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Strong men Buster and Claudio White drilling hard at home
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"Good Morning, Red Bay doctors surgery, how can I help?" "Hi, can I make an appointment to see Dr. Johnson please?" I asked the triage nurse on the phone "May I ask what the problem is sir?" She replied "Err.Yeah, it's about a scar I have. I want to check its healed okay" "Okay, where about's is the scar?" "It's err, on my penis" I answered, awkwardly "Oh, okay, no problem.

Dr. Johnson can see you at 5pm today. I'll brief him on the details" "5pm is great, thanks. Goodbye" I felt awkward about going to see my doctor for a genital problem but thought it was the best thing to do. Around 6 months ago, I had an unfortunate accident while receiving a blowjob from my girlfriend at the time. She was trying to take me deep in her mouth and gagged strongly. In doing so, she bit down and caused a deep cut on the underside of my shaft, about halfway down its length. I went immediately to hospital and had a couple of stitches, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Now, it seems to have healed fully, but it's left a clear scar, so I thought I'd get it looked at to make sure it's alright. Dr. Johnson had been my doctor for years. He'd seen me for just about every ailment I'd had in my life. So I didn't have too many worries about showing him my cock, even if it was awkward.

later that day, I headed to the doctors. I approached the reception desk. "Hi, I'm here for my appointment with Dr. Johnson" I said, giving them my name "Oh, has no one called you?" replied the confused receptionist "No, why?" "Dr. Johnson was taken ill himself earlier today. Dr. Sheppard has taken over his appointments for the rest of the day.

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I'll let her know that you've arrived" she explained. "Dr. Sheppard is a woman?" I asked, considering the nature of my visit "Yes, she is, is that a problem?" was the blunt retort from the receptionist I thought for a moment, about if I would be comfortable showing a random woman my penis.

This usually wouldn't take a great deal of consideration but, in this case, it was for an entirely different reason than pleasure. I finally answered "No, not a problem" "Take a seat and she'll call you through shortly" I was told I obliged and sat in the busy waiting room. After a short wait, that always feels far longer when surrounded by people coughing and spluttering everywhere, my name was called through the speaker system.

The voice was soft and feminine and had me wondering what to expect as I walked towards the doctors room. I knocked on the door. "Come in" Spoke the same voice I wasn't quite prepared for what I saw when I walked in. Dr. Sheppard was far from a disappointment. She had long dark hair tied in a neat ponytail. She wore black framed glasses that suited her gentle face perfectly and highlighted her green eyes and dark eye liner.

She was slim and classy, wearing a black, knee length, pencil skirt over dark tights on her sleek legs. The doctors tight white blouse hugged her figure as it tucked into her dress, pulling tight around her well sized breasts and highlighting the black bra beneath. Subtle jewellery and black heels completed her sophisticated appearance.

She slowly spun in her chair to face me. "Take a seat, I'm Dr. Sheppard" I sat down, still slightly taken aback by the doctors beauty. "So, you have a scar you want me to look at? The notes I've been given are brief, where abouts is the scar?" She asked "It's errr, on my penis" Dr. Sheppard sat up in her chair slightly. "Oh.

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Well errr, standard procedure is that a male doctor would see to you in this case. Would you like me to rearrange your appointment for when Dr. Johnson is back?" "To be honest, I think it's mostly healed, I just wanted a second opinion. Is there no way you could just take a quick look?" I asked, hopefully "I really shouldn't" Dr. Sheppard answered "But, I suppose Dr.

Johnsons absence is quite an inconvenience for you" She sighed "Strip from the waist down and hop up on the bed.

Draw the curtain first and let me know when you're ready" I stepped towards the medical bed and drew the curtain. I slipped off my shoes and socks and unbuckled my jeans, pulling them off and folding them onto the floor.

Then I took off my boxers and placed them down with the rest of my clothes. I hopped up onto the bed and laid flat, crossing my hands on my stomach. "I think I'm ready" I anxiously called out Dr. Sheppard pulled back the curtain and stepped inside. She was now wearing a pair of white medical gloves, standard procedure for examinations I suppose. "Let's take a look at this scar, shall we" She stated Placing one hand on my thigh, the doctor lifted my flaccid penis with the other hand and began to take a look.

I take good care of my genital region and always kept the area completely shaven, which probably helped in this instance. Dr. Sheppard gently ran her little finger over the scar.

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"Any bleeding since the stitches?" She asked "No, not at all" I replied "It seems to have healed very nicely, you've been lucky it seems" I smiled. As I looked up at the doctor, I couldn't help but notice that one of the buttons on her blouse had become unfastened, revealing a decent amount of her large cleavage. So much so that I could clearly see the black, lacy fabric of her bra. I averted my gaze and, in doing so, caught eye-contact with Dr. Sheppard. It was only for a moment and I could help but wonder if she'd seen me looking at her breasts, or if her blouse becoming undone was an accident at all.

I looked back down at my penis, seemingly the safest option. I had failed to notice that in the time I'd been admiring the doctors chest, my cock had begun to become erect. Only a little, but it had grown a good inch and a half, all whilst still in the doctors hand. She would definitely have noticed.

"Any erectile problems?" Dr. Sheppard asked, almost startling me amongst my panic "Errr, N-n-no. N-no problems" I stuttered She continued to gently grasp my member, which seemed to have stopped growing to spare my embarrassment.

She looked down at it through her glasses and, after a pause, said something I really wasn't expecting.


"This may sound a little.Unconventional. And by all means feel free to refuse. But to properly see how the scar has healed, I'll need to see it.Fully erect" I wasn't sure who was blushing more, me or the doctor. A million thoughts ran through my mind over the next few seconds. Was she making a move on me? Was this just standard procedure?

Would Dr. Johnson have asked the same question? How should I respond? "Fully erect? Are you sure" I asked "Is that okay?" she said I hesitated, but answered "Yeah, I suppose. It's just.It might be a little difficult, in these circumstances" Dr. sheppard paused briefly and then stood up, finally letting go of my again flaccid member. "Of course, Maybe I can help" She said "It's the least I can do for asking you to do this" She turned around and slowly walked back through the curtain, removing her gloves.

After a moment I heard a click. The unmistakable sound of a door being locked. The light shone onto the curtain, showing me a silhouette of her fine figure. She walked to her desk and let down her hair from its ponytail, shaking it out as she did. She then adjusted her skirt and blouse and walked back towards the curtain.

Dr. Sheppard stepped back inside. She looked incredible. Her long, dark hair reached halfway down her back and shaped around her face and shoulders. Her blouse was now unbuttoned to her navel, fully revealing her black, lacy bra. The blouse was still tucked into her skirt, which she had hoicked up to make it considerably shorter.

It was now so short that I could just about see that what I had thought were tights, were actually stockings, held up by a pair of lacy suspenders. I could barely lift my jaw off the floor to speak.

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"Interesting attire for a day at work" I chuckled She smiled back at me. "I was supposed to have a date after work this evening" said the Doctor "But they've let me down.

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So, I thought it would be a shame to let my effort go to waste" "Well they're definitely going to regret missing out on you" With that, Dr. Sheppard stepped to the side of the bed, leaned down and kissed me.

Her lips were soft and gentle, with a faint taste of cherry, probably from their light coating of lipstick. I moved my hand to her waist and pulled her close to the bed. She pulled up my shirt and rested her hand on my chest whilst my hand slipped to her round, firm buttocks. I squeezed gently and hooked my hand up her skirt to feel her bare ass cheek. The doctor forced her tongue into my mouth, as her kisses became more and more passionate, with her breathing becoming heavy.

I ran my hand up her slender waist and up to her breasts. Her body was toned and firm, she clearly kept herself in good shape. I squeezed her large tits through her bra, each one comfortably more than a handful. She moaned gently as I did so. I sat myself up on the bed slightly, raising my face to her chest. Dr. Sheppard welcomed me by pulling each breast out of her bra and letting them hang in my face.

I took one of her rock hard, pale nipples into my mouth and sucked strongly. Alternating between each nipple, I licked, sucked and kissed while the doctor ran her hands through my hair. Soon, one of her hands slid down my face, across my body and onto my rock hard cock. She moved her face to my ear. "Now let me take a closer look at this scar" She said, in a flirty, suggestive tone.

Moving her body across mine and down the bed, Dr. Sheppard brought her head to my throbbing penis. She took it in her hand and, without hesitation, wrapped her warm, wet lips around my member, sucking hard. Her tongue swirled playfully around the shaft and head, making me moan and writhe.

I ran my fingers through her hair, down her back and onto her ass. Then, I moved her rear end round towards me and pulled up her skirt. Beneath was another fine surprise. No panties. Her perfect ass was almost heart-shaped from this angle, with her freshly shaven pussy peeking out at its base. I ran my fingers over it, which made the doctor open her legs invitingly. She continued sucking my cock as I split her pussy lips with my fingers.

I heard a deep moan that rumbled down my shaft as I circled her pulsing clitoris. Her hand jerked my penis as she went to work on it, sucking and licking its entirety. Taking my middle finger, I slipped it deep inside her wet pussy, twisting and thrusting, much to her enjoyment as she moaned thankfully while she took a breather from swallowing my cock.

I carried on fingering her while she draped her hair and tits over my crotch. Soon, she began to whimper and pant.

Her legs shook and the doctor let out a high pitched groan as she came powerfully on my fingers, almost losing her balance. I swung my legs round and stood up, while Dr. Sheppard hunched over the edge of the medical bed, catching her breath from her orgasm. I positioned myself behind her and slid my solid shaft over the crack of her ass.

She pushed back at me as I did, inviting me in. "Your date is a foolish man for passing up on you tonight" I stated The doctor turned and smiled over her shoulder at me. "Who said anything about my date being a man?" I was slightly taken aback but even more attracted to her now that I knew she was Bi-sexual.

I grabbed her waist with one hand and my cock with the other, ready to make my entry. Dr. Sheppard lifted her right leg so her knee was on the side of the bed, while she lowered her head and chest towards it, opening her legs wide for me.

I rubbed the head of my penis between her soaked pussy lips a few times and then slid deep inside her. She gripped the bed as my cock filled her tight hole.

Now, with both hands on her waist, I ploughed her cunt with my cock, wasting no time. The doctor whimpered and groaned, clearly trying to contain her ecstasy so we wouldn't be heard. Her ass bounced as I fucked her, each thrust bringing another whimper. The bed rattled and shook. It wasn't long until the beautiful woman was cumming again on my cock, squealing with pleasure. She pulled herself forward and I slipped out of her sopping cunt. Dr. Sheppard turned to face me.

She kissed me passionately and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and neck as she pulled me towards her once more. She hopped up onto the edge of the bed and wrapped her stockinged legs around my waist. "Fuck me deep and hard, I need that cum" She growled. I didn't need asking twice. I grabbed her waist once more and slid deep inside her again. She held my neck as I pulled at her waist, pulling us towards each other.

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We kept constant eye contact as I fucked her faster and faster. Her legs gripped my waist while her pussy gripped my cock. Her large breasts bounced rhythmically as her whole body shook with each blow. I could feel myself getting close as my thrusts swallowed, pushing myself closer to orgasm. I stood up straight as the doctor released my neck and propped herself up with her elbows. By now her moans were loud and deep, ready for the inevitable.

She came once more, her dripping wet pussy clenching around my pumping member. That was enough to finish me off. After a few more thrusts I pulled my cock out of the doctors perfect hole and aimed it at her. I groaned deeply as ropes of hot cum erupted out of me. They covered her pussy and stomach, incredibly missing what remained of her clothes. One blast shot further than the rest, landing on her chin and dripping onto her tits.

We both stood for a moment, catching our breaths and, in my case at least, enjoying the view. "Well" Dr. Sheppard panted "There's certainly nothing wrong with your Penis" She picked up her glasses that had fallen off while I had taken her from behind. "Thank you for your. Thorough assessment" I chuckled. "Not a problem, but.

I think you should definitely have regular check-ups on it. You know, just in case" Said the Doctor, with a wry smile "I'll have reception schedule you for another appointment in two weeks time, just confirm it on your way out" "I certainly will" I replied, as I finished redressing myself. I slipped out, leaving the doctor to clean up and compose herself. As I walked towards the reception desk I could hear raised voices "Why am I still waiting?!" shouted one voice "What on earth is she doing to take so long?!" screeched another A long queue of patients, obviously waiting to see Dr.

Sheppard, had formed in the waiting room. I'd been in the doctors office considerably longer than the usual 15 minute appointment time. I Approached the desk and gave my name, letting the receptionist know I was confirming my next appointment. "Dr.


Sheppard will see you again in two weeks from this Thursday" She said "Perfect, Thank you" I grinned, this was one visit to the doctor I certainly wouldn't forget in a hurry.