Suruba com a loira liberada pelo marido

Suruba com a loira liberada pelo marido
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Hi guys, this is my first time writing here so please go easy on me.

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The Accident We were a happy family, me, my father and my mother. My parents had a healthy income and we lived in a nice little place. But it all changed one day in a sudden accident. Our wonderful paradise came crashing down upon us. Both my mother and father are dentists who had their own private practice. They attended various conferences around the world and it was one such occasion when the accident occurred.

On that unfaithful day, they were in London and were on their way to the conference. They were travelling by a taxi, my father sitting at the front and my mother at the back.

No one knows what exactly happened or what caused it but they collided head on with a lorry. My unfortunate father passed away then only along with the driver but my mother thankfully survived albeit with lot of injuries. Upon hearing the news about the accident I flied immediately to London. My mother was being treated at a government hospital. I got her transferred to our own city for treatment.

She was under intense treatment for about a month after which she was released even though she had not recovered completely. She still had occasional painful bursts, had a sling in her arm due to fractures and also had to use a wheelchair. I got my mother got out of the car as looked upon our house with a wistful look upon her face. "Come on mom, let's get you home", I told her as I drove the wheelchair into the house. My mother had got pretty distant over the last month. We used to be very close earlier and shared everything with each other but we had not talked for more than 10 minutes at a time after my father passed away.

After a final glance at the house, she looked at me and said, "Ok son" I drove her in and took her to the guest bedroom in the ground floor as she couldn't move up and down the stairs very easily. I carried her onto the bed and laid her down. At that moment she looked at me and smilingly said, "I remember when I used to do the same to you, laid you on the bed and you looked up at me with those beautiful emerald eyes at me." I blushed at that and said, "Its ok mom, you had your turn to take care of me and now you rest and let me take care of you." She smiled and said, "As you wish son, but now you have got to feed me.

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After all you said it your turn to return the favour and I remember feeding you all too well. Why, I remember how you used to latch on to my nipples and wouldn't let go." I was beet red by then and immediately dashed out of the room and into the kitchen where I got some cereals for her and took it to her. I fed her and let her sleep afterwards. When night approached I went to check on her and found her staring at my father's photograph with a wistful look on her.


I decided to cheer her up a little bit so I entered the room and coughed loudly. "Hey, mom what sup?". My mom looked at me and blinked and then regained herself and said, "Nothing dear, just reminiscing.

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You know what, I could have also died that day but I didn't. Why? Why him? Why not me?" "Are you that desperate to live me alone, mom?" I asked her. "No, it's truly not that son.

But I loved your father so much, my first and only true love." Said mom. "So you don't love me then?" I jokingly asked her. She then looked at me and an odd expression came upon her face. "you look remarkably like your father; did you know?" she said. I blinked, of course I did he was my father after all. "yeah, I know that." "Do you think we should go on a vacation someplace?

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Forget all these memories and try to live a new life?" I asked mom. Mom only looked sadly at me and shook her head. "On a completely different note then, I need a bath. I am stinking" she said. Of course she did, with the nurses taking care of her she mustn't have had a proper bath since a long time. "It's ok I will get the bath ready." I ran to the bathroom and turned the geyser on. I went back to her and slowly lifted her in my arms. "what are you doing?" she asked me.

"Taking you to bath, what else?" I replied. She smiled a happy smile after so long then.


She wouldn't be able to bath on her own so I had to help her but that was certainly going to be a problem. My mother may have been in her thirties but she was a looker. With beautiful flaxen blonde hair, voluptuous boobs, a slim waist line and round ass she could have been the perfect MILF model. On the other hand, I was a hormonal teenager, I certainly was going to have problems but I couldn't leave my mother on her own so I had to help her.

I laid her down inside the tub, filled it with water and then asked her to undress. "Oh, so domineering son! Ordering your own mother to strip for you?" she playfully said while wagging her finger at me. "On a serious note, I can't bend my hands much so you will have to help me." Oh great I silently cursed my fortune.

"Ok mom, come here" I said and got into the tub with her, it was big enough for that. I was behind her, I had never had any kind of sexual thought regarding my mother but at that instance it felt like the most erotic moment I ever experienced. I slowly snaked my arms around her waist and took the safer way to her shirt buttons, not trusting myself to not do something else if my hand had been a little higher.

I unbuttoned her slowly taking my time and afterwards peeled it off her wet body. She was wearing a normal bra but it looked perfect on her. Her round boobs not completely fitting within it and showing off a lot of cleavage.

It was getting hot there, my mom also seemed affected. She had closed her eyes and was taking deep breaths. I was getting completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Slowly then I unbuttoned her jeans and raised her ass a little as I took it off. I was about to pour some shower gel onto my hands when my mother said, "Take off the rest of it too son, I am about to bath properly after what feels like a lifetime so I am going to do it properly." I couldn't believe what was happening.

I tried to protest, "But mom.". She cut me off saying, "Come on son, it's nothing which you haven't seen before.

Right?" "Yeah right." I trailed off. Without having much of an option, I slowly unhooked her bra from behind and then pulled it off her too.

Her boobs were so much better than I had ever expected. With rosy pink nipples and huge areolas, it was prefect. I was staring so much that she had to cough to get my attention. "I know they are not much to look at" she said. I immediately cut her off saying, "These are perfect mom, best pair of boobs I have ever seen.

You are beautiful mom, have I ever told you that?" She blushed embarrassed by my words and looked down.

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"It's ok son, I know you are saying that just to make feel good." I knew I couldn't change her mind, so I decided to do something special for her later. Now I had to concentrate on getting her bathed and cleaned without any accidents. I had to take off her panties next, I slid my hands on her soft belly onto her waist and pulled the waistband of her panties. I took her supple ass in my hands as I lifted her off the tub surface and peeled off the panties. I was definitely rubbing along her skin the entire time; I was expecting mom to say something but she didn't.

so I continued with it. Now it was the time of truth, bathe her. I put some shower gel on my hands and lathered it up. I started from her back, slowly it rubbing it around her skin in a circular manner. Gradually, I snaked my arms around her waist and started on the front part. I was rubbing her waist when I just couldn't resist it anymore and put a finger inside her navel. My mom must have thought I was doing it for the sake of cleaning as she didn't say anything.

After spending a good 5 minutes on taking care of her waist. I went up to her neck and planned on going down from there. I encircled her neck and lathered it up, then slowly I went to her shoulders and started massaging her.

Slowly but surely my hands were moving down, my mom seemed lost somewhere as my hands finally reached her bosom. She didn't oppose, so I started massaging those puppies.

Moving my hands in a circle I started pressing harder. Then I took her nipples in my hands as I started twisting them. Her wet boobs were like paradise for me. The soap was long forgotten as I was just massaging her wet body. After I was satisfied, I moved down and started on her legs. I massaged her thighs, especially her inner thighs. My mom seemed to be in cloud nine as my hands reached her most private place. I inserted one finger inside her pussy.

It was completely wet and flowing. I brought my other hand to her nipple and twisted it as I fingerfucked her.

My mom had stated hyperventilating. With one last twitch she relaxed and came on my fingers.


She slowly opened her eyes and looked shyly at me. After that I completed bathing her, took her to her room, dressed her and let her sleep.