Like that girl, back there," Jacob said. "Satine was no slouch. She'd have made any man's cock hard. I hear that she had a sister who was even better." And he winked at me.

I nodded. He was right; Satine and her sister were lookers. Had been. Weiss obviously didn't agree, but I had the feeling he was a bit choosy in the Femme department. "And a -AAA?" I asked. "A Queen," Kensington said. "The finest of the fine. I myself own a very fine one. A mature woman by the name of Claire." "I thought you owned two," Jacob said.

"Yes," Kensington said. "But Claire is the only one that I truly care about." "I heard that Claire was in danger of being downgraded," Weiss said.

Kensington just glared at him. Something passed between them that I didn't understand, but I decided not to ask. A crowd was beginning to form around the table. Kelly and Tori behind Jacob.

The Commodore, Emmanuelle and Enya. Gates, Lloyd and several others. I was beginning to get the feeling that I had bitten off too much to chew. Devon moved to stand behind me, placing her hands comfortingly on my shoulders.

She had a way of steadying me and supporting me when I least expected it, but most needed it. "It's alright to pass, my boy," the Commodore said. "The others have had the time to build up some stock. You're new here and there's no shame in conserving your resources. Besides, these things can get out of control, sometimes." So.

I was Weiss' sucker. "Thank you, Commodore," I said. "But I'm not a fool. I know what I can afford to risk and what I can't." "Then which lovely lady are you willing to part with, friend?" Weiss asked, smirking. "Gillian's an Alpha," I said. Vivian glared at me like she was going to kill me; her daughter just looked scared. "You haven't had her very long, have you?" Max asked. "No, I haven't even taken her, yet." "Excellent," Max said. "I'll play for her." Jacob bought in with Kelly.

No surprise, as I knew that he wanted to keep Tori for as long as possible. Kensington's wager was a long-legged, pale-eyed blonde named Olivia; I could plainly see Jacob's mouth water in anticipation of her. Not that I could blame him. She was woman enough to make ten men hard, and, from the sultry look in her eyes, to relieve them of that condition in record time.

But it was Weiss' buy-in that floored me. Francesca: a dark-haired Italian beauty. She was in her mid-thirties, old enough to have some experience, but with a youthful exuberance that promised great pleasure and satisfaction. Strong, toned legs and a full chest spoke of vigor in the bedchamber. Chips worth $200,000, the island value of the Femmes, were set before each of us. The game was decided as five-card draw. Emmanuelle acted as dealer. The first few hands went simply enough: Weiss cleaned the floors with us.

I lost a big hand to him almost immediately, but managed to win a second hand at the expense of Adrian. A particularly cut-throat exchange saw Jacob neatly eviscerated from the game.

Max asked if he wanted to buy back in, eyeing Tori. Jacob wisely declined. Adrian, unwilling to give up, threw a second girl in the mix: a fresh-faced brunette named Judy. She was only a Beta, but she bought the older gentleman a hundred thousand dollars of leeway. "Full house," Weiss said. "Kings and tens." I shook my head. I had folded early on, managing to mitigate my losses.

But Kensington's single pair, even aces, couldn't snatch victory from Weiss' uncanny good fortune. "A good game, Max," the older man said and stood. "It's up to Evan, now." I studied my opponent. He was a fine player, it was true. But so far he had prevailed more through luck than actual skill. In addition, I had noticed an almost imperceptible tell. A tightening of the eyes when he was confident, almost like he was hiding a smile that desperately wanted to appear. When it wasn't there, he tended to fold after one bet.

When it was, he would go all out. "Deal," I said and anted up. Emmanuelle's fingers flew over the deck and the next hand was dealt. Six, seven and nine of diamonds. Three of spades. Ace of hearts. An interesting beginning. I bet low, $10,000. Max called. I threw the three and the ace away. My next card was the ten of diamonds. And behind it, like a miracle, was the eight of diamonds. A straight flush. I couldn't believe it.

I glanced up, casually, and saw the tightening of Max's eyes. Whatever he had, it was good. But could it be too good? I bet $50,000. A third of what I had left. Without hesitation, Max put in $50,000 and $100,000 more.

That matched my remaining chips. He stared at me, neutrally. But that tightness was definitely there. Whatever he had, he wasn't bluffing. If I lost, it was over. If I won, Max would still have over $500,000 on the table. He would remain ahead, perhaps even decisively. "What's the table rate for a Grade-AA? A Lady?" I asked. I felt Devon's hands tighten on my shoulders. I was sure she saw my hand and knew, but still. I was contemplating putting her fate on the line. There was a collective rumble from the crowd.


I watched Max. Even that didn't shake his resolve. In fact, he nearly broke into a smile, right there. "Half a million," was Emmanuelle's answer. "I raise with Devon," I said. "All in and call." Max slid the chips in. "Two pair, Jacks!" he said, triumphantly. "Straight flush, ten high, diamonds!" I responded. The cheers were enough to knock us down. It was an absolutely thrilling moment. Although the odds were astronomically in my favor, Max had come close to victory.

For a moment, I saw his confidence and bravado slip, but just a moment. And then: the arrogant self-assured coolness was back. "Excellent game, Evan," Max said. "I look forward to the rematch." And he left, taking with him a luxurious pair of blondes, but leaving the sultry brunette Francesca. "You've earned yourself a rival, Evan," Kensington told me, as we watched Max go, "but also something of a legend, this night.

While bigger pots have been won, I can't remember a game that was quite so thrilling." "Well-played, sir," I said and shook his hand. "You wouldn't, perhaps, consider selling Olivia back to me, would you?" "Of course, my friend," I told him. "And Judy?" He patted me on the back. "Enjoy her!" "Magnificent, buddy!" Jacob exclaimed. "I hate losing Kelly, but you earned her!" "If you want her back," I started. "No, Evan. A bet's a bet. Even among friends. However. If you're in the market for the trade or sale of that Judy girl, let me know!" "She's yours," I said, quickly.

"Consider her a trade for Cameron." He thought it over. then broke into a smile. "Alright, Evan, I accept." So. Two more girls added to the fold.

Kelly I had sampled a few times before. The other. "Francesca Leone," she said and extended her hand. I took it. "Most girls here don't have last names," I told her. "I am not most girls." "No, you're not," I realized. "I'm sure there is some story behind you, Francesca. One that I would find fascinating." She turned away: gathered two drinks and sat a table. I sat with her. "Max and I were business partners," she began.

"He enticed me and seduced me. We were about to be married. Then he had me kidnapped by the Club. I was missing and presumed dead. Three months later, he took my assets and my half of the company. And I have been his slave ever since." "And now, you're mine." She barely blinked. "Yes, I'm yours. And if you snuffed me tonight, I could scarcely be dissatisfied with my change of fortune." She drank.

I watched the red wine on her lips and imagined what they would look like with my white come staining them. "Now what?" I mused. Francesca leaned forward. "Now, I take you to a secluded spot and please you as no woman ever has." "With your life.?" Her fingers traced my arm. "If that's your desire. But I'm sure I could persuade you to keep me around for a little while longer." I felt my bulging cock grow.

"Let's go," I said. "But first, share a delicacy with me." They were just serving the first amuse-bouches, accompanied with glasses of wine. "Is this Satine?" I asked Sonya.

The busty chef nodded and smiled. I took one for myself and one for Francesca. As I chewed, I looked into her eyes. Hesitantly, she bit into it. I watched as she ate the entire piece. "Swallow it," I said. Reluctantly, she did. Juice flowed on her lips and I kissed it off. "Wild woman." I whispered.

She smiled, weakly. She wasn't as tough as she first appeared. I had Devon take the girls, including the newly-acquired Kelly, back to my beach house and ten minutes later I was walking away from the Villa, arm-in-arm with Francesca. "This way," Francesca said and pulled me down the trail.

I followed her shifting, supple form into the darkness. We walked for several minutes until finally we came upon a small beach and cove. "Listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore!" she said. "Isn't it arousing?" "Yes," I said and slid my hand about her waist. "What are we doing here, Fran?" "This," she said, as she laid her hand against a nearby palm, "is what they call the head tree.

Every man on the island has, at one time or another, leaned against it and watched the waves crash onto shore while receiving a blowjob from one of his women. If you feel it, you might be able to make out the names of those who have performed here. But, then again, there are thousands of names." "I think I feel your name," I said. "Yes, it's there," she said, breathlessly, and moved up to kiss me.

She pushed me back against the trunk. Our lips met and her kiss was warm and passionate. "I think I'll make you carve my name in there a second time." Francesca dropped to her knees in the sand and freed me from my pants. I could barely see her, under the dark moon, but I felt her: her breath hot upon my manhood, her lips enveloping me, suddenly and fully.

She stroked me thrice with her mouth, bringing me to full erection, before taking me down her throat in a sudden, deep embrace. The wet slurping sounds of her mouth were nearly drowned out by the crashing of the waves. My hands tangled in her tresses and I forced her head upon me a second time. I reveled in the firm feeling of her tight throat.

She moaned and tried to pull away, but I held her. A second moan and she pulled again. I spun her; pressed her against the head tree and throated her mercilessly. I could feel her sucking at my cock, desperate for oxygen.

I pulled back and she sucked in a large, heavy breath. I held her by the throat, rubbed her face with my cock. I could barely see her, but her fear was plain; her hands were pressed against my stomach. "I think you were lying, Fran," I said. "I think you are afraid of me." I rubbed her hair. "Please don't," she said. "I'll admit it: I like you on your knees, begging me," I said. "But don't worry, Fran. I'm not ready to end you tonight.

A hard skullfuck against the head tree will do to satisfy me. But, I'll tell you right now: I'd dearly love to fuck you to death against this tree and carve your name in it for the last time." I thrust back into her mouth, ignoring the hands that tried to push me away. "Get your fucking hands behind your back!" I said. "Or I swear I'll snuff you right now and throw your corpse into the waves!" Immediately, Fran's hands pulled away; she clasped them behind her back.

Pressing her skull against the head tree, I rapidly fucked my cock in an out of the brunette's throat. Several minutes of this rough pleasure and I was ready to come. "Now, take me deep and swallow. swallow and I'll let you have some air, baby." I came, filing Fran's mouth with my seed. She sputtered, coughed and come trickled out between her lips. "I don't feel you swallowing my semen, Fran," I said. My grip tightened and locked around her head. "No air for you, then." She coughed again and struggled.

I held her. "It's okay, baby," I murmured, softly, "you can go; go ahead and pass out. I want you to. It's so erotic." I felt the shutter that went through her and she slumped in my grip. I pulled her head from my cock; I held her aloft, fingers locked in her dark tresses. My semen dripped down Francesca's beautiful face. I threw the unconscious woman in the sand. I straddled her and tore at her clothes, stripping her completely naked. Rolling her onto her stomach, I entered her ass.

She was so tight around me and completely unable to defy my forcefulness. I ravaged her ass, barbarically, again and again. I played with her head, pulling it back until her sexy neck was in danger of snapping.

I pressed her face down into the sand. I thought about snuffing her in the sand, but dismissed it. An unconscious woman was often as pleasurable as a dead one. And could live to be fucked another day.

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I rode her to the finish and dumped a second load in her ass. "Oh god, baby," I said to myself, "so fucking hot." I stood and did up my pants. From the trees came the sound of soft panting. "Show yourself," I ordered. The lithe figure of a woman entered the moonlight, clad only in lacy black underwear. It was Devon. "What are you doing out here, Devon?" I asked. "Just out for a walk, master," she said and raised her bare foot.

"I like to feel the sand between my toes." I stepped up to her and grabbed at her crotch. She was wet. I thrust my fingers inside her. I looked at her in silence. "Do you get off on it?" I asked. "I always have," she said, and caressed my hair. "All the abuse that men inflict upon women, only arouses me more." I kissed her, bit her lip.

Her blood tasted like wine. "Help me with Francesca," I said. Together, we returned to my beach house. I placed Francesca in a spare bedroom and locked the house up tight. "Are you going to take me, master?" Devon asked. "Yes," I said and took her hand. I pulled her towards the front door. "Where are we going, master?" she asked. "Into darkness." Chapter Eleven When Darkness Calls When we returned to the Villa, things were just heating up. The Commodore had a private entertainment room for himself, Emmanuelle, their daughters and a few friends.

Devon and I were quickly invited into the back. Through the dimness and flashing lights, I could see that Enya was dancing with her sisters, Erin and Evelyn. Erin was dark-haired like Enya, and of a height with her, though more slender and the youngest of the three. Evelyn was more like her mother, Emmanuelle: a tall, blonde beauty only a year younger than Enya.

The three of them kissed in a very familiar way and rubbed their bodies together in time with the music: a lively, Latin beat. "Care for a party favor?" A woman's voice asked from the darkness. It was Tina, the Commodore's brunette Queen. She was standing in front of a line of women, all handcuffed to a chain. "Come again?" I asked. "Commodore's instructions, sir," she said and gestured to the women.

"One per guest. Courtesy of the Commodore's new business arrangement." "Oh, baby! You're killing me!" I said. "Of course I'll take one, lovely Tina. But I don't think I can decide. Which one would you suggest?" Tina pointed. It was a blonde-haired babe, somewhere in her late thirties, if I guessed correctly. Clad in a black corset with matching stockings and shoes, she was very arousing, indeed.

In fact, I could see a passing resemblance to Kate Winslet, the actress. "She's the mother of those two fine young things," Tina said and pointed. Sure enough, in the center of the room, two young blonde-haired girls danced for the appreciation of the partyers.

They were dressed in black latex, cut severely to reveal breast and bush. As I watched them, Tina leaned forward to whisper into my ear. "Just think of what a rush it would be to snuff her in front of her daughters, sir! Or vice-versa? Mmm! Absolutely delicious!" I smiled. "I'll take her," I said. Tina uncuffed her from the line and handed me the cuffs and key. I pulled the reluctant mother into my arms and out onto the dance floor.

"What's your name?" I demanded as I danced with her. "Carol," was the reply. "Well, Carol," I said. "You're mine for the night." "The whole night, sir?" she asked.

"Unless you manage to last longer than that, my sweet," I said and licked at her neck. As we danced next to Enya and her two sisters, the brunette winked at me and whispered into their ears. Together, the two nodded and swiftly jumped up on a table. They danced together for a few seconds, before undressing each other.

A light swiveled to illuminate them and they stripped, tossing items of clothing into the watching crowd. I turned Carol to face them. Pulling her arms behind her back, I quickly cuffed her. My hands went to her panties and I ripped them away, eliciting a cry of surprise and embarrassment. I swiftly unzipped my pants and thrust inside her. I pulled at her hair and bent her head back, dangerously. The soft blonde strands felt like spun gold between my fingers. She cried out as my thrusts grew more intense.

Erin was on her knees, now, licking at her blonde sister's slit with a skilled tongue. Evelyn pulled at her sister's hair and I pulled on Carol's at the same time. I gestured and, instantly, Devon was on her knees, licking my cock as it fucked it in and out of Carol's tight pussy. Carol moaned, breathing heavily. The muscles on her back and shoulders stood out as she tightened around me.

Suddenly, I couldn't take it anymore. I came violently, come rocketing out of my cock to fill the mother's cunt. It oozed out around me and I could feel Devon's lips lapping it up, driving me back to hardness. I felt eyes upon me. Erin and Evelyn were watching me intently. I motioned to the sisters and they came to me. I kissed the brunette, Erin, first, then the blonde, Evelyn. "How can we please you, sir?" they asked. "On your knees, of course, ladies," I said. I sat on a leather chair and they knelt before me.

One after the other, they took me between sensuous lips and pleasured me. I looked up. Across the darkened dance floor, I could see Emmanuelle and Enya with the Commodore. Emmanuelle was riding her husband with wild abandon, while their daughter pressed against her back, humping with her, whispering in her ear, urging her on. The old man's eyes were closed and the two ladies were staring in my direction, watching as I was sucked off by their blonde and brunette relatives.

I came at that and my jizz splattered over the girl's faces. "Oh, fuck!" I cried out. "Carol, come to me!" Devon passed the bound blonde to me and I pulled her to her knees at my feet. I shoved her head down on my cock. "Suck me, baby!" I ordered. "I need to stay rock hard, bitch!

Suck and keep me hard, you fucking cunt!" Carol gagged and I thought she was going to throw up, but I kept her down for long minutes until she was on the verge of passing out.

I pulled her off of me and rubbed her face and lips on my cock. I leaned back to relax and watch as Jacob Nelson and Miles Lucas fucked Carol's pair of daughters on the stage, rubbing Carol's face on my cock all the while. About twenty minutes later they were finished and my cock got rock hard again as I watched them blow semen all over the girl's faces. "Evan," the Commodore called out to me, "I think it's time for the blonde sisters to entertain everyone in the final manner.

Would you care to lead in the honors with the help of our good guest and newest member: Mr. Cooper Ellington?" "Of course, sir," I said.

"They look to be quite pleasurable, indeed." I stood and put Carol in my place, binding her to the chair with the handcuffs. I quickly took Jacob's place. He slapped me on the back and whispered words of encouragement. "Congratulations on joining the club, Cooper," I said.

"Thanks man," he said. "What's the plan?" "Fuck her between us," I said. "Then I garrote her. Do you want pussy or ass?" "I'll take pussy," he said. Quickly he positioned himself in the middle of the stage and mounted the girl atop his rod.

"Ass is mine, then," I said. I ordered Devon to bring me a garrote. "Wire or cord, master?" she asked. "Cord," I said. "Wire is always too quick and messy." She walked to the torture rack and retrieved the requested implement. In seconds, it was placed in my hand and I kissed Devon sensuously.

"Thank you, dear." "Wait, wait!" Carol said from her imprisoning seat. "What are you doing?! No! Oh, my god, don't! Please! Please!" I came up behind the young girl bouncing on Cooper's cock.

I thrust deeply into her ass, eliciting a cry. We fucked her for several long, luxurious minutes before I looped the garrote about the slender girl's neck. Twisting, I strangled her between us, until she was unconscious.

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Cock thrusting, I pulled on the head as hard as I could and felt the snap. I worked it around as I fucked the corpse harder, growing more aroused by the moment. Suddenly I felt Cooper come. I twisted the girl's head around to face me and kissed her on the lips. Distantly, I could hear the mother screaming through all of this. "Oh, fuck! Oh, god!" Cooper said.

We dumped the nameless girl on the dance floor. She lay like a broken doll, legs splayed at unnatural angles and head twisted to look over her shoulder. Cooper knelt down before her and gripped her hair in his hand. Pulling her lips to his cock, he cleaned himself with her mouth. "Excellent style, my friend," I said. "Next," I said to Cooper. "Get inside the second one from behind and push her fucking head down to me." The second crying daughter was quickly locked between us.

Cooper's big cock was up her pussy while mine was thrust down her throat. I fucked her throat hard, feeling her sob and gag and spit around me. My hands went around her neck and I squeezed my cock through it, cutting off all her breathing.

Pulling out, I told Cooper to assfuck her. I wanted to do this one facing me. While he held her arms and ravaged the girl's ass, I wrapped the garrote around her sexy neck. She started to struggle, but I shushed her. "Shh!" I hissed, softly. "Easy, now! Your sister went easily enough. But I didn't get to look into her eyes like I get to with you." She looked past me and I followed her gaze to her mother. "I make you a deal," I said. "You go quietly and I'll let her live.

You struggle and I'll bring her up here and strangle her after you." The girl's eyes focused on me then and she went still, as if agreeing. Even when I tightened the cord, she restrained herself. She didn't fight it at all. She just let me take her as I looked into her crying eyes, sensuously. Carol was screaming behind me. "Don't look at her, baby," I said. The girl's face was close to mine. "Look at me, now!

Look at me! Look me in the eyes while you die! I'm your master, now! I'm your fucking lord, you murdered fucking cunt!" The girl was shaking from Cooper's violent assfucking, but she managed to maintain her eyelock with me, right down to the end. When she finally closed her eyes forever, I was the last image she would ever see.

Cooper cried out and came in the girl's dead ass. He dropped her, but I held her by the garrote for a moment, to stroke her hair.

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"Another worthless life ended," I said to my snuffing partner. "It feels good, Evan," he said. "Almost as good as taking Kara, eh?" "Good," I agreed, "but not that great, my friend." "I had her for dinner yesterday, Evan," Cooper said, "and you were right.

I did remember her face. With every bite." I smiled. "Excuse me," I said. "I have one last thing to attend to." I walked back to Carol and touched her hair. She pulled away and glared at me. "Don't be that way," I said. "I like you, sweet lady. You gave me two of the greatest gifts that anyone could." I quickly uncuffed her from the chair and recuffed her hands behind her back. I sat in her place and pulled her on top of me. She fought me, but I managed to mount her upon my cock and start her moving.

"No! NO!" she cried. "Fuck you! I'll fucking kill --" I grabbed her head, pressed my thumb and forefinger below the V of her jawline. Two fingers cutting off all breath and voice. "Your daughter went quietly to save your life tonight, Carol," I told her. "You should show some fucking gratitude. She was a better woman then you are. Even so, it was a worthless effort. I'll just take you on another night." I moved her up and down upon me, controlling her with a hand in her hair and two fingers on her throat.

"Now fuck your pussy onto me, bitch!" I hissed. "And think hard about how I just murdered your daughters." She struggled for breath, face slowly turning red.

I held her close, looked at her as her eyes closed, then blasted my come into her. I released her and kissed her unconscious face.

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"Sweet baby, that's what I call a party." I laid her upon my chest and petted her hair. It was then that I saw the Commodore return from the backroom with Devon behind him. I watched as he kissed her and whispered something in her ear.

She nodded once and smiled as he left her. I rose and walked towards her. I took a dagger from the torture rack and concealed it behind me as I walked to Devon.

She was wiping the Commodore's jizm from her face as I approached her. "Devon," I said. She followed me, obediently, into the restroom. When the door closed, I was on her. Throwing her back against the tiled wall, I pressed the dagger against her neck. "You're spying on me for the Commodore!" I said, enraged. "Aren't you?" She shook her head. I squeezed harder.

She nodded. "I'm sorry, Evan," she gasped. "He ordered me to. I was afraid of what he would do if I didn't agree. But I never gave him any information that would hurt you, I swear!

I swear, Evan, please! I love you!" "You were watching me at the beach! Why?" "I thought you were acting strange, master! I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help. I was worried about you. That's all!" "And this morning?!" "I didn't see anything, Evan! I have no idea what you're talking about, master! Please!" I pressed the cold blade against her jugular. She was frozen; trembling, like I had never seen her. A quick flick of my wrist and I wouldn't have to worry about her anymore.

No, I would always wonder. Besides, I believed her. Or wanted to believe her. I wasn't sure which, yet. I moved the dagger to her cheek, pressed the point into the skin beneath her left eye. Blood welled out. My voice became very cold. "If I find out that you've lied to me, Devon, or if you ever do anything to make me doubt your loyalty again.

I will carve out those pretty eyes and fuck your brains through them." Tears fell, some landing on the point of my dagger. "Understood?" I asked. Devon nodded. I removed the knife, released her throat and stepped back. She sagged and fell to her knees, sobbing and gagging.

I caressed her hair and she looked up at me, blood dripping down her left cheek like errant tears. "Get up, my sweet Devon," I said, as my fingers tangled in her luxurious tresses. "We're going home, baby. I feel very aroused again. I'm afraid I'm going to need to fuck that face of yours for a long, long time."