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Dando o Cu pro Pauzudo Casado
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Don had a special place in his heart for his twin granddaughters, Stephanie and Melanie; and what 'Papa' wouldn't? The girls were amazingly compatible and had always been that way. They shared toys, food, their love of music and dancing, and never quarreled over who got to sit in Papa's lap… as far as Don was concerned, there was always room for both, even on the day they graduated from high school, 18 months ago. Labor Day weekend was the last weekend of the summer for the girls, who would be starting their sophomore year of college in a few more days.

Don was especially pleased that they had decided to spend that holiday weekend with him at his home in the Ozarks. The first day, Thursday, was filled with hugs, hand-holding, stories about college, unpacking bags, unloading bicycles from the car rack, and what toppings were going to be on the pizza for dinner.

During their traditional scrabble game, Don asked if they would like to go out for breakfast at the local… 6 miles away… diner. All were in agreement, no surprise to Papa. He thoroughly enjoyed watching the lovely girls as they traveled to and from the small bath house and sauna, which was located outside the main house.

It was the first time he'd actually noticed that they had grown into full-fledged women. The fact that they were barely covered with their towels had the 58yr old's dick beginning to rise. Although he strode to his bathroom and tried to piss away the problem, he couldn't get the sight of their long, bare legs and shoulders out of his mind. His engorged member demanded more attention, so he was forced to jack off… forced?

Maybe not… as he pumped, he imagined his little girls without those towels. BINGO! Cum shot from his cock and sprayed the toilet lid and tank. Very little made it into the bowl, but he didn't care.

His nuts were relieved and his dick began its wilt.

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"You still ride up to the falls and back, Papa?" Stephanie asked the next morning, as she swallowed a bite of her eggs and toast. "Every day, sweetheart; is that why y'all brought your bikes?" Melanie spoke, since her sister now had a mouth full of bacon, "Yes, Papa, we want to find that pretty little place where you used to take us swimming.

You remember, don't you? It's been about ten or twelve years, but we had so much fun… Granny fussed the whole time 'cause she thought we shouldn't be swimming naked." "I know exactly where it is, Honey; haven't been to that spot since your Granny died, though. And you're right; it is a beautiful little pool. We can pack a picnic basket and strap it to my old Schwinn… if Steph ever finishes her breakfast." Both girls giggled and gave their Papa synchronized punches to his shoulders.

As they peddled their bikes a few yards ahead of him, Don gained a newfound appreciation of his granddaughters' fine, tight asses. "Damn," he thought, "If I was twenty again, I'd love to ram ol' Fat Boy up both of them. I wonder if they're still virgins; probably not. Whoever is fucking them are lucky little bastards." He could always tell which girl he was talking to, if he could see their faces.

Stephanie, the oldest by four minutes, had a small mole on her jaw.

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All the women in the family referred to it as a beauty mark. From behind them, however, they looked identical… and so fucking hot. They took a break when they reached the Falls at Alley Creek. The park was small and only had a few campers and day users. It didn't help Don's straining dick when the twins dismounted and he spotted the sweat-soaked crotches of their spandex biking shorts.

The wet material had formed around their young pussy lips, accenting some delicious-looking camel toes. Don excused himself to the grey building with white trim; 'MEN' on the left side, 'WOMEN' on the right. Fortunately, he was the only occupant; which made it convenient for him to jerk a load of hot cum into the open-door urinal stall.

That part took less time than emptying his bladder with a long, hard piss. After Steph and Mel had made a trip to the other side, they returned to Don and the bikes, "How much farther, Papa?" "Little over a mile, Mel. We'll have to walk about half way, 'cause it's pretty steep. The ol' pickup handles the grade pretty good, but I think my old legs will be better off walking than trying to peddle that hill. I can make it, though. Y'all can make it, too, if you ain't got too soft and became a couple of big ol' pussies." The second he said 'big ol' pussies', Don knew he could have chosen his words better.

He refrained from even glancing at the girls when he heard them giggle. "Now, mount up and let's get pumpin'." For the next quarter mile, he stared at those fine asses as he heard the twins comment back and forth. Between the snickers, he overheard the words, 'pussies' 'mount up' and 'pumping'.

"Damn those little shits," he thought, "they sure make it hard on an old man, especially being their Papa. If Dave hadn't been electrocuted on that rig, he'd be killing off dozens of boys right now… all of them wanting to pound those two cunts with all the hard cock they could muster.

God, how I love 'em… but, God, how I'd love to fuck their young brains out, too." "I guess this is where we start walking, Papa?" "Yeah, Honey, it won't take long to get up this hill; take off." Stephanie suppressed a snicker and told Don, "You lead the way, Papa.

That way, if you fall back down the hill, we can catch your bike and our lunch; we don't wany to take a chance on losing those." He smiled, shook his finger at her, and started the climb. Within the first hundred yards, he began hearing muted laughter and quiet comments about his legs, his butt and his … virility? No; surely not.

His own granddaughters wouldn't be questioning what it would be like to have sex with their 58yr old grandfather. He couldn't believe his mind and his cock started thinking about possibilities… young… twin… possibilities.

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At the top of the hill, all three drank some water and climbed back onto their bicycles. The last quarter mile would only take a few minutes. Don resumed his position behind the girls, whose shorts were now completely soaked with sweat, "Goddamnit, Don," he kept telling himself, "You used to change their diapers; took them to see Santa Clause; help coach their softball team; watched then walk across the stage and get their diplomas. What the fuck is wrong with you, old man?

Now you're thinking how Goddamn good it would be to fuck 'em.


You're a sick, fuckin' bastard, Don Parker." Don spotted the big oak grove and told the twins to pull over, "We'll walk our bikes in, at least far enough that they'll be out of sight. Bikes like yours would be a pretty nice prize for thieves; I sure don't to be walking back home in a couple hours. Although both loved being outside in the woods, Melanie was always a little more adventurous; Stephanie, the more loving of the two. It was Melanie that spotted the stone slope and the sandy bank first, "Yes!

This is it, Papa! Oh, I can't wait to get in the water!" Her back was to Don as she began to pull off her t-shirt. Naturally, Don assumed she was wearing her bathing suit underneath, and, at this point, he was hoping for a skimpy bikini.

He saw no string at all when the shirt was discarded… as she peeled her shorts down, there was no bottom piece, either. Mel turned sideways, giving her grandfather a view of her ample tits, "I guess it's still okay to swim naked, isn't it, Papa?" Don could only stare at the luscious image before him.

A rustle at his side and a touch on his arm brought his attention to the identical mounds of flesh on Stephanie's body. She stopped in front of Don, "It's okay, Papa.

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We may not be little girls anymore, but we still like swimming nude." She tugged at his own shirt and asked, "Wanna join us? No clothes, though." The flabbergasted grandfather couldn't tear his eyes from the beautiful women they had grown to be. His mind filled with thoughts of virginity, rape, incest, warm lips on his cock, how it would be possible to eat both pussies at the same time… Until Melanie left the water and walked toward him, he had stood mesmerized.

"Okay, Papa, here's the deal… first let's get you out of these." Her thumbs hooked in the elastic waistband of his biking shorts and she tugged them downward. She gasped as his thick, nine inch dick sprang free in front of her face. "Whoa!! Papa… Neither of us are virgins, but I've never seen one of these this big." She glanced over her shoulder at Stephanie, "Steph! Look what I found!" He stood still and stunned as Mel continued to undress him.

His jaw was locked and his mind was a blur as she led him into the cool stream. Once in the chilly water, he became alert as to what was happening. Both girls were making over him… and his big cock.

Their tits were rubbing all over his back and chest, and the hunched their small, dark bushes against his hard on.


"Now, you girls don't realize what…" "Yes, we do, Papa," it was Stephanie talking, "There's not another man we love as much as we love you. You haven't even had a date since Granny died.

We, definitely, know what we're doing, Papa; we've given this a lot of thought. We want to give you all the sex you want. We're transferring to Springfield State after this semester and we want to live with you while we go to school." She worked her pussy into a position where her hole was lining up with the head of his shaft, "Wouldn't you like to have your little girls around all the time?" He felt warmth of her labia as his cock head parted them.

His hands reached her ass cheeks and his strong arms pulled her to him.

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She winced as the monster entered her. Three predecessors had been inside the pussy, but this hunk of meat reached unexplored depths. Don was so out of his mind with lust that he exploded in seconds. Steph kissed her Papa, over and over, "Wow! That didn't take long. Next time, can you wait for me?" The ride back to Don's cabin seemed like an eternity to him. Being downhill all the way, it actually took about ten minutes less; but when a man is anticipating ecstasy… time drags way too slowly.

While Stephanie put away the remaining picnic supplies and food, Melanie took her grandfather straight to his bed, "It's my turn, Papa. Would you like to do me doggy style?" "Wait… wait a minute. I'm sorry, Honey, but this is just wrong. I can't be having sex with my granddaughters.

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It's just not right. We all need to sit down and discuss what's happening." As he talked to her, Melanie stripped, crawled onto the bed, and was wiggling her beautiful ass in the air, "Didn't you like fucking Steph, Papa? Are you sure you wouldn't like one more dose before we talk?" Don mounted her like an old stud turtle.

His nuts were able to hold off this time… but only for about seven or eight minutes.


His fingers could have easily left bruises on her hips as he squeezed them tight and jerked her petite body to his. As his cock was finishing, Melanie yelled, "Oh my God, Papa!

I'm gonna cum, too! Keep it up; fuck me hard!! Oh YESSSSS… YESSSS! Oh, oh, oh, oh. ahhhhh!! YESSSSssss… oh, mmmmm… yes, Papa, that was the best ever." After lying on the bed, beside his girls, for a few minutes, he told them, "Okay, you've bribed me enough for one day.

How in the hell do I start…&hellip.? Now… No, it's not right for us to have incest… but damn, it's so, so good.

Yes, you can live with me while you're in school; as far as that goes, you can live here as long as long as you want… When I die, the place will be yours, anyway. I have no idea how I can keep pace with two beautiful, horny women, but maybe it won't kill me any time soon. You won't have a separate bedroom, though. We're gonna get dressed and go order a bed that's big enough for all three of us, today." "So tell us, Papa, which of us has the best pussy?

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Mel's boyfriend says I have the best and my boyfriend says hers is." "Excuse me? You fuck each other's boyfriends?" "They don't know it, though, Papa," Melanie said, "I use a little dab of Elmer's Glue and some 'no smear' eye liner. Steph makes a little mole right here and her guy thinks I'm her. She just uses makeup to cover hers. We traded dates once, and both of us agreed to ask them how they liked it when we finished having sex that night. Their answers were as identical as we are, "Honey, they said, that's the best fuck I've had in my whole life." Since then, we've switched several times.

Billy's dick is longer, but Paul's is thicker. We've shared three cocks… four, including yours, which is longer and fatter than both of theirs." Don informed the girls that he'd reserve his answer for a long, long time. No way was he going to get on the bad side of either. As it turned out, Don was never able to decide which pussy was best.

Each time his cock was inside one, it was the best. Three full years of ecstasy later, The girls graduated from college with B.A.s in fine arts. Stephanie, immediately, went to work in a Natural History museum in Saint Louis.

She, eventually, married a co-worker. Melanie lived with her Papa for two more years while she worked on her Masters degree in education. She now lives about 60 miles away, but spends every available weekend with her favorite cock… her Papa, who is now 66, watches homemade porn videos, and jacks off every day when she's not there.