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It was many days after Frank's threesome experience with Ashley and Jean, and he was just returning from a visit to his friend's house in a neighboring town. He came in the door and dropped his backpack, the setting sun casting long shadows across the floor of the foyer.

"Anybody home?" He heard a soft clatter from the direction of the kitchen, and then his mother's voice. "Welcome home, Frank!" His mother, Tasha, came into view from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a towel. "The girls are off at the library, I think they said. Vanessa hasn't come back from the concert she went to with her friend Donna yet, although she should be home tonight." Frank nodded, and was suddenly struck by his mother's figure.

She was wearing a tight t-shirt, which framed her easily c-cup sized breasts with a good amount of detail. She was slim like Vanessa, being very strict with her own dieting, but she still had a slight hourglass figure that prodded at Frank's arousal. Her legs were still toned, her muscles rippling as she shifted her weight to the other foot. Her eyes were brown like Jean's, and Frank's own, but carried wisdom within them that leant a different affect to her gaze than Frank received from Jean.

"Cool," Frank said, suddenly struck dumb. It might have been this recent string of incestuous acts he had committed, but he was very distracted by his mother's figure. Tasha smiled and gestured him into the kitchen, "How about I make you a sandwich, you must be hungry." She disappeared back through the doorway and Frank heard cabinets opening and shutting.

He went in and sat down at the table, and ate his sandwich while Tasha finished up doing the dishes. They finished at roughly the same time, and Tasha sat down at the table with him. "So how about we have a talk? I haven't seen you in days!

What have you been up to?" Frank coughed, trying to think of what he had been doing when he wasn't fucking Tasha's daughters. Luckily he was able to come up with a few things to inform his mother on, like how his friend was doing and what book Frank was reading.

His mother touched on work and how her sister, Frank's Aunt Gina, was doing, since she had just come back from a visit there. It wasn't long before they ran out of general things to catch up on, and Tasha began asking the embarrassing mother questions.

"So, did you get a girlfriend over the summer?" Frank laughed and shook his head no, but his mother wasn't buying it.

She leaned over the table, unconsciously showing more of her cleavage to her son. "Oh come on Frank. A mother senses things. You've been a little different recently, and I think you have a girlfriend." Frank's eyes wandered past Tasha's t-shirt clad boobs, but then refocused on her eyes.

He decided to go with a half-truth and see how far it stood up to his mother's barrage of questions. "Well, I didn't want to say anything about it. But she's not really my girlfriend. We're just friends really. We enjoy each other's company." Tasha turned her head and squinted her eyes, peering at him out of the corners of her eyes. "That's another way of saying that you're having sex with no attachment, right?" A wave of embarrassment swept through Frank, and then realization that she was, essentially, correct in her reasoning.

But he couldn't tell her anything else about it, he might let too much slip. "Mom! Please." "What?" Tasha said, leaning back and folding her arms, "Your mother was a sexual being once too; I know what I'm talking about on this subject." Frank rolled his eyes and looked out the window, intent on affecting the teenage frustration image that would get his mother to digress from the very uncomfortable topic.

But that last statement got Frank thinking about his mother in a sexual light, and a scene of Tasha in bed underneath a nameless male flashed through his head, causing a bit more blood to begin flowing through his nether regions.

She leaned forward again, looking at him as though sharing a secret. "I came in your room the other day, and it smelled like sex. You should really get an air freshener if you want to try and keep such secrets from me." Frank's eyebrows rose in terror at how close his mother was to uncovering his secrets. He swallowed, wondering where she was going to go from here.

But she didn't get angry, or even disappointed. "I'm not angry with you Frank; on the contrary, I'm glad that you're sharing something so special with someone. I just worry about you, you know?" "I know, mom." Tasha seemed to ponder something for a moment, and then nodded to herself.

The conversation turned to trivial things after that, until nearly 45 minutes had passed, after which his mother got up out of her chair and stretched. Her arms went up over her head and her back arched, and Frank got a magnificent view of his mom's breasts stretching with her arms. He came to the conclusion that they were magnificent, and wondered at the possibility of ever seeing them.

While he was admiring the view, Tasha caught him out of the corner of her eye.

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"I knew it! Frankie, you're staring at my breasts aren't you?" Frank jumped in his chair at her exclamation and tried to wrench his mind on track to find an excuse, but he only managed to stutter a bit.

Tasha laughed unconsciously at his discomfort. "Ohh, I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to startle you. I don't mind that you're staring at me!" Frank blinked at her, his back rigid at being caught, "You don't?" "No, in fact I'm quite flattered." He gave a shake of his head, not quite understanding. Tasha smiled patiently at him. "A woman my age being leered at by a young man? Makes me feel beautiful again, honestly." Understanding broke over Frank's mind as his mother looked down at herself, and he recovered quickly from his daze.

"Well," he said, sweeping his gaze across her body, "You are very hot. To my eyes at least." A blush came to his mother's cheeks and she rolled her eyes to the side very much like her daughter Ashley did.

"Oh stop it." Frank decided to run with this; his mom was a very attractive person, and plus adding another layer to his relationship with his mother couldn't be a bad thing. Especially if that layer was sexual. Plus, he had a theory regarding his mother, which could only be proven by touching her. So he got up from his chair and moved towards her and reached out his hand to caress her cheek, which she leaned her head into appreciatively.

As soon as he touched her, a current zinged up his arm and into his chest, causing him to gasp a little at the strength of it. Not only did he have a metaphysical bond between himself and the rest of his siblings, it seemed that Frank had a tether between himself and his mother, one that was different somehow. Frank felt as though his connection to his mother held part of what he felt from each of his sisters, plus something more that was entirely unique.

Whatever it was, it brought on strong feelings of security and adoration. He drew his hand back and rubbed his fingers against his thumb, while Tasha brought her own hand up and touched her cheek where he had. Deep in thought, Frank murmured, "It's just like my sisters…" His mother gasped in realization, and Frank's jaw clicked shut as he realized that Tasha might have known more than she was letting on.

His mom looked at him with an expression that said she knew exactly what was going on. "Why don't you sit back down, Frank." They both resumed sitting at the kitchen table, Frank feeling like he was about to be hung at the gallows. When he met her gaze though, the expression was anything but negative. "You know, your room is not the only one that has smelled like sex recently; Vanessa's has too." Frank shifted in his seat and looked at the window, but his eyes didn't register what was outside the glass.

His mother continued. "All three of my girls have been walking around in great moods and disposition, and even though Ashley is always bubbly, she's been downright sickening in her good moods in recent days.

Even Vanessa has been sending me uncharacteristically happy text messages!" Frank knew why. "Now Frank I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to tell me the truth.

Have you had anything to do with the recent upward swings of moods my daughters have experienced recently?" With a resigned sigh, Frank tore his gaze from the window and looked at the tabletop between them and nodded.

With a flow of electricity, Tasha's finger touched the underside of Frank's chin and lifted his head, Tasha's steady gaze catching his own. "Frank. I'm not angry with you. Do you understand?" With confusion written all over his features, Frank asked why she wasn't. His mother smiled at him and drew patterns on the clean tabletop with her index finger. "Because I'm not unfamiliar with all of this incest business." "You're not?" Frank said with eyebrows raised.

Tasha leaned forward as though confiding a secret to him. "You don't think that all your Aunt Gina and I do when I go over there for days on end is play gin, do you?" Frank was surprised that his jaw didn't slide off its hinges and onto the table. Tasha leaned back in her chair again and let him process that information for a moment with a slight smile on her face.

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When the shock began to wear off, Frank accepted it all as fact, and actually got a little turned on. He looked at his mother in a new light, not just as provider and protector, but also as a woman in need of loving.

Also, hovering over all this was a sense of reminiscence from a long time ago, from before any of his memories, that definitely emanated from his mom. "So, son, what do you think of your mother now?" Frank looked up at Tasha to see her smile and her intent gaze, and decided to ask about the bond. "Mom, do you feel that weird energy whenever we touch?" She nodded, "Yeah, it's between you and your sisters too?" "Yes, and it's led to certain… interactions." Tasha giggled through her smile and said that she understood.

"The same thing was true for me and my siblings. I and your aunt and uncle were triplets." His mother got up from the chair and stood by the window, glancing over at Frank when she spoke, "I think the bond between you and your sisters comes from sharing my womb together. Nine months of being so close together within me." Unconsciously Tasha put a hand on her belly, as though remembering being pregnant. Frank got up from the table and went over to his mother's side, and gently placed his hand on his mother's flat belly beside her own hand.

Immediately, visceral familiarity flowed through him upon touching his mother, and his expression changed to one of wonder. His mother's face changed too, to one of remembrance and yearning, apparently feeling something similarly affective. "Oh, baby.

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You feel our energies? I remember you being in there," she rubbed his hand on her belly, in wider and wider circles. Her eyes were staring at her son, and Frank could feel her arousal, but also more prevalently he could feel her motherly love, her sense of protection, and her want of nothing but good things for her baby boy.

When he touched her, every miniscule change in her facial expression or body language was obviously defined, what with the exchange of energies feeding him answers.


Speaking of feeding, Frank's gaze was drawn to his mother's breasts, right above where his hand was touching her belly. He remembered being at those as well, in such a way that barely touched at the edges of his memories. His hand on her belly came off of her and hovered over her left breast, almost before he knew what he was doing. Tasha quickly stepped back and threw off her shirt with the grace of someone who has done it for more than three decades, and effortlessly slipped out of her bra encasing her beautiful titties.

Frank stared with a mix of lust and adoration at his now topless mother. Her breasts were about the size of Ashley's, and very similar looking, although Tasha's had slightly larger areolas. She was still looking at him intently, and when he finally leaned in and laid his hand on one of her globes, that rush of familiarity and comfort came again, this time with the assurance that his mother had wanted him to touch her. He kneaded her breasts in his hands, feeling their fullness and how soft they were.

Tasha put a hand on Frank's chest and eased him back into his chair. He was now at eye level with her breasts, and he seized the opportunity to take one of his mother's nipples into his mouth, sucking on her like he had eighteen years earlier.

Through their bond, Frank knew that his mom was getting flashes of déjà vu through this action, and her arms came up to cradle his head as he suckled at her breasts. Frank was so viscerally comforted by sucking on his mom that it came as a surprise when Tasha lifted his head from her breast to look into his eyes again.

"Let's go to my bedroom, okay?" Frank nodded, and with one last suck, he got up from the chair and took his mom's hand, following her up the stairs and into her room.

There, she shut the door behind them and sat him down on the edge of her bed, which was covered in a white bedspread with matching pillows. It was the largest bed in the house, a queen size. Her hands reached down and took the hem of his t-shirt and lifted it above his head, Frank lifting his arms obediently for the shirt to slip off of him. She dropped his shirt to the floor and ran her hands from his shoulders, over his pecs and down his abdominal muscles, and then back up his rib cage, finally ending up cupping his cheeks in her hands and peering into his eyes.

His torso burned with the aftereffect of her hands caressing him. "I love you baby, you know that right?" Frank nodded at her, "Of course mom, I love you too!" A warm smile spread over her features, and Frank felt that warmth spread through himself as well, causing him to smile almost unconsciously.

He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, causing her to blush and giggle. "I think it's time for us to kiss a little differently than that now, Frank." Tasha leaned over him and kissed him once on the lips, then kissed him again, to which Frank responded, opening his mouth to allow their tongues to explore one another.

They kissed that way for a few minutes, their breaths quickening, and Frank's cock slowly rising to full mast in his shorts. His mother knew what she was doing, for a searching hand crept up his thigh to feel his rock hard dick outlined against the fabric, his balls hanging free and full beneath it. She slowly and reluctantly broke the kiss, licking his saliva off of her lips before opening her eyes with that warm motherly smile spreading her face again.

"Mmm, baby you kiss well. I'm so proud of you!" Frank ran his hands up his mother's arms, "Your daughters think so too." "I'm sure that they do!" she replied. Tasha carefully got down onto her knees and rubbed her palms against his thighs, between which she was kneeling. She reached up to undo his button and zipper.

"Now to see how much my baby boy has grown since the last time I saw him!" Her working hands undid the fasteners and pulled his shorts off, tossing them aside, and then tucked her fingers in the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down as well. Her face was overcome with a bit of surprise and joy and pride and lust all mixed together. "Ohhh, wow Frank, you have grown big! This is what you've been pleasing my daughters with?

I'm quite impressed!" His cock stood tall, all seven inches of him. Her eyes tracked up and down the member, and lingering on his balls for a moment before she reached out and gripped it softly with one hand.

Jolt of electricity surged through frank from where his mother was touching him, and his breath picked up. Tasha slowly jacked him with one hand, her other hand finding its way to her own crotch. "To think that I made you, made this beautiful cock, grew you inside my belly.

It's hard to imagine, but I feel its truth whenever I touch you." Her tongue flicked out and licked him at the base of his cock head, feeling his cock tense up at her touch.


A drop of his precum formed at the tip of his dick, and she licked that too, savoring the taste of it before gently taking him into her mouth and sucking on him. Frank let his breath out slowly as her warm mouth closed around him and her lips pushed up and down around his shaft.

She eased down further and further every time she took more of him in her mouth, until she lips were kissing where his cock joined the flesh of his crotch, all of his cock buried in her mouth and down her throat.

She came up off of him and coughed a little, a string of thick saliva connecting her lips and his cock. "Wow, mommy hasn't done that in a long time, and never on a cock so big! I'm glad I could still do it for you." "That was incredible, mom!" She smiled warmly again at her son's praise and jacked him a few more times before reaching down and getting rid of her bottoms. They fell on the pile of clothes forming near the door. Rising to her full height, Tasha caressed her naked flesh for her son, one hand on her belly.

"Now baby, I know you can't remember, but you came out of me, out of here. For nine months I protected and nurtured you inside me. Do you want to go back inside mommy? At least, as much as you can?" Frank's gaze alternated between his mother's eyes and her pussy lips just visible between her thighs, and nodded. "Yeah mom, I do. I want to be as far inside you as I can be." With another smile, Tasha bent down and compelled him further up onto the bed, until just his lower legs were hanging off.

She climbed up on top of his legs and spit into her hand before rubbing it all over his cock, mostly on the top. "Good, because I want you inside me too." She moved up so that she straddled his hips, his young cock pressed up against her already wet slit.

She gyrated her hips against him a bit before leaning down over him and brushing the hair off his forehead. "Are you ready baby?" Frank nodded, breathing through his mouth at his mother's proximity. "Okay, here we go!" She leaned back and grabbed his cock, directed it into her angled hips, and slipped the tip of it past her inner folds. Frank felt the tip become encompassed by her interior and moaned at how warm and tight it was.

Tasha moaned her own self before rocking against him, urging him further and further inside of her vagina each time. Finally, with and arching of her back, his penis was completely inside her, and her body settled down flush against his own. So much of his skin was pressing against his mother that he was nearly overcome with the amount of energy flowing between them.

He could feel at a very basic level his mother's feelings; her pride in her young man growing so big, her lust finally in the midst of being sated after so many years of abstinence, her joy at having her son be at least partially within her once more. Frank was sure that she could feel his lust and love for her, along with his serenity at touching the edge of a vague and visceral feeling of safety and comfort that he hadn't felt in all his waking life.

The tip of his dick rested against the entrance to his home for the very first nine months of his life; he could feel the specific energies flowing through him from the tip of his cock. Tasha sighed contentedly and caressed his face with a single finger, joy and love combining to cross her face. "There baby, that's better isn't it?" Frank nodded, his hands moving to grip her hips as they sat upon his own.

"Mom you feel so tight, you're as tight as any of my sisters. But it's as though I belong here, or belonged here at one point, it feels so right!" She used her hand to press against her lower belly, right at the place where Frank's cock head rested, pressed up against her cervix. "Right there, you feel that? That's where you grew inside mommy.

You're so close to where you were eighteen years ago!" "I feel you mom, and I love being inside you." She smiled again, and leaned down to kiss him. As they kissed, she lifted her hips off of him slightly and pressed back down against him, the skin of his cock slipping along against her vaginal tissues, generating more electricity to fly through their nervous systems.

As she picked up the pace, their lips broke apart to allow for deeper breathing as the stimulation increased. He met her rotations with thrusts of his own, complimenting her movements.

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They were both overcome with the deepest of feelings; their connection forming their natural mother/son bond into something more, something deeper that combined all of their positive feelings toward one another.

Their lovemaking was steady but gentle, both of them intent on loving the other as smoothly as possible. It wasn't long before he felt the boiling in his loins, and he reached up to grab his mother's waist as she moved on top of him.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum soon…" She straightened up and kept bouncing on his hips, harder than before. "Go right ahead baby, put it all inside mommy." Frank didn't have time to respond. His face screwed up and he grunted, thrusting hard up into his mother's interior. His balls emptied, and loads of semen shot through him, up his cock, and splashed out around his cockhead, which was buried so deep that it didn't have anywhere to go.

It jetted three, four, five times against Tasha's back wall, and she felt every jet as it struck her tissues.


She leaned over him and cooed in his face at what a good boy he was. "Oh baby, I can feel it inside. Now, for next few days, I can carry some of you around with me!" Frank reached up and pulled his mom to him and drew her breast into his mouth again, sucking at her like he knew she liked it. She groaned at the contact, and began grinding her hips against him again. His cock hadn't deflated one bit since his ejaculation, so she began to use it to build toward her own orgasm; the first one made by a penis in many many years.

As her son sucked on her tit, she banged her hips against him, the flesh of his member stimulating every inch of her canal until the time was perfect, then she pressed a couple fingers against her clitoris and rubbed for all she was worth. Tasha's orgasm broke over her and she yelled as she groaned out her passion towards her son. She writhed atop him as he sucked her breast, her pleasure leaking through their bond, sharing it with her son. Finally the wave of her climax receded and she drew back, her tit slipping out of Frank's mouth.

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"Baby… That was… so amazing… You did so good for mommy!" As she leaned back, she felt just how hard he still was up inside her, and she looked at him from beneath raised eyebrows. "And you're still hard for mommy? You're such a good boy." "You're an amazing mom, too!" Frank said as he leaned up and gathered her in his arms for a kiss, a passionate kiss that lasted for minutes. Finally he pulled her down with him as he leaned back again, and he began thrusting his cock up inside her once more.

She began to vocalize, little noises as he bottomed out within her. Their energies eddied and swirled around each other, confusing Frank once again as to where the borders of their spirits lay.

Their feelings toward each other were well known now, and flowed through each separate body with abandon, as son thrust rapidly into mother over and over again. Tasha opened her half-closed eyes and peered into her son's exerted face, bringing a hand up to caress his cheek again.

She knew he was close again, so she met each other his thrusts into her as accurately as possible, feeling each time his cock head hit her cervix. "You're gonna make me cum again- mommy!" With this exclamation, Frank wrapped his arms around his mother's back and pulled her against him, her breasts smashing against his chest, and buried himself within her as deeply as he could manage.

His cock pulsed and grew within her, more jets of his cum squirting up into her, filling every crevice of her interior. Tasha moaned with each jet of cum she accepted into her, her hands roving through her son's hair while she rode out the storm of his orgasm. For a moment, Tasha felt as though he was still truly inside her, protected completely from the dangers of the world around them. She reveled in the feeling, a peace that she had never truly felt ever since she was still pregnant with her children.

For many heartbeats after his cock quit pulsing, Frank strained, holding himself as deep within his mother as possible, feeling the movement of her diaphragm against the head of his sensitive cock. Finally, he released his straining muscles and sagged beneath his mother, his arms falling to the side. He opened his bleary eyes as his mother caressed his skin on his shoulders and face and neck, planting kisses every so often wherever she wanted.

Her eyes bored into his own, exchanging such adoration between them. But all good things must come to an end. Frank's cock began to shrink within his mother, despite her best efforts to clench around his member to keep it within her. Finally though, it popped out of her, with a bit of his cum following. Tasha leaned down and kissed her son again, her hair falling around their heads as they gave each other their passion once more.

Then she slid off of him to lay on her back beside him, drawing her son to her breast. He took her breast into his mouth again and suckled, even though nothing was getting out the reflex was comforting to him.

His mother caressed his head as he laid there enjoying her.

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"I love you baby, and I'm so proud of you." With a pop he released her tit from his mouth and looked up at her. "I love you too mom! I'm so glad we did this." She wrapped him in his arms and let him suckle her for as long as he wished.

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