Cantante alejandra guzman story porno

Cantante alejandra guzman story porno
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Sarina's words echoed in my ears. For the next hour I sat in my car thinking about how she humiliated me in front of my own daughter. Sure, Elli didn't know it was me. I also couldn't believe that I had just violated my own thirteen year old girl. I had cum directly in het without even thinking of condoms or birth control. What if Elli got pregnant? What would people say if it got out? How would Monica handle it? I'd go to jail and die there.

Everyone has heard the stories about what happens to child molesters in jail. It must be worse for guys that molest their own daughters.


I stomach turned sour with regret and anxiety. Maybe if I just put it behind me.

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I had to find a way to resist the temptations that Black bitch put before me. She was the devil in disguise. I resolved to not go back down that dark path. I had to return to the things that made me happy before. And find a way to convince my wife and daughter that Sarina shouldn't come around anymore. Most importantly without letting them know of the sins I committed or having Sarina tell them.

I still had to play along long enough to convince my family without pissing off the fat demon woman. I waited till almost ten before heading back to the house. I barely acknowledged Elli or the bitch and headed to bed. Monica came home late from her girls' night.

I turned to cuddle her while we both feel asleep. It felt good to hold my wife. Too long had passed since I appreciated her being in my life.

Starting in the morning I would change that and try to get our marriage out of the rut it was in. the morning came and I insisted that Monica, Elli and I have a family day. We dropped the Black bitch off and went to breakfast as a family.


After eating we went to an early movie followed by some shopping at the small boutiques downtown. Monica thought it was sweet and Elli protested every step of the way. That's how most of the week was; me being more family oriented, more romantic with my wife, more fatherly with my daughter, and in general trying to be a better person.

A speed bump appeared Thursday evening on my silent road to papal atonement. During dinner Monica received texts from a friend and told me she was going out with the girls again to a club. At first I want happy about her bailing on the evening she knew I had planned. But I decided to make lemonade out of this news. I could spend the time bonding with my daughter, and in a way that is proper for a father. After dinner Monica got dressed for the club scene. It had been a while since I saw her dress so sexy.

A couple times while she was getting ready I tried to get her in the mood for a quickie before she left. Each time I was rejected due to time or her not in the mood. Once Monica left for her night out I turned my attention to my baby girl. I did everything I could to engage her in conversation. I ended up winning her attention by offering to buy ice cream. Elli and I went to the store to pick up or favorite flavors.

On the way home I saw Monica's friend Lisa heading into the gym at the same shopping center as the store. We made or pleasantries, I inquired why she wasn't out with Monica and the girls.

She said they must have not invited her because this was her normal gym night. Elli and I made it home. We both at our ice cream and watched some horrible movie that Elli loved. It wasn't much but it was a step in the right direction.

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I headed off to bed knowing that my wife would be late getting home. I nodded off with a book in my hand. The bathroom door closing woke me slightly.

I rolled to look at the clock: 2:47.

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Monica emerged from the bathroom in her night gown. She noticed me awake, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you." She turned off the light and crawled into bed. I shifted over so I could hold her. "You were out later than I expected, did you have fun?" She didn't resist the cuddle nor did she more into it, "Yeah I had a great time." Spooning felt nice. So nice, my dick decided to get in on the action. I kissed the back of her neck. "I'm tired." She protested.

"So am I." I replied. I let my hand slip down her back to her ass.


"I just want to go to sleep, maybe tomorrow." She tried to rebuke my advances again. My hand found the cleft of her butt and I pushed aside her panties. My middle finger slipped began the folks of her pussy lips. I was a bit surprised to find her pussy soaking wet. "That's not what your pussy is telling me." She got stiff in bed for a moment and then reached back to grasp my hard dick.

We masturbated one another for a couple minutes. I shifted down in bed, moving to be able to eat her out. She stopped me once my intent was clear, "Just fuck me, I need to get to sleep soon for work tomorrow." I wanted to please her but I was also in need of getting off too. I hadn't masturbated since the night Sarina seduced me into fucking my own daughter. No, I couldn't think about that while fucking my wife. I had to stay here in the present. I moved back up in the bed and slowly pressed my dick into my wife.

She was so wet I had no resistance entering her hot cunt. I pistoned in and out of her. Each of my thrusts met with a soft moan. This time I would be able to cum and not worry later about an unwanted pregnancy like with Elli. The thought of fucking Elli slipped back into my mind. He sat tight young pussy grasping her own fathers cock. I pushed the memory away but not before it pushed my balls over the edge.

I exploded in my wife's wet pussy. I collapsed next to her in bed panting. Monica reached for a vibrator for her nightstand drawer. "Sorry sweetie, I need to cum." With that she began plunging the sex toy in and out of her now sloppy pussy. I excused myself to go clean up while she masturbated.

I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the light.


Grabbed a washcloth and cleans off my soft cock. I tossed the used rag into the hamper and noticed Monica panties, the ones she had worn to the club. With how wet she was when she came home I was curious how she tasted and smelt since she didn't let me go down on her.

So I picked up the discarded panties. The crotch of the garment was soaked. But it wasn't what I had expected it to be. There was a huge glob of semen in them. From the other room Monica moaned out in a powerful orgasm.