Five minutes of vibrator pleasure for bbw duca wife

Five minutes of vibrator pleasure for bbw duca wife
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I was slowly acclimating to new situation - getting used to being single in a new place, and having sex with some guys. We invited Jerry to come to the Tuesday night sessions; he had a conflict some weeks so he said he'd drop in on occasion. I could tell I was getting used to my new life - I was getting bored. I decided to do some painting and decorating in the townhouse. It's a nice place, only a few years old, but off-white everywhere wasn't going to cut it. I painted a couple of rooms, which led to some new throw rugs, wall hangings and the like.

I was getting to be a regular at the local home center. Then the odd thing happened, I was getting some paint mixed up when the department manager mentioned that they were looking to hire somebody for paint and wall coverings. I expressed an interest in a part time job, and sure enough they hired me. I am not an overly social person, but I can communicate well with customers about their needs. I took a liking to a fellow employee from Appliances, Marsha. The company had a holiday social, drinks after work, and I spent most of it talking to her.

We had a very similar sense of humor, and I found myself comfortable being open with her. A nice looker too, fifty-something, and about five-nine, almost my height. Marsha was what you'd call nicely rounded not plump, just nicely curved. Her walk was very graceful. She had lived in the area quite a while, and it turns out that her sister lives in the Meadows.

Marsha described her sister, and I remembered seeing her at the cafe. ---------- A couple of days later, I was just relaxing after breakfast and got to thinking about Tom's cock. I remembered how it was average length but was nice and thick. More importantly, I thought about it being the first cock I sucked, and found myself getting very hard. I remembered putting my mouth on his thick organ the first time, and how excited I was.

About then, I thought about having a wank, then called myself an idiot and called Tom instead. I invited him over for a drink, which he could see right through, and snickered at me. "Sure, a drink.

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Yeah, I'm in the mood too, I'll be over in a while." When Tom arrived, we did pour ourselves a couple of beers, then retired to my bedroom. He asked what made me call, and I told him I had got to thinking about his fat cock. "Maybe in your mouth?" he asked.

"Definitely. It's been almost a week since I've had any cock and cum." Tom walked up close to me and reached down for my crotch. Finding a hard lump there, he said, "Hmm, you are in the mood, I can tell." But I stepped back a little, and reached for his belt. Tom put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed up and down seductively, while I opened his belt and zipper.

Then, I pulled down his pants and underwear together. His cock was getting hard and pointing out. I put my hands on his chest and sat him down on the bed, then knelt in front of him and had a good look at his stiffening penis.

Tom's pubic hair was graying, but still filled in nicely around the base of his cock. The organ itself was thick, like I said, and his head was distinct.

I liked its shape. Reaching for it with both hands, I ran my fingers up and down the shaft, which was light brown and had very sexy veins showing on each side. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked. Of course, my cock was good and hard too.

I let go of him long enough to open my pants and pull it out. Then I took Tom's meat in one hand, cupped his balls with the other and lowered my face until I was breathing on his cock head.

Tom said, "Go down on me man, I want your mouth on it." I obliged; I put my mouth over his head, licked his piss slit a little, then opened wide and slid down onto his thick shaft. I loved the way it felt to have his fat dick filling my mouth, and when I reached bottom I could feel his cock head against the back of my mouth. And my nose was buried in his crotch hair. Damn this was hot, I loved that feeling. My mouth was spread wide, which was very sexy. Nothing feels like a fat cock filling your mouth.

I began to slide up and down on him, rubbing my tongue on it and humming a little. Tom said, "You've gotten really good at that, shit you're making me feel so hot." I came off his cock for long enough to say, "Good. I'm looking forward to eating your load." I went right back down on him and started to suck hard.

I played with his balls with one hand and reached down to stroke my own cock with the other. Tom said he was getting close and I kept up the motion on his dick and my own. I was getting hot too. Then Tom started to groan and thrust into my mouth, three or four times, then I could feel his member throbbing in my mouth.

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The taste of his jism hit my tongue as he called, "Ahhhhhh"; he quivered and shook, and I could feel about three pumps of cum hit my throat. I couldn't wait any more myself. I came off his cock, stood up between his legs, and he reached for my hard dick. He only had a chance to stroke it about twice before I blew my load out on his hand, with some of it falling down on his cock and belly. He caught what he could with his hand and brought that hand to his mouth and licked it off.

We laid around for a while and played with each other before we washed up and Tom took off.


That was a great way to spend the day. ---------- I invited Marsha out to dinner. The waitress brought our drinks and took our orders, and we relaxed and chatted. Marsh said that she liked lots of kinds of music and we explored that interest; we were both big into old rockabilly.

On a new topic, she asked me what was new in the house. "I'm thinking about getting some shelf parts and making a wall shelf for the breakfast nook.

I don't have room for a big table, maybe I could keep the condiments there." "Spice of life then," she asked? "Nah, the spice of life is better stuff than that." She caught what I alluded to, and smiled at me seductively.

"Yes… I can think of more interesting ways to spice things up." I smiled back and said, "Me too." Under the table I went to move my leg next to hers, only to find her doing the same. We were both a little surprised to touch the other so quickly, and broke a laugh over it. Quietly, I asked, "Are you getting fresh with me?" "As a matter of fact, yes I am." She slowly rubbed her leg along mine and said, "Nice leg. Very muscular." I could feel her firm calf muscles and returned, "You're as toned as I'd guessed." We savored the contact for a minute then chatted more.

Dinner came and, between the good food and warm company, we had a very nice time. Before we were done, I realized that I had to make full disclosure about my sex life. It wasn't fair to her if she didn't understand my interests and other activities. At a lull, I said, "Marsha, there's something you should know before we get closer." She cocked her head a little and said, "And that would be?" "I'm actually bisexual." "Actively?" "Yes." She smiled and said, "You must be mixed up with those guys at the Meadows that watch dirty movies and play with each other." Huh?

In a moment, I put 2 & 2 & 2 together. She laughed then so did I. Molly must have spilled the beans to spread gossip, and Marsha's sister lived in the complex.

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"Oh I was aware of that, and wondered if you were involved. Actually," Marsha added, "It sounds like fun. I have no issues with that, as long as everbody is clean." I felt good about being honest with her, and I was relieved that the evening would continue with Marsha.

I drove her back to her house, and she rested her hand on my leg the whole way. I asked her if I might come in; she squeezed my thigh and said, "I was hoping you'd ask." Marsha lived in an older house that was decorated in the farmhouse look. She took my hand and showed me around the downstairs, then smiled at me and said, "The bedrooms are upstairs." I drew her to me and wrapped my arms around her.

She looked up and offered me her lips, and I gave her a long, slow kiss. She pressed her breasts against me, and I liked what I felt. I was well on my way to having a very stiff cock. We kissed a minute, then she broke the kiss and took my hand again, showing me up the stairs. Following her upstairs was marvelous, between her graceful movement and her swaying buns.

At her bedroom, the next kiss wasn't slow and tender; our passion overtook us and we kissed hard and sexy. My hands went around her back and hers found my ass.

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I slid one hand around and took hold of her boob, and holy shit, was she firm and warm. She pushed me down on the bed and laid me on my back. Without hesitating, she reached for my belt and opened it, then my zipper. When she reached in my underwear, she smiled at me and said, "My goodness, what a nice hard cock for me to play with.

Mmmm, it's been a while." Pulling my cock out of my underwear, she added, "I think I need to suck on this, like right now." She reached for my pants waist and I lifted my butt so she could pull down my pants. "My God that's a nice dick." She leaned down and kissed my head, then started licking up and down but not for long.

Next thing I felt was her wet mouth on my dick head, and slowly moving down on my shaft. This girl was good at it; she slid on and off, stopping to suck now and then. She could get most of my seven inches into her mouth, and I couldn't help but throb in there.

This went on for some time, then I got very interested in putting my face in her crotch. I gently took hold of her head and lifted her off, then stood up. We finished undressing each other, but I only got as far as removing her bra. Marsha's rack was exquisite; so firm and round. I dove in and started licking her nipple while I massaged the other girl.

She just moaned and put her hand behind my head. Eventually my urge to eat her pussy overcame the fun I was having with her tits. I took off the rest of her clothes and it was my turn to lay her down. She pulled down the covers and hopped up on the bed.

I spread her legs and just stood admiring her lovely little flower of a pussy with a nicely trimmed bush all gray no less! She said, "Are you just going to look? I really need you to eat my pussy." "Your pussy is beautiful, and I have every intention of…" Couldn't finish that as I was already running my nose through her fur and began to kiss all around her vulva.

"Ohmygod, you kiss so nice!" I licked all around, working my way to her lips which I licked up and down. Then without warning, I stuck my tongue in her snatch as far as it would go; she inhaled sharply and squeaked out an "Oh!' My tongue went to work then, up and down her pussy and occasionally touching her clit.

"Oh god oh god, yes…" I worked harder and spent more time on her clit; she started to rock her hips up, and I put my mouth all around her love button. I licked her, slowly gaining intensity, as she rocked her hips and moaned, louder and louder, then I went hard after her clit.

She cried, "Ahhhhh" and humped hard against my face, as her orgasm overtook her. I let off her and lifted my head as she convulsed up and down. As she came to rest, I moved up and put my cock head against her cunt lips. Marsha grabbed my hips and pulled, urging me to enter her. She was very wet, and I just slowly slid into her until I was mostly buried. One or two quick motions to ensure her wetness was spread all over my cock, and I went all the way in.

Marsha approved; I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock. It was heavenly. I looked lustfully at her face, then scanned down to her tits and looked to see myself buried in her. Marsha said, "Fuck me, Pete.

I need a good fuck from a big hard man. Pump me until I cum again and fill me up with your cum." I began to move in and out of her, moving around until she squeaked her approval at one spot.


I pumped in earnest, getting faster. Putting my lips to hers, I put my tongue in and she passionately returned my kiss. Our lips locked as I started to pump her harder and harder, and felt her warm firm tits on my chest. Both of us moaned in unison as I stabbed her pussy, then I felt my orgasm hit and I buried my cock in her cunt, and shot my semen into her.

She screamed and humped against me as her second orgasm overtook her. As we relaxed into afterglow, Marsha said, "So you guys do all kinds of fun stuff?" "Hands and mouths. We don't do anal." Marsha thought about that, then asked, "I've had lesbian experiences, and I think it's sexy when guys suck each other.

Do you suppose they'd mind having an audience?" "You wanna watch? They might go for that, we're all bi. Especially if you gave us something nice to see." "That could be arranged. And I'm sure my sister Anna would want in on it." Cool!

Her sister was an attractive woman too, a little plumper but looked to have a nice rack. "I'll see what they think."

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