Japanese adorable chick takes on a sex toy hardcore blowjob

Japanese adorable chick takes on a sex toy hardcore blowjob
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It was dark and quiet outside the apartment.

The light slanted in from the street lights outside putting a strange orange glow throughout the room. Only enough light entered to show the dark shapes of the furniture not enough to clearly show what they were. He followed you into to the room, and stepped close behind you.

You hear him draw the scent from your hair deep into his lungs. He put his hands on your shoulders and turns you to him.

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He bends down and gently brushes his lips against yours. You know he is looking into your eyes but can't see them in the dim light. He kisses your lips, your cheek, nibbles your earlobe and kisses your neck, lightly biting. While he is kissing you he has run his hands down your back and grabs your bottom pulling you tightly against him. You can feel him pressed hard against your lower belly.

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He backs you to the bed and undoes your shirt, gently. His big hands tremble as he undoes each button.

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He pushes your shirt over your shoulders and slides it off your arms. He kisses your shoulders first one then the other nibbling a little. He kisses his way across to your throat and down to the hollow of your neck.

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He carefully reaches behind you and unbinds your bra and slides it off your body. The air is slightly chill and you can feel your already taught nipples tighten further.

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With his hands on either side of your waist he runs his hands up until they are level with your breasts and leans in placing a kiss over your heart. Then leaning back slightly kisses your left nipple lightly and then flicks it lightly with the end of his tongue. You can feel the heat from his breath as he opens his mouth and places his lips over your nipple.

He gently sucks your nipple into his mouth rubbing his tongue under your nipple rolling it gently against the roof of his mouth. He nips just lightly and continues to flick and suck while his other hand is gently rolling and pulling your right nipple.

The he switches sides providing the same care and stimulation.


He begins to lower his hands down your sides and gently runs his nails across your belly to the button on your jeans. He pops first one and then the next. He kneels slowly and his next kiss is against your bellybutton it is soft and warm. Then he kisses just a little bit lower, just to the edge of your panties.

He eases off your jeans and kisses your mound through the fabric of the panties. As he is kissing his hands roam over your exposed bottom, his hands slide up and lower the panties. After you step out he gently pushes you back against the bed and lowers you onto it. He lifts your legs so that you are spread wide while your knees are pressed against your breasts. You can feel his breath against you, cold and hot at the same time.

You feel yourself involuntarily clench and even though you were moist before, are now wet. Again he lowers himself and leans in to your fully exposed vagina. He breaths deep and as he exhales his hot breath washes over a very exposed you. You can feel the heat from his breath on your mound. He flicks his tongue against your already engorged clitoris just lightly.

Then he licks from the bottom of your wet opening all the way back to your hard little clit like he is licking the most delicious ice cream. He does that a few times then begins to lick around your clitoral hood while one index finger just gently slides in and out just to his first knuckle. Not only can you feel this just barely there stimulation but it is maddening as it promises without delivering.


Then he slowly eases in a single finger to his second knuckle and then pulls that finger out and then penetrates you with two; The whole while he is licking gently with a flicking tongue and sucking quite hard. Then he curves his fingers inside you and begins to stimulate your g-spot. Suddenly you feel a finger from his other hand pushing lightly against your ass. The muscles stretch ever so slightly and admit his finger just to the first knuckle adding a level of sensation unexpected.

The first orgasm hits hard and unexpectedly with an intense need to bear down. You moan lightly to let him know how you are feeling.

He licks lightly for a little while longer then helps you move back on the bed. He strips his shirt and jeans off of himself slowly taking time to savor what will come next.

He lowers his boxers freeing himself.

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He then moves on to the bed and positions himself with your legs resting on his hips. He gently lowers his cock and gently and slowly slides inside you as deep as he can. The light from a car headlight hits his face just right to let you see he is looking into your eyes. He pulls out as far as he can and then thrusts as deep as he can. He does this faster and faster until all you have is sensation and the sound of your bodies meeting in passion.

Again your body clenches and the release is wonderful. As your muscles clench you can feel him spend himself, contraction after contraction spurting deep inside you. He bends down and kisses your lips once smiles in the light lays on his side and cuddles you close to his chest so that you can feel his rapidly softening cock against your bottom and his fast heart beat against your back.

Safe, warm and sated you drift to sleep in his arms.