Espiando a un chico hetero

Espiando a un chico hetero
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I met a girl online and we used to chat for a while.


she is now 19 a white gal from America and she told me about her experience specially the one where she loses her virginity at a tender age of 12 to an African man who was also her Dad's friend.

Her name is Pamela and I did post that story earlier now it is all about her taking the 15 yr old Jack who she had a secret crush on.

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hope you guys would like the story. The next time did happen in a week, Jack's Dad was a wonderful but I used to dream about Jack who was quite a guy.

A few days later at his place I spoke to Jack about my losing my virginity to his Dad. we talked for a bit I could see his nice budge in his pants and knew he was ready to fuck the hell out of me.

I went to fix another drink and he followed me to the kitchen. As he stood there watching me fix the drinks he moved up behind me and started kissing my neck. As he lips moved around on my neck I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. I moaned at the touch of his lips and cock against me. His hands found there way to my tits and he was rubbing and playing with them as he continued working my neck over. I pushed my ass back against him feeling his hard cock through his pants.

After a while I pushed him away and walked back into the living room and sat down he didn't seem to happy that I did that he walked over to me and stood in front of me his cock eye level. I could see a very big bulge out lined in his pants. My mouth started watering my pussy was starting to ache and becoming hotter. I took another drink and smiled up at him, he knew then that the time was right.


He reached down grabbed my hair pulling my head back and said that he was going to feed me some hard black meat. All I could do was moan and smile has he began undoing his belt with the other hand. I watched him undo his pants letting them fall to the floor now he was standing in front of me with his underpants on and a huge cock still hidden inside.

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He pulled me closer till my mouth was inches away from his hidden cock I leaned on in and began breathing hot air on to his cock.

Then I reached up and found his balls and began playing with them Then my hands found there hard legs I could feel the muscles they were very tight and hard. My hands moved on up to his ass cheeks they were so tight and hard. I moaned at the feeling of his tight body. My hands made there way around to the front of his body I needed to feel his big wonderful meat that I was running my mouth across.

My hands started at his balls then worked my way up to his wonderful shaft I was stroking him back and forth getting a nice feel of him in my hands. My pussy really started getting wet and hot once my hands touch his cock, and I was ready to take it on. I slowly started moving his underwear down over his shaft first exposing the head leaning in running my tongue across it; he tasted so good is pre cum oozing from him. As I continued to move them down my mouth worked down the shaft till every inch was now in front of me.

I leaned back in and licked his balls they were big and I knew they were must be full of cum. I licked and sucked on them for a minute then worked my tongue up his shaft to the tip of his cock. The head was big and he still had pre cum leaking from it I ran my tongue all around cleaning him.

I reached up and grabbed his cock as my mouth opened wide to take him all in. I slowly inched my way down till I had most of him in my mouth then I worked my way back off then shoved it back down my throat.

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He felt so good in my mouth I continued to work him in and out till I could take all of him deep. One hand was playing with his balls as I stroked and sucked on him. As I continued sucking him I would look up at his face I could see that he was really enjoying my mouth. I finally couldn't take it any longer I wanted him deep inside my pussy, but before I moved away he grabbed my head holding me in place and started fucking my mouth fast and deep. I could feel his hair touching my nose and he was pushing deep not letting me catch my breath.

I continued to play with his balls squeezing them working them so that they would empty out into my mouth.

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I heard him moan loudly and I thought that he was going to shot his load down my throat, but he slowed down and pulled away from me. His cock so shiny and wet from my mouth. He let me go and I looked up to see what if there was a problem at the same time he was stripping his shirt off and kicking his pants off of him. I knew then that he was ready to pound my pussy like never before. He pushed me back onto the couch and reached down and started undressing me pulling my pants off first. He wasn't being easy about it he was in a big hurry for me.

I tried to help but that seemed to slow him down. As he continued to strip me I was watching his cock swaying and bounce around he was good, it never did go down a bit.

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He pushed my leg to the side and climbed between them his dick heading straight for my pussy. The head touched my pussy lips and continued straight in not stopping for anything luck I was pretty wet already. As he entered I moaned loudly as so did he, as he buried his cock deep inside me. He held it there for a few second enjoying the feeling being inside.

Then he slowly pulled out till the head was out then rammed it back in. but this time he continued moving in and out slowly then speeding up moving faster and harder slamming against me.


I was moaning and on the verge of cumming. I loved the roughness and pounding that it brought me to a climax.

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I threw my legs around his waist just as I started cumming so that I could get more of him in me using my feet to push on his ass. I screamed and moaned loudly as my juices started flowing I was begging him to fuck me harder faster that I wanted his big black cock in my pussy for him not to stop fucking me and that I was cumming. After what seem like hours I started relaxing what a climax I had cum that hard in awhile I was ready for more.


Now my pussy was tender and I was ready for him to fill me up. I reached up and began playing with his nipples and telling him that I loved his hard cock pounding me and to fuck me good.

He was moaning from the way I was talking and he loved me playing with his nipples. I kept telling him to fuck me hard, faster; that I wanted every inch of his cock deep in me, well after all that he couldn't take it any longer.

He started saying that he was cumming, I told him to give it to me that I wanted to feel his hot cum filling my pussy. Then he slammed it in and held it there as he started filling me up, I could feel his cock pumping, and his load hitting the walls of my pussy. I screamed begging for more as he moaned and pushed harder against me. After about a minute or so he stated moving in and out of me again as his balls emptied into me. Our cum was oozing from me and running down to my ass hole.

He finally pulled out and rolled onto the floor we were both spent from this screwing we both just received. I didn't think I was going to be able to stand I knew my legs were weak but I had to go and take a piss as well as empty my pussy of his cum.

When I stood I could feel the cum running down my legs he noticed it also and smiled. I stepped over him and stood there for a second letting him see my wet dripping pussy and did notice that some landed on his chest. Then I moved away and headed for the bathroom while he laid there to rest. When I came back out he was still laying there I walked over to the table to get my drink and to make another one.

His cock was limp and shiny from being coated with both our cum looked so good.


He said that was fantastic and asked if I enjoyed, I said sure the hell did. I went to the kitchen to make us both a drink he came in there his cock still limp as he rubbed it against me as he hugged me. I had a towel around my waist but he pulled it off saying that I was to stay nude while I was there. After about 45 min of resting and talking he got up and went to pee, when he came back I could already tell he was getting another hard on.

I thought to myself maybe I can get him up my ass. To be continued. waiting for reponses.