Regios echando catre bien rico

Regios echando catre bien rico
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My sweet Virgin 1st Wife got knocked up while I was in Vietnam, then when I did not dump her, she went to Ft. Lewis with me and when the Baby was born ten days later took the baby to her mother's house (I think they came and got her) and I never saw her again, Divorced me and married someone else, had kids then divorced him.

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However I got that Cowgirl Pussy First, and it took 2 days to get that pussy open and bust that Cherry but I did it with 9 inches of massive deep brown dick and I fucked that bitch every chance I got till I was shipped to Nam. This is another story. Then when I got back I fucked her with her tummy pooched out and up until her water broke.


Then 8 days after the baby was born I fucked her again. When she left I Masturbated over the Bitch lots of times, and thought of her when I was fucking other people, mostly sorry ass Co-eds in Platonic Relationships as miss 18 and getting over, got her Surprise and usually got out afterwords.

Their Cumed in Pussy, dripping, but intact. These Bitches really believed that someone in their 30's was going to let them live free and not fuck. Strangely the ones that where, working or had a source of income (trust fund etc.), where much more willing to both share the Rent and the Bed.

That was 40 years plus some. Still Smarts Bitch. This started off as a commit to a posted story and a very good one, about two teens that where born in the same hospital on the same day, and their mothers became fast friends, so the kids spent most of the 1st 8 years of their lives playing with each other.

Then as often happens 1 family moves and the kids lose touch and mostly forget about each other, but the family's get back together, the kids now teenagers get together and they fuck each other's brains out. The Girl is in Control. It was supposed to be just a commit to tell him what a good job he did and talk about B.S. Plus the lies, when people, who get together, are told and really want to believe. The World in General, the Human Race being somewhat parasitic in nature.

I ran out of space and it came to my depressed mind that this would make a good story, and unlike the one I am working on now, I had the passion and desire to write it. When I am in the Zone my hands just move over the keys. Spell Check was invented for me. I am one crappy speller, I was always out in the 1st or 2nd round of Class Spelling Bees, when I went into 7th grade they no longer had weekly spelling bees, and I was so happy.

I cut my teeth on a Royal and Underwood 5 so and those skills kept me out of the field for all the time I was in the Army, 8 years. Because you go to Supply School does Not mean you are going to be in Supply when you get to your unit. You have to have something to offer and more if you, where mixed raced and some did not like you. Sometimes it felt like going up over a 7 footer playing Basketball, A lot of work and not happening much, but if you apply yourself and ramrod your effort then you can hang in and make do.

Make your breaks and if the Door Cracks Kick it open. If there's a Machine Gun Behind The Door, it might Jam or the round could be a dud, if not oh well gotta go sometime. I am filing this story under, Fiction and Essay, most of it happened, Getting Knocked Up while I was in Vietnam sure did.

Fucking her till she almost could not walk sure did. Fucking her 8 days after the Baby was born happened also, (although I do feel somewhat bad about that she wanted it as bad as I did and I never did fuck her if she really did not want to. She was almost as big as me but in a female way pretty face nice tits C's if you must, bright smile, good attitude, Rode a Horse and Barrel Raced at Rodeos. Wore Blue Jeans except to Church and made whatever she wore look good in a Nice Girl next Door Way.

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She got her Jeans back on 7 days after the Baby was born which is what led to the early and perhaps the last Sex. We sing! I've seen fire and I've seen rain at this point. I really did expect to see her again, it just did not happen. I rather just remember her in our Motel Room at 22, asking me if she can move her hips while I am fucking her.

Things where that lame in those days, mid 60's, at least where she grew up. Girls did Not Cum although she did. Missionary position was the position of the day sometimes the life time. That's with legs down, not up. No Girl on top, No eating that full brown haired Bush.


Just straight Plug and no Play, although I did like her full tits and I did like to suck them like a New Born, I did like to make out, she came with a dick inside her mostly because I lasted a long time not through any special effort of mine. I never did look up her pussy to see her clitoris or other inside parts, I didn't eat pussy because she used a spermicide for Birth Control and it tasted nasty.

Most people did not eat pussy in those days anyway and most men who said they did lied about it. She took two days to open because she was shy and nervous and tightened up. I was large and engorged and did not know what the fuck I was doing either, and not being able to get inside her made me both nervous and pissed off. I had waited, 23 years to get this pussy, I had a two week leave between 3 years in Germany and a promised 6 months Stateside (Dwell Time) and then Nam. She would Not Give it up until the marriage took place, she got kicked out of her house the night before the wedding and she stayed with me at the Motel and we dry fucked our brains out, but she would not take it in.

Would not even let me see it, although I did get to work her tits, suck them and run myv dick between them. I might have got a finger in but no more. By the time the Marriage got done and I do not remember by whom. 4 days had gone by. She also could not take any time off her job as a cafe worker at U State.

Townie Labor so to speak.

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BYU Rejects or those who wish to go to College and live a normal life. Also, Princess and Princes. who just could not make the numbers cut and didn't have the push or the pedigree to get around it.

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Or for that matter the Money. State is far cheaper than the Y Evan if you can get in. In those days it was kind of a Northern sub campus but with a normal life aspect to it. You would not get thrown out of School for Fucking while Single and Drinking Beer. However she was a local Cafe worker. She was smart enough but I am not sure College interested her. She was into her horse and for a while a sad short while me.

We first met one Sunday in the Pen Pal Listing in the funny papers of a Newspaper called the Daily Breeze. She was looking for a Pen Pal or 3 so she sent her name in, nice girl from Utah and all that.

I was sitting in my Parents Apartment in Gardena California, (Father and Stepmother of sorts).On a Sunday Morning bored shitless and with nothing to do mid 1963. Sometime time before John was killed). I had not too long before returned from Exile from London England and I was trying to readjust from the English World of Work to American High School.

I was not doing too well at it. I have a little bit of my father's lonely hearts club fetish, fruit does not fall far from the tree and sometimes the fruit is good you just have to pick it up and wipe off the bugs, if you are to chicken to eat the fruit, then put it in the juicer. Drinks fine pulp and all. I will take this subject up in perhaps a different story as I can only handle one bitch at a time. Any way having nothing better to do I wrote her a letter usual Shit kids write.

Hi I am 16 and my name is Happy Rabbit and I live in Gardena California, (the Morons had not renamed it Cali yet). I go to Gardena High School, right now I am jacking off thinking of my friend Bill fucking his sister, and the head of my dick is loaded with pre cum.

I am going to bust a nut as soon as I am done with this letter; I bust a Nut 3 or 4 times a day, only No Pussy Under I and the Pussy Cat won't give it up.

I am fine, how are you, I hope you are fine to, do you suck dick. I am Wt. Ht, and I have Black Hair as long as the School System will let me.

That's not very long. Long hair was Hippie and Homo and Homos got their ass kicked, stay in your closet, and stay deep. Usual Stuff, Please send a picture with as little cloths as possible as I want to see your tits so when I Jack Off over you I can be thinking of you. I would send you a picture but my Brownie takes lousy shots.

I should be getting a Kodak 110 soon and that will be a massive upgrade. Anyway I am Ugly and you would not write back, if I was not ugly I'd have a girlfriend and I would not need a shitty pen pal relationship. Well I must have been interesting enough as she wrote and sent a picture, cute girl nice tits, modestly dressed and different enough that I wrote her back so forth and so on about 1 ½ weeks each way. Letters crossing letters so forth and so on.

Massive Cum Stains on the sheets. Aside: I did not have a girl friend or, had Sex because every time I would get the hint of a relationship going my father would move. I need a stable relationship in order to have Sex, nothing Religious or anything just the way it is and always has been. It does not have to be a long stable relationship deep love or anything but attraction, and friendship. Picking up some one and fucking them is to me like fucking a pig.

Plus if she will do it with you who else has she done it with. Pen Pals are a cover for the fear of relationships.

Fear of the light, fear of the dark, fear of contact. Fear of being shit on and fucked over, told on or as in my case Moved. We wrote for a long while, without phoning or anything. I always feared that someone would be on an extension laughing.


Of course she being White and me being Not White and that being Utah did not add to my comfort zone. I do not feel that way today, time and have not for many, many seasons. Let me stop here because it's a good place to stop and to go on I would have to change the set and move scenes etc. Please leave Comments; I really do not care what you think except some of the Masters. I am always open to ideas although I think I am sick enough already.

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I made my Money In Direct marketing and I have the Balls and Toys to prove it. This is my first story in a long, long time, I post on Topix and other sights. I lost my Book way over a decade ago.

Never could recreate it.

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With me when it gone it's gone. Getting through College was Hell because I have trouble processing from short term memory to long term. It has to be somewhat redundant for me to retain it. Now it is the next day and I have edited this story till my balls are blue and I am beyond board shitless. Not wanting to do a Moses and spend 40 years without posting it, here it is.

Please Enjoy. I will do a Part 2, because I want to tell about John and High School and what happened and did not happen because of that Event In Dallas.