Straight hairless young boys nude and straight teen blow job gay xxx

Straight hairless young boys nude and straight teen blow job gay xxx
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The mighty O Ever since I can remember I have had a strong feeling of attraction to girls, not like most boys who seem to go through stages of disliking girls. So, fast forward to being 18 and discovering sex with girls was an amazing thing. I must admit to feeling as though I wasn't just putting my dick into a willing player, but putting my whole being into the act.

My first virginal intercourse occurred with a girl at work, a single mum who wasn't really attractive, but came on quite willingly.

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She was a redhead with freckles and didn't give me that crushing desire to "be with her" but she did lead me into the right direction, unknowingly. Man that first time I filled her very wet pussy as deep as I could possibly go, her clutching her legs tightly around me and exploding powerful bursts of cum was out of this world!

There, I just invented sex! That night was the beginning, I know for a fact I blew 6 times, never went soft and kept on going. It felt as though there was a bigger male orgasm to come! I was obsessed with sex, and could not get enough&hellip.every female I came in contact with had a pussy obviously and would she put out?

That same week I basically took up with my first ever real girlfriend and fucked her every which way. She was a very willing partner and experimented with everything.


I learnt to go down on her, and loved the taste of pussy and again, could not get enough! It was while I was with my girlfriend that I read about swinging, swapping partners and having all night sessions with other couples…wow, that has to be where I belong!

We tried to meet other couples, but basically never worked out, one would like to play, or the other got jealous…always a reason for it not to happen.

I broke it off with my girlfriend, then regretted it for some years, even though I was doing very well as a bachelor, sex was as frequent as I could get it. Eventually I met my to be wife and she just stole my heart. Pat came from a very religious background and any thoughts of including others was out of the question! In fact, we were an item for a month before we made any progress at sex. It started with me being very gentle and persuasive just to get her naked, and by golly did she look amazing!

Pat stood 5'2" blue eyes, blonde, golden hair below her waist, her figure of 34, 21 and 33…to me was perfection! Me just seducing her ever so slowly and making love had my cock screaming in agony for release! The first time feeling her very tight pussy clamping on my hard dick was something new as well.

Pat was not a virgin, claiming she had been raped the first time, and I was her second. I sport a very proud 8 inch thick junket pumper and to date have never disappointed a lady. Pat complained that I was too big for her and that she had pain coz Id hit her cervix. To this day, I have never heard of the "pain" and wondered if any other woman suffered this.

The sex after we were married quickly waned for us both. Her, because she could not orgasm while being fucked and me getting serious jaw cramp from the way I had to go down on her. My tongue tip as light as a feather for a very long period of time soon lost any excitement I had&hellip.and terrible as it sounds soon thought about sex, lost interest and rolled over to sleep at age 28!

One night as we prepared to sleep, we were talking about everything and anything. Our relationship was super solid excepting the excitement of sex. I very gently said&hellip.perhaps it's the way I'm making love to you that's not getting what we both need, how would you go with another man?

After all, you have only really had me. To my absolute astonishment she AGREED! My pulse raced…I choked and tried to stay calm. Could this be the answer? Where and how do we go from here? Will it just be another guy or a couple?

How would I really feel about another guy actually fucking my wife? I tried desperately to calm my mind down as panic surely set in! The cat's out of the bag! Comparing this, I have actually tried to put a cat back into a bag &hellip.once! My next issue was how to raise this again without getting scratched and bitten? Further that night we just spoke of love and reassured ourselves how secure we are and we'll broach the subject another time.

The next day at work my mind was totally consumed about the bombshell the night before and what to do. On the drive home, there was a very rare at the time, adult book store I could check into.

My plan was good as there was a newspaper published with photos of interested couples into swinging…all correspondence via post and anonymous until we decided to reveal identities.

I hid the paper in the bedroom, having got home before Pat did&hellip.and before revealing it would see if she still was interested. My marriage was very important to me, I loved her very much, and if this threatened us, it would be a dead stop to anything. After a hearty meal, I was on edge and very horny& I tempted her to shower and Id sacrifice a sore jaw and stiff neck to have her orgasm.

She readily accepted and playfully stripped for the shower……we were both turned on. Was she as excited and apprehensive as I was about meeting others for sex? We definitely needed a catalyst! We kissed and snuggled& eager mouth wanting to kiss and slurp and take her whole pussy in. She held my head firmly in THAT position&hellip.errrghh it seemed to take ages for her to get there, but she did and I was very happy inching my now super hard rod into her!

This time however she was more enthusiastic and I got to do a bit more thrusting and came hard! As we were kissing, snuggling and enjoying the afterglow I asked her if she was fantasising about another guy…&hellip.the coup de grace&hellip.and she just smiled and meekly said she was in fact turned on somewhat by the prospect of another guy!

I proceeded to get the paper. Her eyes went wide as saucers as she saw the naked pictures with faces half obscured and only a number and letter as to who they were. We read out heaps of ads&hellip.laughed at some&hellip.and some we immediately frowned over their pictures .no way!

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But there was one picture of a couple&hellip.she was gorgeous, blonde, 33 and hubby a solid good looking dude of 35. We kept coming back to that ad… We kissed again, snuggled and spooned each other with intent of drifting off&hellip.but that soon changed into passionate lovemaking&hellip.then we crashed without another word.

The very next night …dejavu&hellip.a repeat of the previous evening&hellip.if nothing else 4 times in 2 days and we are on a winner!

After a good session, we picked up the paper again&hellip.and decided we'd contact this couple. We first had to buy a Polaroid camera to be able to send pics to them to see if they liked us. This was done the next day, taking the pics was fun …both naked, me with a raging hardon, in poses with our faces turned to the side and separate pics of just our faces, that way if the photos went astray it could not be positively proven faces and bodies were connected.

Excitedly we waited for days&hellip.then on Thursday night the phone rang&hellip.a very sweet voice asked if we were the couple that replied! Uh.huh.was all I could say&hellip.cleared my voice as my heart pounded and my hands shook. Virginia very nicely asked if she could speak to Pat&hellip. For the next half hour I heard Pat giggle, chat and get pretty familiar with the strange lady on the phone. It was protocol as I gathered, that the women do the choosing, agreeing on rules and set the pace&hellip.then Pat spoke to Ken…and finally me with Virginia.

All excited we raced off to the bedroom for another sex session, before we could discuss what was arranged& to meet them for dinner at a given restaurant on Saturday night! Just the thought now drove us both to new heights of desire and Saturday could not come around fast enough! So obviously I cancelled the fishing trip I had planned&hellip.and couldn't tell my mates why! Saturday was all about being squeaky clean, well dressed and Pat went to extra lengths to look even sexier!

Even though I was extremely horny, I was very apprehensive that this may not work. What if my wife got cold feet? Or would I get jealous? It is one thing when you re horny, another when realty is right in front of you! The time was now 5 pm…time to go. Pat had had 3 scotches to calm the nerves, I couldn't as I had to drive. We arrived at 6 at the restaurant. Oh, what if we can't recognise our hosts in such a public place? Nerves hit again…Truly I needn't have worried, we spotted them immediately and they us…eyes locked with a beautiful smile from her!


We approached the table and somehow did intros at the table as though we knew each other!. Virginia took my breath away&hellip.Ken seemed suitably impressed with Pat. What to say now? Our hosts were most gracious opening the conversation as simply as how was your week? Conversation flowed easily, and so did the wine we were captivated by them.

Dinner was delicious and the night was truly like old friends being together&hellip.excepting our secret of going to fuck each other's wife! So what happens now? Before we arrived, Pat and I worked out a private communication…Id stroke her hand if I felt all good, and grasp tightly if not, she the same! Pat was stroking my hand more than she should have&hellip. Ken then asked if we'd like to come back for a glass of wine?

We couldn't pay the bill fast enough or get to the car! On arrival Ken wasted no time getting the VCR to play a foursome porno…are they trying to seduce us? Virginia had immediately returned with a bottle and 4 glasses ensuring that we were comfortable sprawling about on the luxurious carpet and bean bags.

The film being played was of 2 couples engaging in very steamy sex…both men withdrew and swapped girls. The sweat began to drip down my collar…At one point I needed to pee, so I excused myself to the bathroom. Upon my return something had changed, Ken was sitting where I was and all 3 were naked! Ken had suggested they surprise me…it certainly did!

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Virginia slowly slid over to me, embraced me and kissed me. The ice was broken! I looked over at Pat who was totally engrossed with Ken passionately kissing, stroking and fondling each other.

This is the most erotic scene I have ever witnessed! I did not have much time to absorb what Pat was actually doing as Virginia was now giving me one of the best ever head jobs&hellip.she stroked me tightly…then sucked me all but an inch or so in that velvety mouth. I'm sure I had my eyes closed just relishing what she was doing…then I stopped abruptly to return the favour before I exploded all over her pretty face.

I worked my head between her thighs&hellip.her legs were so soft and shapely. I was in heaven! Her pussy had a sweet natural aroma, not like the artificial fragrance which Pat seemed to always use&hellip.mental note to tell her to stop using that sweet sickly fragrance! I looked over again at Pat, Ken working her pussy gently with his tongue&hellip.his technique was different and Pat was in an extreme back arch, breathing heavily and grunting! Suddenly she froze and a big silent scream escaped from her noiseless lips!

Virginia wasted no time in lowering herself onto my raging cock&hellip.slowly, ever so slowly she effortlessly enveloped me with her delicious wet pussy until our pubic hair was mashing each other.

I reached up and cupped her gorgeous boobs&hellip.lightly pinching her nipples……she rode me like a horse! I looked over to see how Pat was faring…they were stopping and moving to the bedroom! Even in my throes of passion, my mind screamed…He's going to FUCK MY WIFE!

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My concentration was taking charge of what Pat was doing more than what I am&hellip.OH NO! Virginia and I continued, I shut off the mental images of Pat and Ken, and worked up the level of pure lust to an atomic level……Virginia was like a wild animal and I thrusting so hard I thought we'd break the floor…then I came&hellip.spurt after spurt&hellip.Virginia had also gone off at the same time&hellip.WOW I had never been able to do this with Pat!

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We collapsed into each other savouring the shared orgasm and sweet glow that only ever comes from satiation of 2 people intensely into each other! Then my thoughts went to Pat and Ken&hellip.they were in the bedroom out of sight. Guilt set in…what have I done? Blown our marriage? How was she doing? Is she having a better time with Ken than me? Have I lost her? My mind was killing me as my stomach tightened into the worst knot I ever had! I grabbed Virginia by the hand and led her to the bedroom, saying we need to join them.

I opened the door and there she was on top of him riding for all she was worth. It turned out Ken had a cock of 61/2 in and not as fat as mine and therefore she was able to go to town with wild abandon! Ken smiled and said she had the tightest pussy he had ever encountered and loved it! Virginia and I wasted no time to climb on the bed to start again! The hottest thing I have ever seen…2 beautiful blondes copying each other fucking each other's spouse! The girls then blew my mind by Virginia reaching across and gently kissing Pat!

I exploded like a volcano…hot liquid coating every inch of Virginia's pussy.

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Ken and Pat were only a few moments behind&hellip.Pat arched her back again, her hair splaying out over Kens legs, he gripping Pats boobs tightly, and this time Pat screamed loudly……I froze as I watched intently as Pat had her first penetration orgasm in time with Ken unloading and nearly going crazy with his up thrusts! I was still connected with sweet Virginia&hellip.and enjoying the coming down feeling.

Nothing like 2 good looking guys and 2 stunning ladies going for it…puts ANY porn flick to shame! The sheer sexiness, the full blown erotic and even the romance was all rolled into one experience! Pat leaned over at that very moment and gave me the most romantic deep kiss ever&hellip.I love you so much! We took a break…topped up the wine and started yet again with our own wives. Half way through we swapped partners, just as in the movie!

The rest of that glorious evening was pretty much a blur as we fucked and fucked in all positions imaginable! It was now the wee hours of the morning, daybreak was making its presence known&hellip.we dressed as we sipped coffee and all agreed to do this again VERY soon. The drive home was one of total contentment…both my beautiful wife and I just grinning reliving the moments, after all they said we were "naturals", all my negative thoughts were gone!

That day we spent the whole day fucking each other raw&hellip.having both learned how to address each other's needs, and GONE was her prudish side!