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Sorry, I forget about this chapter.THis chapter deals with the explanation of what luthor did in Chapter 1.So not having much sex. Chapter 3 is filled with lot of sex. **************** Please rate wisely,you will surely like it when you will read future chapters.

**************** Chapter 2 - The explanation *************************** Luthor laughed and said "You don't know how often I have wished for this moment and now that it has occurred, I don't know what to do. Well, let me answer your questions by asking a question. What is your name?" The woman grimaced as she said "You know who I am.

Where is she?" Luthor laughed again and said "My plan worked. Or half worked, I mean. The Man of Steel is now a normal everyday, average earth woman cunt.

An attractive cunt, but still a cunt. The memories and personality of Superman is now residing in the body of Lois Lane and her memories are in your body. Your former body, that is. For the rest of her miserable life, you will be her.

You will bear her children and let them suckle against the breasts hanging from your chest. As long as you are youthful and attractive, you will have men falling over their feet to fondle you. That is, until your boobs start sagging and you turn into a seventy year old woman." "Damn you Luthor.

Where is she and where is my body?" said the woman as she walked angrily across the room to where Luthor was now sitting on a couch, sipping on his coffee "My word. The little bitch has a temper. I suppose that I would feel the same way if I was in your shoes. Or high heels, as the case may be.


Please remember who you are now. If I didn't take any shit from you, when you were Superman, what makes you think that I will take it from a puny, half naked woman. But to show you that my heart is in the right place and that I am willing to cooperate, I don't know where she or whoever she is now, is at this moment.


My exchange equipment didn't work the way that I planned it and she left here in your body, flying away of her own free will. Your guess is as good as mine as to where she is now or what she is doing." replied Luthor.

The woman stopped in front of Luthor and put her hands on her hips and looked down at Luthor. Luthor smiled and said "That's much better. We need to talk.

We both have some adapting to do.


I have changed some of my attitudes and now have some of the same desires that you do. Sit down and I will tell you everything that I did. I give my word to tell you everything and to assist you. You know that my word, when I give it, is my bond." Superman glared at Luthor and realized that in this body, he was very helpless and would have to use his wits to take control of the situation. He sat down in an opposite chair. Luthor smiled again and said "You are going to have to learn to cross your legs when you sit down.

The view from here of the dark bush between your legs is excellent.

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At another time, I would have difficulty keeping my concentration on the subject, what with your excellent exposed protuberances that are among the finest that I have ever seen. I became very involved in a barroom discussion one time about whether your breasts were real or a product of science and surgery. I apologize for my ms-informed guesses and will be sure to correct my previous statements if I ever meet those gentlemen again.

But I promised to confess. Have you ever heard of Professor Hayfield of the London University?" The woman shook her head and a thick wave of dark hair fell across her face. She quickly brushed it away, but it fell back which caused her to re-do the brushing motion. Luthor just observed and waited until she was finished.

"Hayfield published a theory of brainwaves and electrical patterns when exposed to differencing currents and microwaved laser beams.

Included in his study were some tests that he accomplished but he did not realize the real importance of those tests. When I read his article, I knew that with the proper equipment, and electrical patterns, that I could develop a process whereby two people could swap memories and personalities.

When the process was completed, both people would have the memories and thinking process of the other person. I was not interested in changing my own body, until I realized that if I changed bodies with you, then my super intellect combined with your super body, could rule the world.

I experimented with electrical conduits coated with Kryptonite dust that would weaken you so that my process would work on even your super body." said Luthor as he lit a cigar. When he got it smoking, he continued "Think of it. Me in your body, receiving all of the awards and glory that I am due.

And you in my body, sitting in some jail cell, paying for some of my minor errors. The more I thought about you in a jail cell trying to convince someone that you were really Superman, the more convinced I became to make my project work. And then I saw a transvestite in a bar picking up a man. The transvestite did not pass as a woman at all.

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Anyone looking at him could tell that he was very clearly a man in a woman's dress and make-up. As I watched this person, I realized that there are more ways to imprison someone than to put them behind bars. And I hatched this wonderful plan involving a three way body switch. I decided that I would kidnap Lois Lane, swap her body with yours, and then swap my body with her. So you would be in Lois's female body. I would be in your body and Lois would be in my body." Superman didn't say a word as Luthor slowly put the cigar into his mouth and twirled it around.

When he removed it, he continued "I would be the Man of Steel and with my much greater intelligence, would make a rather average superhero into the Man of the Century. I would spend the rest of your extended life, using your muscles and my brain to improve the lives of all of my subjects. Naturally, they would crown me Emperor of the World because of my greatness.

And every Emperor has to have a Princess among his harem.

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You would be allowed to sit on my throne and would provide me the sexual relief that every wife gives her man. Whenever I wanted you and however I wanted you. Being a normal earthling, you would be subject to my drugs and I could easily convince you that you really enjoy sucking my super-cock and sitting at the foot of my throne.

And I would know that the once former Superman is my cunt, bound to my service, forever trapped in a foreign body. Forever, feeling desires to re-live your former life, knowing that you are forever my slave and woman. Living a life that I desire you to live, imprisoned in a female body with your memories of once being the Man of Steel and knowing now that you are the Princess of Fucking Pleasure.

Obeying my every command and enjoying providing me pleasure with your new body. I would free you from the rules of society that require you to hide your beautiful body behind clothes and allow you to run naked through my world. While I would not restrict my super-cock to just you, I would let you be my favorite cunt and to enjoy the privileges that come with that position. You would be the queen of my harem and mother of some of my children.

Naturally, I would use my drugs to convince the former Lois that was in my old body, that she was my friend, my slave and happy to be in my older, overweight, bald body. Oh, it was such a wonderful plan.

There is so much that I could do, to improve the sorry life of everyone on this planet" Luthor took another drag on his cigar and slowly blew a smoke ring before he continued "A beautiful plan.

All of my plans are beautiful. So I built my machine and programmed the electrical frequencies and timing into the program. Then I had Lois kidnapped and brought here. She was not hurt and only woke up just before you arrived. I had my henchman leave before I cut the suit, so I am the only one that saw her breasts. Pardon, I mean saw your breasts. They do belong to you now and are very nice breasts. You could make a lot of money in a topless bar, if you don't like being a girl reporter.

That is, after you are properly trained in how to act and to let your new body control your life. But I am forgetting my manners. Would you like one of my cigars? As a former man, you must enjoy smoking a good cigar occasionally?" He held out a cigar and the woman ignored the offer as she snapped "Get on with it Luthor.

I have things to do." Luthor laughed and said "You don't know the half of it. I spent months developing my plan. How to lure you here. Where you would enter. Where you would land. How much Kryptoniteite dust to weaken you, but not hurt you.

I reworked Professor's Hayfield basic theory and developed my own theory. I calculated the time that it would take to exchange your personality with Lois and then how long it would to exchange your memories with her memory." The woman interrupted him by saying "What is the difference between the personality and memory exchange?" Luthor paused and stared for a moment.

The woman did not realize that she had spread her legs again and Luthor was staring up the dress. Then Luthor resumed "Two people can share the same memory. It can be a shared moment in time. However, they will not remember the memory the same way over time or react to those memories the same way because they have a different personality. You are familiar with a template that you put on a computer keyboard.

The keyboard didn't change, but the function of the keys changed. A personality is the same way. I discovered that exchanging memories was not enough and that the manner in which the person thought and reacted also had to be exchanged. Because those control features are hid in a different portion of the brain, it has to be treated as two separate actions.

While it is not as time consuming, it is more critical to the success of the project. As I well know." Luthor stood and walked over to the coffee machine and re-filled his cup. He returned to his seat and continued "So step one was to get the bait here.

Step two was to get you as the Man of Steel here. Step three was to transfer your personality and memory with hers. Step four was to transfer my personality and memory with her personality and memory in your body. Step five was for me to rule the world in your body. However, my henchman screwed up and obtained sub-standard chips. Midway through step four, my machine failed and short-circuited. My personality was exchanged with Lois's personality but not our memories.

My actions are now controlled by her personality and my memory; while her actions are controlled by my personality, her memory and her reactions to your super body and it's almost unlimited powers. Because of the strength in your original body, she was able to recover first.

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I have videos of her recovering and recognizing that she was in your body. She tried a couple of your superpowers and then sped away, leaving us to our own resources." The woman raised her hand to her lips and slowly squeezed her lower lip as she said "What do you mean by she has your personality? What will she do?" "I don't know what she will do and can only guess.

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I do know that she will act different. I would love do a psychological profile of her before and after actions. I don't think that she will turn into a criminal because of her memories of her past life. I do think that she will act different. You remember that my personality was demanding. I had to be in charge. I had to rule.

I would do anything, with no qualms as to the repercussions of my actions. I was very forceful and would not stop at anything to accomplish my goals. And I would love to have an objective profile of myself now. With her personality controlling my body, I am more at peace with myself. While I want to be the best in the world, I am more caring and concerned about my fellow man. I don't feel different, yet I know I am different.

I also know that her feminine personality is in charge of my thinking and actions." said Luthor. The woman laughed "Impossible." "I would have agreed with you yesterday. Today is a different thing. We have been enemies for a long time and you know me. Whenever I fail at anything, I rant and rave until I get my temper under control. Have you ever seen me take a failure so easily?

And the worst is still to come. As I sit here, looking at your half naked body, it does nothing for me. It only makes me a little jealous to see your nice cunt between your legs and to realize that I will never know what it is like to have a warm cock sliding into a wet pussy. But yet as I think about the smooth chest muscles on Lennie, I get a very nice erection and a warm feeling flowing through my body. I think that my sexual orientation has also changed so that I prefer a homosexual relationship instead of a heterosexual relationship and I will have to do an in-depth self-evaluation.

I am not sure if I previously had those feelings and this exchange just awoke them, or if it was entirely caused my new personality. Anyhow, I know that I have some very strong feelings that I have been able to identify and classify. I suspect that the new Superman is busy going through a compLex self-evaluation of who he is now and what he wants. So just as I am driven by her feminine personality, she is driven by my former masculine self-serving personality." said Luthor.

"I don't buy it, Luthor. What you are saying, cannot be true." said the woman. "Some people don't believe the truth in front of their eyes. Look down at those big boobs on your chest and tell me which part of my discussion it is that you don't believe.

If you are still not convinced that I am telling the truth, stick your finger into that dark spot between your legs." said Luthor.

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The woman glanced down and then slowly stood. She said "I have to find Lois. She will need my help." "No, we will need her help. I feel guilty now as my new personality evaluates my recent actions and I wish to apologize to you. I feel a little guilty about what I was going to do you and what I have done to you.

I will assist you in trying to set everything back to the way it was, even if it means that I have to become myself again. However, we don't know what she is thinking or how she is reacting to this. With your former super body, she will do whatever she wants to do.

How do you feel?" said Luthor. "Very different. What do we need to do to swap everything back?" said the woman. "Wait is the main thing. While your male body could survive another exchange at this time, her normal earthling female body cannot survive; nor could my body. There has to be at least thirty days, maybe forty-five days between exchanges with normal humans. My equipment can be re-programmed easily, but the bodies have to be capable of living through the experience.

You may not like it, but for the next month or two, you are Lois Lane, girl reporter. You are a woman.

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You will have to answer to her name. You will have to dress in her clothes and live in her apartment. You will have to pee while squatting on a commode. You will have to worry about every man that is trying to fuck you. You will have to wear lipstick and make-up.

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High heels are mandatory in her life and you will have to learn how to walk in them without breaking your neck. You will have to live her life while she lives your life or whatever life she wants to live. You are a woman and will have a period with the cramps and prissy-ass mood swings. Tampax and Midol will become a necessity that you can't live without. You are Lois Lane. Cunt. You will live as a second class citizen, subject to any form of sexual harassment that men heap on you.

You can become pregnant so you will have to practice birth control. Just taking the pill is not enough protection. Being a normal human, you also have to worry about the sexual diseases and normal sickness.

And sex as a woman is very different from sex as a man. Instead of pussy juice all over your face, it will be cum shooting into your mouth. Remember that the man will probably get insulted if you don't swallow it and try to suck more cum out of his cock.

Instead of your mouth wrapped around a wonderful woman's nipple, your tongue will be caressing a big floppy cock that is trying to force it's way through your tonsils. Just as you have to learn to be Lois, I also have to learn to be someone else." said Luthor. But you are still you in your body. Your change is not as drastic as my change." said the woman. "Yes, it is. I have been giving it some thought and know that I have to learn to deal with my new emotions and desires. Just as I have to deal with my new feelings, you will also have to adapt.

Those are the facts of life that you will have to learn to live with. And I haven't told you the bad news yet." said Luthor. "What bad news?" asked the woman. Luthor stood and dropped his underwear and started stroking his cock. Lois stared at the middle-aged overweight bald man-standing in front of her, with his drawers down to his ankles and a limp cock in his hand. After a moment, he pulled his drawers back up and sat down as he said "Did you feel any strong sexual desires?" The woman started laughing.

Luthor waited until she finished and said "Part of my computer program that exchanged your personality also modified part of your personality.

You see, I planned to be in your super body and wanted you to be my whore in Lois's body. I wanted you to cooperate with my desires and to be happy with your new role and sexual orientation. So I modified the portion of your personality where it re-acts to sexual simulation.

Right now, you are a virgin and don't know what it is like to experience sex as either a normal woman or As a woman with my enhanced modifications.

With my modification, you will enjoy sex by over 400 percent over what Lois would have enjoyed the same simulation. You will remember how great the sex was and what it felt like. You will look forward to sex again and again. All you will be able to think about is sex and more sex. You won't be able to resist having sex.

Your sexual desires will control your body. You will react as a woman because it will bring more satisfaction and enjoy men to you. Nymphomaniac is a very mild expression for the desire that you will feel and can't control. So as long as you can resist sex or sexual actions, you won't have those memories to increase your desire." Luthor paused for a second and then stared upwards as he continued "I am a victim of my previous self also.

You know that I always plan for everything. Well, in my plan, you would wind up in Lois's body, I would wind up in your body, and Lois would wind up in my body. To keep the two of you under my control, I also modified her personality to be subject to much stronger sexual desires.

So now, I also have very strong sexual urges and I don't know how to control myself. In my previous life, I did not need sex and what small sexual desires that I used to have, were easily re- directed to my power desires." The woman looked at him and smiled for the first time since the exchange as she said "So you are now a horny man?" Luthor shrugged his shoulders and replied "Almost. I did not do enough research into explicit sexual desires and increased her sexual desires without thinking about how those desires would react, with her strong feminine personality.

So I am horny but do not desire women. I desire strong virile men." To be continued.