Se graba para mi yesika cachonda

Se graba para mi yesika cachonda
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"Work was very long and tiring". Their mom said. Kathy was a spitting image of their mom Julie except she was about 2 inches shorter, Kathy dyed her hair red and had blue eyes. Julie had long brown hair, brown eyes, an effortless smile, she was a size 14-16 and carried it well even after having 2 kids. Julie worked as a Paralegal in a local Lawyers office where she did paperwork and answered client's questions and made appointments all day. "Brandon is home already from hanging out with his friends?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, he got home not longer after me. Which is surprising considering he's normally home late on Tuesdays. What are we having for dinner?" Kathy asks.

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"I was thinking of making Lasagna if that's okay with you guys". Julie says as she sets down the groceries. "Can you grab the last couple things from the car? And I'll start dinner". They both look up at the ceiling as they hear the water shut off in the bathroom. I head outside, down the front steps and to mom's car and grab the groceries and head back inside. "I'm going to go finish homework and maybe play a game on my PlayStation before dinner" I tell mom as she starts putting groceries away and I head up the stairs.

I had just hit the landing when Brandon came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. "Did she suspect anything?" he whispers to me.


"I don't think so, but we need to be careful and make sure she doesn't get suspicious of anything. Let's go talk in my room and I can kick your ass at System Kill." SK was a new adventure, role playing game where you were in a simulation and you had to solve puzzles, and beat the levels before the time ended. With each new level, the game changed and became more and more fantasy based and challenging. After 6 months playing it, I still wasn't past level 5. But, I was rather good at the first 4 levels.

I continued down the hall and to my room, and he went into his room and grabbed some clothes and came back to my room. He walked in my room naked, evidently, he was more comfortable with what had happened between us than I was. Since, I was still getting used to what happened. He put his clothes on and sat down on the floor next to me and we fired up the game system.

He turned up the game volume, so our mom couldn't hear us talking. "How was mom's day at work?" he asks. "She said it was long and tiring. I think some of the clients didn't show up for their meetings. Let's change the subject." "So, what now?" "Do you want to continue having sex, and possibly seeing where this goes?

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Or was this just a fluke, one-time thing to get it out of our systems? What are you looking for here? Do you want to really date me or are you just wanting sex?" He rapid fired questions at me.

"I told you earlier, I want you. I want to continue to have sex with you. I want to go on dates, have sex, cuddle, learn more about you that I don't already know. I want to do everything that you do with Betsy, but more.

I want to possibly have a future with you. I know you're going to move out soon, and possibly go to school for automotive engineering or whatever you're wanting to do, and you'll live on campus and I'll still be here for another year or more trying to graduate.


I don't want just sex. The sex was amazing, but I want more than that. I want an emotional, physical relationship with you. So, what will happen once you move out?" Brandon looked at me and kissed me suddenly. "Let me think about this tonight, and I'll get back to you about what I think we should do about this. Just so you know. I want what you want. I know we have this intense physical connection, and we already have the emotional connection because we're siblings.

Let's take this slow and see how it grows. And for your question about what's going to happen once I move out. I'm not sure. I can always tell people on campus that I have a girlfriend back home." He says with a smile as he starts stroking my breasts making my nipples get hard.

I had a hard time focusing on the game. Not that it mattered anyway due to the course of the conversation we were having. I spread my legs and he put his hand in between them and I dropped the controller to the floor. He ran his hand up my pussy lips and spread them and he could already feel how soaking wet I was for him.

I looked at him and I kissed him. Not caring at that second that our mom was downstairs and could come up and see us, or about where the future would take us. All I wanted was to be with him at that moment. "You're making it very hard to concentrate here. Plus, all I want to do is fuck you again. But you're going to need to take a shower. You smell like sex." He said smiling while still playing with me. "Okay, we'll hold off until tomorrow." I tell him, and I head to my dresser and grab new clothes and start to walk down the hall to the bathroom.

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I step in the bathroom that is still warm from Brandon's shower and I undress, dropping my clothes to the floor. I turn on the shower, step in and close the curtain around me. I stand under the hot water letting it wash away the scent of sex, and just relaxing my muscles. I close my eyes and think about everything that has happened over the last 5 hours and I'm just shocked that what I thought would never happen finally has. It would take me a very long time to get over this. I grabbed the shampoo and squirted a small amount onto my palm, since I had short hair I didn't need too much.

And I started lathering it into my hair. I got done and started rinsing my hair. Once I was done with that, I grabbed my favorite vanilla and lavender scented body wash and put it on a pouf and lathered it up and started washing my body.

As I was bent over washing my legs I heard the bathroom door open and then close. "Mom?" I called out. No one answered. I went back to washing my legs and moving up my body to start washing my intimate area when Brandon stuck his head in the shower and said "BOO!" He scared me to death. "Jesus, Brandon. You scared me. What the hell are you doing here anyway? You're going to get caught!" "What I can't watch my little sister shower?


Plus, mom is downstairs cooking dinner. You know she never comes up here while she's cooking because she just wants to get it done.

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And, she's drinking wine and listening to music to relax after a hard day at work. She can't hear us." That's when I realize he's naked. "What are you doing?" I whispered. Like mom could hear us. "I am still horny after earlier, and I want to have sex again. So, I came in here to see if you wanted to have sex again." I look down at his cock and I can see it throbbing and bouncing in time to his breathing as all the blood is rushing to it.

"Yes, I do. Hurry and get in here." Brandon grabs the pouf from me and starts to clean the rest of my body for me and pays special attention to my pussy and ass. I have my hands on the wall for support. He drops the pouf on the ground and he grabs his cock and starts to rub it on my back and ass getting it covered in water and soap. "Bend over and spread your legs as far as you can. I'm fucking your ass". He says. I bend over a little and spread my legs, my ass open to him.

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He grabs his cock and guides it to my asshole. He starts rubbing it on my hole teasing me and getting me used to the feeling of a cock back there as he runs his other hand over my left him and down to my pussy playing with my clit. I start to shake because it feels good and I'm really turned on. Once his cock is good and covered in soap and water, he starts slowly pushing his cock past the entrance to my hole as my anal virginity is taken and I try to adjust to the pain.

"I didn't realize it'd hurt this bad." I tell him while grimacing from the pain. "It normally goes away quick, just let me go in a little more and it should stop." I try to relax as he starts to push another inch of his cock inside my hole. He continues to play with my clit trying to distract me. He pulls out and pushes in again, going farther this time. "Okay, that is starting to feel good." I tell him as I arch my back into him.

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"I'm going to enter your ass fully, so relax and let me fuck you." He says. I relax, and I feel him pull out until just his tip is inside me still and he pushes into me again in one slow, long, thrust until I can feel his balls hit my clit and his cock is fully inside me.

He holds still until I adjust to the feeling of his cock inside me. "God, it feels like my cock is being gripped by a vice grip. You're that tight." "I'll take that as a compliment." I say quietly laughing.

I start to move back and forth riding his cock as he stands still enjoying the feeling of something being there that shouldn't be. My breasts are bouncing with every move I make. My nipples are hard as rocks. He grabs my breasts and starts squeezing my nipples and starts fucking me, and I can quickly feel my orgasm rising in me.

I'm one of the few lucky people who can cum without needing clitoral stimulation which is a blessing right now. He thrusts inside me and I cum on him, and I can feel my ass tightening on him even more. He moans in appreciation and lust as I grip him tightly. I hold myself up with one arm on the wall, and I start playing with my clit with the other as he continues to fuck my ass.

He starts thrusting harder and harder, and I'm trying not to moan too loud in pleasure and I cum again. "Harder please harder". He complies with my wishes and starts pounding my ass and I keep cumming and cumming one after the other and then I start squirting all over myself.

I accidentally moan a little too loud as he's pounding hard inside me and he tells me "I'm going to cum inside your ass Kathy." That sets me off again as I cum again, and I can feel his balls hitting me and his thick cock fucking my bowels and we're both moaning in pleasure as he finally empties his cock into my ass.

Filling me up with his cum.

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He stands still until he's fully done cumming, and slowly pulls his cock out of my now well used asshole. My legs are very shaky, and I feel as if I might fall over so he holds me steady until I have my footing.

"I'm sorry to just fuck and run, but I got to leave before mom comes up here to say dinner is ready." He says. He kisses my shoulder real quick, grabs a towel and his clothes, opens the bathroom door and heads to his room. I shut off the water and step out on the bath mat again and I quickly dry myself off, checking to see if my ass is bleeding or if there is any cum coming out of me and I put my clothes on and head to my room.

As I'm sitting on my bed, I can feel his cum slowly start to leak out of me. "Okay kids! Dinner is ready!" Mom yells up the stairs. Brandon and I step out of our respective rooms and start to head down the stairs. I'm ahead of him and I can feel his eyes bore into the back of my head.

"How do you feel?" he whispers. "I feel as if I just got fucked." I smile and whisper back. "Thanks for cooking dinner mom!" I say as I grab a plate and start loading it with mom's homemade lasagna.

"Well, you look certainly hungry. How was softball practice earlier?" "It was great. I got to play 3rd baseman and catcher. Which I haven't done before." I tell her. Knowing full well I didn't go to softball practice today. But I still got one hell of a workout. Mom turned to Brandon and asked, "How was school and football practice?" "Well, I think I did pretty good on my Algebra final and football practice was good.

We had tryouts for the quarterback position and I think I did well considering Michael is faster than me. But we'll see how it goes. I'm ready for school to be over with." Mom and Brandon filled their plates as well and we all sat down to dinner. We talked about mundane things for the rest of dinner and then we helped mom clean up the kitchen from dinner and then headed upstairs.

By this time, it was almost 8:30 and there was still homework to do before bed. Brandon and I head upstairs and head to our separate rooms to start our respective homework. I worked hard on the homework I had for my English and math classes and finally turned off my light, change out of my clothes since I sleep naked and get into bed.

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I looked at my phone and saw that it was 10:30 pm and set my alarm for 6 am since I have to be at school by 7 AM. "Good night guys!" I yell out as I get comfortable in bed. Man, I'm tired. I fell asleep within a few seconds and I dream about having sex with Brandon again. To be Continued.