X storys girl pahli bar

X storys girl pahli bar
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Standing in the bathroom together, John and Sarah decided to take a shower. Sarah was covered in John's cum rather extensively; her belly, breasts, and legs were more or less plastered with semen. "I've gotta say sis," John said, his eyes delicately gazing across his sister's skin, "you do look incredibly hot covered in my cum." "I'm glad you think so," Sarah said, squeezing her tits together and rubbing the cum all over them.

"Your titties look amazing, too." "My titties?" Sarah laughed, "I'm glad you think so but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that word." "Okay, your tits look wonderful." "Thanks," Sarah giggled. She sighed for a bit and looked at the naked boy standing in front of her.

He was closer to a man than a boy, she reckoned, but he wasn't quite a man yet.


He didn't have much body hair but that was quite alright with him. "Hey, I have a proposal for you." "Sure, what is it?" "How do you feel about actually cleaning each other off in the shower?" John's stomach jumped, "how do you mean? Like, washing each other?" "Well, yes," Sarah said, "would you like to try doing that?" "Sure," John said, "of course." "Okay," Sarah smiled. She went into the shower (she was standing in front of the mirror) and bent over to turn on the water.

She made an effort to bend over as much as she could, giving John a lovely view of her pussy and asshole.

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Hearing John moan softly in approval, she reached back and spread her buttcheeks apart. She stretched her asshole open and gave John quite the view. "Fuck me," John moaned, "you are so fucking hot." "Thanks brother," Sarah said. She playfully teased her asshole with her index finger before standing back up, "ready to shower?" "Erm, I suppose," John said, "though you've made me so horny again, already." "I can see that," Sarah said, staring almost hungrily at her brother's now rock-hard cock.

"Let's just get to showering, I need to wash all this jizz off of me, though I imagine I'll have more on me soon enough." "You bet your ass you will," John said. He was beginning to get more confident with this situation.

He quite liked the idea of being able to cover his sister in his cum whenever he liked, which appeared to be how things were heading. They stepped into the shower and stood under the warm water, covering themselves in a blanket of warmth and wetness. Sarah let the water flow over her, scrubbing various spots in an attempt to remove her brother's semi-dried ejacuate. Upon her request, John grabbed the body wash from the soap rack hacking on the wall opposite to the shower head and handed it to Sarah.

She refused to take it however, shaking her head. Much to John's delight and surprise, she asked if John would "apply" it to her "breasts" (she said it so innocently) since it was John's fault they were dirty. He eagerly obliged, filling his left hand with a small amount of body wash before rubbing his hands together. Sarah faced him, her now wet tits waiting eagerly to be groped by her brother's hands. John reached out and lightly caressed her breasts, running his fingers over them gently.

He gave them a light squeeze and began to slowly massage them, drinking in the feelings of his sister's young flesh in his hands. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. They were soft yet firm to the touch; her skin was silky smooth and her breasts felt absolutely amazing in his hands.


John's erection was poking Sarah's thigh; they were standing close to each other. She asked him, almost apprehensively which was quite out of character, if she could "wash his penis off" while he took care of her breasts. John didn't have to answer as his cock immediately throbbed and pulsed, jerking upward. He nodded though and with that, Sarah carefully wrapped her hand around her brother's length.

Her pussy throbbed immediately and immensely. John's cock felt incredible. She could feel him throbbing in her gentle grip. The skin was smooth. John's cock felt powerful almost. He was so fucking hard. John began to slowly wash his sister's nipples, rubbing them gently with his thumb and index finger, letting the water run over them.

Sarah began to slowly stroke John's cock back and forth, cleaning it with her hands. She squeezed it tightly as John squeezed her harder.


Sarah began to pump John's cock faster. John's moans filled the bathroom, almost drowning the roar of the shower water hitting the floor. "John," Sarah breathed, "are you going to come from this?" He could barely speak.

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He managed a barely-intelligible "yes" between moans; his knees were shaking rapidly. "Could I —" she took a breath before finishing her sentence "— suck your cock?" "Fuck," John cried, "oh God, yes please." Sarah's pussy was soaked.

She got down on her knees and looked at her brother's cock eye-to-eye. John placed his hand on the back of her head and gently pressed her forward. It had been a while since she'd done this before, but the last time she sucked somebody's dick, she loved it. She eagerly opened her mouth and accepted her brother's pulsing erection into her throat.

His cock grazed through her lips and across her tongue.

Oh my God, she thought, he's so big. This is amazing. Sarah immediately adored the feeling of having her brother in her mouth. It was a feeling she hoped she'd have often. She reached up and cradled John's balls with her right hand, massaging them slowly. Her left hand went down to her pussy.

She began rubbing her clit and taking John in and out of her mouth. She felt like a porn star. She massaged her pussy quickly and sucked her brother's cock passionately.

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John's moans filled the room once again as Sarah slid his dick in and out of her mouth. The head of his cock passed through her lips and along her tongue, almost reaching the back of her throat. It only took another forty-five seconds of this before John exclaimed his climax was imminent.

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Sarah braced herself and sucked harder and faster, cradling his balls and bracing herself against his knee. John erupted into climax as his cock throbbed immensely within his sister's eager mouth. He pulsed and shot rope after rope of cum down her throat. Sarah squeezed and massaged his balls, milking them as she swallowed each thick rope of delicious white cum.

She was in ecstasy, drinking down every last drop her brother's cock would reward her with.

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His cum tastes delicious, she thought. She loved the feeling of her brother painting the back of her throat with cum. She loved feeling his cock ejaculate in her mouth; it throbbed and pulsed so intensely. It was exhilarating.

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