Blonde sucking monster cock in public

Blonde sucking monster cock in public
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Hello readers, welcome to another installment of debauchery. Leave helpful comments about the story and let me know if you see errors.

One last thing, check the comments for answers to questions before asking. Many questions have already been answered there. Potential by Bistander Chapter 16 Nothing to Prove The next morning, Evan awoke refreshed from the dead sleep the previous day's hard labor brought on. Tonight, he would be in Cindy's car, doing hot laps. That was something to be excited about, so why was he still in bed, staring at the ceiling?

His mother never missed a go-cart race, and it didn't matter where he finished, she always hugged him like he had won. She would want to be at the racetrack when he drove, but because of his father, he had to keep it a secret.

That's why he was still in bed, he wanted Deana to come upstairs and convince him that their mother needed to know and she would be able to help him deal with their father. Truthfully, Evan pictured Deana laying at his side, trying to convince him that kissing her was safe. It wasn't. The night before, Deana had wanted him as much as he wanted her. The problem was, Deana could compartmentalize her feelings, but he'd be all in, head-over-heels in love with her, just like he used to be.

He might be able to get away with driving Dale's car, but he had no chance of keeping an ongoing love affair under wraps while living in the same house. It's time to get this show on the road, he thought and got out of bed. Doing hot laps wasn't racing, but pressing the pedal down on eight-hundred horsepower was like kissing Deana—the most terrifying thing he could fall in love with. He made a vow, Deana's lips are off limits. Downstairs, the house was exceptionally quiet. After peeing and brushing his teeth, Evan passed Deana and Gloria's rooms, both empty.

Gloria hadn't come upstairs to remind him about her game. She might need more time to get over having his cock head jammed into her crotch. At least the thing with Jayda had been worked out, sort of. He needed to avoid her. There was no telling how she would act. Jeez, there was no telling how he would act. Fucking Jayda was incredible, and he'd do it again if he got a chance. Sex was easy; he could do it ten times a day and enjoy it every time if love wasn't involved.

Though being in love with Stacey hadn't been complicated, and the sex was great, too. The kitchen light was off, but before he flipped the switch, Evan saw Deana.

She was in a daze, staring into the sink with a towel on her head and one around her body. It would be immature, but he didn't know how else to break the ice. Plus, it would serve her right for wearing a towel that barely reached the bottom of her butt cheeks. His mother busted him ever time he stepped out of the bathroom, yet Deana walked around the house like that. He was close enough to touch her and about to shout, "Boo," when he noticed how long her neck seemed without the cloak of black hair.

It was narrow and delicate. He grabbed her by the shoulders, but she didn't do her pathetic fear dance.

She said, "Nice try, but you came down the stairs like a caveman." "Oh," he said, still holding her. She smelled wonderful, and her neck was inviting his lips to touch it. He reached around her body, pressed his forearms into her stomach and pulled her against him. It wasn't her lips, so it wouldn't actually be kissing. His head bowed forward, and his rationalization backfired.

How could anything be so soft and make him feel so good? He kissed the top of her shoulder, moved to the curve of her neck, then nibbled that tender flesh below her ear. Her head rolled forward and to the side.

A low murmur rose from her throat. Deana turned halfway, looked up and licked her lips. He closed his eyes and let it happen. Instantly, their passion was beyond what he was prepared to handle. He tightened his hold and lifted her into the kiss. How was he supposed to let her go?

The compressor cycled off, and the refrigerator went quiet. It was like he had just emerged from a dream and the only sound was their excited panting. "Ah, Deana." He opened his eyes, and his sister was already staring at him. The look in her eyes wasn't one he was familiar with, and it didn't make him comfortable. "No, no more kissing." He let her go and stepped back.

Deana reached for him, and her towel fell. She didn't try to catch it. The image of Deana's pink, cotton-puff nipples, erecting and turning a fiery, red scarred his brain. His eyes followed her stomach down to the hairless mound between her hips. The smooth flesh swelled on each side of the slice that cut across her pubic bone.

His knees were weak. "You look like you've never seen a naked girl before." Her voice snapped him out of the trance, and he stopped imagining he was kissing his way down her body. "I haven't, um, haven't ever seen anything so—" He stopped himself and looked around.

It would be so easy to let it happen, and the most powerful thing he'd ever experience. Nobody would know, except them. "I mean I've never seen my sister naked." It would change their lives forever. "I've seen you naked." "That's when we were kids," he said. "We're not supposed to see each other, or kiss. I can't kiss you anymore." He picked up the towel and pushed it at her. "Cover that." "Don't you like it?" Deana asked, and took her time fastening the towel around her body. "That's the problem, I do.

like it, too much." "I don't mind," she said. "You can kiss me anytime you want." "No, you don't understand how it is for me." "Yes, yes, Evan, I do. I like you kissing me. It makes me happy." "But it's not right. It's not supposed to happen." "Says who?" He didn't care whose rule it was, he wanted her, but he'd have to move out of the house if it happened.

It wouldn't be possible for him to resist touching her, all the time. "Everybody, everybody knows isn't supposed to happen." Deana's voice was just above a whisper when she said, "Don't be sorry. Kiss me if you want to," then she started walking away.

"It's too dangerous," he said. Deana kept on walking. Evan skipped breakfast and got out of the house like it was burning. He was rock hard and ready, but that didn't scare him as it had before. His feelings were what terrified him. He thought he had been in love with Stacey, but he wouldn't have been willing to die for Stacey. Chancing death to be with Deana, that was fine with him, but what would his father do to her?

That was a risk he couldn't take. Jason read Darlene's text one more time before he replied, "I'll be there." Considering how her last dream turned out, he was nervous about going back to Ms. Style's house for this one, whatever it was. Darlene hadn't said don't bring Becky, but she also didn't tell him he should, and the girl's dreams were very particular. He couldn't chance it, he'd worry about Becky later. It wasn't his fault she went to the ballpark.

It was early for Gloria's game, but Evan didn't have anywhere else to go, so he went to the ballpark. He wanted to talk to Jason, even if he couldn't tell him the truth, but Jason had things to do for his mother.

It was about time, he thought because Jason never had chores . There were plenty of places to park close to field A, where Gloria would be practicing, but Evan parked at the far end of the lot and stayed in the car, listening to the radio. Avoidance was still his best strategy, but how could he do that?

The softball sisters would be together, and Candy and Miss Tonya would be sitting next to each other on the bleachers. He wasn't interested in sitting with the woman he wanted to have sex with and the one who had fucked his brains out.

Miss Tonya, that was his problem, she had done this to him. He left Jason a voicemail, "I have to get to the track early, so be ready. I'll pick you up at four-thirty. If you're not ready, I'm going without you, and I'm asking Billy Joe out." Jason pulled up behind an Acura TLX. Did that mean Ms. Style was home?

He turned off his engine. Darlene hadn't given him any details about her dream, but he had assumed she would be alone or with Brutus. He hadn't liked lying to Evan about what he was doing, and he'd feel worse about it if he got to meet Ms. Style without Evan. A hot flash went through him.

What if the dream involved Ms. Style? Evan would be mad, then. What choice did he have, though? He couldn't tell Evan about Darlene without explaining how it happened. One secret would uncover another, then another, and eventually Evan would know about Becky. That couldn't happen. If the shoe were on the other foot, Evan would do the same thing. He opened his door, got out of the truck and started towards the gate.

Darlene did tell him to meet her where they'd been last time, by the hot tub. Maybe she'd be in it with Ms. Style? The softball sisters were together on the field with their team and coach. Evan breathed a sigh of relief when he didn't see Miss Tonya or his mother. They must have gone shopping or something. He moved off to the side of the main bleachers so Gloria wouldn't notice him. Once her game was about to start, he'd let her know he was there, then after she played, he could go to the racetrack, where it would be easy to stop thinking about what happened.

For now, he was stuck with his thoughts of Deana's naked body. Jeez, his sister stood there and made no effort to conceal her nudity. He had seen her in the shower but didn't realize she had amazing pink caps and a perfect, bald pussy. How would those nipples feel on his lips and tongue? The sound of flip-flops slapping the dirt told him what to expect, so he braced himself and waited. His name rang out, "Evan," then he was stumbling forward.

When the legs came around his waist, he grabbed them. It was a welcomed annoyance, but he said, "Damn it, Becky, what's wrong with you." Becky asked, "Did you miss me?" He hadn't thought about Becky until now. Before Miss Tonya, he had already crossed a line. For years, Becky had been Jason's little sister and a pain in the ass.

Then one day, she was a flirt in a sexy pair of shorts. All Becky wanted was a kiss, and he ended up with her ass in his hands and her crotch grinding on his erection. The girl had morphed into a sexual creature who wanted to seduce him, and she had. Jason would be shocked if he knew what his sister was really like.

Now that her legs were wrapped around him and her crotch was hot on his lower back, all he could think about was Becky.

"I guess," he said. "Did you miss me?" "Mm," she purred in his ear, "I did." Her legs squeezed. "Let's sit down over there." "Okay, that would be better than me carrying you around all day." "I kinda like it," she said, "but I think my butt might be hanging out." He dropped her and turned around.

Becky was tugging on the end of a tiny black skirt. "Nice. Is it new?" Man, her entire ass must have been exposed, he thought. "Thanks, glad you like it." He followed her, hoping she'd climb the bleachers so he could see if she was wearing underwear. Becky sat on the first row with her legs slammed together. He sat next to her. Becky looked down at her painted toenails and said, "I thought you might be mad at me." "What for?" She turned her head towards him, but her hair still hid her face.

"Almost getting us caught by my mother." "You knew she was up?" "She always gets up early." "Not too smart," he said like he had sense. "I know, I kinda lost my head. What about you?" His excuse was that she started it and fucked his brains out. "How was I supposed to know she would be up. It's your house." "Yeah, I guess," she said and swept her hair over her shoulder.

"It was good, right? I thought it was great." Other than Miss Tonya's fuck clinic, Becky had been the best sex he'd ever had. She was tight and knew how to use it.

"Yes, but it could have turned out bad," he said. "Jason doesn't know, does he?" "No, you told me not to tell anyone." "Good, it's better that way." "Secrets," she said, "I think they're exciting." You would, he thought. "Got any to tell me?" "They wouldn't be secrets anymore if I told you." He wouldn't mind hearing things that Becky knew, but he was glad she knew how to keep a secret.

"True." "I might have one," she said. "It's not actually a secret because I never said I wouldn't tell." "What?" he asked. "It's about your," she made quotes with her fingers, "little sister's friend." She pointed. "That one." "Hmm." He looked in left field where Jayda was fielding balls that the assistant coach was hitting. His heartbeat increased drastically. Becky better not know about that.

"Tell me." "You sure you wanna know?" This most likely fell into the category of school girl gossiping, but he had to know if Jayda was blabbing. "Yes, tell me." "Not here," Becky said and got up. "I'll tell you in a secret place. It's bad." She crossed her right foot over her left and twisted like the cute, shy girl she used to be.

"Just tell me." "Over there, I'll tell you over there." Becky pointed, but he didn't look. "Don't you believe me?" she asked. Unfortunately, he did.

"I have to stay for Gloria's game. Tell me here." "You need to hear this, they're Gloria's friends, but you'll have to go over there for it." This couldn't turn out any worse than the day she caught him outside the bathroom. "Somebody will get the wrong idea if I go there with you." "That's not a problem," Becky said. "You come after I'm already there." She started walking. He checked to see if his sister had seen him, then watched Becky.

Her ass was sexy as fuck in that skirt. Darlene was in the same chair she'd been in last time, with the same black dog at her side. Her lips were slick with pink lip gloss. They curled up when he enter. He pictured them wrapped around his dick, but he wanted to kiss her. Darlene's grin vanished.

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"I know you think I'm nuts." He nodded, thinking about her last dream. "No." Darlene's painted toes wiggled. "You okay with doing something nobody can know about?" The dog's eyes shifted to Darlene's skirt, his followed. It was a pleated schoolgirl skirt and matching blouse, but the skirt wasn't the proper length for any school's dress code.

He said, "Sure." "It has to be completely on the down-low." Darlene had already gotten fucked by Brutus in front of him, fucked him, and watched a dog lick his balls, what could be more on the DL than that?

A queasy feeling crept into his stomach. Did she want him to get down on his hands and knees and let Brutus fuck him? "Was Brutus in your dream?" "No, he wasn't, but it looks like he thinks he might have a role.foreplay maybe," Darlene said. Jason's cock snake was dangling down his pants leg, growing heavier by the second. The dog's red, blue-veined prick had emerged from its sheath.

They both had the same goal, fucking Darlene. She pulled a Sharon Stone and showed him her pussy. Brutus got on his feet. The backdoor opened. "Brutus, you two-timing fleabag," a woman said from the doorway. Brutus turned towards her, his ears hanging. He looked guilty. "It's my fault," Darlene said. "No, it's my fault," the woman said. "I should have taught him better manners." "Jason," Darlene said, "this is Ms.

Style Pioneer. This is Jason." "Nice to meet you, Jason," the woman said. "Please, call me, Style. We're not too formal around here." That was an understatement.

"Nice to meet you, too," Jason said. Now he knew what Evan had been trying to say. There was too much to take in all at once, and what his brain could grasp, he wouldn't be able to describe later. Style Pioneer was as interesting as her name. Sexy, goth, maybe? Brutus licked Darlene's inner thigh, and she cooed. Jason watched to see how Style would react. She smiled without speaking.

He gulped, wondering if Style knew Darlene fucked her dog. "This is the boy from your dreams?" Ms. Style asked. "Yes, it is," Darlene said while holding Brutus's head away from her lap. He tried to figure out the relationship between Darlene and Style.

The woman had her hair in a ponytail that was pulled out through the back of a ball cap. Her shirt and shorts were striped like New York Yankees uniforms. Ms. Style put her hand on Darlene's shoulder. "You sure you want to do this?" "Absolutely," Darlene said. "Okay, I'll be inside," she said and went back in the house.

After checking, double checking and taking one last look over his shoulder, Evan ran up the mound of dirt. It didn't seem like a giant pile anymore, but the cool, damp seclusion on the other side had the same naughty appeal it had five years ago when he French kissed Paula.

Becky was waiting for him with her back against a tree. Her chest was pushed out and her nipples poked up under her shirt. Her feet were far enough apart that her skirt threatened to ride up and reveal the color of her underwear, or not. Evan wiped his forearm across his forehead. His father told him to act like a responsible teenager when he went out in public, but responsible teenager was an oxymoron.

"So, tell me," he said. She blew a small bubble and sucked it back before he could grab it. "I think you should kiss me first." "One kiss, then you tell!" He dipped down to meet her lips, knowing what kissing Becky would lead to.

Their mouths joined, and his tongue pushed between her lips. He got her gum, chewed it a few times, then spit it into the woods.

She sucked his tongue hard and held it with her teeth. Becky's fingertips circled his waistband, then tucked under the edge. He eased his hands under her shirt and squeezed her waist. Her skin was warm and touching it released that chemical in his brain that made him senseless. His zipper went down, and his growing cock shoved against his underwear. Becky pulled her mouth away. "Wow, you're already hard." The cool damp air made his ball sack tighten.

She raised her arms, and he lifted her shirt. The shape of her tits changed, and those freaky, candy-corn nipples shoved out and formed two cones. "You know this is dangerous and we shouldn't be doing it, right?" "I do," she said and grabbed his dick. "I still can't believe how hard it is. You're like steel, like Superman." He smiled and took her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. They fought against his pinch. Becky's flushed face turned up. He reached under her skirt and picked her up by her tight little ass.

Becky pulled her mouth away from his, huffed in three deep breaths and said, "Ah, kissing you gets me fucking hot." She had a wicked gleam in her eyes, just like that morning in her bedroom. "Let's do it." She cupped his balls in her soft palms and gently rolled them. He grunted and thrust his groin. His cock head skidded across Becky's belly. She stepped back, tucked her thumbs under the edge of her skirt and took it down to her ankles, then picked it up and hung it over a branch.

"I love getting naked outside. Don't you?" "I guess," he said. Her protruding mound of chestnut hair and plump pussy lips made him want to be inside her, right now. "It's dangerous wearing such a short skirt without underwear." "I know." She swirled her waist like a Hula dancer, stopping when her crotch was shoved out suggestively.

"It's exciting knowing that someone might see my ass." "You're one of a kind." He sucked a nipple until it wouldn't stretch anymore, then held it with his teeth and batted the solid tip with his tongue. She tugged on his hair. He switched tits and grabbed her crotch. His middle finger squeezed into the wet groove and sawed over her swollen bud. "You're already dripping." "I told you kissing you makes me hot." She wiggled and rocked, grinding her clit on his thrusting finger.

"I want you, ah, want you inside of me, now." That's what he wanted, too, but he said, "Not so fast," and got on his knees. Becky's Kryptonite was in front of his face. He sat on his folded legs, grabbed her hips and yanked her pussy towards his mouth. "Ah, I guess I can wait.if you're gonna do that." His tongue shot into the gap, plunging inside her succulent lips.

She moved in rhythm with his licking, her juices coating his taste buds. Jason's sister was sweet like forbidden fruit. "Fuck, you do that as good as a girl." With his nose smashed on her pubic bone, he diverted his eyes up.

Becky was biting her lower lip and twisting her nipples. "How do you know?" Becky grinned, grabbed his hair, and leaned back so far he thought she should have fallen.

His scalp stung. She let his hair go, threw her hands back and her body formed an arch. Becky was an undercover tumbler. "I've always wanted to try this," she said. It was the beginning of a back-bend-kick-over. He had this fantasy at gymnastics and during the upside down girl video that Jason sent him.

Life definitely did not imitate porn, it was the other way around. He supported her ass with his hands and shoved his face between her legs, turning his head side-to-side to open the flaps and get his tongue into her. He thrust it deep and fast.

Becky's stomach rolled, shoving her crotch up and down. She was fucking his face while he tongue fucked her pussy hole. Her approaching climax was very vocal, but he got her bulging clit in his mouth and thrashed it, anyway. "Shit, shit, oh, fuckin' shit, I'm cumming, cumming, oh yes, I'm cumming." When she begged him to stop, he lifted his head and looked up her bent body.

"Help me," she said and reached out with one hand. "Pull me up, please, I don't want to fall in the dirt." "I wanna see you finish that kick over." "Holy shit, I can barely hold myself up. How the fuck am I gonna flip myself over?" "You're flexible." He slid his hand up her leg, over her hip, and across her tight abdomen.

"Strong, too." She grabbed his hand, and he pulled her up as he got to his feet. "I used to do gymnastics," she said. He pressed his lips to hers and slipped his pussy juice coated tongue inside her mouth. Becky sucked it, then licked his lips and chin. "Mm." Her hand moved to his dick. "Wow, you're even harder now." "Not satisfied yet?" "Oh, very, but lay down anyway." He took his pants off and sat on them. Becky stood over his outstretched legs. Her crotch was in his face again, so he grabbed her ass and kissed her mound.

She bent her knees, and he guided her descent, directing her towards his erection. "We shouldn't be doing this," he said. Of course, it was lame, but in the river of denial, where he lived, he could blame her after the fact. "I know," she said and stuffed a nipple in his face. The slippery satin of her labia touched the dome of his cock. The head flattened out in the deep dish of her pussy groove.

Her fingernails spiked into the back of his neck. His cock was about to bend or pop inside her. Becky's inner thighs hugged his sides and her arms wrapped around his head.

He pushed her down, and the tight ring stretched, then his dick top sank into her body. The magic happened, and pleasure washed over his mind. He wanted to enjoy this as long as possible, so he eased her down a little bit at a time. All of Becky's limbs clung to him. "Mm, it feels good," she said.

"Does it hurt?" "Of course it hurts." She lifted up until the mouth of her pussy strangled the neck of his dick, then she started bouncing, taking more and more of him. "Mmm, it doesn't hurt anymore." She wrapped her hands around his neck and straightened her arms. Her ass cheeks grazed his thighs. He shoved her down until she was sitting on his legs with all of his dick buried in her. Becky leaned away, and his lodged cock bent forward. "Look at it," she said, staring between her legs.

Her pussy lips were smashed aside by his vein throbbing log. The physical pleasure paled in comparison to the mental stimulation the view provided. It was hard to comprehend that he had shoved himself so far into her skinny body.

"It's amazing, isn't it," she said. "You're all the way up here." She touched her stomach. "Shit, you're so deep." She leaned further back and forced his thighs to open.

"I've never actually watched it happen like this. Makes me dizzy." He massaged the creamy groove with his thumbs, paddling her throbbing clit. It snapped between his finger and her pubic bone. Becky whimpered.

"Oh, God, it feels so good," she said and leaned back a little more. The trunk of his dick was stuffed in Becky's cunt like a dowel, holding her stiff body almost parallel to the ground. She shoved her elbows against the dirt to support her upper body. He grabbed her waist and flung her up and down his dick like a lightweight fucked doll. Her legs and muscled abdomen helped him bore into her body. His flesh glistened with her juices, then disappeared again.

His balls were tight, ready to eject their burden, but he will them to hold on. He needed to see it happen, watch the young girl cum on his dick. Becky's nipples bloated to insane proportions, her tunnel spasmed and she screamed at the sky. Her clit was plump, her abs rippled and her body cantilevered from his groin.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck." She did half a sit up, then her head hit the ground. "Oh, yes, yes." His dick popped out of her quivering pussy, launching his orgasm as it sprang up. The first white stream splattered her stomach and heaving chest. He shoved his cock down. It slapped against her groin, and a rush of ball juice drew a line up her body. She lifted her head and watched his cock spurt cum on her belly. "Look at all that," she said. "Did you squirt that much inside me last time?" "I guess." He squeezed his shaft and pushed out the last drops, filling up her bellybutton.

"That was great, wow, the best," he said. "I swear," she gasped, "you fuck me so hard." She smeared the creamy sauce over her mound, between her legs, and into her pussy groove. "That feels good on my sore pussy." "I think you actually fucked me.both times." His orgasm was still waning, but seeing Becky finger painting her pussy with his sperm made him horny.

He shook his head, then glanced at his watch. She continued squishing her inflamed swells with cum coated fingers. "Jeez, take me to your leader," he said. "What are you talking about?" "Nothing," he said. "This is still our secret, right?" "Mm, one of my best secrets." Mine too, he thought and got to his feet, then helped her up. "Now, tell me, if there was anything to tell." Becky's wide mouth curved up into a mischievous smirk.

"You're not gonna believe it." "I might," he said. "Those two, Jayda and Alex, they flip both ways," Becky said. "What?" "You know, they go down on each other," Becky said. He acted surprised and skeptical. "Sure, and how would you know that, birds of a feather—" "Hey, your sister is their friend." "How do you know, then?" "They do it right here," Becky said and giggled. "Can you believe that?" "How did you see them without them knowing?" "I'm sneaky," she said.

Note to self, never do anything behind the dirt pile, again. "I gotta get to Gloria's game." "You better put your pants on first." She laughed. Girls, jeez, they're schizophrenic. "Nope, I think I'll walk over there bare ass and see what happens." "I'd like to see that, but before you go, I need to ask you something." "What?" "You ever think about having a threesome?" About a thousand times this week, he thought.

"With who?" "With me." "And?" "I don't know, I'll find somebody." "Sure, let me know," he said and pulled his pants on.

"Wait here a little while, just in case somebody is looking. Wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea." "Don't you mean, the right idea?" Darlene stood and lifted the front of her skirt. He stared at the strawberry landing strip. Brutus licked her groin, and her fat pussy lips stretched around the knob of her pubic bone, following his tongue, then they fell back.

The dog poked his cold nose between her legs, and she quivered. She arched back with her hands on her ass and pushed her crotch at Brutus. He licked her several times, exposing the inner meat of her pussy.

"He's such a bad doggy." She giggled, and it reminded him of Becky. "Too bad he's not part of my dream. You still wanna do this?" If there was a chance of having sex with Darlene, why wouldn't he? "Yes." Darlene stepped in front of him. "Good, just play along with whatever happens." She started kissing him.

Jason wrapped his arms around her.

Brutus was behind her, licking the white orbs of her butt. She reached back and pulled a cheek to the side, then moaned while the dog lapped at her anus. He didn't want sloppy seconds today, but he knew Darlene would be in charge. What was Ms. Style's role in this?" They stared at each other until he felt awkward, then he put his mouth over Darlene's, again and got a firm grip on her ass. The redhead's lips, tongue, and passion were heavenly. Falling in love with her would be easy. Darlene reached for his ass and pumped her groin against his.

"I can't wait to feel you inside me," she said. "I've got to have it, have you in me, fucking me.fucking me hard." Ms. Style told him things weren't too formal here but did that mean it was okay to fuck Darlene on the woman's back porch?

Darlene forced her hand between them and grabbed his cock. "Oh, god, I need this fat cock in" She started opening his jeans. It was the bottom of the first inning when Evan got back from the dirt pile. Gloria's team was on the field. She was playing left. He stayed off to the side, leaning against an oak tree. His mother and Miss Tonya were in the bleachers, but he wasn't ready to face them. He was too busy reveling in his latest sexual conquest. Any guilt that he should have felt about fucking Jason's sister at the ballpark was neutralized by seeing Deana naked.

Becky liked sex, and secrets with no strings attached, it was a perfect distraction for him. With his sister's and his mother, there were strings attached, ropes really, and they would be tied around his neck if he got caught. The crack of a bat hitting a ball drew his attention to the game. It was a pop-fly. He clenched his jaw and watched his sister position herself.

He saw it, then heard the ball slapping leather. Gloria made the catch, and he grinned with pride. "What the hell is going on here?" Style said and slammed the door. "You little tramp. I take my eyes off you for a minute, and you've got your tongue in someone's mouth and your hands in their pants." "But, Mom," Darlene said.

Jason couldn't move, breathe or stop staring stupidly with his jaw hanging down. The woman looked pissed, and Darlene seemed as shocked as he was. "I, um, I—" "Shh," Style said. "You like my daughter?" He gulped and looked back and forth from Ms. Style to Darlene with his head nodding. "That's good," Style said. "Were you planning on putting your cock in her?" "Mom, we were just kissing." "Really," the woman said, and moved behind him. Darlene was facing him, her eyes down.

"Just kissing, huh?" Style reached around him and grabbed his package. "I'm pretty sure he was planning on doing something with this!" She squeezed. "Mom, you're embarrassing me." "Oh, am I?" Style yanked his zipper down. "Don't you think your behavior embarrasses me? Every time I turn around, you're getting fucked. I think you need to learn a lesson, once and for all." "I can't help it, mom, I'm always horny," Darlene said. "I must have been born this way." "Well then, I guess we'll have to take care of your problem." Style stuffed her hand inside Jason's pants.

"Damn, he's hung like a horse. I think you might finally learn your lesson." "Mom, please." Jason didn't think it was possible that Ms. Style could be Darlene's mother, but he made a face that pleaded with Darlene for a sign that this was her dream being played out. All she did was watch his pants go down his legs. "Mom, stop, he's my can't do that to my boyfriend." "I'm only going to get him ready," she said and pulled his dick back between his legs.

"Then I'm going to watch you, like when I made you smoke that cigarette in front of me. You never smoked again." Ms. Style's teeth scraped over his thick cock head and sucked him into her blazing mouth. "Look at these giant balls," Style said and cinched her fingers around his sack, then took his balls back between his legs. "They're smooth and ready for your mouth." Darlene squatted and her thighs spread, forcing the tiny skirt up. He stared at her crotch, wishing his face were under it.

She looked around his legs and asked, "What are you doing to him?" Style answered the question by sucking one nut into her mouth, then the other. He gasped. She sucked harder and backed up, stretching his sack until his balls popped out of her mouth. "Mm, these big fat balls are gonna slap your clit silly while he's ramming your cunt," Style said and pulled his cock up towards his ass crack. "You probably wanted to give him head before you let him fuck you right under my nose, right?" She released his dick, it swung through his legs and whacked Darlene in the chin, then hung there, pointing at her face.

She didn't move. Ms. Style's hand came around his leg and wrapped around the base of his cock. She clamped down and forced the top half of his dick to swell, then she lifted it and whipped it down against Darlene's face.

The wet thud shook Darlene's cheeks. "Show me what you like to do," Style said. Darlene rubbed the tube snake all over her face. Style pushed his head against Darlene's lips. "Show me how you give head." The more bizarre the scene got, the more confident Jason felt. The idea that Darlene had a dream about having her mother act like Ms. Style, excited him. His mother would have a different reaction if she caught Becky blowing him, but if she acted like Style, he wouldn't complain. Darlene's luscious lips puckered and wet the tip of his prick.

"Don't act shy because I'm here," Style said. "Open wide and get it in your face. You know that's what you want." Darlene's blue eyes strained upward, watching him, while her lips circled his head. Her tongue tip poked at his slit circled his knob, then suction caused her cheeks to cave in.

He felt the tingling of blood being drawn into his dick head. His rod got coated with more spit each time she went forward.

The high school girl looked better giving head than any porn blow job he had seen. He wanted to help her by thrusting into her face, but Style's hands were strong, and they had a firm grip on his ass. The hands restraining him were gone, so Jason started rocking, pumping his cock head into the narrow throat tube. The front of Darlene's blouse was getting wet with drool, and he wished it was her tits catching the overflow.

Style got hold of his balls again, and his fucking motion had to stop. The slurping sound reached his ears a nanosecond after he felt his nuts plunge inside the woman's mouth. Darlene sucked hard and fast, trying to get his balls to unload, but Style was sucking them back between his legs.

He needed to shoot the torrent of cum down Darlene's throat, but it was being pulled in two different directions. When his family jewels snapped free, Jason jammed his dick inside Darlene's face. Her mouth juices spewed out around his shaft, and she jerked back, gagging. "Now he's ready to give you what you wanted," Style said. Darlene wiped her face on her arm and sat on the floor.

He realized he was going to have sex while somebody he didn't know watched. It was one thing having Style behind him directing, but now she was kneeling next to Darlene. What would it be like if he was fucking somebody's real daughter in front of them? "Get on your hands and knees," Style said. "That's how you want it, like a dog, right?" She looked at him and shook her head. "Can you believe my daughter lets the dog do her?" He didn't say anything. Darlene was taking off her top, and he was fascinated again by her tits.

They swung together, bounced and settle out to her sides. Her freckled cleavage was wide and moist with sweat and spit. He prayed this dream included him titty fucking her because that was one of his biggest fantasies. "No, leave it on," Style said, and flipped the skirt up on Darlene's back, exposing that fabulous ass. Other than Evan's mother, he had never seen a more bodacious ass.

"Get that thing over here." Style grabbed his dick and jerked it several times, then she jammed his cock head into Darlene's pussy groove and dragged it up and down. "Mm, look how wet and ready she is for you." "But, Mom, you can't watch," Darlene said. "It's weird if your mother watches you have sex." "Not as weird as it's gonna be when you watch me get fucked." "What?" "That's right, next time I catch you being a slut, I'm going to fuck your boyfriend right under your nose.

See how you like that." Jason wanted her to act like a slut and almost said so. Darlene's hot pussy juice had coated his bulbous knob. He tried to pretend Style wasn't there, staring like she was ready to rate him, but her hand was still on his cock. "Go on, give it to her," Style said, and tightened her grip on his shaft.

"Shove that thick, meaty cock inside her. I want to watch it, see you fuck my daughter. Don't go easy, shove it right in there." He did, and Darlene whimpered. Style released his dick and moved behind him, then her vise-like hands were back on his ass, shoving him forward. Darlene looked back over her shoulder and said, "Ahh, Mom, not so's too much." "Shh, don't be silly," Style said and pushed more of him into Darlene.

"A slut like you can handle it." Ms. Style had one hand on his stomach and the other on his ass. He tried to get into a rhythm, but her fingertip poking his anus made his motion jerky. "Fuck that tight pussy," she said close to his ear.

"Give it to that horny bitch.give her all of it. Make her scream." "Ahhhh, ahhh, oh yes, oh Mommy." Darlene's climax had started. Holy shit, he thought, this is bizarre, and I love it. Darlene's orgasm flooded her tube and allowed him to go full bore. His balls slapped against her pubic bone.

She came like Becky, noisy, hard and wet. The overflow of pussy fluid dripped from his tightening nuts sack. "Mm, mm, I'm, ah, I'm gonna—" "Don't pull out," Style said.

"Do it, do it in her. Oh, yes, fill my daughter's cunt with that hot load of cum." Jason didn't have a choice, the woman pressed her body against his back. Her hands were on his hips, and her groin was humping his ass while he humped Darlene.

Darlene's arms gave up, and her face and chest went to the floor. Her big, sexy ass was jacked up, and her cheeks opened wide. The concave brown ring turned upward like it was begging to have something shoved in it. His balls jerked and pushed the last few drops of cum inside Darlene. Sex was ruined for him because nothing would ever top this. How the hell was he going to keep it to himself? Gloria's team won their first game in the best of three series.

Evan was impressed with her play. She wasn't as tall as most of her teammates, but she was thicker and packed a punch when she connected with the ball.

He thought she had the potential to be an impressive ballplayer if she wanted to. He was hoping they won the second game, too. If not, he would have to leave during the tiebreaker.

Evan sat on the first row of the bleachers and sent Jason a text reminding him that he couldn't be late, then he went back to watching Gloria, Jayda and Alex in the dugout.

He was looking for a sign. Gloria had to know about her friends, didn't she? "Girl, you're a freak," Ms. Style said. Darlene sat up and switched off the water jets. "You didn't seem to have any trouble playing your part." "I was just playing the role you gave me," Style said. "Would you really want your mother to act like that?" "I don't know.

I've tried to imagine what she's like, but I can't. I have no idea what I'd want from her. It was more Becky's fantasy, anyways, and she would love a mother like that." "Any chance?" "Not sure, but her mom is pretty sexy," Darlene said, "and we definitely gave Jason something to think about." "You getting sweet on him?" "Maybe.a little.

It's a great package deal, for sure. Becky's more of a sexaholic than me, and she doesn't mind sharing." Darlene pushed off and floated over to Ms. Style. "What about you?" She rubbed her breast on Style's arm. "You seemed pretty sweet on him.yourself. Thought you might go off script." "I promise, it was hard," Style said. Darlene reached under the water. "You're still excited." "You watch your sexy ass getting screwed and see how excited you get." "I promise, my next dream will make you happy." She moved her mouth to Ms.

Style's and licked all the way around her lips, then stuck out her tongue. Style sucked it in, squeezed it between her lips and used her own tongue to play with it. Her hand was on Darlene's tit, sensually rolling her nipple.

Granny Has Sex With And One Of Her Customers

"Mm." Darlene ducked under the water. Style groaned and grabbed the sides of the hot tub. Darlene burst from under the water and gasped for air. "I can't hold my breath long enough. You need to get that thing above water so that I can finish." "You know it would be better if—" "Nobody will ever know," Darlene said and kissed Ms.

Style. "At least nobody we don't want to know. Sit on the edge. I've imagined this for months." "Sweetheart, your imagination is going to get you in trouble." "Mm. Maybe, but I'll only be young once, so I better enjoy it while it's still fun." Darlene put her hands on Style's neck and let them slide down her rising body. When the woman's ass reached the edge of the tub, and her legs were opened wide, Darlene pushed her hair back and got her face below Style's crotch, looking up her body.

"Every time I see this," she said, and pressed a hand to each side of Ms. Style's stiff cock, "I think I died and went to heaven." She kissed the ridge between the tightly drawn testicles and worked her way up. "There isn't anything sexier than you giving head." Darlene grinned, then sucked all of Style's cock in. She liked sexy girls, and she liked dick, but she loved Ms.

Style and would do anything to make her happy. If her mother happened to act like Ms. Style Pioneer, that wouldn't be such a bad thing, would it? "Ah, damn it," Style groaned and pumped her hips. Darlene tightened her mouth and tongue on the thrusting cock and let Ms.

Style face fuck her until the orgasm was coming, then she backed up. She wanted to watch it blast out of the woman's prick and feel it splash on her face and tits. The first jettison of cum struck her between her eyebrows and ricocheted up her forehead. She grabbed the spurting cock and aimed it, so she got some in her mouth, on her lips and cheeks, then she lifted her tits and pressed the pulsing dick between them. Nobody shot cum as hard or as much as Ms. Style. It fascinated her that a woman as sexy as Style could have that much man juice inside her.

She squeezed her tits together on the drooling cock and moved up and down. She liked the way a slippery dick felt in her cleavage. "Phew, you know how to make me feel good," Style said and slid down in front of Darlene. "That's my favorite thing to you feel good." Style's strong arms held her tight. The woman made her feel more loved than any of her foster parents ever had.


"Thanks for being such a good friend to me." Style said, "That's my favorite thing to do," then she pulled Darlene to her, and they sank under until the hot water reached their chins. "You're a very special girl." Darlene shivered and tightened her hold on Ms.

Style. At four fifteen, Evan climbed the bleachers and moved over until he was in front of his mother and Miss Tonya. Gloria's series had gone to game three, and it was a three-three tie. "Mom, I've gotta go. Tell Gloria I said she played great, and buy her some ice cream for me.

I hope she understands." His mother smiled. "I'm sure she won't," she said, "but you're an awesome brother. She'll still love you." It could've been his imagination or paranoia, but Miss Tonya's expression suggested she was trying to make him uncomfortable.

"Not sure what time I'll be home. Cindy's race is usually last, but sometimes they change the order up, then I might be home earlier, but most likely after eleven." He needed to get out of there, fast.

"I'm sure I'll be asleep by then, but send me a text when you're leaving the track." Jeez, this is awkward. His mother looked like she expected a kiss, which would have been normal, but Miss Tonya looked like she wanted one, too. "I'll text you," he said, and moved his head between theirs.

"Okay, bye." He kissed his mother's cheek, closed his eyes and made a kissing sound towards Miss Tonya, then faked a laugh. "Bye, Sweetheart." He walked away as fast as he could without looking suspicious, then he called Jason and left him a voice mail, "Have no idea where you been all day, but I'm headed your way. Be ready." Candy and Tonya watched Evan hurry down the bleachers. "Sweetheart, really," Candy said. "Is there something I should know about?" "I wish," Tonya said.

"What's going on with him? That boy is up to something." "You noticed," Candy said. "He's got something going on at the racetrack that he doesn't want me to know about." "With his gorgeous cousin, ooh," Tonya said. "That's taboo." Candy thought about Cindy for a minute, then said, "Yes, but not the way your dirty mind imagines it." "Tell me about it and tell me what you're going to do about your sister," Tonya said and put her hand on Candy's thigh.

Candy looked at her friend's hand and said, "Well, it's more complicated than whether or not I should go see her." Ten minutes later, Evan beeped his horn at Jason's house, then waited for his friend to come out. "It took you long enough." "Sorry, I was in the shower," Jason said. "Shower, why take a shower? We're going to get covered in dirt." "Um, I needed one.

I was busy all day, and I needed one," Jason said. "So, what did you have to do?" Evan asked. "What, what do you mean?" "I mean, with your mother or for her." It took forty minutes to reach the race track.

The number of words Evan and Jason exchanged could have fit in a ten-minute trip. The truth in their conversation could have been covered before they reached the end of Jason's driveway. Evan wanted to talk about what happened with Deana that morning, but Jason would have said, "You should have fucked Deana right there in the kitchen. I would have done it." That wasn't true, though, because nobody had those kind of feelings for their sister. Jason would have been imagining Deana, not Becky.

Even a dog fucker wouldn't do their sister. Evan went to Cindy's car hauler and left Jason by the ticket booth with Billy Joe, so they could wait for KK to get away from her mother. Cindy was in the back section where she, "Got in the zone," and changed into her race suit.

He poked his head around the edge of the curtain divider and said, "Hi." "Shit, Evan, what are you doing!" Cindy dropped the front of her shirt over her opened jeans. "Oh, sorry, I didn't think—" "It's okay, come in," she said. "You startled me." "I wanted to talk to you," he said. "I can come back after you finish." "We're family, just come in and close that," Cindy said, waving her arm.

"No need to show everybody." He stepped behind the partition into the small cubicle. "But—" "You've seen me in a bikini," Cindy said, and shifted her hips right, left, right, "smaller than these granny-panties." That was true, and he always enjoyed it, but the last thing he needed was a reminder of Deana's long, lean, legs or her chest.

His cousin's breasts were a bit larger, but they were the same firm shape, high on her chest. He wondered if they had the same amazing nipples. "You don't have to stare," Cindy said. "I wasn't staring," he said and looked at the ceiling. "I thought you were going to put your race suit on." "This early, when you're doing the hot laps," she said. "Hell no, it's too hot." "Right," he said and watched her out of the corner of his eye.

It wasn't his intention, but he saw Cindy shove her middle forward and tug the shorts over her butt. For a split second the panties were stretched tight and dug into her crotch.

A bikini might have been smaller, but the fact that it was Cindy's underwear made it more exciting. "So, did you want to talk?" "Oh, yeah, I did." "Darn, I thought you came because you missed me and wanted to see my panties." Not only did she look like Deana, but she also had the same smart-ass wit.

"I came because you're my hero and you'll know how to help me." "Wow, if you only knew," Cindy said. "This is about racing, right?" She reads minds, too. "Yes, I need to—" "You didn't ask your father, and now you're scared." "How do you know that?" "I have my sources," Cindy said. "Now, listen, I told you not everybody was happy that I wanted to race, but I had to—" "But my father is doing everything to keep me away from it. Doesn't even want me helping you at the shop.

Wants me to get a job." She stepped closer. "I had to get a job, too. Your father's company didn't always sponsor me. You want your independence—want to be grown up and do what you want?" "Right, yeah, I want to race." He inched back. "I've always wanted to race, and I thought—" "If I left you'd get to drive my car," she said.

"Yes, and now he's pulling this," Evan said. "What's wrong with him?" "I can't answer that question, but I know that look in your eyes. You're desperate." "Yes, yes I am," he said. If she only knew. "What can I do?" "When you get to a place where you want something, love it and have to have it, then you take it. Like the commercial, 'Just do it.'" "Huh?" "I'll deny saying that, and we may both lose our inheritance, but sometimes you have to take a chance on what you want and worry about how it works out down the road." Evan stood there without speaking.

The person he had looked up to his whole life, told him to do something his father said he couldn't do. The balance of power had shifted. It wasn't a landslide that gave him all the confidence he needed to plow ahead without worrying about disobeying his father, but it was a start.

"Okay," he said. "Now, get over to Dale's pits. Watch and listen. Ask questions if you're not sure about something. Then, you should take my video camera and record his race from the turn-one fence." "Turn-one, that's where you get hit with all the chunks of mud and shit that the cars throw up the hill." "It's also where you see how the car comes off turn four to take the green flag.

You see how it gets down into one, off two and down the backstretch. That's the most dangerous and important part of the race. Watch the video until you can imagine yourself in the car, using your arms and legs to make it happen," Cindy said. "You think I woke up one day and knew how to race? No, I became a student and took clumps of mud to the head long before anybody helped me." "I'll do that," he said. "You sure you want me to do hot laps? I know how important that is to you for setting up the car." "You've done it before and come back with good data, I trust you." He loved his cousin more now than ever before.

"You're the best!" He hugged her. "I'm going to listen and learn. See you after Dale finishes his hot laps." "Evan, you're taking a stand for what you want, I'm proud of you." Cindy's smile transported Evan back to the kitchen sink, with Deana. His sister had that same peaceful smile, even though he was staring at her naked body. He wished Deana could be with him when he decided to, Just do it.

Becky read the text from Darlene, "Call me." She went to her room and closed the door. Darlene was the one person she could tell, but Darlene wouldn't want to hear about Evan unless she worked it in the conversation just right. Darlene answered, "Still mad?" "I am." "Figured, but it wouldn't have worked if you came," Darlene said. "Why not?" "It just wouldn't have." "Well, how did it go?" "Great!" Darlene said.

"You should have seen the look on his face." "I should have." "You know what I meant." "How did he react?" "He thought it was for real at first. He was freaking out, but when he realized it was an act, he loved it." "Mm, I bet." "Don't think he'll ask your mother to watch, but we gave him something to think about and I guarantee you he's gonna be horny tonight." "Too bad I'm so sore," Becky said.

"Sore, why?" "I ran into Evan, and my pussy is going to be feeling it for days." There was a long pause before Darlene asked, "Days, hmm, he that big?" Becky smiled, excited she was going to get to talk about it. "No.well, he is, but he's stiff, rock hard, and he fucked me so—" "Becky?" "What?" "Weren't you on top?" "How'd you know?" "You like it on top," Darlene said, "and if you were on top, that means you fucked yourself too hard, again." "I couldn't help it," Becky said.

"I got carried away. I've wanted to do it at the ballpark forever and—" "At the ballpark, you got fucked at the ballpark?" "Yup, and that's why I kinda went crazy.

It was like the morning my mother was up and we did it in my room, except more dangerous. We fucked fifty feet away from parents and coaches. You know I love taking my clothes off outside, but sex in public is a thousand times better." "Girl, I think your mother is right, you need medication." "Look who's talking," Becky said.

"No, Mommy, you can't do that to my boyfriend." "It was your idea, not mine," Darlene said, "and, I wasn't out in public, and I've never pissed on the floor at the store." "Well, I've never held a freshman down so other girls could sit on her face." Becky grinned and reveled in the memory.

Rhina's thick thighs beside her head and her black pussy coming down on her face had been a frightening moment, which she loved. "You will," Darlene said. Mm, I got one in mind, she thought. "I wish you were here," Becky said. "No, I wish you were here." "Still at Style's?" "No, I told you I was watching Jordan tonight." "Oh, yeah, I forgot. How is Boy George?" "He's happy to see me," Darlene said. "You don't really let him lick you, do you?" "Why, wouldn't you?" "I don't know, it seems weird.

I'd watch you do it." "Maybe Jason can bring you over?" "No, he went to the races." "Ah, too bad," Darlene said. "I bet if you watched, you'd wanna do it." "It's not on my bucket list, but who know how I am." "Yeah, I think I do." Becky said, "I want details," and stuffed her hand down her pants. "Tell me exactly how it happened." "Okay, here goes." "Where were you?" Jason asked when he found Evan on his way to Dale's pits.

"I couldn't find you." "I was checking out Cindy in her panties," Evan said. "Yeah, in your dreams." "Yours too," he said. "Where's your girlfriend?" "She's with ticket girl. They'll be around when KK is done selling tickets," Jason said.

"You don't seem disappointed." "Oh, I am, but I'm playing it cool. I want them to think I'm not interested, then maybe KK will back off, and I can sneak Billy Joe off somewhere." "As long as you tell me about it, I won't be mad if you miss my hot laps." "Thanks," Jason said. "You think she's a Gojoe like KK said?" Evan seized the opportunity to twirl his imaginary mustache. "Not sure, but it's worth an investigation." They laughed, then he said, "I'm going to be totally paying attention to everything happening in Dale's pits.

Cindy told me I should do what I want and worry about what happens later." "Easy for her to say, she doesn't have to deal with your dad." "My plan is to keep it a secret, but if he finds out, at least I took a shot at what I love." "Can I give you a list of the stuff I want? After you're dead, Deana can give it to me. Mm, I like how that sounds." "Shut up," he said. "I might get grounded, but he's not that bad, he won't hurt me." "I hope not, but just in case, if you're not around, can I take a crack at Deana?" "I'll come back from the dead and make your life hell." "What about your mom's mini-me?" "How would you feel if I was trying to get in Becky's pants?" Jason lowered his voice, "I don't think you'd have to try very hard.

I heard she's pretty easy." "Jeez," he huffed, "never mind. We're here. I need to concentrate." "Fine," Jason said, "I'll walk around and check out all the cars." "Cars have wheels, you'll be checking out the things with legs," Evan said. "Have fun." Evan felt awkward at first with the two adults he barely knew, but Dale and Harry knew Cindy well, and they treated him like a team member.

He got in their conversations, asked informed questions, and turned wrenches when he was told. He was starting to feel like one of the regular Saturday night racers, and he liked it.

So what if his father and Uncle JC were looking at other drivers to replace Cindy. She wanted him to drive her car when she went to college, and he thought Uncle JC would go for it. Now all he had to do was prove he was good enough. When Dale declared the car ready for hot laps, Evan said, "I'm going over to Cindy's to see if Uncle JC needs any help." "Doing hot laps for your cuz?" Harry asked.

"She said I could." "Might as well do mine, too," Dale said. "Sir?" Harry slapped him on the shoulder. "Don't worry, you'll still have time to do Cindy's, after." Evan must have been standing there with his mouth hanging open because Dale said, "If you don't hurry up, you ain't gonna have time." "Don't you need to do them?" he asked.

"Not as much as you," Harry said. "Been a good while since you drove her." "That's right," Dale said, "Go get dressed and get back here, unless you don't wanna do it." "I do, I do," Evan said.

"I'll hurry." While Evan was pulling the fire resistant suit over his jeans, Cindy said, "Relax. This isn't a big deal, it's hot laps.

You done it before." "Not in Dale's car," he said. "You drove it balls to the wall for fifty laps," she said. "This time I'll be on the radio talking you through it." "I guess." "It's only hot laps in a Super Stock," Cindy said. "Come right back after.

You know my father is going to tell you fifty things before you go out in my car." "I will," he said. "He'll be watching you tonight," Cindy said. "Give him a good show." Evan walked at jogging speed.

He was more nervous now. What if his father had changed his mind after meeting with Uncle JC, and tonight was like an interview?

Impress his uncle, then his uncle would tell his father to let him take over for Cindy. Jason stood next to Cindy on the grass hill above turn four. She had a pair of binoculars, a small Motorola radio and an ass that he couldn't stop peeking at.

"Is he coming yet?" he asked. "He's in line next," Cindy said. "They only let a few cars on each time. Cuts down on crashes." "Crashes, they can crash during hot laps?" "Sure." She turned towards him. "It's not called cold laps." "Oh," he said, feeling more nervous. "Evan said it was to feel the car out and check track conditions." "Yes, but you can check out the competition, too," Cindy said, her intensity growing.

"You get into it, try and get in the head of someone you're worried about. Hopefully, they'll show you what they got. A smart driver will hold back.hide something, but nobody likes to be passed, not even during hot laps." "Oh, you know a lot, don't you?" Cindy got closer and said, "You have no idea." "Oh." "Those two girls you been following around, they're a bit off." "Um, I just met them. Billy Joe seems nice." Cindy hung the binoculars around her neck, then pulled her hair out from under the strap.

He watched it fan out on her shoulders and back. His mouth was dry. "She might be nice, but watch out for KK, she's trouble." "Huh?" Now his throat was completely stuck to itself. "Here we go," Cindy said and keyed the mic on the radio. "Go high if you hear me." The number sixteen, Hansen muffler shop car moved to the outside of the back straightaway. Jason asked, "What kind of car is that?" "Monte Carlo," Cindy said.

It didn't look anything like Evan's car, but he didn't ask why. Cindy held the radio to her mouth. "There's a big bump in the middle of three and four, and in one. Hit both of them as hard as you can." Jason scratched his head.

"What?" "It's better to hit them during hot laps, so you know how it's gonna upset the car." "Oh, hate to upset your car," he said. "Sorry, I didn't wash you yesterday, Honey." Evan passed in front of them. The flagman waved his fist at Evan. "Is he upset, too?" "Smart ass," Cindy said and pushed the talk button. "Low, go low, hit it." "Whoa!" Jason jumped up on his toes. "Shit, he'sOh, he saved it.

Didn't he?" "That's what it means to upset the car. It's better to know what's going to happen when there aren't cars all around you." "Yeah, I bet." He realized this was serious shit. "Is he going to be alright?" "He'll be fine." Evan had seen the flagman's fist and knew he only had five laps to make an impression, then he almost lost it in turn one.

If there had been a car on his outside, he would have taken both of them out. His second lap was going well until Cindy told him to slow down and let the three cars behind him catch up. The first one reached him and blew past. Cindy said, "Keep up, that guy ain't got shit. Stay on his ass like it's mine." Man, he loved the way she talked about racing. Evan slammed the gas pedal to the floor and got closer, but he could feel the other two cars buzzing nearby like a swarm of hornets.

The edgy feeling you get when you think there might be a car in your blind spot on the highway, was a joke compared to going ninety on dirt with no mirrors and making split-second decisions.

He went in lower than the guy in front, the one who didn't have shit, but he couldn't make the pass. Then one of the hornets behind him stung his ass and got him squirrelly. Cindy echoed in his helmet, "Evan, don't slam it in there like that. She's a virgin, go in easy.ease it in, then speed up." Jason pretended he hadn't heard Cindy, and asked, "Are they supposed to bump him like that?" Cindy lowered the glasses and said, "That wasn't a bump, it was a rub.

If he'd bumped Evan while he was swinging his ass like a slut, it would've spun him." She hit the radio button and said, "You're loose, act right." Jason's hands hurt from making fists. The flagman pointed one of the flag poles at Evan, then held it straight up with the flag wrapped around it. He wondered if Evan had done something wrong. "Oh, oh, oh," he said while hopping up and down. "Do it, get him, get him!" "Don't do it," Cindy shouted into the radio.

"Don't pass." His body went limp when Evan's car fell back in line. "He had him. He could have passed." Cindy turned to him. "You're going to need someone to hold your hand when Evan races." She laughed and started walking. "Wait," he said. "What did you mean by a little off?" "Just watch them, and you'll figure it out." Jason stared at her ass until she mixed in with the crowd.

Cindy was gorgeous and a fuckin' mystery that he couldn't understand. Evan parked behind Dale's hauler and killed the engine. His legs trembled. Harry reached in, removed the steering wheel and unhooked the belts. He felt vulnerable without them. Dale said, "Climb out and meet us in the hauler." Evan took off his helmet and wiped streams of sweat off his face.

It had only been hot laps, but he was a nervous wreck. He wobbled when his feet landed on the ground. What if Dale hadn't been impressed and changed his mind?

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He should have passed that guy when he had the chance. Dale handed him a bottle of water when he entered the hauler, and Harry said, "Grab a chair." He gulped down half the bottle, then opened a camping chair. Dirt crunched against the steel floor when he sat down. Dale dragged his chair closer. His knees almost touched Evan's. "Tell us what you felt," he said and leaned forward with his elbows on his thighs.

Evan took another sip of water and restrained the frantic dump of excited thoughts in his head. "Loose entering, but pulled hard coming off. The bump in three makes it push, but in one, well you saw, I almost spun out." He took a breath. "What'd you do to correct the loose-in condition?" Harry asked. "Why'd you back off on the last lap?" Dale asked. "What did Cindy tell you about the cars around you?" Harry asked.

His head volleyed, then he tried to figure out which answer might keep him from driving again. Here goes, he thought and said, "Cindy told me to enter like I was fucking a virgin, then speed up. She didn't say anything about the guys behind me, but she told me the guy in front didn't have shit, and I should stay with him." There was a second of silence followed by hilarious laughter.

"God bless her soul," Dale said. "Sounds like something Cindy would say," Harry said. "She's a devil." "What's so funny," he asked, afraid he was the joke. "It's not funny," Dale said, "but it is. That guy who didn't have shit was Mike Depalma, and the guy rubbing the paint off your bumper was a ringer from Mississippi, Herb Hammerhead. He's favored to win tonight." "Mike," Evan said. "Mike D, I thought he stopped racing." "Nope," Harry said.

"He's been off for a few weeks, but that was his ain't got shit bumper you were chasing." "Wait until I get my hands on her," he said. "Watch yourself, Son," Dale said. "I've seen her fight." Evan took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Dale, could you call me Evan?" "Oh, sure thing, but call me Dale.

I'm no mister." "Yes sir," he said and took off. The time Candy spent with Tonya before Gloria's game had been frightening and frustrating. She had been afraid of doing something she'd regret and frustrated that she couldn't take the bait her friend was putting out there.

The tone of voice, flirting eyes and soft touches that lasted too long, all made it clear that Tonya was trying to seduce her.

All she had to do was not resist, but that was what she had done. It would be easy to hide an affair with her best friend, and easier to justify it now that she was alone in her bedroom, regretful and horny.

Evan was out trying to fulfill his dreams, and her husband was in his leather recliner, looking over reports he considered her too stupid to understand. Candy stripped and put a robe over her naked body, then she went into her office, lock the door to the hallway and sat in front of her computer.

If John tried the office door first, she could act dumb and say she didn't know why it was locked. If he opened the bedroom door, she could swap over to her transcription program long before he discovered her naughty behavior. Uncle JC's instructions were the same ones he gave Cindy every week, and Evan acted like he was hearing them for the first time, nodding his head. At the very end, he emphasized the only thing Evan hadn't already heard.

"Don't try and prove anything. There's no reason for that. We already know you can drive, so have a good time, don't crash and come back with good information. That's critical. Can't expect to win without it." Jason, Billy Joe and KK were waiting for Cindy by turn four. A speaker on the light pole to their right squawked something. Jason asked, "What did he say?" "Who knows," Billy Joe said, and KK finished, "You can't ever understand him." He spotted Cindy and waved her over, acting like he knew her well.

"Evan seemed more nervous about driving your car. Is it harder to drive?" Cindy smiled, stroked his hair and moved her mouth close to his ear. "If you want to impress them, act like you know about racing.

If that doesn't work, we can make out." He must have looked hopeful because she added, "I'm joking." "I knew that," he said. "Is there going to be rubbing and all that, like in the last race?" "That was just hot laps in the stock division," KK said. "Super Late Models have way more horsepower and go through the turns three times faster." He said, "I knew that," again and turned back towards Cindy. She said, "Evan has done hot laps for me plenty. He's only nervous because he thinks he needs to show off his talent tonight." Jason gave her a questioning look and motioned toward KK with his eyes.

Cindy shook her head. "My father and Dale. Evan thinks he has to prove something, but they already know what Evan needs to prove to himself. He's good enough, and he'll only get better. Once he gets that straight, watch out, he's going to start enjoying life." "Why don't you tell him that." "He needs to figure it out on his own, just like I did," Cindy said. "If I have my way, he'll do that tonight, but don't tell him I said that." As hard as it was for him to read Evan's cousin, he knew without a doubt she cared about Evan.

Evan tugged on the already tight belts, checked the steering wheel again, looked over all the gauges, and revved the engine. He wished Cindy would talk to him on the radio, but she told him he was on his own unless it was urgent. Before he climbed into the car, she turned him around, pinned him against it, and said, "This is just hot laps. You don't have to prove anything.

Just do it!" Cindy was wrong, he thought, it isn't just hot laps. The only way his father would ever let him race was if Uncle JC convinced him to. That meant he had to show his uncle that he was better than good, that he had the potential to be great, like Cindy. He pulled away from the pit and got in line by turn two, where the cars entered the track.

When Evan's time came, the track was in race-ready condition. Four cars were already doing laps, so he would have to get up to speed before turn three and blend in. It's probably part of the interview, he thought, because Uncle JC had always made sure he started first when he did hot laps for Cindy. Evan went down the short entrance lane, looking left for cars in turn one, then he finished pressing the accelerator down.

The torque made his helmet gain three hundred pounds. His foot lifted for a split second, and his head went forward. He jammed the car into the only other forward gear, and his helmet was pinned to the headrest again. Going from Dale's car to Cindy's, was like going from a minivan to a Corvette. Cindy's voice filled his helmet, "Got one exiting two. Hurry up. Don't let him catch you." That was the last thing Evan wanted to hear Cindy say, and the last time she said anything.

He was on his own. Turn three and four were gone before he had time to think about looking up at the flagman. In Dale's car, he could hold the gas pedal to the floor and at the end of the straightaways it was like riding a bicycle downhill in first gear, there wasn't any pull left.

The Super Late Model forced him back until it was time to mash the brake. It went through the turns so fast that he could barely make a mental note about how to do it next time. It could make lane changes in the blink of an eye without getting loose. The speed compressed all of his decisions into a small space and made it easier to make a big mistake. The ten laps Evan made seemed like five when he saw the red flag waving on hot laps. He never knew who was behind him, but they didn't catch him.

In his mind, though, they had been right on his bumper the whole time, and he had to push harder every lap. He thought it had been a good run, but that didn't matter. Back in the pits, Evan climbed out of the car and waited for Cindy and Uncle JC. A driver he didn't recognize gave him the thumbs up as he hustled past.

Then KK, Billy Joe and Jason arrived, in that order. Jason was excited by what he had seen, but he was woefully unaware of anything having to do with racing. Ticket girl was impressed, but she idolized Cindy more than he did, so him sitting in Cindy's car would have been enough to impress her. Billy Joe stood behind KK and gave him a genuine smile. Of course, it didn't matter what his friends thought, either. Uncle JC and Cindy were the two people that mattered and considering what Cindy had accomplished, it was unlikely that either of them would have noticed how well he thought he drove.

What was taking them so long? "Was Cindy with you?" he asked. "She was, she watched with us in turn four," Jason said. "Where is she?" "I'm not sure," Jason said. "She stopped over there by the pit entrance with your uncle. He wasn't with us. I think he watched from over there." Evan followed Jason's arm.

"By the fence?" "I think so. That's where he was coming from." Evan's excitement took over, and he started talking nonstop about how it felt driving Cindy's car.

KK asked a lot of questions, and he felt important when answering. She assumed he was taking over for Cindy, and he didn't correct her. When he saw Uncle JC and Cindy approaching, Evan told his audience that he'd catch up with them after he gave his uncle the scoop on the car. Maybe he was letting it go to his head, but how many of his buddies at school could say they had driven a Super Late Model? Zero, that's how many, he thought.

Uncle JC handed Evan Cindy's video camera and said, "Here." He looked at Cindy, and she shrugged. His uncle took a deep breath and Evan expected the worst. "How did it feel?" Uncle JC asked. He looked suspiciously at Cindy, then back at his uncle and said, "It felt good." Uncle JC put his hands on his hips and said, "A blow job feels good, not a racecar. Now, tell me how the car felt." "It was loose at first, but I think the track was dirty and the tires were cold.

It was better on the bottom, even with that bump in turn one, but it leaned hard and lifted the left front coming out of four. I moved up half a lane and it seemed better.

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Might need more air in the right rear." "That's better," Uncle JC said, then looked over at Cindy. "What'd you see?" "Exactly," she said.

"It was rolling over too much, but Evan moved around until he found the sweet spot. Looked tight in the middle of three and four. What do you think, Evan?" "I think I overdrove three a few times and made it push because even with that bump entering one, it didn't push there." "I think he's right," Uncle JC said. "Cindy, what do you think?" She said, "I think we ought to let him qualify the car." Most of the time Evan knew when his cousin was screwing with him, and he didn't think she was now, but qualifying well was critical.

If you didn't start in the top ten, it was unlikely you'd win, and Cindy liked winning. "Yeah right," he said. "Why not?" Cindy asked. "You just kept Billy Boy Jones off you for ten laps, qualifying should be a breeze. You'll be out there by yourself." "Jones.BB Jones was behind me, and you didn't warn me." "Sounds like a good idea to me," Uncle JC said.

"You've already got your gear on. Me and Bear will make the adjustments. Cindy, get the computer and see what pressures we ran last time the conditions were like this.

Evan, go watch that video and be ready." Cindy shoved him towards the hauler. "Get in there and watch it until it's time to put this car in the top five." "Thanks for not putting any pressure on me." He wanted to run and tell Jason, but there wasn't enough time before qualifying started. By the time Evan was in Cindy's car, waiting for his turn on the track, his face hurt from smiling. He held off the guy who won the race last week. Yeah, it was just hot laps, but Billy Boy Jones didn't know he wasn't Cindy, and he would have pushed her to see what she had.

Damn, he hadn't even gotten close. What if they let me run the race tonight? Evan came off turn four and Stan waved the green flag on his first qualifying lap. He imagined nineteen cars chasing him when he crushed the accelerator to the floor and spun the tires. Shit, he lifted until the car was pulling again, then he eased back into it. Lap one wasn't going to be great. Cindy told him she could live with anything under fourteen-two, but he wanted to be under fourteen seconds.

Next time Evan came off turn four Stan was waving the white flag. A second later he passed under the flag stand, and Cindy's said, "Fourteen-one." His hopes soared because the second lap was always faster if you didn't make a mistake. Fourteen seconds isn't a lot of time, but when your head is being pushed back, slammed forward, thrown right, then back again, over and over, while your arms seesaw the steering wheel and your feet work the pedals like a drummer's, it doesn't even register as time passing.

Evan saw the red flag, then he passed under it and let up. He made his slow down lap and went up the exit road in turn one before the next qualifying car caught up to him. Cindy didn't say anything about his time. Deana waited for the bathroom door to open, she had her finger to her lips, urging silence. The door opened, and she pushed Rebecca backward. "What are you doing?" Rebecca asked. "Do you know how hard it's been having you here and not touching you?" She put her hands around Rebecca's throat.

"I think I do, but I gave you like ten chances to kiss me." Rebecca's finger traced Deana's lips. "Yeah, right in front of my parents." "That makes it more exciting." Deana locked the door. "My father is in the living room, and it'll seem weird if we stay in here too long." "I promise I'll be quick." "And quiet?" "You're the one who's going to be biting your tongue," Rebecca said and shoved Deana's stretchy pants down.

"Ooh, no panties. Were you expecting me?" She had been miserable with desire since that morning. "Mm, I've been waiting all day, but my father—If he hadn't come home early—I want you," Deana said. "Is that bad?" "No," Rebecca said, then put her mouth over Deana's and grabbed her bald pussy.

Deana moaned and ground her crotch on her lover's hand. She was already soaked, so Rebecca's finger entered her with ease. It was a good thing they had the bathroom, the one place nobody would catch them, as long as she didn't scream.

Evan climbed out of the car, put his helmet on the roof and waited for Cindy and Uncle JC to walk back to the hauler. He was shaky from too many surges of adrenaline and giddy with excitement.

Cindy was still keeping his lap time a secret, but by his standards, the second lap was perfect. It was still a long shot, but the possibility that he might get to race Cindy's car seemed better now than ever before. He tried to play it cool when he saw them approaching, and didn't run to them like a little kid wanting praise, but he did walk fast. "How did I do?" Cindy didn't say anything until she was standing in front of him, then she said, "Not bad," and held up the stopwatch, "Thirteen-eight, should hold up for a spot in the top ten." In his mind, that was incredible, but he said, "Ah, I expected to be in the low thirteens.

Sorry." Cindy waited a few seconds for him to laugh before she hit him. "Right, you're good, but you ain't that good." "Yet," Uncle JC said. "I'll get better with practice. You want me to drive tonight?" "Oh no," Uncle JC said. "You know they don't let novice out there in late model. The only reason Herb let you qualify was because he saw you run hot laps. He didn't believe it wasn't Cindy in the car until she walked up on us. I still had to pull some strings." "I know, I was just kidding." Didn't hurt to throw it out there.

"You get some stock races under your belt, and we'll see," Uncle JC said. Evan was about to open his mouth when Cindy gave him the evil eye. Shit, his uncle didn't know about him racing Dale's car. "Okay." His uncle patted his back and said, "You got talent, kid, now all you need is your old man to see that." I got a better chance of becoming a porn star than keeping Uncle JC in the dark about racing Dale's car, he thought. That meant his father would definitely find out.

"Thank you for letting me drive," he said. "Did you see Jason?" "Nope," Cindy said. "He didn't even know you were out there." "I better find him before KK gets him in trouble." Cindy grinned. "Yes, you better." Candy's mind blurred when the window opened on her computer screen. Deana was locked in the bathroom, committing a lewd sexual act with her girlfriend.

Candy's first clear thought was, at least they were smart enough to go in the bathroom this time. Deana's back was to the camera, her long leg was bent, and her foot was on the toilet tank.

Rebecca was sitting on the floor between the wall and the toilet, facing the camera, but Deana's body was blocking Candy's view of Rebecca's face. She could only assume what Rebecca's mouth was doing, but it was obvious what her hand was doing. It was stuffed in Deana's crotch from behind, fingering her friend's pussy. Candy imagined the teenager's tongue attacking her stepdaughter's clit, working in unison with her plunging fingers.

Deana wasn't really her daughter. If Gloria were on the screen, not Deana, she would find a way to make it stop, without giving up her secret.

That was a lie, and Candy knew it. She'd let it happen and be happy for her daughter. Unlike most of the humdrum events in adulthood, Gloria would vividly remember how it felt to have another girl eat her out. The first time something happens can never be replicated, but in youth, those events are rich with passion and excitement. Growing up should be a time to create memories that are ingrained with powerful emotions.

A teenager's life was meant to be filled with mind-altering passion and excitement and danger. Candy flung her robe open and held her pussy with both hands, remembering the most significant first of her life. A hundred years could pass, and the memory would still be laced with the emotions and sensations she'd had that night. It was unlikely that her bedroom door opening would ever again create such a beautiful stain on the canvas of her past.

The streetlight in front of their trailer illuminated his figure in the doorway. Her brother, Bobby, was the only person who could make her heart flutter when he entered the room.

It was the middle of the night. Was something wrong? Candy started to sit up, but Bobby waved her back. "Shh." Candy looked to her left. Sally was on the far side of their bed, facing away from her. When she turned back, Bobby was there. He laid his hand on her chest. Her nipples swelled with the pounding of her heart. Finally, she thought and lifted her mouth to meet her brother's.

His hand moved down her body and cupped her pubic mound. A thick finger grasped her crotch. Her legs responded on their own, separating. She pushed the front of his underwear down and took hold of his erection.

Their lips and tongues were doing what they had done before, evoking passion, but Candy knew this time it would end differently.

Her fingertips circled the dome of Bobby's cock. He moved it to her face, and it filled her mouth completely, leaking that salty taste. She loved Bobby so much, and she wanted to make him happy, but she didn't suck and slurp him the way she had earlier. Bobby's middle finger pried into her tightly sealed lips. The cock stuffed in her mouth muffled her groans. He probed the deep place where she wanted him to be, and she gulped down more dick each time he thrust.

So many fantasies preceded this night, but none of them could have anticipated how it would feel. Her brother's finger bashing her clit made her cum, but Bobby kept on driving into her, opening her narrow tube. When her brother's big body hovered over her, Candy looked down at the giant dick resting on her mound. She could feel the hot, drape of ball sack lying on her opened labia.

They had been in this position once before, clothed, going through the motions, but this time, she said, "Make love to me." Bobby kissed her and said, "I'm going to, baby girl." The silky dome that she had sucked moved up and down, rubbing her tingling lips.

He centered the bulbous tip and pushed. Candy felt fear for the first time that night. Her pussy mouth stretched, and an unexpected cry escaped from her throat. Bobby's hand on her mouth silenced her, then all at once he entered her. She thought her insides had ripped to make room for his throbbing cock. He paused, buried deep in the center of her body. She could feel him pulsing in her belly as tears trickled from the corners of her eyes.

The only boy she ever imagined loving had taken her virginity. If Bobby had offered to stop, she might have accepted, but he pulled back, then slid in again. He bottomed out, and a spike of pain erupted in her stomach.

She clung to him and spread her legs as far as she could, jamming her knee into her sister's back. Bobby continued going in, out, in and out. Her clit swelled, and the pain changed. The bloated veins of his cock snapped across her inflamed bud, and she thought she was getting off until Bobby exploded inside her and filled her tunnel with boiling liquid.

Then she knew the orgasm of her life was happening. When her tiny pussy couldn't hold anymore, their cum spilled out and pooled on the bed around her cheeks.

Candy was warm inside, but sad to see Bobby's bare ass leaving her room, then Sally's lips touched her ear. "You okay?" she asked. "Yes," she answered and rolled against her sister's body. "Wonderful." They shared a compassionate kiss and cuddled each other. "Shh," Rebecca hissed. Deana looked down. There wasn't anything more erotic than the sight of a girl peering up from between her legs.

Rebecca's top lip was stretched around her pubic bone, and her nose was jammed into her bald mound. She could feel the other lip grabbing at her pussy while a tongue violently licked her clit.

"I can't," she said, and the middle of her body started to move again like a rubber rod, whipping her crotch at a blurring speed.


Rebecca's finger was in her, aimed forward at her G-spot. That, in combination with the girl's expert tongue on her trigger, was going to give her a blinding orgasm, any second. Fuck it if she screamed loud enough for her father to hear. She twisted Rebecca's hair in her fingers and held her mouth right where she needed it. The violent swinging of Deana's hips stuttered, halted, then made a few quick jerks.

"Ahhh, sheeit." Her orgasm popped and her pussy spilled over. Rebecca got halfway to her feet, hugged Deana's trembling body and eased her down to the floor mat. Deana sat there until she could control her gasping, then she went for a kiss. Rebecca stuck her tongue out, Deana licked it wildly. She got Rebecca's lower lip in her mouth, held it with her teeth and licked it clean.

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Then she made a dog-like lick across the top lip and plunged her tongue in. Sloppy kissing a girl was hot, but doing it to taste her own cum was a wicked, nasty sexual thing that made her blood boil. "Fuck, I fuckin' love you!" Rebecca smeared her wet lips all over Deana's. "Ah, me too." The two girls curled up together on the floor. "I think you just spoiled sex for me," Deana said.

"How?" "It'll never be that good again." "Dude, stop," Jason said. "What?" Evan asked. "It's been hours since you got out of that car and you haven't stopped talking about racing for a minute," Jason said. "Take a breath or two and let me talk about girls." "Oh, sorry, I'm excited," Evan said. "I still can't believe they let me qualify Cindy's car. That's huge. It could mean I'm gonna get to race." "Speaking of Cindy, dude, your cousin likes to fuck with me," Jason said.

"You have no idea," Evan said. "She's a trip." "Thanks for warning me, dick." "You saw how she was the first time you met, you should have expected it." "I didn't think she'd mess with me when you weren't there.

What do you think she meant by, a little bit off?" Jason asked. "Think she was serious?" "Sounds serious." "So, what did she mean?" "Hmm." Evan rubbed his chin. "Ask your sister. I bet she'll know." "Huh?" "She's a girl, she'll know," Evan said. "Come on, let's go watch Cindy's race." John was already in her when Candy woke up.

His massive frame crushed her body as he drove his dick into her. "Oh, god, stop, stop, please stop," she begged with her smiling face stuffed into the pillow.

"Please, please stop, it's too big, it's too much for me." Candy had hoped her husband would be in the mood, that's why she stayed naked and went to sleep face down. It had to be that way, John's way, or she wouldn't get fucked.

Sex wasn't what she had wanted, John could never satisfy the sex-starved monster she had unleashed, but he was giving her exactly what she needed.

"Oh, please, your giant dick is too much for my little pussy." Her muffled voice hid her laughter. Saturday still had thirty minutes of life when Evan got to his house. If the day had ended after Gloria's game, he could have gotten in his bed wiped out from the trauma Deana caused and the rush he got from doing Becky at the ballpark.

It hadn't ended there, though. He packed in seven more hours of adrenaline spiking excitement, plus, he saw Cindy in her panties and watched her win the race from the sixth starting position, where he had qualified the car. He should have been too tired and weak to see straight, yet he paused outside Deana's door, wide awake. His sister was always the first person he wanted to share good news with.

If he hadn't made out with her and seen her naked, he would take his chances and wake her up. Candy would have been the next person he'd run to with his joy, but she was totally in the dark.

Evan huffed and continued to the bathroom. Maybe tomorrow they could work everything out so he could be comfortable again around his favorite person, Deana. Evan stripped and got in the shower. The red-brown muck that colored the water was thicker than normal. He turned his face towards the shower head. The most important part was getting all the grit out of his eyes, then he could wake up tomorrow without sand grinding his eyeballs. After drying his body, Evan squirted a liberal dose of eye drops into his eyes, blinked excessively and wiped his face.

He wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door, then paused with his hand on the light switch. There was light coming from under the basement door. Evan tried to remember if he'd seen it before his shower. Somebody started up the stairs. He could make it to his door or step back in the bathroom, but Evan didn't move. Who would be downstairs at midnight?

The door swung open and the last person he expected it to be, appeared. His mother stopped and stared at him. He stared back, thinking, what the fuck, she never waits up for me on race night. "Evan," she said and turned off the light. He should have done the same.

His mother swung the door as she stepped out of the way, then grabbed it before it hit, and sealed it without making a sound. While she was turning back to him, he thought he saw something, but it must have been his eyes playing tricks on him. He was anxious like he knew he was in trouble, but didn't think he should be.

His mother approached. She was wearing gray, drawstring sweatpants and an oversized matching sweatshirt. It must have been his father's. The sleeves had been cut off, and the neck hole was ripped down the front. Her ponytail was high enough on her head to be seen from the front.

She stopped three feet away and put her hands on her hips. Her face shined like she had been sweating. Jeez, she looked so young without makeup. "Did you have a good time?" she asked. "Um, yes." The front of her shirt was cut past where a bra should have crossed her cleavage, and he realized his eyes hadn't deceived him. His mother's tits were lower, spread out and swinging free, which meant he had seen the side of her boob poking out from the huge hole where the sleeve should have been.

"What are you doing up?" "Trouble sleeping," she said, "so I tried working off the tension." "Tension," he said. "Is everything okay?" She reached out, and her upper arm shoved her right tit towards the center of her chest.

"That's the kind of question I'm supposed to ask you," she said and squeezed his arm. "I can be concerned too, can't I?" He saw her tit swish back to the right. "I've never seen you working out at midnight before. Did I do something?" "I don't know, did you?" A woman in a man's shirt was very sexy, and Evan remembered that Candy when she was their babysitter, used to wear men's shirts.

Fuck, he felt vulnerable and angry. "Honey," she said, and put her hands on his waist, "you can tell me anything. I'm here for you." "I, ah, I know that." He wanted a hug, but he was wearing a fuckin' towel. "Go ahead then," she said. "Mom," he said, hoping the title would turn her back into his mother, then he could lie. "I guess, maybe—" There was no reason to lie to his babysitter, Candy always had his back. He put his arms around her.

At least I'm too emotional to get a hard on, he thought. "Baby, it's okay to tell me," she said and laid her head on his shoulder. "I know you've been keeping a secret, but it's all right, I'm not mad." Evan should have backed away, told his mother a lie, then gone upstairs and cut off his dick, but her soft hands were on his naked skin, caressing his lower back. He held on and pressed his nose into her hair. The pleasant scent made him tremble. "I've got a chance to drive in a race.

It's a once in a lifetime shot." Candy tilted her head back but didn't allow their bodies to separate. "You did well tonight, didn't you?" He knew she already had the answer. "You know?" "Of course," she said.

"You mad?" "No, Honey, I'm not mad," she said. "How did you find out?" "That's not important," she said. "You disappointed me by not coming to me.

Did you forget how much I love you?" His mother's eyes were glistening. "No, I didn't. I'm sorry. I, um, you know how dad is, and I—" "Let me worry about him," she said. "But Mom, he already told me I couldn't." "Shh, I'll handle it, don't worry." "Thanks, thank you." The hug should have been reinforced for a few seconds, then ended with an acknowledgment of their love and his appreciation, but neither of them yielded.

Evan knew it had become an inappropriate embrace, but he didn't want to let her go, and her expression suggested she wouldn't release him, anyway. One of his hands floated up, seemingly against his will, and stopped on the back of her neck.

Her fingers clutched and released his sides. It gave him goosebumps. He started massaging her neck, and her head fell forward. Her breath moistened his skin. Please kiss it, please, then I'll know for sure. She looked up at him. The mouth that he had stared at with burning desire and fantasies of how good it would be to kiss was right there.

His lips were moving towards hers and his eyes closed. Their lips touched together and remained motionless. He knew he should open his eyes and see his mother's shock and horror, then it would be over, but he didn't.

Now, he had to make a choice, laugh and move away or risk changing everything he knew. The same fevered passion he felt when kissing Becky, Jayda and Deana was instantaneous, but experiencing it with his mother blew his brain apart.

Evan couldn't see reality, cause-and-effect or consequences. He wanted her, had to have her like a spoiled child has to have grocery store candy.

He would throw himself on the floor and thrash his arms and legs if he was denied his Candy. Both of his hands were on the small of her back, kneading and pulling her forward in rhythm.

Candy's bodacious butt was within his reach, and he wanted to grab hold of it. It would overflow his hands, and his fingers would sink into the gouge between the two perfect halves. He would finally know how deep that valley was and he'd lift her, pull her into the thrusts of his groin. His lust was primal, and it demanded he shove his cock— "Evan." He was breathing hard and fast like that day he wanted to get a home run for Candy.

The third base coach signaled him to stop, but he saw her in the bleachers and didn't slow down. His lungs were burning, and his legs were pumping. He turned the corner and pushed harder. Candy was screaming and cheering for him. He dove, bounced and slid through the dirt. The ball sliced the air above his head and whacked into the catcher's glove. He knew he was out and this time he thought he might cry. "Mom, it's—" The air that swept over his bare ass jolted him.

He stepped back. Instinct and training demanded that he cover it up, hide it quickly and beg forgiveness, then be filled with shame, but they both stood there staring at the erect cock. "Mom, oh, God, I'm sorry." Still staring at his erection, she said,"No, I'm sorry, this is my fault." He couldn't get his eyes off the giant projectiles under her sweatshirt. So what if his father killed him, he wanted this more than anything. His hands were trembling. He was going to touch her tits, feel how heavy they were and take those plump nipples between his fingers and pinch them.

"Baby, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have." She picked up his towel. Her hand grazed his cock in the process of wrapping it around his waist. The sensation on his stretched skin lingered. Evan wanted to throw himself on the floor kicking and screaming.

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"But, but I—" "I know." She held his hands. "Honey, this can't happen. It would change everything. We—" Deana's door opened, and she squeaked with surprise. "Yikes!" His heart stopped. "You trying to give me a heart attack." His mother crossed her arms over her engorged nipples and said, "Go," then she pointed at his door. "Don't let it happen again." He tried to look guilty. "I'm sorry." "Sorry," Candy said, "didn't mean to spook you." Deana lifted her brow.

"Towel, again?" "Yeah, that too, but he never let me know when he was coming home," Candy said. "I was worried." "I gotta pee." "Deana." "Sorry, Mom," Deana said. "I need to go to the little girl's room." Upstairs, Evan through his towel at the wall and his unrelenting stiffness swung side-to-side.

He knew his mother wouldn't—couldn't possibly chance coming to his room, but he stood there facing the door, hoping. After peeing, Deana returned to her room, suspicious. It could have been something she had seen thousands of times, Evan staring at their mother, but the look on his face was strange, and their mother seemed frightened, not angry. If that bothered me, how will I feel after it happens? She kicked a stuffed animal across the room. Evan blew out through tight lips.

There was a limit to how many highs and lows he could tolerate, and it had been exceeded. He collapsed on his bed with his mother's words playing, "Baby, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have." Shouldn't have what, been there, kissed him or touched his dick? He buried his face in the pillow and cried. Candy always came and made everything better. She always knew what to say and how to hold him and handle his father, protect him from his father.

Evan was older now than Candy had been back when she had taken up for them. He flipped the wet side of his pillow down and fell back into it. Everything had gone wrong, fuckin' nine-eleven wrong.