Leah Anne Sucks Dick And Gets Fucked In Her Bedroom By Damien Wolfgang

Leah Anne Sucks Dick And Gets Fucked In Her Bedroom By Damien Wolfgang
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Spring time means the start of Trade Show season in my business which means lots of traveling, hotels and masturbation. I've been with my wife now for twenty years and things have become pretty stale with our love life. My wife pretty much only likes sex one way and that's if she even has time for it between work, kids and running the house.

I'm not complaining, I love my wife but I've always had a variety of tastes and fetishes when it comes to sex. One of the things that always has got my motor running in a big way is pregnant women. To me, there is nothing sexier than the site of a woman looking pregnant.

The loose fitting clothing, the enlarged breasts and glowing features that come with being pregnant. We have three kids and my wife pretty much had to beat me off with a stick I was so horny for her.

(No pun intended!) Unfortunately for me, my wife's sex drive was always non-existent during pregnancy except for when she was close to term and wanted intercourse as a method of inducing labor. My wife would instruct me to lie flat on the bed and stay in that position so she could get on top of me. No foreplay, she would just take her clothes off, sit on me and stuff my engorged cock into her. I would watch in amazement as her swollen tits bounced as she rode me with purpose.

Her round belly and full body rocking on top of my cock were some of the most exciting sexual experiences I've had with her. I was fortunate enough that when she really wanted the baby out, she would try for days riding my cock to induce labor. Traveling was something I always looked forward to just so I could explore various porn sites on my laptop without having to worry about my wife being disgusted in what really turned me on.

I would always arrive at my destinations a day early just so I could drop my bags in the room, open my laptop and jerk off before having to fulfill any of my work obligations. This would happen at least every day of my trips, sometimes twice a day as the internet offers multiple ways to get yourself off. As a senior buyer, I always had to bring and assign staff to attend these shows with me. Foe the last four years, one of the staff that I always brought with me was Heather.

She was great at her job. Super-efficient and I had come to rely on her for these trips. I've certainly got to know Heather well from work and these trips as you pretty much spend ten hours a day together between walking the floors of the shows, dinners and late night bars.

Now Heather was a gorgeous lanky red head with freckles and a killer body complimented by her perfect tits. She was ten years younger than me, newly married and was pregnant for her first time.

The more she started to show, the more attracted I was to her. Heather was now six months pregnant and I was pretty sure that going on the road for days at a time, walking concrete floors for eight hours a day would be out of the question.

I posted the intercompany email on who I would be taking to the show this year and left Heather's name off. "Jack, I noticed that you left my name off the list for this year. I thought you said I was your best buyer. I don't understand. It's not because I'm pregnant is it?" asked Heather.

"I just assumed that it would be too much for you with all that walking. You'll be back on the list next year for sure." I answered. "No fucking way! I can do this Jack. I really want to go. I'll just skip the late night bars but you need your best person there. You have to let me go." Heather was pretty determined to get her way. "Alright then.

I was just looking out for you but if say you can do it then you can go." I'm not gonna lie, this was very pleasing to me. Heather and I were booked on the same flight to Atlanta on purpose as I wanted to at least help her with her bags and to get her from the airport to the hotel.

I had her carry-on bag and mine in tow as me boarded the plane with Heather walking in front of me. We both had isle seats across from each other and she sat down in her seat as I lifted her carry-on to the overhead bin above her. Heather was wearing a loose fitting yellow flower dress and when I looked down from my perched position I could see most of her tits hanging out from the straps.


She wasn't wearing a bra and her tits looked very full and hard. She must have gone up at least three sizes since becoming pregnant which made them extra-large as she was already blessed in that area to start with. I thought of those tits the whole flight and it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable sitting in that seat thinking of Heather's swollen tits. After two hours of this I couldn't take it anymore so I got up to go to the bathroom to relieve the pressure mounting in my balls.

When I stood up Heather looked over at me and her eyes went wide when she could tell that I had a raging stiffy poking through my jeans. I quickly pulled my tucked in shirt out to try a cover it up as I walked to the airplane toilet. As I opened the door, I looked back and Heather was watching me with a curious look on her face. I shut the door and immediately pulled my pants down and gripped my eight inch cock in my hand.

The flight was a little bumpy so I had one hand up against the mirror with my other hand beginning to beat my cock at a furious rate. Looking in the mirror I imagined that Heather was in here with me. I pictured her sitting on the toilet, legs wide open with me standing in front of her while I beat my shaft with my fist.

The thought of cumming on her was all I needed to explode streams of cum into the sink in front of me. I watched myself in the mirror as hot semen poured out of my dick.

This was going to be a good week. Once my cock had shrunk down to its normal size, I left the bathroom and made my way back to my seat. I could feel Heather's eyes on me as I sat down and I popped my headphones in my ears and turned on the TV. She stared at me for a good couple of minutes before returning her attention to her own TV.

If I had made eye contact with her all I would have pictured is my cum dripping down her chin. And what a site that would be. Once we got to the hotel I asked Heather if she wanted to have dinner together later on.

She agreed, I brought her bags to her room and placed them on her bed for her. "Ok, text me later when you're ready and I'll come and get you for dinner." I explained. Heather's eyes were very focused on me and we stood there for a moment as I waited for a response.

Heather formed a little smile after a minute or so and said "See you in a couple of hours." I tried to perform my standard ritual of porn and tugging when I got to my room but every woman's face on my computer screen transformed into Heathers.

I imagined every position fucked in on my laptop screen was me drilling Heather.

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I heightened the experience by switching to amateur videos of couples fucking in hotel rooms wishing that I could see Heather in my hotel room with my hands all over her. After a quick shower, shave and a change of clothes I was knocking on Heather's door to bring her down to the restaurant on the ground floor of our hotel. When she opened her door and it was apparent that she was dolled up for me. She now had her curly red hair down from the bun of earlier today.

She had put makeup on and switched to a new dress that didn't quite fit up top because of her enlarged breasts. "Not bad for a pregnant woman, eh?" she asked. "You look amazing!" I said as I picked up my jaw off the floor. Heather smiled at me and brushed pass me towards the elevator.

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Not gonna lie, I took in the smell of her and her perfume as she walked past me. Dinner with Heather was nice and as the evening went on I began to calm down and become more comfortable. It was starting to feel like one of our usual trips and Heather noticed too. "There's the Jack I know. Where have you been? I was starting to wonder if something was wrong." She stated. "Really? I hadn't noticed." I tried to brush it off. "Well I thought for sure you would have felt better after you rid yourself of that hard-on you had on the plane." She said with a smirk.

I almost spit out my mouthful of Budweiser when she said that. "So you were jacking off on the plane you dirty man! I knew it!" A million things raced through my head as I tried to regain the upper hand on the situation. I stammered and flailed my hands around until I finally said, "I've got nothing." Heather laughed at me and said, "It's Ok. I won't say anything. What were you thinking about that demanded you to do it on the plane?

You couldn't of waited until you got to the hotel?" Heather's casual demeanor about the whole thing was surprising so I just let loose. "Well I did when I got to the hotel too." Heather laughed again.

"So, what were you thinking about?" "Mmmnn, don't know if I should tell you." I answered. "Come on Jack, tell me." I thought about it for a minute and Heather patiently waiting for my response. "When I was putting your bag in the overhead compartment I kinda had a good view of your breasts." Cat was outa the bag and I cringed a little waiting to see what she thought.

"Yeah, it's hard to find clothes that fit properly when you're preggers and that dress is pretty loose when I sit which is a lot more comfortable for a four hour plane ride." She paused for a second and then continued, "So, just from seeing my tits in my dress you jerked off twice?

Not getting any at home Jack?" "Well that's only part of it but&hellip." I stammered again. "But what Jack?" she asked as she leaned in closer from across the table. I also leaned in and whispered, "I kinda have a thing for pregnant women." "Wow, if there is such a thing as a pregnancy fetish, you need to tell my husband because he has not even touched me since he found out I was pregnant.

I don't know what it is but it's like he's scared to hurt me or the baby." Stated Heather. "Some guys get like that but some guys get really turned on at the site of a beautiful woman when she's pregnant." I explained.

"You think I'm beautiful?" she asked. "You Heather have a triple whammy going for you with me. Red hair & freckles, big boobs and pregnant." All restraint was out the window.

"Thanks Jack, it nice to feel sexy you know. That means a lot to me." Wow, now I really turned on. Trying to get any sleep that night was next to impossible.

I tossed and turned reviewing every word in my head that Heather had said to me. I wondered if anything would come of it or was she just satisfied to know that I found her attractive.

The next day we walked the show together, did what did best and carried on like we always had as a team. I made sure we took a few extra breaks so Heather could sit down and rest but it appeared to me that last night was forgotten as Heather gave no indication or comments on what was said to each other.

I had sadly realized that it would be back to jerking off in my hotel room again tonight. It was now 4pm and I could tell Heather had had enough for the day. "How about I bring you back to the hotel so you can put your feet up?" I asked. "That would be awesome but I am absolutely starving. Would you be willing to get room service and keep me company while I eat?" asked Heather. "Absolutely" I replied. When we got back to Heather's room she looked over the menu and picked out what she wanted.

I called down and ordered the food while Heather kicked her shoes off and sat on the bed. "My feet are killing me Jack. They feel like they've expanded to Hobbit feet size." She laughed. "Would it feel better if I gave you a little foot rub?" I asked.

"Oh God, would you? I would be so grateful if you would" Heather answered. "Now I have to ask Jack, do you have a thing for feet too?" I smiled and replied, "Guilty as charged" Heather handed me her hand lotion from the night stand and sat back against a stack of pillows to get comfortable.

Rubbing Heather's feet instantly gave me a hard-on and Heather seemed to really enjoy it too. The squishing sound of the lotion on her feet, the sight of Heather with her head tilted back lightly cooing and her chest heaving in and out with every breath was heavenly. Reality came crashing back in with a knock at the door.

Food's here, damn. I stood up off the edge of the bed to answer the door and Heather said to me, "You better hide that or you'll scare off the poor delivery person." I looked down and sure enough I was bulged in a big way again. Heather got off the bed and scouted past me and into the bathroom. "I need to put on some comfy clothes." Now whenever my wife said that, out came the track pants.

Damn. I opened the door and the delivery boy came in with a cart and set it up in the room. He was trying to spark up a conversation with me but I had no interest so I handed him his tip and out the door he went.

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As I was sitting down to wait for Heather, she came out of the bathroom wearing a white linen nighty that flowed down her body to her ankles. Once again, I was picking my jaw up off the floor and she said to me, "You approve then I take it?" as she did a quick 360 turn to show me the complete view.

I pulled her chair out for her and helped her ease into it as you could tell her body was still aching from walking all day.

I put my arms on either side of the chair and pushed her closer to the table. I could smell her hair as I bent down to push her in more.

I looked down and got a very nice view of her cleavage incased in white linen. Heather looked up, leaned back and smiled as I inspected her tits more. Dinner was quiet and I could barely concentrate on my food. Nor was I hungry anymore. Well not for food anyways. Once we were done, I loaded up the cart and set it outside the room. When I came back in I said to Heather, "Well if you will not be needing anything else my lady, I shall retire to my room to relieve myself." "Why do you have to leave to do that?

I thought you liked what I was wearing?" said Heather with a devilish smile. "Can I watch you do it?" For a guy that had been fantasying about pregnant women all his life, I was certainly at a loss for what to do next.

Heather pushed her chair back with her feet and parted her legs. "Jack, my husband won't jerk off in front me, will you?" I walked towards her to inspect her pregnant body encased in linen. I came around to the back of her chair again and looked down at her belly and swollen tits.

Heather leaned her head back again so I could have a better look. I reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I let it hang there in the air so Heather could get a good look at it. "That's a pretty thick cock Jack. Are you gonna cum on me?" she asked. I reached down with my left hand and wrapped my fingers around my shaft. The grip released a long drip of pre-cum and I lowered my cock onto Heather's shoulder and smeared it on her.


Heather lifted one foot onto the footrest in front of her and I watched the soft linen slide up her leg.

She then reached down to her white panties and ran her fingers over her mound. I started stroking my meat watching this pregnant red head finger herself over her panties.

With my free hand I pulled Heather's strap on her shoulder down to expose more of her big breasts. Heather leaned forward to slide her fingers under her panties and the top of her gown fell to the top of her belly. Her tits looked hard as rocks and I wanted to touch them so bad. Once Heather's fingers reached her wet clit, she let out a loud moan. Without even realizing it, I was pumping my cock pretty fast now. "Jack, I'm so close.

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I want you to cum on me now please!!!!!!" Heather asked. "I want to cum on your belly. Let me cum on your beautiful big belly!!!!" I yelled back. Heather worked her arms of out her straps and exposed her perfectly round belly.

She stuffed her fingers back under her panties and started to finger fuck herself. "Cum on me. Cum on me Jack" From over her shoulder I shot my load and watched it land on her tits and belly. Heather started to scream as each shot of hot cum landed on her body. I took in the view of my seed all over this pregnant woman and watched her bring herself off as she started to shake and quiver under the power of her own fingers. Day two at the show was business as usual except this time Heather would make little comments here and there.

"I hope you take it a step further tonight Jack" she whispered in my ear as I was inspecting a product at a suppliers booth. "Can you put your fingers in me tonight Jack? Will you cum on me again Jack?" These little whispers were driving me insane and I kept watching the clock trying to justify leaving earlier than we should. Heather had complained that her lower back was pretty sore today so I told her I had the perfect cure for that.

I asked her to wear her linen again even if there were a few splashes of dried up cum on them. I had Heather stand facing the wall and asked her to put hands on the wall to brace herself.

I stripped off all my clothes, stood behind Heather and lifted her nighty and bunched them up at the top of her panties. "But I have granny panties on Jack. You don't want to look at that." She said. "But when I crush my cock against them they will feel nice and soft." Heather didn't say anything, she just arched her back and exposed her ass to me. First I took hand lotion, slid my hands under her nighty and rubbed it all around the small of her back.

"Oh Jack that feels so good. Thank you, keep doing that." She purred. I messaged the tight muscles of her lower back for a good ten minutes and it seemed to help her a lot. My cock was stiff as could be bobbing in the air and I needed to press against Heather's wiggling ass. As I pushed up against her panties, Heather pushed back and I began to grind her ass.

Heather's hands were still firmly placed on the wall above her head and she began to push harder against me. With my right hand I reached under her nighty and grabbed a swollen tit.

They were very hard and her nipples could cut glass.

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With my left hand I reached around and cupped her whole snatch. I spread my legs a little more and lowered my cock firmly between her ass checks to grind closer to her crack. It didn't take long for me to move my left hand up to the top of her panties, pull them open and slide my hand down to here sweet wetness. I quickly stuffed two fingers into her swollen slit. Her breathing was very heavy and it wasn't long before she was crying out in pleasure. I held on for dear life as she bucked between by hands and cock grinding her ass.

Heather tensed up, held her breath and released juices all over my hand. As soon as I pulled my fingers out, Heather grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom. The shower doors beside the toilet were completely done in mirror and Heather lifted the toilet seat and sat down. She began to pee like a torrential storm and she pulled me between her legs and stuffed my cock in her mouth.

I had a full side view of Heather sitting on the toilet with her big tits and belly sticking out with my cock sloshing in and out of her mouth. Heather also looking into the mirror and watched my cock rock in and out of her mouth. She looked pleased at the site of us together and my head felt light from all the stimulation. Once I couldn't take it any longer, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, grabbed the top of her head and held it in position so she was looking directly into the mirror.

With my other hand I started to pump my cock. "Your husband won't fucking beat off on you but I certainly will." I started to shot load after load of hot sticky cum on the side of Heather's face and we both watched it drip down unto her tits and then her belly. I moved here mouth to my cock and squeezed out the last few drops onto her tongue. Day three, the final day of the show was much the same as the day before. "Will you stick your cock in me tonight Jack?" Heather whispered as we stood in line at the entrance to the show.

"I want to sit on your big fat cock and make you cum in me" she whispered in the cab back to the hotel. "You have to make this count Jack, it's your last night with me." This woman purred like a kitten in my ear all day long. I lay naked on the bed and watched Heather strip down all of her clothes in front of me. I stopped her for a minute when she was down to her pregnancy bra and panties to take in the site of it.

"This really turns you on doesn't it Jack?" Asked Heather. "You have no idea how hot you look right now." I explained. Heather first turned around away from me and bent over and shook her granny panties in my face.

She then turned around to face me, bent over to have her tits spilling over her bra and grabbed on to my cock with both hands. As she jerked my shaft I starred at her large hard breasts bouncing in my face. She then stopped, stood up and removed the rest of her clothes.

She took the time again to slowly spin around so I could marvel in her round belly and heavy tits. Heather climbed up onto the bed but didn't face me. Instead I watched her raise her exposed ass in the air and watched it lower onto my stomach.

I could feel her wetness on my stomach and she started to slide down leaving a trail of her sticky goodness over my belly button heading towards my cock. Heather put her hand on my shaft to hold it down to my stomach and slid her dripping cunt onto of my cock. She started to rock back and forth over my complete eight inches coating it with her wetness.

Heather picked up the pace and I could hear her juices gliding over my cock, squishing it under the power of her body. Heather slowly lifted her ass off my cock and held it in the air so I could see how wet her cunt was. I parted her slit and stuffed a few fingers into her to try and prepare her for my fat cock. First two fingers, then three and finally four as I began to pump all my fingers in and out of her. Heather then turned around to face me, took my cock in her hand and lowered her dripping cunt onto the tip of my cock.

Inch my inch Heather tried to take in all of my thick cock. It took her more than a few tries to take all of me until she was firmly sitting on my hips. She looked at me and asked, "Please be gentle with me, you are so stuffed in me and I need you to take it easy." I nodded my head, held on to her hips and gently started to rock her on my cock. Her mouth was hanging open and wincing a bit trying to accommodate my shaft.

Soon her frowning changed to pure pleasure as her juices completely coated my cock. I could feel a small puddle all around my balls and I started to pump her a little harder. Heather leaned forward and her large tits and belly rested on my chest.

"I'm ready now Jack. I want you to fill me with you cum." She pleaded. I grabbed both her tits in my hands and began to buck against the weight of her body.

"That's it. That's it Jack. Fuck me." Her voice was shaky. I quickened the pace and Heather raised her head and started to moan loudly. "A little harder Jack please. You are being so nice to me and you're being so careful. A little more please." She cried. I began to thrust harder and deeper into her as my stomach bounced against her belly. "Oh fuck yes Jack, that's it. I want you to fill me with your cum. Do it now Jack. Do it now" she pleaded. My nuts began to tighten and I did one big thrust that lifted my ass off the bed and I held Heather in that position as I unloaded into her and coated the walls of her insides.

With each squirt Heather shivered until I had nothing left to give.

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Heather lifted off my cock and my juices spilled out all over my stomach. Heather was still breathing heavy and I knew she hadn't cum yet so I pulled her body up to my mouth and I pulled her dripping snatch onto my face.

I lapped up as much as I could and quickly found her clit with my tongue. I rolled my tongue over her clit, flicking at it as fast as I could. Heather began to scream and she nearly crushed my head with her legs. She then let out one loud shrill and proceeded to soak my face with her juices. I was gasping for air, trying to take it all and Heather was unaware I was struggling. Soon she came back to reality and lifted her hot mess off of my face.

We were both breathing like we had just ran a marathon. "Are you Ok? I got so carried away, I could have killed you." We both started to laugh. "It's OK. I can die a happy man now." I said.