Vagabunda sentando na rola com carro em movimento

Vagabunda sentando na rola com carro em movimento
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Sabrina woke up in darkness and with no memory of how she ended up there. All she could remember was walking home from a party in the middle of the night when suddenly she was struck in the back of the head by something hard and blacking out. She tried to move but realized she was chained tightly to a table and naked. She gasped and pulled hard against them to no avail.

Sabrina shivered as a wind of cold air hit her ivory skin. She heard a chuckle and froze. "Cold?" The voices had a thick Russian accent and was deep. Sabrina turned her head towards the voice and felt something fabric pull against her face.


She then realized that it wasn't dark in the room and that she was just wearing a blindfold. Sabrina gasped when she felt a large, warm hand lay on her flat lower stomach. "Mmm, your very cold." Sabrina shivered not from the cold but from the fear she felt.

She whined in protest as the hand went lower and down her soft and meaty thigh. His hand squeezed and Sabrina gasped from the pain. "S-Stop." Her voice came out in a whimper.

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She was relieved when the man let go of her only for it to be shattered when her thigh was smacked hard making it jiggle. Sabrina squealed from the stinging pain.

The hand went down and in between her legs, the man grunted in displeasure when he felt her fuzzy pussy. "Nasty slut. Gonna have to get this bush shaved." Sabrina bit her lip and whined. "I'm not a slut." Sabrina was punished for talking back and her clit was grabbed and twisted painfully, she squealed, tears forming in her eyes as pain and pleasure exploded through her body.

She heard a laugh. "Only a natural born slut reacts this way. " He let go of her clit and slid a thick finger between her folds and into her pussy. Sabrina gritted her teeth and the man hummed, he wiggles his finger around and watched her reaction.

Sabrina gasped and she shoke from the intrusion, her pussy clenched to his finger tightly and the man smirked. "Tight. Your a virgin aren't you?" Sabrina chocked back a sob and nodded, her face was red with embarrassment.

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She jumped when she heard the man laugh cruelly and pull out his finger now coated in her juices. "Your gonna make me a pretty penny whore!" Sabrina blood ran cold, a pretty penny?

Was he going to sell her!? She was pulled back into reality when she felt the man's large hands grope her large breasts, they were D cups and massive nearly spilling off the table. He squeezed her tits and Sabrina cried out from the pain.

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She was rewarded with a smack across her face. "Be quiet!

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Sluts do not speak!" Sabrina sniffles and keeps quiet as best she could, the man went to town on her, feeling every inch of her thick, chubby body. "Well have to get you to loose a few pounds before you can become the slut you were born to be." Sabrina kept silent, trying hard not to cry as she was molested.

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After what seemed like hours, the man had grown tired of the foreplay and was moving on to the bigger stuff. Sabrina felt something cold and plastic pushed against her pussy and press hard against her clit.

She heard the familiar sound of tape being ripped apart and stuck to her to keep the plastic thing in place. Sabrina heard a click and she gasped as the thing started vibrating hard against her clit.

Sabrina squirmed in horror and pleasure. "W-What is that!?" The Russian man chuckled. "A vibrator, your new friend." Sabrina gasped, she never used a vibrator before, her f in embarrassment. "I don't like it! Get it off!" All her complaining achieved was having it turned up higher. Sabrina gasped as her neglected clit sprung to life in response, she fell heat pool to between her legs and she slowly became wet.


"W-Whats happening?" Her legs began to shake as she felt the heat grow and grow before finally going over the edge, she scream as her first orgasm rippled through her, the vibrator still buzzing through it. She unconsciously began thrusting against the vibrator, crying and shaking. The man sucked in a deep breath. "That was beautiful. I'm not real sure if I should sell you or keep you." Sabrina sobbed, her hips arched.

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"P-Please. Stop it. I won't tell anyone." The man hummed. "No, you still have twenty-four more orgasms to go through, and this is just the beginning." Sabrina was silent when she heard that before another orgasm shot through her making her scream. Sabrina was sure she'd be dead before making it to fifteen. She heard the door slam, the was gone. Sabrina began to cry. The next day the man came back into the training shed to check on his new whore.

He cracked open the door and smirked.

Sabrina laid still on the table, the vibrator still going strong. Fluid covered the bottom of the table dripping off and into the concert floor. He stepped into the shed and slammed the door shut behind him making Sabrina jump awake. She instantly started moaning and shaking.

"H-Hello?" The man switched off the vibrator to the relief of Sabrina. The man smirked and caressed her face making her freeze in fear of getting hit again.

The man chuckled.

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"Smart slut is learning fast." He licked his lips. "We're going to have lots of fun together." - Authors Note - I hope you enjoyed my first every erotic story I've posted on this site! In this story you, the reader, will be able to choose what happens to poor little Sabrina. Remember, the kinkier the better! Just post in the comments what you want to see happen and if I like it, I write about it!

First I must ask you guys something, what do you think the name of Sabrina's master be?