Lovable cutie is geeting pissed on and blasts wet vagina

Lovable cutie is geeting pissed on and blasts wet vagina
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"Kiss me again you fool!" So saying she pulled his head to hers and devoured his lips, drawing him deeper into her spell. He was helpless, caught by her surprisingly strong arms, and though his mind screamed that this was wrong, that he couldn't, his body wanted her.

It was several minutes before she let him come up for air, and he gasped for breath as she wrapped her hunter's legs around his waist, so that even if he'd wanted to, there was no separating them. With her hands she tore at his chest wildly, making him cry out, drawing blood with her wicked nails. He pulled her hands away and braced himself above her, holding her arms out like he was crucifying her.

Then he gazed down into her face, her eyes aflame with what he assumed must be passion.


She licked her pink lips seductively and purred, "Like what you see?" But she knew he did because his hardened cock was straining against her inner thigh, begging to be admitted. Still he stared, his gaze moving lower now, to her pale neck, swan-like and aristocratic, then down to her perfect breasts, covered only by a scrap of diaphanous material that seemed to shimmer in the dim light of her chamber.

Below, though he could not see, he could feel that the same thin covering traced the line of her stomach and down, revealing more than it concealed. She laughed, a low throaty laugh like she was remembering a private joke, and then she suddenly pressed upward with her pelvis, driving it and him into the air and then dropping down again, causing him to slam into her pubis, making her cry out.

Then he was hers, utterly. All thoughts of escape, denial, of anything but her body were driven from his mind. She could see it in his eyes and she laughed again, a joke he didn't understand but didn't care. Somehow he was naked, though he didn't remember taking his clothes off.

Somehow his shaft of pure iron was squeezed between her legs, between the powerful muscles of her thighs. He could feel the wetness of her passage beckoning him, oozing out to coat his crotch even as she writhed and playfully tried to free her hands from his.

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The animal took him and he dove into her, licking, biting, kissing his way down her chin, over her pretty collarbone, noticing belatedly that somehow she had removed the swathe of fabric from her breasts as he was already attacking them like a madman. She arched her back and rolled her head back and screamed, a sound which, had he been in a better frame of mind he might have thought eerie, but as it was it simply drove him on.

He ground his pelvis against hers, making her wail, an unearthly wail that seemed to grab him and drag him deeper. She bucked her hips again and again he drove against her, feeling her wetness spread over him and move upward to her abdomen and his as she pressed her body to his like she wished to join the two as one. He felt no need to keep her pinned; it was as if she was helpless beneath him. His hands moved like lightning down her flanks to cup themselves beneath her tight buttocks and pull her hips closer to him as he pressed his length against her, driving her into the bed.

Her hands clawed his back but he was beyond caring. He raised himself with sheer strength until he was face to face with her, wild eyes boring into his soul. And then he entered her, with one stroke, and he felt complete.

Her mouth opened but no sound came out, her eyes looking shocked in a way he wished every woman he'd fucked had had. With his hands still firmly on her rear he simply ground himself into her, his coarse hair rasping at her lips, her clitoris, every part of her most sacred of places.

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He collapsed onto her, pressing her nipples, peaked and almost sharp, into his chest, feeling every breath she took as she gasped for air under his onslaught. He felt powerful there, atop her frail form, his swarthy body making hers all the more pale, his bulk making her seem smaller, though she was as tall as he. Suddenly, without warning, she was atop him, though he did not know how, wordlessly rocking her hips back onto his shaft, enveloping him in her tight warmth, head reared back.

He found his arms on her breasts, the stiff peaks pressing into his palms, and for a moment he was so disoriented that he nearly came without realizing. But he fought to control himself. He wanted to see her face when he brought her to orgasm, see that curious look of pain that every man wants to give a woman, feel her tighten on him, feel the waves ride over the whole length of his cock.

Now she had her arms back behind her, her back arched, her breasts moving out of reach. She ground against his legs in a circular motion, and he could feel her buttocks pressing on his thighs. Her stomach was flat, her belly button so tempting that he had to stroke it, and she laughed, the motion felt by both his hands and his cock inside her.

She moved slowly but somehow it was more sensation than he'd ever had from a woman riding him. Then he was behind her, she on her hands and knees, and again his disorientation nearly took him over the edge. Had her passage not been so tight and warm, he might have thought about these abrupt shifts, but his hips moved on their own, slamming his shaft into her with such force that she cried out again, a long, low, animal cry, and flipped her head back, her cascade of hair flowing from one side to the other.

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She shuddered as he drove again, and this shudder passed through her into him like lightning. He was still shaking when he found himself looking down at her again, her eyes holding his, her hands on his face. He realized he was covered in sweat, that he felt the seed welling up in his groin, his cock tightening. "Cum," she whispered.


"Release. Pass through my portal. Pour your soul into my chamber." He didn't know what she was talking about but it didn't matter, he was cumming. Spurt after spurt of heat jetted from his core, splashing into her. And it didn't stop; it was as if his entire life-force was concentrated in the base of his spasming cock, straining to be released.

His eyes widened and his body went limp, and he would have fallen if not for her hands supporting him with secret strength.

And then he knew, as he looked into her eyes. But he couldn't stop.

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He kept cumming and cumming, surely filling her to the brim with his manhood, but still she asked more. He felt himself being drawn out, pulled into the warm darkness of her passage, draining into her with every pulse of his nearly empty body. She smiled, and it was a smile of victory.

Then he was gone. She rolled over slowly, luxuriously, licking her lips as if she had just eaten the most delicious confection.


Her pale back shone in the moonlight. Her hair fell to the bed like a waterfall. In the darkness beneath, her eyes glinted with hunger.

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