Asiatisch japanisches Teen hat geilen Sex

Asiatisch japanisches Teen hat geilen Sex
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Gang slut thats me. It was late and the park was dark as I walked along the main path. Up ahead the path split, to the left it went near the lake and into the parking lot. To the right it went into the playground and ended. I looked ahead and saw two boys sitting on some swings in the playground; no one else was around this late. I proceeded up the path and took the right path towards the playground. Nearing the boys I saw both were dressed like gang members, I was shaking with anticipation as I walked closer to them.

"Your late, get into the restroom and make your self ready for us," one called out to me. I wanted to tell them I wasn't late but knew better, they liked to show that they were in charge so I keep quiet and walked into the men's restroom. The place was cold and dirty like all park restrooms.

In one corner was a large cooler I opened it, it was full of beer the guys must have put it here. Before they came in, I had to be naked, and ready for them. I almost ripped my blouse in my haste to get it off, removing it, my skirt and my shoes I was now naked.

The rough concrete floor scraped my knees as I knelt down on it. Kneeling with my legs open wide I waited, only a few moments passed and the boys joined me. "What are your name's," I asked.

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The bigger one said, "Todd and he's Jim." Both were younger then I had first thought, that didn't make any difference to me. Todd unzipped and pulled his cock out, without a word I reached out held it in my soft warm hands and rubbed it. It started to grow hard quickly I licked it and slide it into my mouth.

If your wondering, I belonged to a gang, I'm there slut. Every time a new guy joins the gang, the first thing they get is one night with me; I would suck them, fuck them, and then do anything else they wished.

These two were the newest gang members and like the others before them had been told; to treat me anyway they wanted. They had heard how the leader liked to treat me and this was possibly the only chance for them to have me. The leader loved to degrade me, and make me do nasty things all for his pleasure.

Tonight I would be theirs to do the same to me if they wished. I set the pace, moving my head back and forth sucking, and licking his cock. My hands played with his youthful balls, almost forcing him to come before he wanted to. His cock shot a hot stream of sperm into the back of my mouth; it slid down my throat with ease. I sucked harder as my hands rapidly stroked his cock getting ever last drop of his sperm out of his balls. Finished with him Jim stood in front of me, he received the same treatment, and he came even faster then Todd.

Finished sucking both I waited knowing they needed a little time before they would be ready for more sex. They smoked and joked, calling me a cocksucker and a little white whore. I felt fine being called a cocksucker it fit what I had just done, as far as being called a whore, well that didn't really fit. Yes, I was kneeling nude in a dirty men's restroom and had sucked two black cocks and I was waiting for them to get hard again so they could fuck me.

After that I would do whatever else they wanted, that did not make me a whore, I wasn't being paid, if I was then I would be a whore. They should have called me a cocksucker, black cock loving white slut, that would have fit me better then whore. A few joints later and I had both their cocks in my hands, rubbing them to get them hard enough to fuck me.

Young guys didn't take long for them to get hard again, and with luck they would last longer this time then before. Both got nice and hard for me, "Ready for me to ride your cock now," I asked. Todd got on his back; I sat over him, held his cock up, and moved down on him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me completely down on his cock, I rode him hard sending him deep inside me with ach downward move.

Jim was hot to fuck me and told me to bend over, exposing my ass to him. I soon felt his cock pushing at my ass it was wet enough for him to push the head into me with ease.

He started pushing his whole shaft into my ass, once he was buried inside me I began to move back and forth fucking both cocks at the same time. It took them longer to come this time, which I enjoyed, both started to pump hot cum into me nearly at the same time.

I continued to ride both cocks as they dumped their load of cum into me. Jim came first and pulled out of my ass, he went to put his cock back in his pants then stopped and said, "Maybe I should have you clean off my cock, before I put it away." "Sure she will, after she cleans mine first," Todd laughed. Todd pushed me off, "Clean my cock bitch," he ordered.

I guessed he was trying to show how tough and mean he was. I cleaned him off, letting none of his cum go to waste, then cleaned off Jim's cock. I returned to my kneeling position as both boys smoked a joint and again joked about me. "Heard stories about you, they true?" Todd asked. "I don't know, what did you hear?" I asked.

"Well first, that tonight you have to do anything we tell you to do, is that true?" "Yes, tonight I will do anything you want. What else did you hear about me?" I asked.

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"You love cock, can't get enough of it, they say." "Yes, I do," I said. Jim walked over reached down and grabbed my tits holding them in his hands he squeezed them, "I like your tits, nice and firm, you have them fixed?

" he asked. "If you mean enhanced, No they are real." He squeezed harder causing my nipples to pop out, "Yea, real nice tits, a little more then a hand full but very firm." Todd walked over; Jim let them go and moved out of his way. Todd reached out not to touch my tits, he grabbed my nipples. "Tits are nice but I like nipples," he tightened his grip on my protruding nipples it began to hurt.

"I don't like that it hurts," I cried. Todd started to giggle, "Now that's to damm bad, I like squeezing them," and he clamped his fingers tighter over them. I didn't like it but my place was to please them tonight so I submitted myself to his coarse actions. He viciously twisted them causing me to cry out in pain.

He started to giggle again; and still wanted to show off as a tough guy and obviously, he liked to hurt his girls. He squeezed harder and again brutally twisted them; I let out a piercing scream, as pain shot over my whole body. I was glad I was kneeling or I would have dropped to the floor form the pain.

"Yea, I like that, scream some more bitch," and he twisted them again. I screamed louder he released his grip on my poor nipples. They hurt like hell as blood flowed back into them. All my screaming had attracted some unwanted attention. Two homeless guys showed up to see what all the yelling was all about.

They ran into the restroom saw the gang members and realized it was none of their business and started to leave. Todd called them back, and pointed to me, "How would you guys like to fuck her?" he asked them. They looked at me, leered, and nodded their heads almost in unison. "Go on, fuck her," he said. Both guys dropped their pants and approached me, their cocks looked dirty and when they got closer the smell was appalling, as if they hadn't had a bath in months.

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I told the men to wait, I wanted to clean their cocks before they fucked me and got up heading to the sink. Todd grabbed my arm, "Where you going slut?" he asked.

"To the sink their cocks are filthy I wanted to clean them up first." "They do look like they need it, but you know how to clean a cock, get over there and clean them with your tongue," he commanded. I was ready to tell him to go to hell, the leader degrade me, and made me do nasty things but not like this.

Seeing the look on his face, I knew, that would be a big mistake and I was theirs for the night so I knelt down in front of one guy and stuck out my tongue. He pushed his cock into my face. This close the full force of the smell hit my nose; it was over powering, old urine, dirt, and the lack of a bath almost made me gag.

I closed my eyes and licked his cock, Todd told me to suck it clean. I opened my mouth and let his smelly cock enter it.

I thought the smell was bad the taste was even worst. I sucked and licked it until Todd told him to fuck me. On my back, legs open he jumped on, and fucked me like he hadn't had a girl in a long time, which was probably true. He fucked me fast and came just as fast. Finished Todd had me clean off his cock again before doing the other guy. The other one was no better, smell or taste wise but he did fuck me longer and harder then the first guy.

Finished with both guys Todd sent them away, I went to get up and get cleaned off but Todd stopped me, saying just stay kneeling on the floor till he told me to move. I stayed put and with my legs open cum dripped out of me on to the cold floor forming a little pool between my legs. The boys drank some beer and smoked some more, while they talked about me. Todd really wanted to find other things, nasty things for me to do. While he talked I, shivered thinking I had the whole night to spent with him.

The talking and my thoughts were interrupted by a noise from outside the bathroom. Normally nobody but gang members and homeless were in the park this late.

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Great, I thought, more homeless bums just what I need. Todd went out to see what or who was making the noise. I could hear voices, a female voice talking to Todd. He came back in followed by a local hooker. She was prancing around, "Listen man I got to pee," she told him. "I have something better for you," he told her. "Look you want to fuck me, show me the money I don't care who your with everyone pays, that's the rule," she barked.

Todd laughed, "Shit I wouldn't stick his cock in you much less mine. You been busy tonight?" "Some, why? You aren't getting any money from me." "I don't want your money or your pussy but I have a special treat for you." "Sure you do! What kind of treat, drugs? Homey." "No, how would you like this slut to suck your pussy for you, my treat." She blinked, looked at me, smiled, now that would be a treat, you for real." Todd walked over to me, rubbed my tits, "Sure she loves cocks, we're to tired to give her ours again but if you had some tonight she could at least get the taste of them from your pussy.

You want to suck her pussy, don't you?" he asked as his hands closed around my nipples.


No, I didn't want too, I have done that before but not with some cheap whore like this girl. That's not what I said just what I thought. "Yes, I would love to suck her pussy," is what I said.

Todd released my nipples. The girl laughed, "Hell that would be a nice treat after all the cocks that fucked it tonight. Let me go do my business, I'll be right back," she politely told Todd.

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She turned to leave, Todd grabbed her arm, "No, stay, she does you now or just forget it." She came over, "Ok, honey suck it good, lots of cum for you in there." I lay back she stepped over me, putting one leg on each side of my waist. She pulled up her skirt to reveal her hairy pussy and knelt between my head, dropping it down on my mouth.

It didn't smell as bad as the homeless guys did but it did smell from old cum. My head was trapped between her thick thighs and her pussy pressed against my mouth. I began to lick her, and then running my tongue into her pussy, I used it like a small cock and tongue fucked her. She wiggled her hips as I pushed my tongue deeper into her. She started to drip and my mouth closed over her pussy as I licked and sucked on her. It felt like an eternity as I sucked on her before she let out a soft moan and cried she was cumming.

Her juices flowed into my ready mouth and I continued to lick at her clit driving her wild.

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Her body shuddered as her orgasm hit she pushed her pussy down harder into my face almost cutting off my air supply. I felt warm fluid spray on and in my mouth, shit; she was pissing into my mouth! I tried to wiggle my head but her thighs held it in place. I wanted to close my mouth but for some reason I didn't. She quickly filled my mouth with her warm piss, which I just as quickly swallowed.

She kept pissing and I kept swallowing but much of it spilled out of my mouth to flow on my chin and cheeks soaking my hair and the hard floor below me. Finally, she finished climaxing and peeing but stayed sitting on my head. I felt so depraved as my tongue moved over her pussy licking up any left over cum and piss.

She got up, washed off at the sink, and thanked Todd for the treat, never saying a word to me. I went to get up; Todd came over put his foot on my chest and pushed me down. "Stay put, were you belong, bend your knees and keep your legs spread I want to see that pussy of yours," he ordered. He keep his foot pressing down on my chest as I moved my legs bending my knees and putting my feet flat on the floor as I spread my legs apart.

The puddle of warm piss around my head was turning cool in the night air. I closed my eyes and thought back as to how I came to be so immoral that I let these boys treat me this way. I left home tired of all the bullshit there and moved to the city at an early age were I found a girl with no high school diploma couldn't get a descent job. I ended up living in run down boarding houses or on the street to proud to go home and admit failure.

I joined the gang more for protection then anything else. The leader liked how I would do anything he asked me to do, just to stay with him. It was better then living on the street where men took me, anytime they wanted a quick piece of ass. After my initiation into the gang were all the members fucked me the leader, Ben continued to share me with the gang once in awhile but I spent every night in his bed.

Being shared was a small price to pay for the warm bed, food, and drugs he provided. My one happy thought was, this would be the only night Todd would have me all to himself, tomorrow I would go back to being Ben's slut. Someone nobody fucked without his approval. The cold rough concrete was hurting my back as I lay quietly waiting to see what Todd planned to make me do next.

It couldn't be any worst then what he had me already do, I thought. The restroom was quiet I fell asleep waiting for something to happen. I felt a hot spray of liquid hit my face; Todd was standing over me pissing on me. Time to wake up, slut, he said as he finished pissing on me. I sat up; his piss coved my face and body. "This place is boring, I need something to living up the place," he said. I noticed only Todd and I were in the restroom, Jim was gone.

"Yea, boring and to damm quiet," Todd muttered. "Stand up, slut I don't feel like bending down to get to your nipples," I stood up. "I need to wash up," I point-blank stated. He lashed out slapping me hard across the face.

My head snapped back and my cheek burned. It wasn't the first time a guy had hit me but I was taken by surprise at how quickly he had moved and how hard he had slapped me. "Don't talk unless I ask you a question, bitch," was all he said. I rubbed my cheek, remained silent, and nodded my head, I understood. I understood he hadn't been putting on an act for Jim; he was that mean. Looking at his eyes was like looking into the eyes of a snake.

A chill ran over my body as I realized he wasn't just mean but also heartless and cruel. "Your clean enough for me, now stick out your chest I want to squeeze and twist you nipples again, and make you scream," he said. I didn't have much choice; I pushed out my chest offering my nipples to him.

He took my offering in his hands, squeezed down hard on them, and viciously twisted them. I responded, as he wanted by screaming out. "Yea, that's better, you like that don't you," he asked.

"No, I don't like it, it hurts." He squeezed tighter and began twisting them again, my knees felt weak, my stomach was tight, and my poor nipple hurt like hell, he made me scream repeatedly. Before he got tired of doing it and released my nipples, that didn't stop the pain as both throbbed like hell.

He slide his hand down over my stomach and felt my pussy. His fingers found my clit his fingers pushed the hood back and then clamped down on it. "You know in some places they cut this off a women, stops her from enjoying sex to much.

I don't know if that's true or not but I know this is useful to me," he said with a smirk. His fingers held it firmly; he tightened them and twisted it very hard. I screamed louder then before and dropped to my knees. My body exploded with pain, my entire body quavered and I nearly passed out. "See how useful that is, that was your best scream so far," he told me.

The SOB pushed me back with his foot reached down, slapped my hands away from my clit and grabbed it again. "No, please don't," I cried to no avail.

He twisted it again sending spasms of pain over my body. I cried out as he continued to twist it. Then blackness fall over me, I started to pass out from the pain.

He stopped me, kicking me with his foot. "Get up I want to play some more," he ordered. I bit my lip, got up, and pushed my chest out, "What makes you think that's what I want to play with?" he asked. I took a deep breath spread my legs open and pushed my hips towards him. He reached down and rubbed my pussy and clit, I flinched at his touch. He laughed "Nice to see you know what I like and your eager to give it to me." Just then, the street whore walked in, she called Todd over, I was relieved as he let go of me and walked over to her.

They talked and she gave him some money. She called out and three men walked in, "So you three want a white girl all at the same time, there she is go for it," Todd said.

The men walked over unzipped to show off their hard cocks.

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One looked at the wet floor, Todd tossed my clothes on the floor, "Lay on them if you want to stay dry," he said. The guy moved them around and flopped on them, "Get on little lady, ride me," he ordered. I was thrilled I would be busy and Todd couldn't get to me while I fucked these men.

I quickly stepped over him and lowered down on his cock, it slide easily into my pussy. He pulled me down, his zipper hit my clit sending a shooting pain up my body like a shockwave, and I let out a loud moan. He pulled me over him and savagely a cock was shoved into my ass. The third guy stood in front of me waving his cock at my face. I opened my mouth and began to suck it while my ass and pussy were being fucked. My head was pulled forwards and the man shoved his cock deep into my mouth, he wanted to fuck it like a pussy.

I closed my lips tight around it and let him. These men were satisfying their lust for a white whore, fucking me hard filling me with their cocks. My body was rocked with pain from my clit as the men fucked me. My body was trembling with exhaustion and pain but that didn't stop them from having fun with me. The one fucking my ass pounded me extra hard as he emptied his cum into my bowels.

The guy fucking my mouth was next to finish filling me mouth with warm sticky cum, all of which I drank down. That left only the one I was riding, the one causing me the pain. He was holding my hips controlling how hard and fast I was to fuck him. Pulling me down extra hard when the ass man was done I again let out a loud moan as his zipper cut into my clit.

"That's more like it, whore," he said. Todd came over to one guy said something that caused him to walk over behind me. The next thing I knew hands groped and fondled my tits, I cried out when his fingers squeezed, and twisted my nipples. The men I was fucking enjoyed that and told him to keep it up he liked the way my body reacted to that, he said.

My nipples continued to be tortured by the guy behind me as I rode the guy below me. Both were making me fuck and yell out like wild women. After what seemed like an eternity at fucking this guy I felt my pussy being filled with cum, with his needs completed he pushed me off him to the floor.


Hands lifted me off the floor and I was told to stand up. The whore and the men left, Todd came over wrapped one arm around me, "That show was just what I needed to get hard again," he told me. He wasn't kidding I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tummy. "Hope you act even better for me," he said as his free hand moved down to my clit. "I will," I quickly promised hopping that would stop his hand from doing what I knew he planned to do. My promise didn't stop him, "Oh, you will," he said as he tightly held my clit between his strong fingers.

He gave my clit a hard twist, only his arm holding me keep me from falling to the floor as my knees gave out, and terrible pain pulsed over my body. Before my scream died out he twisted it again, I tried to gulp in air as the next scream bust from my lips. "That should make you hot for my cock," he said. I tried to agree but to late he twisted it one more time, I felt faint and hopped I would pass out. I wasn't that lucky, he dropped us to the floor, me over him.

"Get on girl ride me, make it good," he ordered. I spread my legs open and grabbed his cock, held it up and slipped it between my pussy lips. Taking a deep breath, I arched my back and slide all the way down on him.

With my back arched my tits stood out, making my nipples an easy target for his hands. Running his hands up my body, he fondled my tits before he began twisting my nipples. I couldn't help but act like a crazy women as he began pinching and twisting them making me cry out. Between that and the pain at my clit, my body was racked with unbelievable pain. I was completely at his mercy, as he forced me to scream for his pleasure, while I rode his hard cock. He treated me worst then a slut whore, violently making me fuck him as he harshly twisted my poor nipples.

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Unbelievable pain flowed from my pussy and nipples over my whole body. I felt him coming and thought this was nearly over, but he rolled us over and released my nipples from his grasp.

The pain felt worst as blood now flowed back into them. He started to pound my pussy with more speed and power, banging hard into my clit. It felt like my clit was being whipped as he pounded me. My throat felt raw from all the yelling as he finally got off me. I managed to get in a kneeling position, keeping my legs spread wide, as he liked and to help ease the pain. "Now that's the way you should act when you're fucked.

I like fucking you, when you're hot like that. From now on every time I fuck you I plan to make you that hot or hotter," he said. I didn't say a thing, I didn't remind him that tonight was the only night he would have me, as I belonged to Ben.

I looked at the bottles of beer and licked my lips. "You thirsty?" he asked. "Yes," He looked around and got an open bottle, handed it to me, it felt warm. I would have preferred one from the cooler but didn't complain. I brought the bottle to my lips, and tipped it up, before it reached my mouth my nose caught the whiff of piss.

I quickly realized the bottle wasn't warm beer but a bottle of warm piss. I stopped before it hit my mouth and went to put the bottle down. "If you're not that thirsty it's ok, gives me more time to play. Drink up or come over here, so I can play with you some more." I tilted the bottle back up to my mouth and let a small amount of the warm piss flow into my mouth. The bitter taste filled my mouth; I swallowed it and slowly drank some more.

Drinking it very slowly, I waited for sunrise before emptying the bottle. I was thrilled to see the sun come up now my night was over. He saw it to, "Guess the nights over, and you should get cleaned up," he flatly said. Happy to get off the cold floor and washed off I didn't mind the chilly water as I splashed it over my face and body. My clothes were a mess, dirty, wet, and smelly, I put them on anyway.

Outside the restroom, the morning air was cool but nicer then that cold floor of the restroom. We headed out of the park and back to the clubhouse. First thing, I wanted was a nice bath but first I looked for Ben, he wasn't there.

I want to our bedroom and walked in, there was Ben sitting on the bed with a young blonde girl kneeling between his legs sucking his cock. I stopped short, "Who the hell is she," I asked. "My new little slut, that's who!" Ben said. "But I'm your slut," I cried. "Not any more, she's your replacement. Todd found her for me, so I gave you to him, now get out of my bedroom go to Todd you're his slut now," he stated.

I turned and with tears in my eyes walked over to Todd. He grinned, "Now isn't that nice, you're mine till I replace you and that may take a long time, I like fucking you." His hand reached up under my skirt and his fingers grabbed my clit, "This is going to be fun making you all excited for my cock." His fingers closed tightly around my clit, "I enjoyed what we did in the park, maybe we should do it every night?" he asked. "What ever you want, I'm yours," I replied.

A clear image of what I had become hit me, I wasn't that young country girl any more I was this mans slut. I would be used anyway, he wished, treated anyway, he desired do anything he wanted. I had no future and would be thrown out once he got tired of me.


I should have stayed on the farm, finished high school, and led a normal life.