Hawt massage beauty bounces on cock

Hawt massage beauty bounces on cock
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MY SUPPLY TEACHER Part 1 The moment she came in, i was transfixed. I had settled down in my seat for english, bored as hell, when our teacher announced that our lessons would be taken by a supply teacher, I expected some old ass or some strict fat bitch to walk through the door. Imagine my surprise when Miss Ellen walked thorugh the door.

Let me just say, saying that she was "hot" was a huge understatement. she must be no older than 23 (her actual age, I found out later was 22). with blonde hair, slim body with curvy breasts and an ass to match, she was every guy's dream girl. With her tight shirt and short skirt, she had my attention instantly. Seriously, did anyone expect me to study while she was around?

I barely listened through her introduing herself. And when our teacher took over briefly to explain the course, i just stared at breasts, rising and falling with every breath she took. i must have been staring for some time, as before I knew it, we were doing questions about some goddamn shakespeare's book. And still, my eyes refused to leave her. Eventually i worked up the courage to put my hand up for help (even though i needed none) She came up to me, and man, I enjoyed how her boobs jiggled with every step she took.

"Do you need any help?" she asked. "Er.yeah." I replied. " I was wondering if you could explain this paragraph." And I swear at this point, she bended right down, so her chest was perpendicular to mine and she showed me the deepest cleavage I had ever seen. I pretended to pay attention while staring at her juicy tits, which worked fine until she asked, "So what do you think was the intention of the husband?".

What the hell was i supposed to say? After what seemed like hours, i managed to say, "Kill his wife, seize the throne, you know, like every other shakespeare story." What was I thinking?

she stared for a while, and I thought she was going to kick me out, but then, she laughed! "you know, it's pretty much that. Just try to put it in a way so that you'll actually get marks in a exam." she said, and then walked away, still chuckling. The rest of the lesson went without comment, until 10 minutes before the end of the lesson, which was when I worked up my courage, and went over to the bin, pretending to sharpen my pencil.

I kept an eye out for Miss Davis, and when she bent down again to help a student, I walked back to my seat making sure i went past her on my route.

As i passed, i cupped my hand over her ass, first one cheek, then the other, making sure that my body blocked the view from my main teacher (the bastard). As I sat down, I swear I saw a smile on her face. Did she know what I was thinking? After all, I am a 6"1 year 11 Teenager, what else could i be thinking about? Or did she pass it off as an accident? As the bell went, and i passed her on the doorway, she gave the faintest of smiles, subconciously.

At that point i decided. Man, I am going to fuck her to the ends of the earth. And I already had a plan. My Supply Teacher part 2 Over the next few days, I purposefully started to do bad in my english lessons. Missing out questions and giving basic and barely detailed answers, you know, that sort of thing. Eventually, my english teacher called me in. "How are you finding english?" he asked.

"Good, I guess." "Can you explain your recent marks?" To which I told some bullshit story about how there are things going on in my life and mid-teen crisis and stress and so on. I had hoped maybe they will allow me to have after school lessons, maybe with Miss Ellen. "Because your marks are so low and you seem to be struggling, it would help us if you come after school for an hour for english.", he said.

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"What, like a extra lesson?" "Precisely, on Monday and Thursday." I pretended to mull over that decision, then asked casually, "Who will be teaching me?" "I will." WTF!!!

My god, my plan had rumbled to a halt. At that moment, I felt like hitting him. But what I did was to say, "That will be great, Sir" I left the room, pissed and annoyed. Although the next day made up for it. It was third lesson, and I was bunking geography. I needed a place to hide out, and I knew for a fact, that Room 17, was always empty as this time. The door was placed so that you couldn't see the projector or the computer from the outside, and I figured I would play games. As I went to the door, I heard a video playing, it sounded like.moaning?

I opened the door to the most glorious sight a man could see, Miss Ellen was watching porn on the computer, touching herself underneath the skirt. Her nipples were so hard, I could see it through her saucy red bra, under her unbuttoned shirt, which also allowed me to see her her flat abdomen. At the sight of me, she panicked. She closed down everything, and said in a forced cheery voice, " Hi, aren't you supposed to have a lesson?" "Bunking", I replied, still unable to believe how lucky I was.

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"Well, why dont you go back to your les-" at which point she noticed my erection. Now, I dont like to brag, but my dick is 9". Miss Ellen just stared at my bulge, still growing. "My god, you have a big di- I mean, I have to go, Bye" she said, rushing out, still keeping an eye on my hard cock.

She closed the door behind her, and when I looked though the window in the door, I saw her in the hallway, fanning herself, breathing heavily, causing those tits to go up and down, up and down.

I left that school, feeling happier than I ever been. It was about to get much better. The, next day, during registration, my english teacher pulled me out and said, "We have a Development. I am unable to teach you for the next two weeks.

I am really sorry, but I have way too much marking to do." YES!!! I was able to get out of that one. I was about to say thank you, but then he said, "But Luckily, Miss Ellen heard and she said she said she will teach you, if that is okay with you. She said it would be her honour and she is sure that you and her will get along." My Supply Teacher part 3 I didn't know what to expect from Miss Davis.

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She definitely saw my erection, but I'm not sure if shes thinking what I'm thinking. So, I decided to play it cool. So it was in a casual way that I walked as I approched her classroom for my first booster lesson. She was just sitting there, not even realising how hot she was, in that tight red top, which emphasied her breasts and that short skirt. Man, I wanted to fuck her more than anything!

But you know me, ever Mr.Cool. "Hi, Miss", I said in a depressed voice, as if I didn't want to be here. "Come on, you can be more energetic than that, can't you?", she replied, and then started one of the best lessons in my life. Not because it was interesting, just because the board was a bit too high, so every time she had to write something on the top third of the board, she stood on tiptoes, showing those legs and one of the roundest asses you will ever see. Unconciously, I was already stroking my dick, letting it grow and harden.

Twenty minutes in, as she was sitting next to me by the teacher's desk, explaining a question, I worked up the courage to say: "By the way, I'm sorry about the whole incident in Room 17, I didn't mean to intrude." Man, I wish you could see her reaction. She blushed like hell, and acted embarassed, but I could see underneath that she wanted me to mention it. "Really, It's not your fault", she said. " I shouldn't have.done that in the school premises.

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It was just the thrill I get, you know." "I'll be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it." I said. "I know. I saw your." "Erection", finishing off the sentence for her. After a moment, she asked this question, "So, did you like my performance?" Man, I was in!

"I was as hard then as I am now" I replied, and moved my chair so that she could my hard-on. She gave the most beautiful smile as she saw my bulge. She gestured me to sit in the teacher's chair, which I did, after removing my blazer. She then walked up to me, and got on her knees. Slowly, her hands went to my zip, and slowly unzipped it. She then put her hand, went past my boxers and grabbed my dick. I had the biggest grin on my face as she pulled my 9" cock out of it's prison. "Oh my god, you are so huge!" she exclaimed.

My god, she was even hornier than I was. "Well, its your's to play with." I replied. "Just make sure to give a good show." "Oh, I will" she replied, before slowly covering the tip of my cock with her mouth, expertly teasing me with her tounge. She then went further down, sucking like a pro. I was in heaven.

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Man, this was awesome, I thought as her head moved up and down, giving the best blowjob in history. But, I knew she could go further, so I grabbed her head, forcing it down, giving her deepthroat like hell. Her face went red as she carried on giving me a blowjob, making sure that each time that my dick went as far in as possible.

I held out as much as i could, but eventually, I pulled her head away, aimed and fired my series of cumshots. The first went all over her face, but she caught the second and third in her mouth, and the final one, she sucked off my dick. She looked at me, and with one gulp, swallowed my cum. "Well," she said breathlessly. "That was. a good first lesson." "An A* for your work, I think, Miss Davis", I replied, ever the cool guy.

My Supply Teacher part 4 Thrilled at my success, I wanted nothing more than to actually fuck Miss Ellen during our next private lesson. To my surprise, she started to avoid me. I think that she was embarrassed about the incident, maybe even feeling a little guilt. When I walked in for my English lesson (not the private one), she barely looked at me.

I was feeling quite pissed, so I didn't notice that we had a new student coming to the class. It was only when she decided to sit down on the seat next to me and said something, that I noticed her.

"Wha." I said, sounding like an idiot. "I said hi", she replied.


"Dozing off?" "Only when it's an English lesson", I replied, still trying to catch Miss Ellen's eyes. "I know, it's like they try to make it really dull on purpose. All I'm asking is that they spend more time on thinking rather than mindless doing Shakespeare or some shit like that." That had my attention fully. Any person who hates Shakespeare is a friend of mine.

I introduced myself to her and found out her name was Codi. "Don't ask me why my parents called me that", she said with a smile. "I don't know the fucking answer myself". As we talked, I checked out Codi with one eye. She had a nice figure, not too thin, even bustier than Miss Ellen, by the looks of things. I could just see the curve of her ass, which wasn't a bad sight to see (although Miss Ellen's ass is curvier).

She was stunningly fit, with a cute face and long red hair. She reminded me of a younger, bustier, perkier version of Brigid Brannagh. We must have talked for like half an hour before I noticed that Miss Ellen was staring as us, jealously flashing through her eyes. At the end of the lesson, she told me to stay behind to confirm something about my coursework, although you don't have to be Einstein to figure out she was lying!

As soon as the last student left for lunch, she had me cornered. "What the hell are you doing?" She asked in anger, and then started yelling at me. It is obvious that she was jealous, and I have a method to cure that. After 20 seconds of yelling, I made my move.

Cutting her off, I grabbed her head and kissed her. Her eyes widened briefly, before sinking into the kiss. Keeping her mouth occupied, my hand went to her navel, then aimed down, through her skirt and started rubbing her pussy through her knickers. She moaned out loud, but still carried on kissing me. After 3 minutes of this, I pulled my face away, and started to extract my hand. Miss Ellen sighed, probably thought I was finished, but I still had the finale to do.

My hand carried on going up until it found the divide between her skin and knickers, and slipped between them. I went down and rubbed my hand against her bare cunt for a while, then got two fingers and stuck them in. Miss Ellen gasped as she understood what I was trying to do and said, "No.no, don't make me cum here." But I ignored her and carried on, searching until I heard that loud gasp which told me I had found her G-spot. I worked on that area, speeding up my fingers, going in and out faster and faster, all to the soundtrack of her begging me not to make her cum.

Her screams got louder and louder. She was in ecstasy. She moaned and writhed until I heard those last orgasmic screams, then felt her juice erupting from her cunt, drenching my hands and her knickers. I extracted my hand and wiped off her juice using tissues (boy, I needed a lot of it). "You idiot," Miss Ellen said, a huge smile on her face. "Now, I have to find fresh pants." I left her class, feeling happy that I had solved that problem, but one thing was still running through my mind.

Codi. My Supply Teacher part 5 I don't know what I was thinking. I kept telling myself to put Codi out of my mind, to play it safe and wait until after you fucked Miss Ellen. But man, the temptation was still there, and she didn't make it easier.

It was the last lesson on thursday (before my session with Miss Ellen) and I was bunking it, figuring that I'll sneak into the gym and practice my basketball, as all the P.E teachers were out doing some school competition. I changed my clothes in the changing room, and went to the Sports Hall, picking the lock and getting the ball. After 50 minutes of dribbling, shooting and scoring, I returned the ball and worked my way to the changing room. I had taken off my shirt and just took down my shorts when the door opened and Codi walked in, catching me in my boxers.

She grinned as she looked at my bulge, and said, "Well, there's a treat. Thanks for the delicious surprise." "You do realise that the girls have a separate changing room?" I asked, trying to act as if stuff like this happens every day. "It was locked, and I don't regret it" she replied, with a wink. I swear to God, the next part's real. After saying that, she walked to the bench opposite me and unbuttoned and removed her shirt, revealing a red satin bra. "What are you doing?" I asked, still remaining cool.

"Changing for after-school fitness" she replied, now removing her skirt to reveal matching panties. "You don't think I have this body without effort, do you?", giving me a twirl. She made a real show, pushing her ass out as she bent down to pull up her gym shorts, and pushing her breasts out as put on her tight-fitting top. I was really struggling to keep my dick from hardening, but not even Jesus could keep his down while watching this.

She walked right up to me and, cupping her hand over my crotch, whispered in my ear: "Trust me, I am aroused by you just as much as you're aroused by me". Then, she was gone. After a few seconds, I went out and checked the Girls changing room. It was unlocked. After that, I needed to fuck someone. I mean, I really needed to fuck someone. I almost sprinted to my extra lesson, and when I got there, barged straight through the door, locking it behind me.

I barely gave time for Miss Ellen to speak before I was on her, locking lips, squeezing her tits, undoing and removing her shirt. "What's gotten into you?" she asked, when I freed her mouth to suck on those glorious nipples. I stopped briefly to say in a soft tone, "What, you don't want this to happen?" "Of course, this is exactly what I imagined" she replied, pulling her skirt and knickers down.

I aimed with the tongue, and penetrated her cunt, like a man possessed. I worked and worked until I thought she was wet enough and plunged my 9" dick straight in. She moaned in pain, but I forced it in further, hearing her moans turn from pain to pleasure. I barely noticed the time passing, I just fucked her in every way possible, doggy, missionary, and some positions that definitely worked, judging by her screams.

But all good things come to an end, and roughly after half an hour, that I reached my climax, aimed, and cummed all over body. With a sigh, I collapsed, drained of energy. Man, she is gonna have trouble walking the next day, I thought. After a minute, I gathered my strength and stood up. Miss Davis was still on the floor, breathing heavily. I helped her and watched as she wiped my cum off her, then licking her fingers clean.

"Next time, you will cum inside of me, I will not take no for an answer. Do I make myself clear?" she asked in that seductive voice of hers. "Yes, Miss" I replied, in that cool, relaxed voice. As I exited her lesson, I was already making my plans for Codi, and I can guarantee that she was probably gonna be even better than Miss Ellen.

My Supply Teacher part 6 My plan didn't work. Mainly due to fall break, which I had completely forgotten about. Tomorrow was the day we go back and I was not looking forward to it, as Miss Ellen was on some training sesson and I wouldn't see her until our private lesson. Still, I had my hopes that I might pull Codi today, but realistically, shes probably not that interested in me.

Maybe she would have flirted with any guy that was in my situation.

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First lesson of the day: English I sat down wearily, seeing the seat next to me was empty. it was almost a shame, because my god, she ha- The door opened and codi walked in, wearing a tight green top and jeans.

I swear even the teacher stared at her tits as she went to her seat (wait.is that look on his face.relief?) "Where were you?", I asked, while the teacher started talking about literature. "I was touching myself in my bedroom, and lost track of time", she replied casually, writing down whats on the board.

I didn't expect that. Maybe I should have. "Really?", I asked, to which she laughed. As I was writing down the questions, I kept thinking if I should just make a move on her. I mean, my god, she was hot! Even now, my eyes kept glancing at her tits, how i could see her perky nipples sticking out of her top due to the air-conditioning.

Her- "Hey, what did you get for 7?" Codi asked, snapping me out of my trance. The rest of the lesson passed by, me and Codi talking to each other, even though we're probably thinking about the last time we saw each other, in the changing room.

However, the english teacher told us to pack up ten minutes before the end of the lesson, which was unusual, though he probably had some ulterier motive, the bastard. He then told me to stay behind (I knew it!) and said: "You may be wondering why I ended the lesson earlier than usual. Truth is I'm off for the day, but before I do, you know about the trail experiment we are doing, we send two of our students to a primary school to be teachers for a day, just like we have two primary students here for one day, the idea being that each can see their future or their past." "Ok", I said slowly, knowing where this is going.

Well this year, one of the two people that are going this year is you. I hope that's fine with you." "Who's the other Person?" "Well, I took a lot of thought and decided that you and the other person have to work well together, and seeing that you and Codi seem to get along well, I chose her." "That's fine", I replied.

Dude, you are the most awesome teacher ever. He gave me the address and said he'll ask Codi as well. If she agrees, he said that I don't have to come to school tomorrow, and with that, went out. I was about to walk out of the door, then remembered I had some porn on my Memory stick and figured I might as well as watch it in the adjoining computer room to pass time, as the cameras there were broken.

I chose the computer that had the overhead projector, plugged in my memory stick and settled down to watch porn- cinema style. However, five minutes in, just as the two girls were about to finger each other, someone came in the classroom. Fast as lightning, I unplugged the memory stick, logged off and got ready to dive under the table if the doorknob turned.

Luckily, the person stayed where he was. It also sounded like there was someone else there. I looked through the keyhole and saw my englsih teacher and Codi? "I did what you asked. Now tell me where is the photos?" "Oh, you mean the photos of you and that woman that is not your wife making out?", she replied. My jaw dropped a million miles. My english teacher with a woman? Man, where is the apocalyspe?

"Don't worry, I didn't have any photos. I only saw you two together, which is why I asked for that second place in that trip with Mark and not anything more. "But.", the teacher stammered. "That means." "Yes, you're safe. Be glad that it was a nice person like me that found you." Without saying another word, the english teacher left. Codi laughed, and left as well, leaving me confused as hell.

My Supply Teacher part 7 I woke up early the next day. Yesterday's events changed my perspective of Codi and I really didn't feel like being around her, but I knew I had to go, or I'll be in a whole pile of trouble. Also, next week, Miss Ellen would return from her training session, thus I figured no matter how bad this day might be, I still had something to look forward to.

So, with a weary sigh, I took a shower, let off some steam (a.k.a. wanking), then got dressed in a casual shirt and trousers. Eating a slice of bread on my way out, I went to the primary school, which was only two streets away from mine. I arrived 10 mins early, met up with the teachers and they explained that my role was just to assist the teachers, and look after the children.

Already, I was hating the sound of this, but nothing could be done to stop this, so i sat on a spare chair in the classroom and turned inwards, into a deep trail of thought. Why did Codi bother me so much?

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Was it because I found out she was just as deceptive and manipulative as I was? Did I hate being the one being played? I tried to reassure myself that it was that, but I felt there was something more to this that I haven't realised. I brooded in silence, not even noticing the bell, stuck in my thoughts, until I was brought back to earth by a tap on the back.

I turned around and saw a Brunette, with red streaks in her hair. "Daydreaming, Eh?", she asked, and I could already tell she was one of those bubbly, hyper type of person. Not exactly the personality I would prefer, but she was attractive, seemed nice, so I took more of an interest than I should have. Maybe because I was trying to get Codi out of my head.

I found out that her name was veronica and that she was also part of a program from school, but her school was on the other side of the county. She had an interest in childcare and wanted to be a nurse. I told her that the job would be depressing for me, and when she asked why, I told her that every child must grow up, to became adults and start making mistakes.

Talking to her some more, I found out that she was in no serious relationship, which for me, is basically saying, "I wont get mad if we had sex." Grabbing stools, we settled outselves into a corner, and I settled back for the hour.

Unfortunately, five minutes after the start of the lesson, in typical fashion, Codi walked in, dressed in a tight tank-top under a open red shirt, with tight, form fitting leggings.

I felt my dick jump a notch, and I swear even some of the little boys was staring at her tits. Apologising, she looked around and saw me and Veronica.

Our eyes lockedboth of us unable to read the expression on the other persons face. Then, she got a stool, and placed herselffar away from us. Veronica gave me a questioning look, and I replied, "Don't ask". Throughout the lesson, when I wasn't helping the class, I chatted up Veronica and ignored Codi. A few times, I thought I saw her glancing at us, when Veronica was laughing or when we had body contact, but she she didn't say or do anything, and I returned the treatment.

During break, I took Veronica to a spare classroom, and soon as she closed the door, started kissing her. I expected her to react violently, but she kissed me back and soon, I was groping her breasts while our tounges fenced in our mouths.

To my surprise, as I was about to remove my trousers, she stopped me, saying, "making out with me due to revenge does turn me on, but I don't want to have sex with you. I'm sorry if that offended you. Taking it in my stride, I said that we are not having sex, at least I should do something memorable, and with that slid my hand down her panties, and shoved two fingers into her clit. As i worked, I noted that her clit wasn't as tight as Miss Ellen was, which was weird as Veronica was a lot younger.

On the plus side, she definately was a good screamer, which made me curious as to what would happen if. I started digging the two fingers in, whiles using my other hand to pull down her skirt and panties. Breathing in her aroma, I placed the tip of my tounge on her outer libia, and slowly licked it, tasting her sweet juices, still digging in slowly until.

Veronica gave a gut-wrenching cry as I brushed her G-spot. I paused, my fingers still in her, gave her a cool smile, and increased my assualt, still licking the outer libia for added stimulus. Veronica's screams got higher and higher, she started to hyperventilate, until, finally her body jerked, and she cummed.

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Giving her a few minutes to catch her breath, I asked her what she meant by revenge. " Well, Codi is your ex, isin't she?" As I went to bed that night, I remember one bit of that lesson, Codi picking up a small child when he managed to finish the work, with such love and pride on her face.

I remember how happy it made me feel, how I realised how smart, funny and kind she was. It was at that moment that I realised what was bothering me at the beginging of the day. If Codi was being manupilative like me, all those talks we had, did she mean the words she said? Did she really like me? The horror of that moment, when I knew I had a crush, maybe even love, for Codi, shook me to the core.

I tumbled and twisted, trying to go to sleep, but the words "every child must grow up" echoed in my head, making sure I wouldn't get any sleep.

(If anyone didn't understand the last paragraph, "every child must grow up", it basically meant that our protaganist, a 16-year-old boy is starting to change, to grow up. From a teenager's view of sex (in most cases, some adult's view of sex as well), he is begining to feel attraction, possibly even love, instead of just looking at their bodies and wanting to shag them.

Yes, I'm changing the theme of the story rapidly here, but real life doesn't work the way it does for the protaganist in the first part of this series. Still, leave your comments, tell me what to think and thz for reading.) My Supply Teacher part 8 The weekend didn't go well for me.

Thoughts of Codi were stuck to my head. The only thing I had to look forward to was Miss Ellen on Monday, although that initially cheered me up, on Sunday evening, I developed guilt for the way I've been treating her. (Wow, Codi must have really fucked me over). Although me and her have probably just wanted the physical connection doesn't mean I shouldn't treat her like some whore. Before I went to Bed, I promised myself that I am going to focus on her during our next session.

Of course, I didn't want to admit my attractions for Codi, and in my mind, if I have sex with Miss Ellen, that proves how I dont care about her. Childish, I know, but that's how I felt at that time.


School next day was. I don't even remember. The lessons passed like seconds, and before I knew it, It was after school and I was going to my after school lesson. I watched her from the window, while she was talking to some kid, writing on the board. Dressed in a tight knee-length shirt and a navy blue shirt with short sleeves, I found her to be so.beautiful.

She deserved way more then what was going on between us now. When she was done, after the kid ran out, I simply stood by the door and watched, her being so focused on marking the pile of books that she didn't notice me. Eventually, after finishing her work and standing up, she saw me. "Hey, how long were you standing there?", she asked. "Doesn't matter", I replied. After a pause, I simply said, "You look nice". "Don't I always?", she asked, a playful expression on her face.

She gestured me to come over with one finger. I walked towards her, knowing that this is going to be different from the other times we had sex. Standing face to face, with my hand on her waist, hold each other tightly, I gently stroked her cheek with my finger, smiled at her confusion and kissed her.

This time, it was slow and gentle, our tounges dancing slowly, as I ran my hand through her hair. When we paused, she asked me what the hell had happened to me. I looked deep into her eyes, brushed a strand of hair from a face and said, "I missed you, that's all". The most beautiful expression appeared on her face, an expression that I cannot even describe, something that made me happy to the bottom of my heart.

As we continued our embracing kiss, I couldn't help to think about my initial impressions of her, of Codi, of any other girl before I met her. In a way, Miss Ellen had changed my life, especially as. Returning to earth, I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra, then pulled down her skirt slowly. I went back up her body, and started kissing her all over the body. Sucking her tits, licking her navel, kissing her neck, all done in a slow and powerful passion.

I didn't even care about my own pleasure, just wanted to make her feel as good as possible. Time seemed to freeze for us, and no matter how corny that sounded, in all honesty, that is what it felt like me.

My work was making Miss Ellen extremely aroused, her clit was drenched, she was rubbing herself, so to help her, with no pause, I instantly went down on her, licking the juices off the outer labia, before entering her clit with my tounge, instantly going to her most sensitive areas, which I knew due to so many encounters, and began playing with her nipples at the same time.

When she was nice and wet, she begged me to make love to her. I noticed the "make love" instead of "sex" and knew that she was feeling the same things I was.

I extracted my tounge, and removed my trousers and boxers, my 9" inch cock standing fully alert. I rubbed my dick around her clit, using her juices as lubricant to make it easier. Making sure my cock was lubed enough, I gently eased my head of my dick in, enjoying Miss Ellen's moans. Leaving the head in her pussy, I kissed her slowly, with passion, before saying, "When you say". When she nodded, I gently pushed my dick in, bringing it almost out before going a few cm deeper.

My ears filled with the orchestra of pleasure that Miss Ellen was giving off. Slowly kissing her, all the time going deeper in her, until I felt my balls hit her. I gave a proud smile at getting 9" in her, before gently fucking her at her command. I slowly increased the speed, making sure that my cock goes in deep every time, and told her to tell me when she could feel the orgasm. After 10 minutes of fucking, she finally nodded, saying she couldn't hold it back anymore, and neither could I.

I rapidly increased my speed, pounding her cunt. Miss Ellen began to scream in pure pleasure, she started having spasms, started hyperventilating, almost fainting as I continued to penetrate her cunt, limiting myself slightly to increase her time of pleasure, until I finally felt her begin to lock up, and going at 100% with my dick, released my load.

Miss Ellen could feel my hot cum going deep in her, and with a scream cummed as well, drenching my dick with her sweet juices. We both collapsed to the floor, not even having the energy to stand her. I dragged myself towards her and wrapped my arms around her.

For a while, we just laid there, completely naked, not a care in the world apart from each other. Eventually, I asked her a question that I had never thought of. "What's your name?" She stared at me, and I defensively said that I can't keep calling her Miss Ellen.

With a smile, snuggling back up to me, she told me. Lucy. Lucy Ellen. "Well then, Lucy, a real pleasure to meet you at last." I said, both of us laughing as I held her lovingly, protectively. Stroking her hair, not a care in the world and simply watching the clouds pass over the window. My Supply Teacher (Final) The rain fell from the clouds and drenched everything below it.

The occasional roar of thunder engulfed my ears, almost making me deaf. I wearily moved, trying to find a comfortable position on the hard, cold bus stand seat. Has it really been three weeks since Lucy and I made love in that classroom? Three weeks? From that high point in my life to now? In three weeks?


Why did it all go wrong? The first week, it was amazing. Me and Lucy constantly made love, meeting up after school, going to romantic places, ducking when we recognised someone from school, it was the best week of my life.

But I hadn't realised that pain I still was in. Codi. Despite having the hottest girlfriend I could wish for, Codi still appeared in my dreams, dreams where I would comfort her, kiss her and.

I shook my heads, not wanting to relive my dreams. Going deeper than this, I knew that this relationship is wrong, and how it wouldn't last, that something would break us up.

My worst fear was fufilled during the second week, my school was so impressed with Miss Ellen's enthusiaum and hard work, that they offered her.

When she told me, I didn't say anything, only smiled and wiped a tear from her cheek, telling her it was fine, at which point, she lost control and bawled into her shoulder while I held hertelling her how it was alright.

To try and make her hate me, so that she wont be miserable, I told her all about Codi and my attraction for her, but to my surprise, it made her realise that we are not meant for each other. Her words, which I still remember, cut me to the core. "No matter what we feel, you and I are not meant to be together! I'm not going to come to school for the last few days. Forget about me and leave me alone!" So here I am, waiting here in the pouring rain, at the coach stand.

I had tried to respect her command, but this was the day that she left and I had to see her. But she didn't show. I looked everywhere, on every bus (not knowing her coach), but I didn't spot her. When I was sure that her coach would have left, I walked back to my seat, dejected, when I saw an envelope.

Ripping it off, knowing who it was for and who wrote it, I unfolded the letter and read: I knew that you come. I know the pain you're feeling, because I feel it too. But we would never work. You know who your soulmate is, and I know that she thinks the same about you. I'll never forget the times we had, I'll treasure them. Promise me that you'll never be sad that i left, but be happy for the times we had.

What you should do now, you know it, I need not explain. Goodbye, Mark, I'll miss you forever. Lucy Ellen. No one could see the tears on my face, as they mixed with the rain.

No one could feel my sorrow, my anguish, so I carried on crying, lamenting the loss of Lucy, my Lucy. As I walked away, I know what i had to do, and it scared me. I stopped at the entrance, smiled with my tears, and said "Goodbye, Miss Ellen", and walked back home.

I didn't stop, I didn't look back. THE END