Leidenschaft hd Freundin auf die Knie bereit zu saugen

Leidenschaft hd Freundin auf die Knie bereit zu saugen
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I cant really really remember what year it was. But Joe got lucky first and this is how how it all happened. Chapter One Bed side show When Joe Barbaro's or Joey's English teacher moved in across the road from him, it was more than a surprise. Miss Johnson was one of those teachers who made boys his age heart's miss a beat when they came into class. To say she was a MILF was an understatement. There were one or two of the female teaching staff at Milton High, who were considered hot by the boy's sixth form; Clarissa Johnson was foremost among them.

It had been like any normal March weekend. It was still cold, with the residue of the winter's snow still evident in little piles and the lumps of long unloved snowmen melting in the gardens. Joey happened to glance out of his window on the Saturday morning and saw a white van pull up. Then he saw the green Fiat pull along side. He knew that car, he had watched her get in and out of it in the staff car par so many times, flashing those shapely thighs.

He gulped, almost unable to accept that the hottest teacher in the whole school was moving in opposite. Clarissa Johnson was well aware of the effect that she had on teenage boys. She was to them the Femme Fatale of the school, the subject of many a bed time wank.

Joey thought about her a lot. He was full of the normal frustrations of the adolescent virgin. Having her live so close, wouldn't help. However, just how much of an issue that it would be, he had yet to discover. Chapter Two Incognito wont always help you. It was a week later, and he had gone to put the garbage bin out for his Mum, when Miss Johnson was getting something out of the trunk of her car and happened to glance across the road.

"Oh, is that Joey Barbaro?" "Yes Miss Johnson." "What are you doing there?" "Um…I live here Miss." "Oh, you should have said." "I never thought Miss." "You need to be more confident Joey!" "Yes Miss." Clarissa smiled pleasantly and shook her head. "Oh…OK, well see you on Monday eh!" She was wearing a pair of tight jogger bottoms and opened the driver's door and bent right across to get something from the foot well.

Joey stood there and gawped at her amazing, full ass. He was unable to look away, and was still staring as she stood up and looked across at him, still lingering on the kerb. "You OK Joey?" "Yes…I was just going in." She had given Joey what he wanted. She knew her ass was her best feature, just ahead of her tits and her legs. Joey turned just before he went indoors and saw her run her fingers through her shoulder-length brown hair. He loved it when she did that.

Joey wasn't like a lot of the sporty jocks at his school. He was fit and not a bad-looking lad, but he was innocent. He had fair hair, which was long for a guy and naturally curly. He was a fish out of water with the opposite sex, even though a lot of the sixth form girls thought he was cute. He was the archetypal virgin though; shy and wont to steel glances here and there, particularly at the teacher's legs, or down their tops, when they leant over his work.

It was all the more painful as Joey had a high sex drive. He masturbated at least once a night, sometimes over one or two of his class mates, but more often than not, Miss Johnson and her colleagues. There was something about that professional look they had. Those pencil skirts and shiny white blouses, just thin enough to show the lacy edge of their bra.

The Sunday saw a return of the cold snap, which had gripped the country for weeks. Joey sat in his bedroom and pulled the curtains almost to and waited.

Joey's parents would often have Sunday nights at their friends. Up to a year or so earlier, they would call upon his aunt to baby sit, but since turning sixteen he was confident enough to stay home alone. Clarissa looked out at eight pm and noticed their large estate car pull away. She had a habit of undressing for her shower in her bedroom with the light on. Her previous house had been in a quiet cul de sac and faced a derelict field, so it was never an issue.

For the last few nights, that had all changed Getting undressed in her bedroom, she began to undo her blouse and looked across and saw the curtain's twitch in the bedroom opposite.

She saw the glint of something in the window illuminated by the street lamp. She was about to remove her bra, when she saw movement again and then the curtains pull to sharply.

She smiled and put two fingers to her lips in contemplation. "Got you now, you dirty little bastard." Chapter Three Swift Justice Joey had been caught. He had got away with it for a few nights in a row now, watching his teacher through his telescope, as she undressed.

He would sit on his ottoman, cock in hand, his breathing laboured, beads of sweat on his forehead, as he enjoyed the show. The teacher thought for a minute and put her top back on. Throwing on her coat she nipped outside, crossed the road and knocked on Joey's front door.

She waited a few seconds and knocked again. The door opened slowly and Joey stood there blinking, looking flushed and ill at ease.

"Oh Miss Johnson!" "Hi Joey, I'm glad I've caught you in," she said calmly. "Yes, I was just in the back," he lied, looking down furtively.

"Oh, are you any good with computers Joey? I keep getting this error message." Joey brightened, seeing an opportunity to impress her. He was a wizz with PC and Macs alike.

"Yeah sure!" "Oh, would you mind coming across and just taking a look, I bet you'll sort in no time." Joey locked his front door and followed her and was let in to Clarissa's newly painted hallway. He could smell the recently glossed door frames and looked through to her living room, wondering where she had her PC. "It's just up here Joey," she said beginning to climb the stairs. "Upstairs?" "Yes, I have my connection in the spare room." "Oh, don't you have wireless?" "Um…no, I've not had chance to set it up yet." She undid her coat and tossed it casually over the banister, into the hallway.

Joey watched it fall in a crumpled heap and then looked up with a gasp as he saw her peach of an ass in her black skirt. He walked, mesmerised as he watched her butt. "It's just through here Joey." "Oh…where? I can't see a…" There was a loud bang as the bedroom door was slammed shut. "Miss…" "Miss?" Joey's heart was pounding.

He tried the handle and knocked on the door tentatively. "Miss Johnson, you've locked the door." "Miss Johnson?" He stepped back and sat on the bed, his mind in a whirl, trying to find a rational explanation for what had happened. He looked over his shoulder and saw her pillow.

He picked it up and closed his eyes. He held it against his nose and inhaled. He could smell her hair; the scent of her scalp in the fibres of the pillow case. It sent shivers through his body, and gave him that weird feeling in his cock, that he always got just before he became hard. He stood up and knocked on the door again. "Miss Johnson! Why have you locked me in?" "Miss Johnson!" He couldn't hear any sounds outside the door and sat down again. He hadn't come to any harm and it was Miss Johnson, so he thought maybe she had locked the door by mistake.

Yes that would be it. She had gone to fetch her laptop or something. After ten minutes though, he began to worry. He looked out of the window, and thought it was odd looking at his own house in, which was in darkness. He had never seen it from this angle.

Suddenly he realised he could hear voices on the landing. He new it was voices and not just someone on the phone.

They were speaking in hushed tones.

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He recognised one as Miss Johnson. The second voice was in a slightly higher pitch, maybe a younger woman he thought. The conversation ended abruptly and then, a second or two later, the door handle turned slowly. Chapter four Bad conversationist.

Miss Johnson entered, now dressed in a sleek purple dressing gown. She was joined by a blonde woman, and was as Joey had suspected, younger. It was Miss Brent, his biology teacher. Julie Brent was 29, five years younger than Clarissa. She was a little slimmer, but shared her curves, particularly her outstanding almost statuesque breasts, which made the gaps between her buttons crinkle with the pressure.

She had blue eyes, in contrast to Clarissa's hazel ones. Her blonde hair was almost to her elbows and had a swishy, fine texture, which moved when she did.

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She sat on the bed, next to Joey, while Clarissa remained standing. "Miss Brent?" "Are you surprised to see me Joey?" "Well…I." "Got quite a little observatory over there, haven't you Joey!" Said Clarissa.

"Miss?" "I saw your telescope sitting in your window the other day.

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'Ah, he's into astronomy as well,' I thought. It wasn't stars you were looking at tonight though, was it Joey?" "Tut tut, Miss Johnson has told me about your little night time hobby Joey.

Frankly I'm surprised at you spying on your teacher like that." "Miss?" "Oh Joey, if you wanted to watch me undress, why didn't you just ask?" Said Clarissa, her voice dark and silky. "I…I don't spy miss," said Joey, lying badly. "It's only normal, but you Joey, I thought you were a good boy" said Julie.

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"Normal Miss?" "Well, you're a young man, all those hormones!" Said Julie. Joey gulped and looked from one woman to the other. His eyes focused on Julie's breasts, his mind barely able to comprehend how amazing they looked in her tight pink blouse.

She normally wore baggy tops, when even then it was patent that she was well blessed.


Joey had never seen her like this before. "Are you a virgin Joey?" Asked Clarissa. She knew he was, but wanted him to admit it. "A virgin. No! Of course not!" Joey's hands were trembling like aspen leaves. He did his best to disguise his nerves. "Oh, so you have some experience with a woman then?" Continued Clarissa. Julie looked down at his hands. He was rubbing them together in attempt to hide his extreme discomfort. Joey frowned, wondering when his ordeal would end, imagining it was a huge practical joke.

"Joey?" Asked Julie. "Yes Miss Brent." "So, when you were with this girl, what did her breasts feel like?" "Her brea…" Joey couldn't even bring himself to say the word in front of his biology teacher. Never the less, he knew he was getting the beginning of an erection. He had a tight panicky feeling in his chest. "Her breasts Joey - her tits. When you touched them, what were they like?" "Joey, Miss Brent asked you a question." "I…um…she um." "You haven't touched a woman have you Joey?" Said Clarissa, coolly.

Joey gulped. "No. No Miss." "Would you like to?" Joey was frozen, his mind scrabbling for something to say, which wouldn't sound pathetic. Chapter 5 You're under plesure. "I don't know Miss…sort of." "Sort of? What does that mean Joey?" Joey looked at Clarissa and his heart leapt into his mouth as she gradually pulled the tie on her dressing gown.

He watched the long bow unwind, until it fell away limply and the two halves of her dressing gown opened, revealing her toned stomach and a glimpse of her black brassiere. Then he looked down and saw her matching, black silk panties and sheer black hold-ups.

He turned round sharply, aware of the movement in the corner of his eye and Julie was slowly unbuttoning her top. "I bet you have a good imagination don't you Joey," said Clarissa. "I don't know…sort of." "Sort of? You like that expression, don't you!" She looked Joey in the eye, holding his attention as she slipped her dressing gown over her shoulders.

Joey's eyes were locked on her breasts, amazed by her cleavage. "Who's tits would you like to see first Joey?" Asked Julie, unfastening the last button on her blouse.

Joey let out a loud gasp when he saw her bra, holding up her awesome tits. Julie stood up and faced him and played with the zipper at the top of her skirt. Clarissa meanwhile stepped closer to him and ran her fingers through Joey's hair twisting his blonde locks round her finger.

"Is that nice Joey?" "Hmmm…yes Miss." Joey was just starting to relax a little bit, but this was short-lived as Julie pulled the zip right down and peeled her skirt off, until it slipped to the floor, leaving her in her red panties and black stockings.

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Julie sat down again, with Clarissa still teasing his hair and put a hand on his leg. "I asked you a question Joey, you haven't given me an answer." "A question Miss?" "Yes, I asked you who's tits you would like to see first." Joey's eyes gazed at Julie's chest as she put her hands around her back.

Her cleavage was like a crevice of flesh, which plunged between the mounds of her breasts. He looked into her eyes and she stared back as the first catch was undone, then the second. He watched as a little more of her bosom was revealed, his mouth dry and his cock growing ever harder, pressing against his trousers. Julie undid the last catch and her bra slipped down over her arms and her breasts came into view. Her E cup boobs were a little up tilted but swayed as she moved, her nipples like pink bullets.

"Touch them Joey," urged Clarissa. "Oh.Ahh.oh God!" Joey just stared at them, her nipples pointing at him, as if goading him. Her breasts were beckoning his attention, he wanted to touch them, but couldn't.

"Give me your hand Joey," said Julie. He raised his hand, his tremble now a shiver.

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He was partly stunned, partly terrified, but hugely aroused. It was an arousal, not just of his penis, but of every nerve of his body. Julie took his wrist and guided his hand until it was pressed against her right breast. "Go on squeeze them Joey." "Oh Miss Brent." "What's that like Joey? What do they feel like?" "Sof.soft, so warm and soft!" "Like these," said Clarissa who was now standing by his side.

He turned and in the same instant Clarissa squeezed her bare breasts around his face. "Hmmm.hmmff.hmmm." "That's it Joey, rub your face in my tits!" "Hmmm.fhmmmmff." "Yes Joey.that's it suck them.suck them like a baby!

Isn't that good!" Chapter 6 Home run Julie unfastened his trousers, giving his dick some freedom. She stood up and a moment or two later she took Joey's left hand.


Tears of pleasure were streaming down Joeys face, sucking on Clarissa's breasts, as he was aware of a new sensation. For a second, he thought the other teacher had put his fingers in her mouth. But it wasn't, the texture on his fingers was cloying and slippery - it wasn't like saliva.

As his cock made its way through the opening in his loose-fitting boxers Julie pushed his first three fingers in and out of her pussy. Her seduction of Joey, with her friend had turned her on.


Her cunt was hot and wet. His mouth was still clamped round Clarissa's tender, succulent red nipples, as she eased her panties down. She stepped back and pushed Joey away and stood next to Julie.

Joey looked at them, their amazing bodies smoking hot, flooding Joey's mind with every erotic thought he had ever had. "Lie back," said Clarissa, "lie on the bed. Joey." Joey tried to speak, but nothing would come out. His cock was twitching and a little precum was oozing from the end. He lay back as instructed, his heart racing and his breathing shallow. He closed his eyes. He thought he must be in a dream, but in his wet dreams he never had these sensations.

His dick was throbbing, he was racked with a mixture of intense arousal and anxiety. As he tried to make sense of everything he was aware that the light from the room was fading out. Then with his eyes still shut, the darkness was accompanied by a musky smell and then a warm, dampness on his mouth.

He probed whatever it was with his tongue. At the same time, he felt something touching his cock. It felt like a hand and then something else.something velvety, but hot and wet. Simultaneously Julie ground her pussy over his face as Clarissa eased herself onto his cock.

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He was so hard. Both women were impressed by his size and how, beyond their expectations he still hadn't come. Joey groaned, as the soft aroma of pussy flooded his nose and Clarissa Johnson's hot, soaking wet cunt enrobed his cock. This wasn't like masturbation, his imagination had long since fled, screaming. Nothing in his life had prepared him for the sensations of a woman's vagina on his penis. It was one of those things only the experience itself could convey.

Julie was now rubbing her pussy and her ass over his face, as Clarissa rocked her hips back and forth. The already tortuous, pumping feeling in his dick, was now turning into an urgent burning. He squirmed with a half strangled sound, muffled by Julie's quim grinding on his mouth. His cock went harder than it had ever been before.

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His orgasm was so intense, so deep, it was like his entire body was a vessel for his spunk as he juddered on the bed, as if in a fit. Joey cried out, his nose pressed into Julie's ass as he came. Clarissa moaned in satisfaction as she felt his cum squirt out in load after massive load. It was so hot, so thick and creamy, filling her until it was foaming around her pussy. ------------------------------------------------------- Joey was left on Clarissa's bed, his cock still oozing cum as the women dressed.

"I need to go Miss Johnson, my Mum and Dad will be back soon." "I'll let you go in a minute Joey. If ever you want to watch me undress again, don't be shy, will you!" He sat up and pulled his boxers and pants up. Clarissa unlocked her bedroom door and waved him away. "See you tomorrow, don't be late," added Julie.

He looked round and then went down the stairs and let himself out in to the cold night air. He felf different like something in him died in that room. THE END