Gozada com muitos jatos de porra

Gozada com muitos jatos de porra
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The coxville chronicles. Chapter 1: Roadside meal. (inspired by works from the Pit/John persons) "That's racist and you know it." Shawn oaks said tiredly to his one (and perhaps) only white friend in coxville, Greg richards, dragging his suitcase along as they walked to his house in Coxville's downtown.

For the past 3 hours since the bus station, Greg had been trying to tell his friend the "darker" (no pun intended) side of Coxville since he left.

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"No disrepect Bro, but the women in Coxville are nothing but sluts for black men. It doesn't matter if the ladies are black, white, latinas or Any foreign chicks. Highschool girls, college Co-Eds, Housewives or some Rich bitch Milfs. All of them are all huffing bitches in heat for black brothas like you." He said, pointing an accusing finger at shawn who just rolled his eyes.

"I'm half in half Greg. My mom was black, dad was white. I'm a brown skin guy." Shawn said only for Greg to raise an eyebrow.


"That makes you an even bigger target my friend. You just haven't seen it since you went to college out of town before they could sink their claws into you. Now that you're back, I'm sure you'll be having 10 baby-mamas by the end of the week." Greg said, nodding like some wise prophet as Shawn just sighed. Greg looked at him. "Still don't believe me? Man I'm telling you, these last few weeks Judge Darren hill has been dealing with nothing but Divorce and settlement cases. All of em being some hot housewife cleaning out there ex-husbands so they can warm the bed of some black dude.

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Long time ago the qualification for getting some hot pussy like that was a big dick and being black. Now, you just gotta be black." Shawn wondered if he needed a new white friend.

His must be broken. ############################### After dropping off his stuff at his empty house. (His mother had moved to Los Angeles a while back.) Shawn had cleaned up, changed clothes and gone shopping. Mom's old Ford still worked and had gas, lucky for him. He did wonder a little at all the black guys rolling up with some beautiful white highschool chicks.

He got some brotherly hugs from some old friends from the block too, all of them with a white or black girl by their side who greeted him too, looking him up and down hungrily.

He never had been much in the muscles department, though he was a looker, taking his father's handsome qualities. He was driving back home sometime at around 6:00pm when trouble seemed to start. Flashing blue and red lights to be exact. "Fuckit all, at least the cops are still the same no matter what hood you crawl out of." Shawn muttered. He parked on the roadside and waited till he heard the familiar tapping of boots on the roadside gravel, taking down his window.

"Evenin officer." He got that far before his eyes bugged out. What the hell were they feeding the women in Coxville? He needed some of that shit.

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He had to seriously stop himself from gaping at the huge and firm bust that seemed to strain against the dark blue female officer uniform. The uniform did nothing to hide the figure and curves on the officer herself. Her brown hair was pulled into a tight bun and her eyes covered with large dark shades, her pouty lips covered in pink lipstick.

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The sight of her holstered gun did bring him back to earth though. "Step out of the vehicle sir and place your hands on the hood. Are you a coxville county resident?" She asked seriously, looking him up and down critically as he got out of the car and placed his hands on the hood as instructed.

"Yes ma'am. Just been out of town for a while. College and all you know." Shawn answered. The officer's eyes seemed to rise unbelievably behind her shades. "College huh? That will be a first here. Most of you black boys just finish high school and laze about." She said as she began to frisk him.

He looked back at the badge to see her name. "Officer Karla swift" he thought mentally. She must have entered the force when he left since he didn't recognize the name. She had to be about 28 or 29 in age. Suddenly her hands moved slowly to his groin and he gulped as her soft hands seemed to trace his package. What the fuck was going on!!!? "Hmm, do you have a concealed weapon in your trousers sir?" Officer swift asked, something entering her voice that he didn't quite get.

"No ma'am. Ahem, that would be my." He didn't get a chance to answer as she turned him around and squatted in front of him.

"You want to play games boy? This can't wait till the station. I'm just going to have to strip search you myself." She said, slipping off his belt and beginning to pull off his dark trousers despite his weak protests. This bitch must be crazy. "Ma'am i don't think thats." There was a FLOP sound and a Crack as her glasses were hit off of her face hard, landing on the ground broken as the now visible green eyes staring at 7 and a half inches of uncut dark cockmeat that slid from her face to plop onto her firm and heavy breasts, knocking away her small gold ace of spades necklace aside and into view as she gulped.

"Oh Hell." ############################## "What's your name stud? And where have you been all my life?" Swift said, looking at the thick and veined throbbing flesh of black dick that shawn had carried around since highschool and never used.

"Shawn. Officer Swift.

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Shawn oaks." He said as he looked down at the mesmerized officer still trying to comprehend the mass of cock in front of her. "Call me karla, Honey. I think we'll be seeing a lot of each other after this." she said breathlessly.


Her eyes went down to his two hanging jizz eggs, the heavy nuts swinging low and heavy. Her soft hand went down to cup the heavy orbs as she looked up at him, licking her pouty lips and her mouth watering though did see a glint of gold on her finger.

"I hope you don't mind stud, but i havent had my dinner yet and this cock seems to have something good for me. And don't worry about the ring. I'm divorced.

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Or at least I'm about to be." karla said, muttering the last few words so shawn wouldn't hear, throwing her cap to the side as she undid her hair from its tight bun, letting her long brown locks flow freely down to her back as she gazed sultrily at him.

Shawn could only gulp. "Sure." She smiled, her hands first moving to unclasp her front as she let loose the two huge tits that finally were free from their constraints, each of her pink nipples hard and erect.

"You like, babe." she asked as Shawn just nodded, his mouth going dry at the sight. "Thank Heaven for Coxville and its women." he mittered as karla giggled. Slowly she knelt near his cock and leafted the thick meat up, letting her wet tongue snake over the proud, heavy and seed filled spunk pods, savouring the flavour of the delicious and dark jizz orbs, wondering how many sluts had done so before her.

She turned to his fat left nut, engulfing the fat orb in her mouth as she suckled and nursed on the jizz filled nut lovingly, her mouth leaving a thick trail of hot spit connected to her pouty lips as she released the now bloated egg from her hot mouth to give service to the right.

Shawn relaxed now in pleasure, leaning on his car hood as the sexy Coxville police officer spent a good 40 minutes servicing his two dark spunk orbs, looking up triumphantly at his pleasure filled faced. She rolled and suckled on the bloated sperm eggs hot saliva accumulating and streaking down his brown thighs, smearing her lips and mouth in hot spit slobber. It was time for more. Officer Karla flipped her long brown hair aside and lowered her face down to the large dark dick, peeling back his dark foreskin to reveal his engorged head was near her lips, and he could feel her breath on it.

She pushed her pouty pink lips past his head, inviting his cock into her warm mouth. He gasped as her descent on his dark shaft brought more of him into her wet mouth, swallowing the thick dick, until it hit the back of her throat. Right as he thought she had reached her limit, she shoved her lips past the last inches and formed a seal at his base.

"Damn, this is a black cock slut and a hot one to boot. If i play my cards right, I'll be tapping this slut on the daily." Shawn thought through a pleasure filled haze as the slut in question began sucking him off with with more speed, having adapted to his length.

To think that a lady he met less than an hour ago was giving him a blow job better than he ever could have imagined. And she was a police officer on duty to boot. She coated his black cock with her hot spit, making it slippery and wet as She teased the underside of the black shaft with her tongue as stuffed it in and out of her mouth. She moved up and down his dick with hard, sucking intensely. The head punching the back of her throat everytime.

This went on for some time, in between karla gripping and jerking his cock while her mouth made its way once more to a big, black, round testicle. She sucked on the heavy orb and teased it with her tongue as before, savoring the salty flavor. She moved her efforts to the next ball, sucking more intensely as she polished his nuts. Finally it was too much. As the Coxville police officer swallowed his black dick once more, he got a grip of her head and long brown hair and held her at the base of his cock, his black dick at the entrance to her tummy.


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Eat that Black Jizz BITCH!!" Her green eyes widened as shawns cock began spewing thick and large loads of cum, feeling the veins of his cock pulse as he delivered her prize, the huge and first load of his backed up black balls straight into her hungry tummy. "Ohh Fuck! I can feel that huge load of black cum going down my throat. Damn was he backed up. It feels like a years supply of seed and he is still going." karla thought.

Finally releasing her head and bringing his cock back up, karla had the pleasure of tasting his load as he left nothing but his still spewing tip in her mouth, her lips making a seal to drink down his sperm. A full minute later and he finally pulled off with a pop, a thick trail of jizz sputtering from his tip and karla's pouty lips as she finally swallowed and took the last salvoes of shawns cum onto her breasts and hair.

He left her cleaning and lapping up the jizz on her huge tits as he hastily scribbled something onto her notepad and tossed it to her as he put on his trousers. "There's my address, Officer Slut.


You want more of this Big black cock, maybe up that white bitch cunt of yours, you know where to find me. Come in uniform, you're much sluttier that way. Hope you enjoyed the meal." He said, getting back into his ford, more relaxed as he drove back home.

He didn't mind the new Coxville. It wasn't half bad. Officer karla swift rubbed her cum full belly and licked her lips as she looked at her notepad.

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"Oh, the women of Coxville are going to just LOVE you Shawn oaks." She had a friend to call as soon as she got home. Something tells me Jenny summers was going to want to hear this.