Suck my strapon like a good bisexual slut

Suck my strapon like a good bisexual slut
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Matt and Tina were extremely happy. They had just gotten married and flew to Jamaica for their honeymoon. They fucked all night when they finally made it to their room. The second night they went to a little village and were going to stay in the honeymoon huts.

They decided to cut loose on the second night. They went to the bar and were drinking and dancing. Finally, Matt was tired and went to sit down at the bar. Tina was drunk and said, "C'mon I want to dance." A local said, "I will dance with her.

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Is that alright, man?" He looked to Mattt for approval. Mat figured what the hell and shook his head yes. Tina was a big girl in all the right places. Her tits were big, 44DD. Thedy were natural and they dropped without a bra because they were just too big.

Her ass was really wide, but it was perfect to grab hold of when she was fucked from behind. Most would say she was a little chunky but her stomach was realitively flat. She was just a big girl. It wasn't long before 4 Jamaicans were all dancing around her.


Matt saw it and he also saw a huge bulge in the pants of one of the Jamaicans. Matt was pissed. He was drunk but pissed. He got up to go con front the Jamaicans, but felt something prick his neck. The next thing Matt knew, he woke up in bed. When he tried to move, he found his hands were tied above his head and his feet were tied to the bed.

He could hear some moaning from to his left. It sounded like Tina when she came, but he could not see.

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He strained to look over his arm and saw a window between him and his wife. She was on another bed getting drilled with a huge Jamaican cock and there were three other Jamaicans with cocks in hand. They were just waiting. Tina seemed to really be into it.

Matt could tell she was coming hard on that hugge Jamaican dick. Matt was turned on and pissed all at the same time. Seeing his wife cumming like crazy was hot, but that dick was almost twice the size of his. He was Jealous. He could not hold his head up anymore and noticed Jamacan woman sitting in the corner with something on her head.

She said, "Welcome to complete pleasure. This is what we are about and I am in charge. Since I am in charge I want your little dick to get hard so I can sit on it." "But, But I just can't."Matt stuttered. "Shut up, white man! Give me what I want and make me happy or you will be punished unbelievably. Look, your wife gave in without any questions." Matt could see she was now sucking another man's cock while the same Jamaican still plowed her pussy.

The Priestess started sucking Matt's cock and it grew to its full 6 inches.

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"Is that all you have? I think you are going to really regret having such a small cock. I don't think you can please me." She mounted Matt and started riding him hard. It felt good to Matt but she was not as tight as Tina.

Of course that was changing as time went on and Tina was getting fucked witht those huge cocks. After ten minutes, Matt said, "Slow down. I'm about to cum." The priestess slapped his face and said, "You are a sorry fucker! You cannot even please a woman the right way!" Just look at your wife. She is still getting fucked and she is enjoying it." Matt could see that the same giant dicked mothercfucker was fucking the shit out of her, but a different guy was fucking her mouth.

He could see cum on the side of her face and in her hair.

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He guessed it was from the first guy she sucked off. She seeemed to still be enjoying it. Alternating between cumming and just getting fucked.

The priestess said, "You will be punished!" She got off Matt and he could hear voices at the foot of the bed. Two guys appeared holding ropes and moving them to the head of the bed. They placed theropes on a pulley at the head of the bed and started cranking. Matt erealized those were the ropes that were attached to his feet. As they cranked Matt's feet moved above his head and rolled him up into a ball with his ass in the air and his dick right above his head.

It was very uncomfortable.


He could hear his wife say, "Oh. my God! Not my ass! You will split me in two!" After a moment he heard a low moan from his wife and knew she was cumming again. He knew she liked anal, but he could not even imagine that dick almost the size of a baseball bat fitting in her ass. Matt heard a voice say, "Let the punishment begin!" A naked Jamaican with a huge cock stood on the bed.

He positioned his oiled-up cock over Matt's asshole. Matt screamed, "Oh my fucking God. No. Don't fuck my ass! I am not a fag. That thing will rip my ass open." It was no use. The Jamaican had a mission. He started to push his head into Matt's ass. "Fuck it hurts!" Matt screamed.

the preistess made the man stop. She put a white powder on her finger and long nail and put it on his ass then shoved her finger in his ass. Matt felt his ass numb a lilttle. He heard the preistess say, "Now shove it in hard!" The Jamaican got above him and showed him no mercy.

He shoved his huge cock right up Matt's ass. His ass was numb but it still hurt as he felt his bowels fill with this huge black cock.

to make it worse, He could see this cock ravage his ass. He noticed that ass the cock hit bottom, it bent a little at the base because not all of it would fit in his ass.

After a short time he noticed his cock getting harder than he had ever seen. He was starting to enjoy this feeling. the preistess said, "I see the little white boy likes big black cock." He heard his wife say, "Don't cum in my ass! Let me swallow your cum!" Matt could only imagine what was happening.

He noticed that every time the Jamaican pushed in his ass his dick came close to his face. "Yes," the preistess said, "Give into the desire. Go ahead.

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Suck your own dick." A little precum dripped onto his lips. It tasted good. Matt would not suck his cock so the preistess said, "Since you won't suck your own cock, You will suck a cock fresh out of your ass." Matt said, "Hell, no!

I am not sucking that cock!" "If you do not you will be ass-fcuked all night like this." The Jamaican pulled his cock out of Matt's ass. It seemed like it took forever.

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Matt felt like his as was gaping. He could feel his sore ass. Matt reluctantly opened his mouth and the Jamaican started fucking his mouth. Matt could taste his ass mixed with a coconut flavor.

the preistess said, "Now cum in his mouth." Before Matt could protest, he felt the balck cock swell and shoot in his mouth. he was sickened and excited at the same time. He had to swallow. the dick was so deep in his motuh and there was no room for anything else.

The man seemed to cum for 15-20 seconds. Matt swallowed it all. The Jamaican got off of him and he heard Tina say, "Now fuck that bitch with the big dick." He saw the guy with the baseball bat dick get on the bed. He started pushing his dick in Matt's ass.


It hurt but it went in easier then he expected. This Jamaican must have realized how big his dick was because he was more gentle than the other guy. He felt the ropes on his legs pull down further and his dick touched his lips. The preistess said, "Suck it now!" Then he heard Tina say, "Yea baby. Suck it for me. Explode in your mouth for me." He started sucking the head of his dick. Every time the Jamaican shoved his prick in Matt it pushed his own dick a little in his mouth.

Matt could not believe it. He was living every man's dream. He could suck his own cock. Well, every man's dreamn except the monster cock in his ass.

But it all felt so good. He could feel his cum building in his balls. He could not hold it any longer.He started shooting in his own mouth. It felt so good he thrashed as much as he could and he heard the jamaican groan and felt him spurt in his ass. The feeling of his ass being filled with hot cum made his shoot even more, but he gladly swallowed his own cum.

Matt woke up in his bed. It must have been a dream. Weird. What was that weird taste in his mouth? Then he noticed his arms and legs were tied and he felt his legs being pulled over his head.

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