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Nubile Films Show Me What You Like
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I grab you from behind, swiftly covering your mouth, and whisper in your ear that if you scream I'll hurt you. Your hot breath against my hand makes my cock pulse just a little, and as you struggle against me you can feel it growing against the top of your arse.

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With my stiff cock prodding into you, you reach behind your back and rub your fingers across the front of my jeans, groaning deeply as you feel the entire length, marvelling at its thickness, terrified of what it will do to your cunt. I let go of your mouth, and your body trembles as I start to kiss and bite your neck hard, my hands move down to grab your breasts, mauling them through your shirt.

You are whimpering now, and I rip your top into pieces to give me easier access to your heavy breasts. Your nipples are hard, I wonder if it's the cold in here, or are you just starting to enjoy this? I begin to play with your nipples roughly, tweaking and pinching, your breathing is heavy and low, my teeth still sinking into your neck, sending a shiver right through you.

I notice your fingers are still on the front of my jeans, gripping my hard cock firmly now, and you gasp as you feel it throb against your hand. I start to slap and play with your magnificent breasts with one hand, whilst the other sneaks down your body, and into your thong. Even I am surprised at how wet you are.

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I whisper in your ear what a filthy slut you are, to be so wet for me, describing all the dirty things I'm going to do to you, my thumb just brushing your clit as my finger enter your cunt, curling upwards, forcing you to ride two of my fingers intensely but not too fast. With every word I pour into your ear, I can feel your clit throb, and you push start your arse back against me, trying to get my cock to pulsate against your arse again.

You start to cry and beg me to let you cum, the tears running down your face as the juice runs down your thighs. You cry because you're so shocked at how much you need me to make you cum, how much you want me to force you to cum on my fingers. You're begging through the tears, pleading with me just not to stop. I grab your throat with my other hand and pull you closer, and command you to cum all you want, you little whore, my thumb toying with your clit as my fingers curl up deep inside your cunt, hitting your g-spot.

I spit the words into your ear; "Have you ever had somebody spread your legs and just breathe on your clit? Teasing you, a little jolt of pleasure going through you, as the tension builds before they finally put their tongue onto your clit, and your back arches as feel their fingers explore your pussy?

Had a man spend hours exploring you with his tongue, slowly moving up your legs, biting the inside of your thighs, making you wetter and wetter, before toying with your clit and making you cum again and again?" My words have pushed you over the edge, and you let out a long deep moan like an animal, and start to shudder and convulse against my body as you cum all over my hand, the hot, sticky liquid flooding my fingers and your thong.

I bring my fingers up to your face, and you inhale the scent of your cum on my fingertips, filling your nose with the aroma of your cunt, enthralled at your sweet smell, you must taste it. You stick out your tongue and try to lick my fingers, and I laugh and whisper in a slow, but lustful voice, that sluts don't get to lick, they only get to suck, and so I shove my fingers into your mouth.

The taste is addictive, and soon my hand is totally free of your juices. You feel like such a slut, sucking and savouring your own juices off my hand; a rush of confusion hits you as you realise you've been stroking your rapist's cock through the thin fabric of his jeans, knowing in your head how long and thick his cock must be, and how incredible it will feel inside you. You hear the zip of my jeans and start to quiver, it seemed big before, but at least it was caged.

You know it's going to look huge now. I even take anything off; I just pull it out of the fly, the thickness resting in my hand. You can feel my cock right against your arse and it's so nasty and wrong that it's making you so wet. You look down at yourself in disgust, your top is in tatters, and your thong is so wet that it's sticking to your cunt lips.

Your mind is racing as you come down from your orgasm, you realise that you are going to have to pleasure me, in all of the dirty ways I desire.


The thought sends a jolt of pleasure through your nipples and down to your cunt. I grab you by your hips and pull you over to the desk at the side of your room, right next to the window.

You squeal as I kick your legs apart, bending you over, forcing your hands onto the desk. I tell you that if you move I'll punish you, so you stay rooted to the spot out of sheer terror, yet your juices are running down the inside of your thighs and the air smells of your cunt.

I push your panties down to your ankles and spread your legs wider apart; your panties are so wet they literally rip at the front, and I laugh again, smacking your arse hard with my palm, telling you how much of slut you are for my cock.

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I pick up the torn panties and sniff them, saying how wet you must be, and how good your cunt smells. You stay silent, totally ashamed at how aroused you feel, your nipples are so hard and your clit throbs so much you just want me to touch you, to make you cum again. You realise what a whore you must look, bent over a desk with your legs spread, your cunt juice slick on your legs, clothes torn and quivering with anticipation.


Your mind is swimming with ideas; is he going to rape me? With that big cock?

With that thick, long, stiff cock that throbs just right? Oh fuck, will it even be rape? Endorphins shooting off in your brain, making your cunt yearn for more stimulation, to crave a thick cock inside you. Suddenly you feel my tongue at your arse, slowly circling your tightest and naughtiest hole. My fingers have crept back into your cunt, still so wet from your orgasm, the feeling of my tongue in your arse and my fingers in your cunt is making you feel stuffed; you secretly pull one hand to your chest and start to pinch and twist your nipples.

You feel my tongue lick and enter your most private hole, it's so dirty and perverted, and you're dripping onto the desk. I start to fuck you with my tongue, as my fingers find your clit again and you half collapse when I start to gently brush against it. I stop and grab your hands off your tits, and force you to hold open your arsecheeks, telling you that if you relax I'll spank you so hard you'll scream.

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I bend you further over, your aching nipples against the cold wood of the desk, your arse and legs spread. I continue my assault on your arse, which allows me to force three fingers deep inside your cunt, exploring it with my fingertips. The moment you feel me pinch your clit you moan loudly, telling me how good that feels, and your hands relax for just a second.

My palm hits you immediately, a sharp pain on your arsecheek that sends a jolt of pleasure and pain straight to your cunt and clit. You quickly spread your cheeks again, apologising for being so insolent. I can feel how close you are to cumming, your hips grinding against the desk, trying to get my fingers deeper inside your cunt, my tongue further in your arse.

You're moaning louder than before, moaning like a whore, and then whimpering as you cum on my fingers again.

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Your body shudders, the cum is running down my fingers, out of your cunt and down your legs, your thighs are slick with your juices. I continue to gently finger your pussy, letting you ride out the orgasm for a little while longer on my hand. You're frightened as you hear me stand up behind you, knowing what I'm going to do next.

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I stroke my cock a couple of times to get it to its full stiffness. You can feel my cock at the entrance to your cunt, as you're only now truly aware of its size. As I force the first few inches in you moan as the thickness pushes against the inside of your hot, wet, tight cunt. Your hand is a blur on your clit as I work my cock into you, until with one hard thrust I push the entire length in, and you hear me moan for the first time.

You've never felt so completely full before, it's not the good length, it's the amazing thickness of it, stretching you, hitting all your nerves inside in your cunt.

You know this is going to good. I whisper in your ear to beg me to fuck you.

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You whimper and moan as I pull my throbbing cock out of you totally, before shoving back into you, your whole body shakes and your heavy tits swing as I begin to fuck you. In the quietest voice you ask me to fuck you. I spank your arse hard and tell you to beg.

You begin to get that familiar feeling, your clit is twitching and your cunt is flowing with juice. My hand grabs the back of your hair and you arch your back, as you scream for me to fuck you. "Oh please, just fuck me. Fuck me like a slut, I'm your slut, I'm your fucking cumslut whore.

Make me cum, make me cum on your big thick cock, I'm yours, I'm yours." Yours words make me even more aroused, and I start to really pound your cunt, fucking you harder and faster, my cock slamming in and out of your wet cunt, one hand grabbing your hair, the other mauling your breasts.

You lean on one arm and with the other rub your clit furiously. You've never been so wet and horny before. Your words get filthier and louder as you feel yourself start to cum for me.

"Fuck my cunt; make me cream on your cock. I've never been so wet for anyone else; you're my fucking master, this cunt is yours now, all yours. Just please make me cum, make me cum on your big fat dick, I'm your slut. Oh fuck, fuck! FUCK!! I'M CUMMING!!!" Your words become screams and guttural moans as you cum all over my cock, your juices running down my shaft and onto my balls.

Your cunt is convulsing on my cock, I can feel your cunt spasm on my cock, my balls tighten and I know I'm going to cum. I shout at you how close I am, and in your post-orgasm shudders you beg me to cum in you. I fuck you as hard and fast as I can, like a wild animal, my cock pounding into you, shaking the whole room.

I grab your throat and pull you back, your head turns and I put my tongue in your mouth as I shoot inside you, load after load of my cum inside your cunt.

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As our orgasms subside, I pull out of you and turn you to face me. Biting your lip, you whisper in my ear; "Thank you, that was incredible."