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Long hard sex big tenish
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It was the summer before Senior Year and I took a job as a counselor at the summer camp upstate. It was a "gifted-and-talented" camp so lots of privileged rich kids going through all sorts of activities. I came second in the State Chess Championship for my age so I got the job of teaching chess. I would be gone for six weeks and I would really miss my girlfriend. After a year and a half of going out we finally went all the way over Christmas break.

That first time had happened too fast to think about protection and it was a scary couple of weeks waiting for her period. Thankfully she went on the pill after that and we had been enjoying each other in bed pretty regularly. She was going to Europe with her family and I was afraid she might meet someone but she swore her fidelity to me as I said goodbye at the airport.

I got there a couple of days before the campers and hung out with the other counselors. There were a couple of cute girls and we flirted back and forth but nothing went further that a few stolen kisses between stolen beers.I felt a little guilty but my hormones were raging. We were by a lake and it was hot so most of the female councilors wore bikini tops and shorts most of the time.

Once the campers arrived and checked in we had our first campfire. I had the older chess group so my campers were all 12-15, mostly boys. The head councilor joked that in addition to everything else I got "jailbait duty" at night, which I was informed consisted of spending two hours in the early hours with a flashlight acting as human birth control.

A couple of summers earlier three girls had returned home with a special bonus in their bellies and the management didn't want a repeat. My first class the next morning consisted of seven boys and three girls, all of them cute. I don't know what it is but almost all girls who rise in chess are smoking hot, unlike their stereotypically nerdy boy cohorts. I had been told I was the exception that proves the rule but, in my mind, only in comparison with my peers.

I played sports but more for fun than hopes of stardom. Since it was a somewhat advanced group I went straight to advanced tactics, demonstrating positions on a huge overhead projector. After thirty minutes of this I divided them up to play games under tournament conditions, with clocks and carbonless score sheets to record their games for future analysis.

As I sat in my chair I looked them over and made sure there was no cheating. As I said before all three girls were stunners.

The first one, Amy, was a tall skinny blond with just pointy little A-Cups to go along with her long, coltish legs. For some reason God decided to give the nicest asses to thirteen year-old girls and she was double blessed. Jennifer was 14 and had been the under-12 girls champion a couple of years back. Boys, and some men, had been buzzing around her since she blossomed early at age 11. Many a boy had lost to her because he could not keep his eyes off of her large breasts.

She had shoulder-length black hair and the deepest blue eyes, though some would say she was a little chubby. I thought she was perfect. I was proud to say I had only lost one game to her boob advantage. Katie was an anomaly. She was twelve and, except for her breasts you would swear she was a boy. She always wore baggy clothing as if she was embarrassed of her womanly growths. Strawberry blonde hair and freckles with the palest skin.

She was also the most talented of the three girls and maybe even the best player in the class. That first day I did the nerdiest boys a favor and paired them with the girls. It made me chuckle to see them try to not be caught staring.

I think the girls enjoyed the attention and certainly the advantage their developing bodies gave them. After the class ended and everyone turned in their score sheets and left I saw Amy hanging back. "Don't you have another activity to get to?" I asked her. "I have a free period. Do you have time to go over my game?" "Sure." We set up a board and started replying her game, which had ended in a draw.

Amy was convinced she should have won it so we went over the moves closely. I made a couple of suggestions about her opening moves. She gave a good defense of her choices so we moved on to the middle game.

As she reached for a pawn I felt her left breast brush against my arm. I looked down and in that position I had a direct, down-the-neck shot of her bra-encased boobs drooping against the cups of her dark blue bra.

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I thought it was an accident until she looked me in the eye and smiled. This was a new thing to me! I had kissed two girls in my 16 years and here was a pretty girl rubbing her boob on me. We locked eyes for a second before I slid my hand down and gently squeezed the offered tit. Amy squealed at my touch. "Uh, I have another class soon. If you really want to finish this, come by my cabin after dinner." "See you then." The rest of the day could not have passed slower.

By the time dinner came around I was a ball of nerves. Across the dining hall I saw Amy sitting with Jennifer and Katie. Every so often she would look my way and smile. I smiled back, my penis at full staff and throbbing with anticipation. I saw her giggling and the other two girls looked over to me as well. Once I got my table squared away I started my walk to my cabin. My bunkmate had a girlfriend on the staff and since she had a single cabin I pretty much had ours to myself, perfect for a make out session with Amy.

We were not supposed to "fraternize" with the campers but I knew it went on all the time. I turned the corner through a small copse of trees and saw Amy standing on my porch. She must have run fast to get there before me.

She shifted awkwardly on her feet as she watched me walk toward her. I reached out my hand and she took it. We pulled toward each other and our lips met. Hers were so soft and silky it was like kissing a magic pillow. "That was my first kiss," she said. "It was awesome!" "Thank you," I croaked out. "And I am honored." I led her inside and she took a seat on my bed. I sat down next to her and pressed my lips on hers. This time I was a little more aggressive and pushed my tongue into her mouth.

She soon reciprocated. Instinct took over and I slowly eased her back onto the bed. Our bodies entwined on the bed and I was sure she could feel my hard on on her leg. Her hand went behind my neck as she held me to her. After a few minutes I moved my hand under her shirt and discovered she had ditched the bra. Her breasts were so soft and firm. Amy let out little cooing sounds as I gently caressed her mounds.

I started working her shirt up so I could get a look. She raised her arms and let me take it all the way off. Her deliciously beautiful pink nipples were puckered and standing out proudly. I broke our kiss just to stare at them. I licked first one and then the other bringing more mewling sounds of pleasure out of her. I teased them with my tongue then took one into my mouth. This made Amy jump a bit. It was my turn to become topless as she pulled my shirt up. I was a little embarrassed at my chest which was matted with dark hairs.

"Sorry about being so hairy." "I love it. It's sexy!" Amy nuzzled her face into my fur and took a turn at licking my nipples. My girlfriend had never done this and I loved it.

We returned to our kissing and her nipples brushed against my hairy chest. I decided to go for it and reached for the waistband of her shorts. I had met no resistance so far and didn't expect any now. I unsnapped them and was starting on the zipper when Amy lifted her ass of the bed, which I took as a sign of encouragement.

As I pulled them down and off I realized she had come for action, having ditched her panties along with her bra. Her pussy looked so delicate with its sparse bush of blonde hair.

At first she tried holding her legs together as if she was embarrassed. "I didn't shave it." "Don't ever.

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It's really sexy!" I licked and lapped at her. I put a hand on one ass cheek and started slowly rubbing at her clit. When I plunged my tongue into her virgin opening her legs locked around my ears. Her mewls became grunts as I snaked my tongue and fingers across her labia. With a final scream she went over the edge into full-fledged climax. She panted hard to regain her breath. "Was that an orgasm?" I nodded.

"Lots of firsts for you tonight. Ready for the big one?" "I didn't plan on leaving here a virgin." I could not have pulled by shorts down fast enough.

Amy gave me a slightly fearful look as she saw the penis that was going to turn her into a woman. I am only slightly above average in the meat department but I guess when you have never seen one before they all look big. I got over her and guided my cock to her opening. She winced in anticipation of the pain but I slowly eased the head into her. She was hot and tight but, thankfully, very wet. I slowly began thrusting, each time trying to get a little more of my cock into her.

I finally reached her hymen. I looked down into her eyes and she looked back at me with a strange mixture of lust and fear. "This is going to hurt. Are you sure?" She gulped in breath. "Do it." I had read somewhere that if you are going to bust a cherry to do it quickly, like ripping off a band aid. I pulled almost all of the way out of her and then thrust forward as hard as I could. Her membrane tore instantly and I found myself all the way in, pubes meshing with pubes.

Amy let out a little cry as she surrendered her virginity forever. I held myself there, giving her a chance to get used to my invading member. I kissed her hard, feeling a couple of tears run down her face. Slowly I commenced thrusting again, going nice and slow. "You okay?" "Yes." "Did it hurt bad?" "Not too bad. Thanks for that." "I'm glad." I continued to thrust, still trying to go easy on Amy. As she started to loosen up I went a little faster but I was still aware of her thinness and delicacy.

Finally, she looked up at me and asked: "Can't you go any faster?" "Think you can take it?" "Only one way to find out." She placed her hands on my ass, urging me deeper and deeper.

I reached under and grasped her hard little ass and pulled her up to meet me. Both of us filled the room with grunts and animal sounds as we pushed ourselves at each other. Her vaginal muscles milked at my cock, trying to coax the sperm out of my balls. When the usual pressure begane to build up I had the presence of mind to try and pull out.

"I'm.gonna.CUM!" "Inside! I want to feel you inside me!" Before I could do anything else about it she pulled me to her. My cock was shoved as deep as possible into her young, teenage pussy as I shot rope after rope of babymakers into her.

It almost hurt as my balls drained their treasure. Amy screamed underneath me and I think she came at the same time as me. Exhausted, I collapsed on her and slowly rolled off.

My cock and the bed were covered in a pink mixture of blood and sex juice. I got up and soaked a washcloth. I gently cleaned up her abused labia and then myself. Only a few drops had stained the bed. I threw the used cloth onto the floor and took my new lover in my arms. "You okay?" She plante a big kiss on my lips. "Oh yes!" We resumed making out, our sweaty bodies entwined. Her naked body felt so good against mine. When we came up for air I asked her the big question. "I came inside you.

What if you get pregnant?" "Yeah, I was wondering that. It was stupid to let you, but I wanted to feel what it was like." My cock was stirring. I placed Amy's tiny hand on it and she started stroking me.

I lowered my hand to her pussy and began fingering her. She was still very moist and I noticed my semen starting to drip out of her. It was such an erotic sight. I pulled her on top of me. As we kissed I put my cock at her entrance and she sank down, taking it all in the first try. "Have you done this with lots of girls?" I laughed. I was a virgin last Christmas. You are girl number two if you must know." "Really?

I just assumed…" "Are you disappointed?" "Oh no!" I grabbed her ass and thrust up, hard. She let out a shudder. "Good!" We alternated fast and slow, and then I got an idea. "Get on your hands and knees." She complied. "This is doggie-style, right?" I nodded. She shook her ass at me as I lined my penis up.

I grasped her hips and pulled them to me as I thrust my own hips toward her. A perfectly lubricated, squishy boned held us together and got noisier as we mated. The different angle brought new sensations to both of us and Amy grew more vocal with her second fuck. "Harder! Oh yeah! FUCK MEEE!!" She began shoving her ass back at me without help. I tried to slow it down but she kept coming. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she shuddered to another orgasm. Not wanting to increase the chances of becoming a teenage father I managed to pull out and shoot my sperm onto the perfect ass of hers.

Spent, we collapsed onto the bed and quickly fell asleep. I wake up in the morning with Amy in my arms. It is the first time I have woken up with a girl in my bed. My girlfriend and I had never been able to actually sleep together.

I really liked the feeling. As I stared down Amy opened those big beautiful eyes and smiled at me. "Hey." "Hey," I replied. I leaned down and kissed her. "How are you?" "Sore and tired. Not sure I will walk straight this morning." I suddenly realized the situation. "Won't you get in trouble?" "Nah.

Jen and Katie are covering for me." "You mean they knew about this?" "Of course." "Can I ask you a question?" She nodded. "This all seemed really planned. Why me?" "Well, my best friend lost her virginity after the end-of-year dance with a boy in our class. She said it was horrible. He just shoved it in and hurt her and it was over in like a minute. I wanted to do it and figured an older guy would be better. You're cute and available and, I have to admit, I figured you had done it with lots of girls.

I blushed and shook my head. Girls were still a mystery to me.

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"Any regrets?" "Are you kidding me?" We got up and showered and managed to have sex one more time. Amy was so light that I was able to hold her up against the wall of the shower stall as I pounded into that sweet pussy.

Her ass was so hard and beautiful as I gripped it. When I came I jerked myself all over her boobs. We kissed before going our separate ways. It had been such a wonderful experience for me and, I was sure, for her. A couple of hours later when class commenced I had a hard time keeping a straight face when I looked at her. The other two girls gave me knowing glances as well. I conducted the class sitting down because my cock would not go soft no matter what I tried. We managed to meet up in the woods for a couple of grope sessions until I drew jailbait patrol a couple of nights later from midnight to two AM.

I got a little sleep and before I knew it my alarm sounded and woke me up. I grabbed my flashlight and walked around. I stood for a minute outside Amy's cabin, thinking about that night.

I knew her two cohorts were in the same building. I tried to imagine what each of them slept in, but mostly what was underneath. I wandered the woods and checked the bathrooms but everything seemed locked up for the night. I stopped at the last bathroom to take a piss and heard noises inside. I turned the corner just in time to witness an embarrassing scene. Jennifer from my class was sitting on the sink, her shorts and panties down around her ankles.

A boy I knew as Jacob, one of those fifteen year-old boys who are too gorgeous for their own good was standing between her legs, equally naked from the waist down.

He had his cock in hand and was pointing it at her when he let out a grunt. Before even gaining penetration he shot a huge load of sperm all over her belly and pubic hair. "Are you kidding me!" She shouted. "Get the hell off me." I took the opportunity to shine my light at them. I pointed at Jacob. "Get the hell out of here and back to bed. Come see me in the morning." The boy quickly pulled up his pants and ran.

I turned back to Jennifer. "What the hell?" She popped off the sink and tried covering herself. I told her to wait and moistened some paper towels and told her to clean herself up. I got a glimpse of a pretty full bush before she got her shorts and panties back up. She looked at me and I could see tears starting to form in her eyes. "I'm sorry," she blurted out. I put a hand on her shoulder to reassure her. I eased her out the door and started walking her back to her cabin.

"You okay?" "No." "Other than just being walked in on, what's wrong?" "You wouldn't understand." "Give me a try." We were passing my cabin so I led her to it. she sat down at the desk and I sat on the bed. "So, what's up?" "Boys are such assholes!" "Not all of us." "Well, the ones I go for are. They just want a quick fuck and then act like they don't know you." "This happen a lot?" "Two boys, and then Jacob pops off before he even…".

Suddenly she blushed hard. "It's okay." She started to tear up and joined me on the bed. "Do you think I'm pretty?" "Are you kidding?

I think you are totally hot." "Then why…" "Some boys just want to fuck everything in sight. Some, like Jacob, probably just get too exciting when they see you. They can't believe they are with you and.can't handle it." She put her head on my shoulder.

Instinctively I put my arm around her. Being so close to her I thought I might be one of those boys who get too excited. I was hard as a rock. It seemed so natural when she turned to look at me that I kiss her.

It was a short, quick kiss but did nothing to abate my arousal. She was the type of girl I thought I could only dream about.

"I'm sorry," I said. "Why?" "You're in a bad way and I'm taking advantage." "No you're not. If I thought I had a chance with you I would have thrown myself at you earlier." As if to demonstrate she pressed herself to me and resumed the kiss. Soon she had her hand on the front of my shorts rubbed my cock through the material.

We resumed our kissing to our mutual pleasure. I finally got up the courage to go for those melons. My hand cupped her left breast and it was so heavy and firm. I went under her shirt and caressed her flesh through her bra, causing her to moan and her nipple to get hard.

"36 double-D," she whispered in my ear. "Huh?" "All the boys are curious. My bra size is 36DD." I chuckled. "Thank you." I felt for the clasp and unhooked it, freeing those melons to my touch. She helped me remove the bra and I started at her naked breasts. Her nipples were small and dark.

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I leaned in and took one in my mouth. She moaned even louder. "You know, these girls cost me our game last year." "Ha! I have that effect on boys." I took her hand and placed it on my crotch. "You certainly do on me!" We got up and removed the rest our our clothes. The rest of her body was as sexy as her tits.

She stared at my penis in wonder. "That thing is the biggest I've seen, not that I have seen too many." "Thanks." We got back on the bed and picked up where we left off. Her hand grasped my cock and she gently stroked it as I went back to loving her boobs. I pushed them together and licked and sucked her nipples at the same time, making her moan. I reached down and started slowly rubbing her slit, occasionally teasing her clit. Her movements and noises told he she was getting worked up.

I kissed my way down her flat stomach until I reached her pubic hair. Though she had washed they still smelled faintly of another boy's cum. I twirled my tongue through them on my way down. She was moist and her womanly odor pungent. I looked up at her pretty face, framed my those massive tits. She looked desperate for me to continue. I kissed her womanly folds and inserted a finger in her opening.

Jennifer let out a moan as I worked it inone knuckle at a time. I used my mouth and tongue on her lips and clit, gradually building her up. Jennifer's hand pushed down on my head to meet her hips thrusting up. She let out a scream loud enough to wake half the camp when her orgasm hit. "Oh.my.GOD! That was so much better than when I do it myself." I smiled, kissed my way back up her body. I gripped my cock and placed the tip at her drooling opening. "Are you on the Pill or something?" "No, but my period is due very soon so I'm safe." I leaned forward and pressed my manhood into her.

I loved the look on her face as I penetrated her: joy with just a tiny bit of pain. I reached bottom and could feel her cervix against the head of my cock. We both exhaled a moan as we became literally joined at the hip. Slowly, I thrust in and out, gradually picking up the pace.

The sight of her massive tits bouncing around turned me way on. I squeezed one of her globes as I pounded into her harder and harder. For her part Jennifer thrashed around on the bed as if trying to push me off but the next second grabbing my ass and trying to pull me back into her.

Next I rolled her over so she could ride me. Jennifer leaned down and we kissed, all the while those awesome boobs pressed into my chest. I took a nipple between my teeth and gently bit it until the sensitive flesh swelled. I hit bottom with every thrust up into her tight little pussy. Both of us grunted and moaned as we coupled. "So.good! SO GOOD!" "Are you close?" I asked. "Yes!" Her pussy sucked at my invading cock like a fist, trying to milk the sperm from my body.

I wanted to prolong this incredible bout of fucking, to make it last forever. I pushed her off of me and put her on her hands and knees, quickly reentering her furnace-like pussy.

With one arm across her swaying tits and with my other hand violently rubbing her clit I pounded away like an animal. "CUMMING!" She screamed into the night. I was right with her and as I felt her muscles clenching even harder on my cock I unloaded a torrent of sperm deep into her.

I could feel the head of my cock right up against her cervix and sent my swimmers right into her womb. I pressed myself as deep as I could into her as the last traces of semen left my body. When I was finished I collapsed forward and pressed here into the bed. As my cock began to deflate I rolled over and off of Jennifer.

Our eyes met as we lay side-by-side. "Damn," she said.


"I was hoping it could feel like this." I smiled. "Thank you." "Those other guys just used me to get off. You made me feel like you cared about me." I kissed her lips. "I do care about you. You know I have a girlfriend, right?" She looked sad.

"Yeah, I know. But you can sort of be mine for a couple more weeks, right?" My head was spinning. I wanted to be loyal to my girlfriend but here I was, naked in bed with one of the hottest girls I had ever seen. Little head was winning. We kissed for awhile and gently rubbed each other, no goal in sight. Finally she got up and began getting dressed. I kissed her one last time and she was gone. The next day in class I found myself very turned on by the thought that my sperm were swimming around inside Jennifer.

I also noticed her nipples poking out from her shirt and when she turned the amount of juggle told he she hadn't bothered with a bra that morning. Was she trying to torture me or what? Three days before camp ended I was sitting in my cabin, entering the chess games of my students into a database so they could all have a copy of their efforts and analyze their progress.

I was taking a long pull on a beer I swiped when there came a knock on the door. "Come in!" "Hey there!" It was Katie, followed by Jacob, the gorgeous boy I had caught with Jennifer earlier. "What's up?" I asked. "You I hope!" "Huh?" The two kids in front of me were both smiling a wicked grin.

"Jennifer and Amy are raving about you in bed. I feel like chopped liver that you haven't made a move on me." "Well," I said, somehow emboldened. "They have been keeping me a little busy…" "Hah! Well, you will just have to manage your time better. You don't mind if Jake here joins us, do you?" With that Katie pulled her tank top over her head, revealing her pointy b-cup breasts as she moved toward me.

Her nipples were tiny and dark which contrasted beautifully with her pale, freckled skin. She hugged me from behind and pressed those tits into the back of my head. "Why don't you turn off that computer and joins up over there?" Pointing at the bed.

I was taken aback by her unexpected aggressiveness and I was obeying her before I could have a second thought. I had been sitting there with just a pair of gym shorts on and they were soon on the floor.

My came was at full attention by the time we got on the bed. I started to go down on her but she pulled me up and guided my cock to her pussy. As I sank myself balls-deep into her obviously experienced pussy I looked over at Jake. He was sitting in a chair, his shorts around his ankles and his cock in hand. He stroked his penis in time with my thrusting into Katie. "Just fuck me! I'm on the pill so you can shoot your stuff inside me!" There was no subtlety to this girl. She just wanted a hard pounding and I did my best to give it to her.

She met every thrust with one of her own, her hips driving off the bed. She had one hand between us, furiously rubbing her clit. For as wild as she seemed she was pretty quiet during our fucking. "Fuck her good!" Jake called out.


"Shoot her full of sperm!" By then he was naked and showing off his Greek-God body, but still sat in the chair and stroking his cock. "She's a great fuck, isn't she?" "Yeah," I grunted.

This was a very different experience for me. Not that I was all that experienced (remember, Katie was only the fourth girl I had fucked) but I always enjoyed the lead up and foreplay But here I was, practically servicing her like a bull in the field. I sure wasn't complaining! All too soon I felt my balls churning and my babymakers starting their fast trip up my shaft.

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"I'm cumming!" "Fill me up! Give it all to me!" I quickly complied.


When I was finished a leaned down to kiss her before I rolled off. Without missing a beat she told Jake it was his turn.

Jake came over to the bed and, instead of just shoving his cock in her he leaned down between her legs and started eating her out! This young boy was sucking my sperm out of her! I was intrigued and a little grossed out, but then the thought of doing that had never occurred to me.

He lapped and fingered and sucked that pussy like it was a delicious treat, not another man's semen leaking out of her.

Once he was satisfied he had gotten every drop (and brought Katie to an orgasm) he rose up and mounted her. He seemed a little awkward in his thrusts but soon found a good rhythm. It was. Fascinating to watch the two of them fuck.

Jake's body was very athletic and tight and his ass muscles clenched and unclenched powerfully as he drove into her.

Their legs were everywhere, with hands exploring and touching each other. It was like a live porno show in front of me and made me wonder what I looked like when I was fucking. All of a sudden Jake spoke up. "Dude, come stand over here by the bed." "Why?" "I wanna suck your dick." WHAT!?!

I couldn't believe I had heard him right. Did he just offer to put my penis in his mouth? AND SUCK IT? I had never gotten a blowjob and was curious as hell, but from ANOTHER GUY? "Come on, dude. I really wanna suck you!" I went over and stood where we asked. I had never even jerked off with my friends much less have full-blown oral sex with another guy. He started by fondling my testicles and commented on how big they were.

Soon he grasped my shaft and licked the head of my cock. It felt strange but REALLY good. As he worked me over he kept fucking Katie with a slow, steady pace.

After awhile he began alternating between pounding her and sucking me. If I hadn't just shot a load a few minutes before I was sure I would have emptied my (according to Jake) large balls down his throat in a minute. Katie wanted in on the action and soon they were both licking my cock and taking turns at my balls. Jakes hand began making its way around to my ass but by that point I didn't care what he did.

As I got really close to coming he shoved a finger inside me. The jolt of his invading digit set off a strong orgasm for me and my sperm shot out over both of their faces. Jake and Katie licked my stuff up like honey. Once clean Jake went back to fucking Katie and soon emptied a load of his own deep inside her belly. We just lay there in a heap, trying to catch our breath. I was sweaty and the room smelled of hot sex. For her part Katie soon had each of our cocks in hand and quickly had us both ready for more action.

Suddenly her had was replaced by Jacob's and she nudged me toward his penis. What the hell!

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I thought and went to wok on it. Katie got up to go to the bathroom and when she was gone Jacob and I continued our mutual masterbation.

Our eyes locked and I saw him moving his head closer to mine until he was softly kissing me on the lips. Something deep inside me reacted and soon we were dancing tongues. Our stroking became harder and more urgent, the feel of another guy's hand on me was causing a strange stirring of emotions deep inside. "That is SO hot!" We heard Katie say. We both thanked her. "Jacob, can Joe fuck you now?" He looked at me. It wasn't in me to say no. Katie giggled with glee and grabbed one lube out of her purse.

Jacob lay on his back and she worked some of the squishy liquid up his ass. Next she guided me into position and put more of the lube on my cock, stroking me to full erection while kissing me. "You ready?" She asked. I just nodded. She rubbed the swollen head of my penis against Jacob's slippery opening and, with one hand on my back eased me forward. His ass was tighter than any of the four pussies I had fucked, even the two virgin ones.

Katie held her face right next to where our bodies connected. Every so often she would snake her tongue over our balls, or she would be rubbing my ass. I looked down at my first male lover and his face told me he was loving every minute of our coupling. I drove myself deep within him with both fast and slow strokes. His hands were on my shoulders and the next minute on my ass, pulling me deeper and deeper.

I took hold of his cock and shagged it hard and fast. I really wanted him to climax at the same time as me. Next to us on the bed was Katie, her legs spread and with one hand rubbing everywhere between her legs while the other one played with her tit. That sight drove me over the edge.

Jacob's ass milked the sperm from my balls as my hand did the same for him. I pulled out and jerked my cock as my balls surrendered their milky load all over Jacob's chest. At the same time he jerked his own stream of cum in the same place and out semen mixed on top of him. My sticky cock rubbed against his as I collapsed on top of him. We had one final bout where I lay on my back, Katie rode on top of me, and Jacob fucked her in the ass. It was incredible feeling his cock rubbing against mine with just a thin membrane of skin separating our turgid members.

We all managed to climax at the same time before rolling over and falling asleep. I managed one more sexual encounter with each of my four new lovers before the last day of camp. Amy handed me a condom before our last fuck.

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We were both relieved we hadn't made a baby thus far and neither of us wanted to take any chances. It was slow loving sex that lasted over thirty minutes and we just held each other when it was over. Jennifer also brought a condom to our last time together. For the rest of my life I will never forget those breasts and all future tits will be judged by comparison to hers. We had a fast and furious coupling for our last time. I was barely able to bury my head between those fabulous globes of flesh and squirt the rubber full of my sperm before she had to run for the bus taking her home.

Katie was as Katie was, a long hot wild time in many positions and my final blast of semen for her went down her throat. When it was done she kissed me, hopped off, got dressed and left for home. Jacob asked me for a ride home since we lived in the same town. We made several stops along the way to kiss, grope, make out, and finally suck cock. The last time we stopped Jacob asked me if he could fuck me, as he had never done that with another guy. I was reluctant but after a wicked sixty-nine in an empty Boy Scout clubhouse just outside town I agreed.

After it was done we both agreed it was better them other way around. We had one final kiss before I dropped him off at his house. Chess being what it is we knew we would be seeing each other around. Two days after I got back I picked my girlfriend up from the airport.

I resolved that I had to tell her all that had happened and hope for the best. We stopped for dinner on the way home and I made my confession I didn't leave anything out, even the bit of taking another girl's virginity and my first explorations into gay sex. After I had spilled all my beans I looked up at her, hoping it would not be hatred I saw in her eyes. She was smiling. "I am so glad you told me all that first before I told you how I spent MY summer vacation." While in Europe she had fallen in with another group of students, three boys and a girl.

Her times were as wild as mine. Far from being angry or hurt we were both turned on by hearing about each other's adventures. As we compared notes we told each other what we wanted to try. She really wanted to lose her anal cherry to me and watch me with another guy and I was just as eager to try sex with two girls.

After that the adventures REALLY began!