Was können Sie 15 für etwas Bargeld tun

Was können Sie 15 für etwas Bargeld tun
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In The Family (Part 4) I woke up to the ringing of my alarm, and immediately felt the weight of something on my left arm and chest. Openeing my eyes I saw skin. Smooth, creamy, beautiful skin, and the peaceful, lovely face of my sleeping sister. Smiling, I felt for my phone on my bed and switched off the alarm.

Alarm for 5 o'clock. Damn you.

After a peaceful moment I realized. 5 o'clock! Fuck! "Cam! Cam get up!" I shook her shoulders slightly, waking her up. "Wha.what?" She woke up and looked at me through squinted eyes. "Mom will be here to wake us, get up!" I shook her a little more violently now and she sat upright now. "Shit! What time is it?" She asked and got up. "It's 5. Mom wi." I stopped short in my tracks when I looked at my sister now. My naked sister. "What?" She asked. "Cam, you're naked." I said and instantly her cheeks turned a deep shade of pink.

She picked up her clothes from the floor and quickly got into them, simultaneously jumping and moving towards the door. "Okay, peek." She whispered. I got up and got into my boxers, moving towards the door. "All clear." I said peeking through the door and looking around. The lights were still off so mom was not up yet, that was good. "Okay I'm going." Cam got out and just then the lights in the hall downstairs were flicked on.

"Go go go!" I whispered and Cam ran to her room. I could see her room from here but anyone standing downstairs couldn't. I waited till she quietly closed her door before coming back in my room and getting in my bed. After five minutes I heard a knock on my door.

"Honey, wake up." Mom knocked again. I waited till she knocked two or three more times before replying in a sleepy voice. "Yeah, I'm up." I said and heaved a sigh of relief. I got up after a couple of minutes and followed the usual routine, brush, freshen up, shower. I took my time today, thinking about last night.

My mind was bursting with questions. I had sex with my sister. Sex.

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With my sister. And I didn't feel bad about it. Not even one small tiny electron bit. The question was how was she feeling about it? I mean, I am kind of sure it was nice for her. But one thing that I have learned is that girls are emotional when it comes to sex. Was she regretting it? Doing it with me?

Would things be awkward now? God, I hope not. That will be one thing I won't be able to handle. I had to talk to her. Holy lord, what if she never talks to me again? No I'm probably just thinking too much. She will talk to me, why won't she? I wrapped a towel around my waist and got out of the bathroom. I was too engrossed in my thoughts that I almost didn't notice untill she got inside my room.

"Cam! What the hell are yo-" "Shh! I jus-" she stopped at looked at me. The half naked me. It was weird how just about half an hour ago we were naked and now I felt like I needed to cover myself when she was looking at me, no, staring at me like that.

"What? What are you doing?" I said and moved to pick up my shirt. "Um, well I, I just wanted to.um, you know. " she stopped and made a face. "Yeah?" I said and stopped trying to put on my shirt. "We are cool, right?" She said and I felt relief. Relief like never before. "Yes. Hell yes, I wanted to ask you the same thing." "Okay cool!" Her face brightened up and she left, closing the door behind her.

I got ready, less worried now. In 10 minutes I was down in the kitchen with my bag, all set to go. Cam and mom were packing sandwiches for the journey in the kitchen, their bags standing next to the kitchen counter.

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"Can I help?" I walked into the kitchen. I caught Cam's eyes and she blushed in the faintest shade of pink before turning away and focussing on her sandwich. I swear my heart started beating faster. "Yes, pack these sandwiches. I'm going to help your dad, I don't know what's taking him so long!" Mom said as she walked past me and went to her room.

I went to stand next to Cam, and picked up a slice of bread. If we were like before, it wouldn't have been awkward to stand and make sandwiches with her, but now we weren't like before, and is was so damn awkward standing next to her and just making sandwiches.

I felt like I had to say something, anything. I glanced towards her but she was looking down at her sandwich, preparing it slowly. "Okay kids let's hurry up, it's almost 6, we are running late." Dad came in and I moved one step back on instinct.

Cam put her sandwich down and moved outside, leaving me to pack the rest of the sandwiches. After a few minutes of checking all our things and then locking our rooms and house, putting all the stuff in the car, we were on our way to the lake house. It was a three, max four hour ride. We had to be there before my dad's boss left for his vacation, and according to dad he would be leaving at 11.


"Being before time is fine."Dad said. We couldn't do anything in the car, although for most of the journey I kept stealing long glances at her, while she was engrossed reading her Dan Brown's 'Deception Point'.

She was wearing an extra large hoodie, with tight black jeans which outlined her perfect legs and pink socks. She loved socks, and almost wore them all the time.

I had already read the book and I kept teasing her, trying to tell her what would happen in the end. She turned towards me and kept her foot directly on my dick, knowing that mom and dad wouldn't notice that. I stopped dead as she rubbed my dick ever so seductively with her toe and then went back to sitting cross legged, leaving me with my hardening dick.

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After that I left her to read and kept looking outside the window thinking about gross stuff just wishing I wouldn't get hard. We reached the lake house by 10.30. The lake house screamed luxury even from the outside, being set next to the lake surrounded by trees with a proper jungle behind, this spot was anything but peaceful and quite. I loved it, and looking at mom dad and Cam, they did too.

This is what we needed, atleast what I needed. A quite peaceful place far far far away from studies and high school and what not. We went inside and were greeted by dad's boss. He was a fit man, with slight greying hair at the temples, looked like he was in his late forties. His wife came from behind him and greeted us, and she looked nothing less than stunning. She had a nice big bossom and her sweater outlined their shape perfectly.

We said our hi's and hello's and then our host offered to show us around. I couldn't help but notice the sway of her perfect ass when she walked in front of us.

After the tour of the house I tried to think of the possibility if I would ever want to go back. Apparently this house here was dream lake house. It had a hot tub (yay), a pool table, a gaming room with the CD's of every game I know (apparently they had a son, double yay) even the pac man machine, two rooms with the big king sized bed with the most fluffy and comfortable mattresses ever. I had to struggle my urge to just jump once on the bed in front of my host.

"Makes you want to jump, right?" Mrs. Hales had said laughing.

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After about twenty minutes of talking and looking around, Mr. and Mrs. Hales got ready to leave. "See you in a week, Wilson." Mr. Hales Said laughing as he climbed his car. "See you, Ashley." Mrs. Hales Hugged mom, they seemed to have become good friend in just twenty minutes. "See you, Martha." Mom hugged her back. "Have fun, kids." Mrs.


Hales smiled towards us and got in the car. "You too." We said. Soon we went inside and mom walked towards her room. "Well, kids, looks like you're gonna have to share the room. There are only two.

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But look on the brighter side, all the other things you have here." She said "As for now, I'm going to crash. We'll think of something to do in the evening, goodnight." With that my mom blew a flying kiss towards us and I saw her lie down on the bed. "You heard your mother." Dad said and gave us a sheepish smile, and walked in the room and closed the door.

"Are you sad that you have to share the room with me, brother?" Cam said, curling her lips in a perfect pout. "Very." I said and walked towards her, holding her by the waist I pushed her along with me in our room. She let out a short squel and started laughing, her breath hot on my ear.

Once inside the room I pushed her against the door and locked it behind her. Maybe I pulled her towards me, or pushed myself on her, whatever it was, the next insant I was holding her as close as possible, her arms around my neck, my arms around her waist, my lips crushing hers.

This is what I had wanted to do for the last five hours, and now I put in all those hours of patience in my kiss. Her slender fingers pulled at my hair, and I let my hands roam on her back. I licked her lower lip with my tongue and she bit my lip ever so slightly. She let out a low moan and I took this chance to take her mouth. My tongue slipped inside and I explored her mouth, feeling her sweetness. Her legs circled around my waist, and now there was direct contact between my dick and her pussy.

The only barriers were our thick clothes. After what seemed like hours, our kiss slowed down a little, but now her hands were trying to unzip my jacket. "It's so hot, why is it so hot?" She let out breathlessly, unzipping my jacket.

"The heating, of the house." I said and shrugged my jacket. I pulled up her hoddie but she put my hands aside and pulled the hoddie off herself. She pulled at my shirt buttons and pulled me in again, crushing her lips against mine. We started moving backwards, we were in a frenzy. I unbottoned her jeans and slipped my hand inside her sweater. Her skin was hot against my cold fingers and she jumped at the contact.

She was almost done unbuttoning my shirt, when I unzipped her jeans and pulled it down, just uncovering her ass. "Take it off." She said motioning towards my shirt. She pulled off her sweater, and she was still wearing a t shirt inside. "How many clothes are you wearing?" I asked and got rid of my shirt, and started unbottoning my jeans. "It was cold." She gave me a look and took off her t shirt, now standing almost naked in her pink bra.

A new rush of blood ran to my dick and it strained against my jeans. I unzipped my jeans and took it off, while she did the same.

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Now we were just standing in our underwear, and I pulled her into me once again. "You are so fucking beautiful." I said before crashing my lips on hers, this time it was a little slow, but I was still impatient, and kissed her with a hungry need.

She kissed me back with the same vigorous urgency. This time she let her tongue explore my mouth but just for a few seconds. She was still a little shy, and mostly she followed my lead. But this was mind blowing and I couldn't even think what she would be able to do after a little experience.

I unhooked her bra and let my hands roam on her naked back. We were moving backwards and my legs hit the bed side. I lost my control and fell on the bed, pulling her on top of me.

Suddenly she started laughing, and so did I. She got off me and sat on the centre of the bed and I joined her. I noticed that she was holding her bra, covering ber breasts. "You don't have to hide, Cam. I love looking at you." I said and sat in front of her, pulling her towards me. She let go of her bra and I pulled it off, revealing her naked breasts. I laid her down and kissed her on the lips, before moving downwards.

Her breathing was ragged now, and so was mine, just a bit. I kissed her breast and licked her nipple. Her back arched and she moaned, and it was music to my ears. I took her pink erect nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, while she tugged my hair. I kept sucking on her nipple and massaged her other breast, and let my other hand move down to her panty covered pussy. I could feel her wetness from the cloth, and I massaged her pussy with my palm. She moaned again, her hands moving on my shoulders and hair.

I focussed my attention on her other nipple, sucking it. She arched her back and pushed at my shoulder. "Mike." She let out in a low sexy moan and fell back to the bed. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed deeply and I kissed her lips, lightly. After a moment she opened her eyes and kissed me back. I pulled down her panties and she kicked them off. She then pushed me into the bed and got on top of me, straddling my waist, still kissing my lips.

Her wet nipples rubbed on my chest and I put my hands on her ass and squeezed it. She moved her hands down to my boxers and pulled them down.

She got up and sat on top of me, giving me the most spectacular view of her boobs. She took off my boxers and sat back on my waist, and bent down to kiss me. I squeezed her boobs and she moaned in my mouth. Her wet pussy was now grinding on my rock hard dick, and I felt like I would burst any moment now.

"Help me." She whispered in my ear and I felt her sliding down a bit. I guided my dick to her pussy entrance while she raised herself. We looked at each other and she was blushing profusely. She slowly lowered herself down on my dick, her eyes shutting close.

I felt the tight walls of her pussy all around my dick and I let out a low moan. I kept looking at her, her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open. She had all of my dick inside her, and now she was rising up. "Look at me." I said and her eyes flew open.

I could sense that she was embarrassed. I kept staring into her eyes while she lowered herself down on me again. Soon she was moving up and down in a rythymic motion and her breathing was getting faster.

Her hands were on my chest for support, bringing her boobs together. I massaged her boobs, pinching her nipples and she let out a moan. She started increasing her tempo and I started moving to her rythym. She let her hands fall to either side of my chest, and started moving faster. I could tell that she was getting tired, her breathing was ragged now. I got a hold of her by her waist, and then changed our positions. She gasped at the sudden movement and I plunged deeper into her, with all my strength.

Her fingers dug deep into my back as I started fucking her with all my strength. "Ugh.ugh.ugh.Mike.oh." her voice came in rapid moans and these were the most sexy voices I had ever heard. I was suppprting myself on my elbows and I bend down and sucked on the skin where her collarbone and neck met. I was about to come, and I could feel that she was too. "Ughh." she let out another moan, rather loud and pulled her hand to her mouth. Her body went rigid, her back arched so that her boobs were crushing in my chest, her eyebrows were drawn together and on her face was the look of pure pleasure.

A second after I let out a low grunt and came inside her. I relaxed and collapsed on top of her as I felt stream after stream coming out of my dick, inside her. We stayed like that, too tired to move. No one wants to wake up at six in the morning, and it wasn't even day yet. I promise that the next part will be longer, with more sex. Positive and critical comments appreciated.