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Nepal gay porn movie full length then observe Shane power bottom
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He walked into the place like he owned it. His eyes barely scanned the crowd before settling on the bar at the front of the room. His walk was purposeful and he went directly to his destination, draped his jacket over a chair and casually took a seat. "Anything good on tap sweetie?" he asked me with a voice that should be illegal. "You look more like a good scotch guy to me" I quipped back at him and he chuckled. "Okay, surprise me" he invited me and grinned.

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Butterflies went whirling through my stomach as I stared into his deep dark eyes and I had to look away. Abruptly interrupting, his phone rang and he turned away to answer it so I slid his drink gently into place and went to fill other orders.

I am a 5'5", average build woman with auburn brown hair and blue eyes. I do well when it comes to sexual partners, both male and female.

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I consistently get compliments here where I work some nights as a bartender and at my day job as a school librarian. You wouldn't think people notice me because most people's first impression includes shy, but I hear the whispers and see the looks. I am actually a fairly confident woman and know what I look for in potential partners.

The shyness comes into play because I am very introverted as well as being a push-over which I am completely comfortable with. 'My name is Alex and I am a sub' should be the slogan on my car it seems so obvious to me.

I have been a submissive person for as long as I can remember, always deferring to others and letting others take the glory. I love sex and have always been comfortable exploring anything and everything I can find on the subject. I am and active participant and frequently have new partners but no one has ever explored my 's' side with me; mostly because I keep it locked carefully away.

I think it scares me a bit (or maybe a lot) to be honest. To look at my latest partner and put my body, trust and being at their beck and call still gives me the willies. Then there was this guy. He seemed different in a way that I could not explain. He gave me a whole different vibe than previous partners and I just wanted to.ACK! I gotta stop getting distracted.

Don't get me wrong, I have been with a few people who called themselves 'Dom'. None were mind-blowing experiences but they all added to my private list of do's and don'ts. I finished up taking orders at the far end of the bar and glanced towards 'the guy' again.

He was still on the phone but as soon as I looked over he looked up, eyes locking onto mine as he gave a small smile, lifting the scotch that I chose in appreciation.

I nodded back and went back to work. Slowly making my way back down the bar, cleaning and taking orders as I went. I scolded myself silently for being entranced by this stranger but I knew what my body wanted; that man, in bed, with me. However, I do not make the first move and so I concentrated on wiping down the bar and trying to get through my shift, calming my thoughts. I should have elaborated on this before. Although I know what I want in a partner I am still fairly shy and traditional when meeting someone new.

I don't make the first move due to that issue and I also find it quite difficult because it feels as if it's against my nature. It always feels awkward and wrong the few times that I have tried so I no longer do that. I was startled out of my thoughts by a firm touch on my wrist and I jumped. "Oh!" I almost yelped and glanced up. "Sorry" he grinned, not at all sorry, "when do you get off shift?" "I'm only here for a half hour more and then I'm done for the night" I managed to answer back coherently.

His hand was still touching my wrist and I could feel heat rise to my cheeks as I didn't pull away but tried to look anywhere but at him. "I'll wait and we can go for coffee" he finally said with a small grin and then he winked at me. I blushed completely red and nodded that coffee was fine.

He gave my wrist a quick squeeze and then went back to fiddling with his phone as someone called to me for an order. I stood still and took three deep breaths, trying to be casual about it before I turned back to the crowd and filled more orders. I finished up my shift and checked out with my manager, waved goodbye and then headed towards the entrance.


He hadn't moved during my shift and continued chatting with me every spare moment I had and I couldn't stop thinking about him as I walked. Something strange was happening and I felt like I was being drawn to him.

I felt as though I knew him and our energies matched perfectly. I shook my head to clear my silly thoughts and taking a deep breath, I walked around the bar to meet the object of my sudden fascination. "Ready to go?" He asked without leaving me any space to decline in his voice. "I'm so ready for a coffee!" I enthused "it's been a long day". "Let's go fix that!" He stated and then gently took my arm, steering me through the crowd and out into a damp but clearing evening. The trees and bushes glistened with rain water and there were puddles reflecting the moon as it came out from behind some clouds.

"My apartment is that way" I pointed down a side street. "Let's go to my place" he replied "my car is over here and I make excellent iced coffee". "Is that a challenge?!" I giggled and almost blushed again. I ducked my head as he winked playfully at me, "No competition!" He stated and then chuckled. We stopped walking and it occurred to me I didn't want him at my messy apartment so I smiled and acquiesced.

"Okay! Let's go" I answered and looked to him for where next. "My car is just over here" he said and guided me over to a dark coloured suv, opening the door. He let go of my arm and waited for me to make the next move. "Let's do this" I said softly and climbed into the front passenger seat. "Perfect choice" he replied and leaned over me to buckle in my seat belt. I gazed into his mesmerizing eyes and suddenly we were kissing. He nibbled at my lower lip and I couldn't help but open my mouth, cautiously sliding my tongue out over my lip.

He met me halfway and took control, slipping his tongue around mine and searching my mouth with ease. I moaned and leaned back in the seat, trying to get more access but he pulled back and paused by my ear.

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"My name is Chris" he said quietly "ruby means stop Alex, do you understand?" I nodded and swallowed, feeling blood rush out of my head as his words excited me. He closed the door and went around to climb into the driver's seat, starting the engine. Only about ten minutes later we pulled up to an apartment complex with a beautiful fountain and gardens around the entrance way.

I stared at the gorgeous site and then glanced at Chris to find him watching me. "It's beautiful" I whispered, afraid to break the wonderful spell it felt like we were in. "I work here" he looked pleased at my obvious rapture. "I own the building and look after all the tenants needs. My rent is free" he added with a laugh and I smiled. "Wow, sweet deal!" I enthused. "My apartment is an artist studio with big open spaces. I love it to bits but it doesn't compare to this!" We stopped admiring the gardens and went to park around the side of the building.

I shot off a text to my best friend where I would be for the night and then jumped out of the suv and into the fresh evening air.

With Chris leading the way, we walked up to a side door, up a few stairs to an elevator and then a pause as we waited for it to arrive. We piled into the car with another older couple who nodded at Chris and briefly talked weather before the god off on the fifth floor.

The elevator went up a few more floors and then it stopped on 9 as the doors slid open to reveal a spacious sweet with several rooms and a huge TV in once corner of what appeared to be the living room. "Follow me" he called as he headed down the hallway, up another tiny flight of stairs and out onto an open air pool deck. I clapped in delight, "what a treat this is! I have never been in a rooftop pool before!" "First time for everything" he joked back at me and smiled. "I'm going to go fix us some coffee, make yourself comfortable and jump on in" he stated and then headed back inside.

I quickly glanced around taking in a small waist high cabinet, a picnic table and a couple pairs of lounge chairs spread around the deck. I thanked myself silently for wearing a sports bra under my work shirt today as I stripped off my shirt and carefully folded it before taking off my pants, folding them and placing the whole pile on a lounge chair with my shoes underneath. I stood for a minute and stretched, enjoying the cool night air on my skin with nothing but by sports bra and lacy black undies on.

I abruptly took three big stride and dove into the deep end with a big splash. I swam down to the shallow end and leaned up against the pool edge just as Chris came back out of the house.

He smirked and obviously dropped his eyes to my chest so I laughed and reached out, splashing him with water. "Hey!" He yelped in mock horror and quickly went to place the drinks on the picnic table. "Swim first, drinks after!" He stated and then stripped off his shirt as I noticed he had already switched to swim trunks inside.

I almost drooled when I saw how gorgeous his body was. He leaned forward and waved a hand in front of my face "Earth to Alex," he chuckled and of course I blushed beet red. "Sorry" I mumble. "Don't apologize, it's a compliment as far as I'm concerned" he said, still grinning. "Come on in" I suggested, trying to change the subject " the water is wonderful!" Chris went and grabbed a couple towels out of the cupboard and tossed them on a lounge chair for after.

He then turned and ran at the pool, took a huge leap and did a cannonball into the deep end! I yelped in surprise and sputtered as a wave of water splashed over me.

Suddenly he was right there beside me and I almost jumped again but gripped the pool edge to keep from moving. He leaned up against the pool edge next to me and just stared at me. I almost started to squirm his stare was so intense and I blurted out; "That wasn't nice!" jokingly, but he just splashed more water at me. "Oh I never said I was nice," he cautioned me with a twinkle in his eyes. I smiled back and suddenly he moved closer, leaning down into my personal space.

He stared at me wit a smirk on his face, daring me something that I wasn't quite aware of. I flinched first and looked down, trying to shift sideways for some physical space be he reached forward and grabbed my hands. He quickly leaned forward placing our hands on the edge of the pool and holding them there.

He leaned into me, using his hips to hold me against the side of the pool. I almost swooned as my mind turned to goo and my thoughts drifted. Then I realised he had a huge smirk on his face as he read my thoughts on my face and my embarrassment flared, heating my cheeks.

I squirmed but he just chuckled and held me there, when suddenly I felt him, hard against my hip bone. I almost gasped when he very deliberately thrust himself against me. "I thought we." I almost lost my thoughts again as he kissed me, hard".were." *kiss* ".going for." *kiss* ".a swim" I managed to get out as he rained kisses down on my lips. "I got distracted" he whispered, leaning over and kissing me again before letting go completely and jumping up onto the side of the pool, so that he was sitting facing me.

"Coffee time?" He asked and offered me his hand. I took it and he fairly lifted me out of the pool so of course I stumbled, falling into him all over again. "Sounds good to me" I quipped looking up at him from his arms where he caught me. He just laughed, "I don't know how you work in a bar if you are so clumsy" he teased and helped me up.

"I think it's just because of you" I blurted out and then my hand flew to cover my mouth. How could I say that aloud!?? "Oh I see," was his answer but again, his huge grin said he was pleased and I blushed for what seemed like the hundredth time. "I hope you like iced coffee" Chris said as he lead the way to the table, "it really brings out the flavours." "Sure" I said agreeably "coffee in any form is great!" He offered me pick of the benches and placed a mug beside me.

I felt awkward being waited on and only relaxed once he sat down with his own mug and took a big drink. We sat for a few minutes in silence, both enjoying the evening, the company and the coffee.

Just as he promised, it was very good. "Mmmm" I made an appreciative noise, "very yummy." "You look yummy when you lick your lips like that" was his response. Of course I once again blushed and ducked my head; I am awful at taking compliments. "Thankyou" I mumbled. Chris placed his cup down and reached out, forcing me to look at him with a finger under my chin.

"You are beautiful, captivating, talented, smart and a total babe, never forget that," he emphasised it with a tweak of my chin. Suddenly we were kissing and this time I knew what I wanted as I leaned into him. I opened my mouth, inviting him in and our tongues met, twisting around each other and making me lose my breath. Suddenly he moaned low in his throat and then crushed me to him in a rough hug, standing up with one hand in my hair and on with a firm grip of my ass he walked forward.

I was forced to back up until I bumped into the towel cupboard and had to stop. He abruptly spun me around and with his hand still in my hair, forced me to lean forwards over the cupboard.

My ass stuck out and I was suddenly aware of how embarrassed I should be. I pushed against his chest but he grabbed my arm and slipped it through a loop of rope that suddenly appeared in his hand.

"Hey!" I protested weakly as my mind slowly shut down again. Chris smoothly slipped off my bikini top and snagged my other wrist, tying it to the first one. I was thoroughly flushed and aroused but my embarrassment kept flooding forward. He pushed down with his hand in my hair and I was holding my weight up with my bound arms while my ass stuck up over the edge of the cupboard.

"Gorgeous view" he chuckled low in his throat and I almost moaned but caught myself.


Instead I pushed against the cupboard and squirmed, trying to stand up. "Let me up!" I begged but he slapped my ass instead and I yelped! "I don't think you are in a position to give orders" he calmly stated and then slapped my other ass cheek, making me gasp for air. He roughly pressed himself against me and I felt his hard cock pressing into me through the thin bathing suit. "Squirm all you want, you're not going anywhere" and with that statement he reached for my bound hands and leaned over me to slip them onto a small hook set into the wall behind the cupboard.

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He took the opportunity of my being secured to thrust a few more times, bending over into my personal space and humping my ass. For my part I was lost to the world. My mind had shut off when he bound me and my world reduced to focusing on my bodies wants.

"Focus Alex," Christ said softly and ran a hand down my side "calm down." "Oh!" I replied and refocused on him, waiting for the next feeling of his hands on my body. He slid his hand along my side and stopped at my hip. Taking two fingers, he ran them along the edge of my undies. I felt my skin tingle and my pussy clenched as he slipped his hand into the front of my panties to rub against my pubis.

I squirmed and panted, trying to spread my legs and get more access but he just chuckled and removed his hand. "Not yet baby" he said as he slowly slid my panties off my hips to drop into a pile on the floor. He moaned out loud and grabbed my hips, thrusting against my fully naked and bound body.

Suddenly he backed off and I heard him take off his bathing suit. I groaned in anticipation and tugged on my bonds, more to feel trapped than anything. I almost felt his smirk as he watched me tense and then relax as I waited in limbo. All of a sudden his hands were back on my hips and I felt his hard cock against my bare skin. "Mmmphmm" I managed to mumble and pushed back against him as best I could.

"None of that now" Chris said, as he gripped my hip with one hand to hold me in place. I moaned again and tried to squirm, begging silently for more and he took the hint. I felt him shift position and then suddenly his cock was inside me, thrusting forward without mercy. I gasped at the abrupt entry but pushed back into him, wanting still more. Chris pushed forward until he was seated to the root in me and then paused, gently rubbing his hip with his thumb.

I tensed and contracted my muscles wanting it hard and fast. He chuckled at me and very slowly pulled out till he was just at the tip. "Please!" I begged, not even realizing what I was saying. "Since you beg so nicely" he whispered in my ear, bending over and slipping one hand back into my hair, pulling back so that I was arched up.

He thrust hard and fast, forcing my hips into the cupboards edge and holding me there as he fucked me. I could barely move but I clenched my muscles around his cock and braced against hte wall with my bound hands, pushing into his every thrust.

I whimpered and felt my pussy clenching as I fell towards orgasm. I forgot where I was and moaned loudly as I neared the edge. "Alex." he cautioned me, "ask first". "Oh please, please may I come?" beyond caring what I said or who heard.

"Since you've been such a good girl." he paused and I whined, making him laugh out loud in pleasure. "Yes, come" he finished the sentence. I let go of my inhibitions and started trembling as my orgasm came close. I groaned as he fucked me hard against the cupboard and then moaned aloud, unable to care anymore as my orgasm neared the edge of perfection.

His hand let go of my hair and covered my mouth, still forcing me to arch back and that action sent me over the edge. I moaned loudly into his hand and my orgasm ripped through me. I spasmed with the intensity as he continued to thrust into me. I whimpered and spasmed again, my pussy clenching around his cock as he fucked me harder, nearing his own orgasm. "Uunngh" he groaned and froze as he also hit is orgasm deep within my throbbing cunt.

We both sagged and then stopped, both unwilling to move and break the spell that had fallen over us.

Finally my arm started to tingle as it fell asleep and I groaned. "Let's jump in the pool again" Chris suggested and reached forward to unhook and untie my wrists. He gently removed the rope and massaged my wrists, smirking at the red mark that was left behind. We both walked slowly over to the pool and walked in down the shallow end stairs.

The water felt good on my sensitive body and I sighed, feeling very sated and comfortable.

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We just stood in the water and I leaned back against him, his arms wrapped around me, resting on my tummy. "I'm glad you came into my bar" I stated softly, ducking my head in semi embarrassment. "I am too," he replied and squeezed me tightly. ********** I smiled and looked over at Chris. We were sitting in two of the lounge chairs reminiscing about our first night together.

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He looked back at me and grinned. "That sure was a fun night" he stated "I'll never forget our first time together". I blushed in pleasure and couldn't resist giving him a coy look from under lowered lashes.

We have been together now for two months and I have never met someone who more perfectly completes me. I feel as though we are only getting better with time.

"Do you remember our first anniversary baby?" He asked me suddenly and I paused to think. "Yes I do but maybe you could refresh me on the details" I giggled and crawled across the pool deck to his chair, "maybe I can offer you some incentive?" I hinted while glancing at his hardening cock.

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"I think that's a story for another night" he replied and reached past me to smack my ass as he pointed into the apartment "get in there and we shall see about some incentive" he promised. I almost flew into the apartment and heard his chuckle as he got up to follow me.