Skinny teen on webcam rubbing her pussy

Skinny teen on webcam rubbing her pussy
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"I will be back in a few hours, allright?" said Susan Miller to her daughter. "OK mom, I'll be allright, don't worry so much about me!" her daughter Tina answered.

Susan kissed her daughter goodbye and closed the door.


She had a last-minute business meeting. Tina didn't mind. Bit less nagging for her. With her eighteen years she was already in college, but Susan still felt like she was her little girl. So they happily lived together a kilometer out of town between the town, a lake, and a forest. When Susan closed the door, Tina ran up the stairs. She had an idea in her head and today was the day that she would finally be able to execute it. She packed her bag with the stuff she needed and then opened the closet.

She was wearing jeans and a hoodie first, but wanted to wear something special for today. She took off the hoodie, her shirt and her jeans. She looked at her A cup and wondered if she should be wearing a bra. Her boobs didn't create much attraction, nobody looked at her, Although her butt had developped nicely she knew that nobody saw it. But today it didn't matter. She looked at herself in the mirror. 1.74 meter long, with short black hair and a tanned skin, she had to admit she looked good though, but not as good as those other girls at school.

She selected blue thigh-highs to wear with a short-sleeved green shirt. And the shortest skirt she could find. It was warm outside so she didn't bother putting more clothes on. She closed the door and with the packed bag in her hand she walked to the front door. She made sure it was locked and then she headed to the back door. She put on her shoes and was to walk through the door when she saw the laundry basket. Was she brave enough to do it?

Nobody could see her, she knew. But still she was nervous. Then she took off her panties and threw them in the basket. Happily she walked outside, closed the door and walked away. She took off to the forest. Therefore she walked a mile on a dusty road. She knew that there didn't come any traffic there. So when she saw the bush that marked a corner in the road, she looked towards her house in the distance.

No, nobody could see her here. She lifted up her skirt to feel the warm summer breeze on her bald pussy. So nasty! Another kilometer and the first trees began surrounding her. Now she was in the forest. It wasn't very dense, there were lots of open spaces in it. The ground was covered with soft grass. She found a spot in the shade under a tree and sat down. She suddenly heard a dog's growl in the distance. It was known that just before the holidays some cruel owners stopped their cars next to the forest.

Then they would throw out their pets and just leave. The animals were not seen in the town again, but rumor went that they had survived in the large forest.

This growl confirmed to Tina it was true. She reached in her bag and found the magazine she had taken from her mom's bookshelf. The front read 'Dogs & Bitches' and on the cover was a dog with his penis in the mouth of a pretty lady. She felt her pussy getting wet only by the cover. She relaxed under the tree and began browsing through the pages. One picture depicted a dog licking an even younger girl, as old as herself, another one had a chihuahua fucking his owner missionary. There even was one with two dogs and an black girl, titled 'Busting the dogsitter'.


The beasts fucked her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time. Tina's hands quickly found her cunt. She brought one finger in, then two, then three. Softly moaning she started fingering herself while looking at the pictures. You could say she was already perverted; still she had childish innocence in her too.

She reached deeper and deeper in herself. Exposing her lower regions to the outer world she moaned like a porn star while fingering herself furiously. 'Aaah, aaah, oohh yes, aaaaaah!' That wasn't the language you expected from an archaeology student. Suddenly she heard rushing in the bushes. She got her hand out of her pussy as quick as possible and covered her lower regions with her skirt. Out of the bushes came a beautiful border collie.

It was black and white and looked directly towards Tina. For a moment she felt embarrassed that she had been caught. Then she remembered it was only a dog. "Hey there little friend! What are you doing here?" she began talking to the dog. "Looking for a friend?" The dog walked to Tina and she used the opportunity to stroke it's back.

'What a cutie' she thought. 'I wonder if mom will let me keep him'. Tina became even more excited at the thought that a dog was looking at her while her bare pussy was into view. She dipped her finger in again while petting the dog at the same time. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. 'Ooh, oooh, oooh,' she moaned. Suddenly the collie moved away from her hand and the next moment she felt a wet tongue lapping at her cunt.

Her eyes flew open. "What the fuck are you doing?" The dog eagerly lapped up her juices. It had found her by simply following his nose. He had smelled something resembling a bitch in heat and it seemed he now found the source. His tongue probed between her lips.

The rough organ also stimulated her clit. This felt wonderful, thought Tina. So she moved her hand away, spread her legs wide and let the dog do his work. His tongue massaged her insides better than her hand had ever done. Tina soon felt an orgasm coming. 'AAAAH YES! LICK ME LASSIE! LICK ME!' she screamed. Then a wave of pleasure hit her and she came like she never came before.

Her whole body shivered while a load of new juice covered her pussy.

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The collie continued licking, stimulating Tina even more, making her orgasm last longer. She had to calm down. So she pushed the animal away, panting and sweating due to the fireworks she just had. Something caught her eye. Between his legs, she saw that his dick had come out of his sheath. "You are just as horny as me boy?" The dog stood in front of her with its dick bungling free.

Tina estimated it was about 15 centimeters long. She never had seen a real dick before, but she knew it wasn't too big for a girl to handle. She was curious how it felt. So she extended her arm and carefully she dared to touch it. It was hot and warm. Then a drop fell on her arm. The dog was obviously incited by her, the drop was pre-cum landing on her wrist. She moved her arm to her mouth and tasted it.

Light salty, but not bad. She wrapped her hand around the doggie penis again. She thought 'What should I do now? I want him to feel as good as I did.' She remembered that boys liked it if you jerked them off. So she started moving her hand up and down around the shaft. The dog let out a bark of approval and was breathing fast now. She increased her rhythm. The dog was humping her hand now too. Together they established a nice tempo.

But suddenly the dog turned away. It laid down on the grass, on his back. His penis was prominent displayed, waving above his belly.

'What does he want?' Tina thought for a moment.

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Then she got it. The dog obviously wanted her to perform a blowjob. Carefully she bent over, placing her hand at the base of the doggie cock. She parted her lips and hesitating she took a quick lick with the tip of her tongue. The collie felt a sudden bolt of pleasure flowing through his body and by instinct he trusted forward. This drove his cock further into Tina's mouth, who felt the wide penis infiltrating her mouth. She was a bit shocked but being the naughty girl she was becoming, she decided to carry on.

With her tongue she circled around the dog's dickhead. It didn't taste bad at all. She started moving her head up and down, beginning to suck off the dog for real. Up and down her head went, with the dog beneath her head enjoying this new-found stimulation.

Tina had her head down, raising her butt to the sky. She began to like what she was doing. For years she had watched sex on the internet, and now she was doing it herself, with a dog.

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It even didn't gross her out she had a canine sex partner, no, instead she felt herself getting horny again. She moved her right hand away from the dog, leaving her to support herself on her left arm, and with her right hand in her warm wet pussy again. She really got the hang of it now, and enjoyed sucking the dog. "Am I doing it right? Am I better than a bitch for you?" she asked, half talking and half moaning, with her eyes full of lust.

But she quickly got the answer. A sudden blast of sperm shot out of the dog. Tina didn't see it coming and soon her oral captivity was full of dog semen. She tried to swallow it, but most of it ran over her lips and fell on the ground. The dog kept cumming, jet after jet, and a small pool of semen formed in the grass.

When the dog was spent, Tina swallowed what she had left in her mouth and sat down. Tina feared the dog would damage her skirt so she took it off, put her bag open and tossed it inside.

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That dog still had a boner, saw Tina after while she dropped her skirt in her bag. And when she was just finished, still standing on all fours next to her bag, she suddenly felt his paws on the sides of her young body. The dog was trying to mount her! Looking under her belly she saw his hard dick aiming for her pussy. "No don't it will never fit!" She became a bit frightened at the sight of the big organ dangling beneath her. The collie humped forward.

He hit the right spot right away. Tina felt her pussy lips parting while the dog boner made his way in. With a painful hard thrust the collie took her virginity. "Ooow, that hurts!" she cried out. Suddenly she wasn't such a big girl anymore. "It hurts, stooop!" But the dog wouldn't listen.

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As if possessed he rammed himself into the teen. He felt her tight muscles enveloping his dick. Contrary to Tina's pain, he felt like he was in heaven. Never had he felt such a tight bitch before. So he began moving in and out. He wanted to cum fast, you never knew if there were any rivals in the area. He had to make her his bitch quick. Fortunately for Tina the pain faded away. Instead of it came an unexpected high amount of enjoyment, as her love tunnel moistened and the dog's movements started to pleasure her.

He really stretched her cunt but Tina wouldn't care, it felt so intense to her. She had her head on the grass, with her butt high in the sky and the furiously pumping dog on top of it.

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Closing her eyes she softly spoke "Mmm yes fuck me good. I think I'm going to like this very much" Then both of them heard growls all around them. Everything happened in a flash. She heard a yelp, sounding like someone was in big pain. At the same time she felt the cock buried in her leaving her body fast, and heard a dog running away like it was fleeing for his life. Alarmed by all of this, she opened her eyes, sat down and looked around.

She noticed a trail of blood running towards the bushes, but what scared her the most was the cause of all of it. Three big dogs stared at her. One was a black Rottweiler. The second one a Dalmatian, and the third one was a big Great Dane. They didn''t look as cute as the collie. It looked as they had been around there for a long time, with a small scar on side of the Dalmatian. They were lured to the place by a strange scent that smelled like there was mating going on, and they were eager to replace the male by themselves.

Now they looked at a frightened young human female. They saw them walking sometimes, camping in their wooded homeland. But this one was alone. And even stranger, it looked like she was completely ready to satisfy their hunger.

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Soon Tina saw three cocks emerging from their sheaths. She remembered the wonderful feelings she had experienced earlier, and returned to standing on all fours again. Will be continued.