Sexy babe loves fucking deep and hard

Sexy babe loves fucking deep and hard
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Mandy puts the finishing touches on her makeup in front of the mirror. It's Saturday night and she's going out on the town. This time she's going somewhere new and different. She long since tired of the same old bars she had been frequenting, getting hit on by the same old would-be studs that knew her reputation and thought she would be an easy lay.

Her last boyfriend had dumped her after a year of steady dating, and also a year of giving Mandy the biggest cock of her life. She was now accustomed to almost ten inches of cock which had become a necessity due to her somewhat larger than average pussy brought about by about ten years of screwing indiscriminantly. She had talked over her problem with her best friend, Suzie, who also had become a size queen.

She was a large woman with a gigantic bust that sometimes attracted men just so they could fuck her tits. Suzie explained that when she needed a big cock she went to the Ebony Room over in the black part of town. She said, "You'd be surprised at the women you'll see there especially late at night after the other bars close.

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It's a nice crowd, overall, both black and white; some of the black men are good looking, and a couple of them are hung like a horse." Mandy had thought all week about the notion of trying her luck at the Ebony Room. She had heard of the reputation of black men as sex partners, and how some women got hung up on them after a session.

Once you go black. . well you know the rest. Mandy asked for the names of the ones known to carry a big piece of meat, but Suzie responded, "That's half the fun, Honey, finding out for yourself." Mandy pulled up in the parking lot and locked her car. The front door was well-lit and painted bright red. As she entered, a tall black man, also a bouncer, said "Dat be five dollars, Baby, hope you enjoy yourself." Mandy handed him the money and made her way to the crowded bar where there were a couple of stools left.

The evening progressed on and on until after midnight. A couple black dudes asked her to dance, one even slow-danced with her. He held her close, so as to let her feel the size of his hardon.

This must be one of them Suzie was talking about she thought, but he was a bit too old for her taste, and she felt she might still do better. Mandy struck up a conversation off and on with the bartender when he wasn't too busy and it was getting nearer to closing time and the crowd was beginning to thin out. The bartender said, "I don't remember seeing you here before; you live around here?" Mandy replied, "I live a couple miles away over in the northern part of the city." Over time, the bartender got a feel for what she was after.

"You know, after regular closing time, there's a private party in the back room. It's a private show just for special guests, not just anybody gets in there, but I think I could get you in.

You've had a lot to drink and the police will be watching you leave, they always get somebody leaving here drunk every weekend, and I wouldn't want it to be you.

Mandy replied that she would like to attend the private party if it would be alright. "I'll talk to 'Big Moe' and see what he says and I'll let you know by closing time," then the bartender waved to the tall black bouncer at the door. After a short pow wow, the bartender came back and said "I got you in alright.

When we announce closing time over the sound system, everyone will be leaving through the door where you came in. Instead you go through this door over here," pointing do a green door behind the bar. "Tell them 'Big Moe' said it's alright." Most women would never have gone along with such a notion as a private party in a strange black nightclub, but this is Mandy the Nympho, and she had always prided herself on her adventurous spirit, especially when it came to sexual adventures.

She had always claimed that her motto was "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Shortly thereafter, the announcement came over the speakers, "Closing time folks, y'all come back real soon to the Ebony Room, the place to be on the weekend." The lights came on bright as the crowd made for the door, and Mandy, as instructed, made it through the green door. The interior was small, dimly lit and furnished only with a bar in one corner and a carpeted stage area in another corner, brightly lit with track lights.

There were two black men seated at the bar and they both turned to see who was coming in. "Come on in, Honey," said the bigger of the two men at the bar. "You heah fo da private party, I guess you talked to Moe." Mandy assured them that she had Moe's approval for entrance. "Das cool, you just have a seat here and I'll buy you a drink." Mandy ordered another gin and tonic the same as she had been drinking all night.

The bigger of the two introduced himself as 'Big Mark', a fitting nickname as he must have been over six feet tall and probably weighed 250 pounds.

The shorter of the two black men was 'Little Stevie', at 5'10" he weighed as much as 'Big Mark'. The two black men made casual conversation with Mandy until 'Big Moe' entered the room. "The doors are locked, we've got the place to ourselves. Mandy we all like to have the place to ourselves once in a while and enjoy a little peace and quiet in the back room," Moe pulled off his black sportcoat and threw it over one of the bar stools.

Mandy was getting more inquisitive now, "When do the other people get here?" Moe looked down at her big tits and answered, "Baby, dis is it--dis is the party." Mandy was starting to get the impression that the private invitation only party was a sex party and she was the guest of honor. The three men continued to make small-talk, but as they were engaging in meaningless conversation with Mandy, they also began to circle around her so that, after a while, all she could really see were the three black men, all the time getting closer and closer, until she could smell the musky aroma of black flesh with every breath she took.

She was still sitting on her stool at the bar, with one man on each side and one behind her when 'Big Mark' spoke up, Heh, Baby, what you think goes on in here after everybody else has left?" Mandy took a deep breath and replied,"I don't know; I just know my friend Suzie said I could have a good time here, and it's been great up to now." 'Little Stevie' was the next to speak, "Yeah, Baby, it's all about hav'n a good time.

How about you hav'n a good time with dis?" At that instant, he unzipped his fly and pulled out a huge cock of at least nine inches and looked as big around as the business end of a baseball bat. 'Big Mark was the next to unzip his fly and produced another monster cock of at least ten inches and as big around as the first.

'Big Moe was positioned behind Mandy and reached around her from behind to fondle her large breasts, one in each hand. Mandy's breasts were more than a handful even for Moe's large hands.

Mandy was getting aprehensive, her fantasy was getting a little out of hand, "You boys aren't going to gang up on me now are you?" 'Big Mark' tried to ease her mind, "Now don't worry, we're just going to have a little fun wif you and it won't hurt you none either." Mandy looked down and realised that Moe had unbuttoned her white shirt and was pulling her shirt up and out of her skirt to find the catch on her bra holding in those 40D's.

Moe said, "Man, I love a big set of hooters, they make a woman look like a woman." Mandy got up off the stool and looked for a way to the door, but there was no easy exit from the pinned up situation they had her in.

Little Stevie grabbed her shoulders and forced her to her knees with her shirt loose in the front and her bra hanging loosely off her breasts. 'Big Mark' reached for her shirt and removed it and her bra at the same time, throwing them on the bar.

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He then pushed her head gently but firmly toward 'Little Stevie's hard cock. Realising there was no escaping the situation, and remembering that she had courted this predicament, she relented and wrapped her hand around the biggest organ she had ever seen.

The only reason she even knew that such examples of manhood existed were from watching a few fuck flicks at some bachelorette parties over the years. She found she could jack off this big cock better with both hands, and was working the foreskin up and down the shaft with both hands, marveling at the size of the flared head and wondered if she could even take such a monster.

Soon a glob of precum oozed out of the tip and got on her hand, then something came over her; she instinctively kissed the tip of the cock and drew back momentarily when she got a taste of musk and heavy odor of the black man. A thick stream of precum followed her lips and hung like a clothesline, As she pulled back, the rope of cum broke loose at the tip of Stevie's cock and it flopped straight down between Mandy's big tits.

Mandy then leaned back toward 'Little Stevies cock and opened her mouth wider and let the head slip between her lips. Her jaws were stretched open to their limit by the head of the cock, which Mandy started to feed in and out of her mouth a little more with each stroke.

With only an inch or two in her mouth, which was about all she cared to take, she still had plenty of rod to stroke with her hands. More precum drooled out of the opening and she got a good taste of the thick, salty discharge. Just as she was getting used to it, 'Big Mark hollered, "Heh, Baby, don't forget this one over here, it's all good." Mandy turned toward 'Big Mark' and started giving him the same treatment as 'Little Stevie'.

That left 'Little Stevie' the opportunity to unzip Mandy's skirt and pull it down to the floor; with a quick tug of the material the skirt slipped past Mandy's full thighs and ended up on the floor, tossed aside.

Her panties soon followed the skirt, leaving her naked before the three black men who were beginning to shed their clothes, getting into full fuck mode. By the time Mandy had sucked Mark's cock to full size and marveling at how powerful an erection he had, the men stood Mandy back up and pushed her forcefully up against the bar. With her big jugs flopping around on the padded bar, 'Little Stevie prepared to be the first to enter her cunt. There wasn't much foreplay, no oral sex to lube her up, Stevie positioned the flared head, still wet with Mandy's saliva and some leaking precum which was enough lubrication to allow the giant member to slip slowly into Mandy's pussy.

Mandy grabbed ahold of the edge of the bar and turned her ass upward as much as possible to better align her fuckhole with the thick, black pole that was plowing it's way between her cunt lips and stretching out her insides. 'Little Stevie' was not rough, but firm in his entrance, forcing more dick into her by the second, withdrawing a couple of inches and then re-entering an extra inch each thrust.

Mandy thought she would pass out with the combination of pain and passion. "Oh, fucking shit, oooohhh, fuck yessss.

fuck yesss.hmmmm.huhhhhh.damn. That's enough.I can't take.much more of that. You'll kill me with that thing!" Stevie was not going to let her off with a mere six inches, he thrust steadily in and out in spite of her pleading to not give her anymore cock. He didn't ease up until eight of his nine inches was disappearing into her hot, pussy.

He stroked her gently for a few strokes and then, with no warning, grabbed her ass cheeks roughly and buried his whole cock into a completely stretched out cunt. Mandy let out a scream, a mixture of pleasure and pain, "AAAEEEEEE.AGHHHHHH.FUCK MEEEEE!" Then 'Little Stevie' withdrew with a loud plop sound when his cock exited Mandy's cunt.


Then 'Big Mark' got into position behind Mandy. He eased into her more easily that Stevie since she was already lubed from her first orgasm of the evening.

"I don't think dis Bitch ever had a blackman before" yelled Mark as he hammered away at her asscheeks, burying his rod in her right from the start. Mandy started cumming again, "FUUCKKK, yeaaa, oh shit, you're fucking the shit out of me!" After a few minutes of the best pounding Mandy had received in years, Mark pulled out and layed down on the carpeted stage area, "Over here, Bitch, sit on this!:" Mandy did not have to be coerced. She straddled Mark and lowered herself onto his big pole which was sticking straight up in the air.

When properly positioned, she let her body weight ease her down onto the cock slowly but surely.

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She knew she could take it all now and let herself sink down until her hips were resting on his. She rocked back and forth with her eyelids closed, head tilted back like she was looking up at the sky, but of course, she couldn't see anything with her eyes squinted shut, teeth clinched, moaning, "OHHHH, UUUHHHH, GEEEZZZ, damn, that big dick makes me feel like a virgin again.

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This is how it was the first time. OHHH. YEAAAAA.


THIS IS WHAT I CALL FUCK'N!!!!" Her next comment from her tightly clinched jaw caught her by surprise. She didn't even plan to say anything like "Heh, I want to try one of you boys in my ass. I want to know what it feels like in my ass!" With a little assistance from Mark, Mandy was able to lift herself up off of Mark's member; as she tried to stand up, her legs almost buckled and Stevie had to steady her to keep her from falling.

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Her body started to spasm as another orgasm was pulsating through her body making her voice shakey in time with the twitches that were vibrating her whole body, it was even visible to the men, "Look at that hoe cummin' all over herself!" I told you she never had a black man before. They positioned her on all fours and then Moe got up behind her.

Fortunately Moe had the smallest of the cocks in terms of circumferance, or Mandy would have literally "torn a new asshole". His cock was normal diameter, but even longer than the other men. He positioned himself with his long, perfectly straight cock aimed at Mandy's asshole. Mark hollered out, "Hold on, Man, you gotta lube dat thing or you'll tear the fuck out of her and ruin her for the rest of us!" Mark reached under the bar and produced a plastic bottle of lubricant and dribbled some onto Moe's massive piece of fuck meat.

Moe took his left hand and spread the lube up and down the shaft, and then repositioned himself. With a little effort and a firm thrust forward, the head forced its way past the tight opening of Mandy's anus. It was almost too much for her, but there was no stopping Moe's intrusion at this point.

"HUHHHHH.HUHHHHH.HUHHHH. OH FUCK.OH FUCK.THAT's BIGGGG! AGHHHHH.EEEEAHHHH.CUMMING.SO HELP MEEEE I'M CUMMING!!!" Mandy's arms went limp and her head bumped against the padded carpet making a thumping noise, as Moe picked up the pace and was really drilling away at her asshole which was starting to burn from the heavy abuse.

Moe was burying almost all of his cock in her; every once in a while his cock would hit a spot it couldn't pass and Mandy would shreik out in a mixture of pain and ecstacy. Moe pulled out before he would cum too quick, he wasn't through with her yet. Moe layed down on the padded platform and instructed Mandy to sit back down, cock in her ass, facing the opposite way. In no time, Mandy once again had Moe's big meat humping her ass, not as hard now, as she was able to control the pace.

She found it more comfortable to lean back, arms on the floor, behind her back.


She was gently pumping his rod with her ass when 'Big Mark' positioned himself at her pussy and aimed his steelhard member at her lips which were still gaped open from the previous fucking of the other two men.

His big cockhead once again plowed into her cunt and disappeared into her the depths of her love tunnel.

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With Moe buried in her ass and Mark pounding away at her pussy, Mandy couldn't even move now. She was fastened into position by Moe's cock in her ass and Mark's big cock pounding her pussy.

She had never experienced two cocks at once, much less of this size and length. Mandy was screaming at the top of her lungs, "OHHHH.DAMN. AHHHHH. YEAAAA.YOU'RE FUCKIN ME SO GOOOOD!!!!.YOU BIG BLACK FUCKERS!!!. Mark suddently tensed up and his whole body went rigid as he had his usual intense orgasm and spurted white cum into Mandy's pussy, at least three good shots.

She felt like she was awash in cum. She was sure she could feel it running out between her thighs and down the crack of her ass as Moe was still fucking her in the ass. Then Stevie positioned himself at her opening and rammed his big, hard pole into her with one swift fluid motion.

He pumped away at Mandy delivering strong thrusts, his ball sack slapping against her ass; then he came, but instead of cumming inside her, he pulled his cock out, stroked it a couple of times with his big muscular hand and spewed forth white, thick syrupy cum onto her face, hair and the last few drops falling onto her tits.

Moe had all he could take of her tight ass, and he was almost exhausted as he shot his load straight up into Mandy's burning asshole. The cum was somewhat soothing to Mandy's well-fucked ass that was beginning to get raw from being ravaged by Moe's long cock.

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Mandy had one last gigantic orgasm that racked her body once more, and as her eyes rolled back in her head, she fell backwards onto Moe and the big cock slipped out of her ass followed by a quantity of his cum. She rolled off of Moe and laid face down on the carpet for several minutes, gasping for breath and almost unable to move. Her legs were spread apart, giving a good look at her gaping asshole, it seemed like you could see forever down into it.

Mandy finally got up slowly off the carpet, leaving a small stain of Marks cum on the carpet. The men were back at the bar now, talking amongst themselves and ignoring Mandy as she tried to find all her clothes. Once she was reasonably composed and dressed, she exited the room and left the bar without a word from the three black men who were obviously through with her. She made her way to her car, and disappeared into the night air.