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Hot ass teen Nikki blowjob
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Once again I do not want to bore all of you with several pages recapping everything for you but if you jump back just a few chapters you should be able to pick most things up. Thank you for your continued support with this series and now enjoy the next installment.

Part 11: Emma's New Awakening.


The following morning at Cpt. Tom Wilkinson's office at the Pentagon: Promptly at 06:30 Emma Watson arrived at the office of Captain Tom Wilkinson. She knocked on the outer office door but no response came and knowing how important it was to be on time she decided to just go in anyway.

When she opened the door and slipped inside Captain Wilkinson's aide was not at his desk then she noticed the Captains office door closed as well. Emma thought she would take a chance to see if he was in or not.

She took a deep breath with her eyes closed and collected herself then she looked over her appearance and when she was satisfied she knocked lightly on the door then she heard, "Come&hellip. Cruz you better have my coffee this time?" Emma smiled as she opened the door trying to make a good impression as she stepped into Captain Tom Wilkinson's office.

Tom had not noticed her as he was intent on what he was reading so Emma quickly closed the door behind her then as she spun around she came to attention. With a sharp clear voice she barked out, "Emma Watson&hellip. reporting for duty sir&hellip. and no I don't have your coffee sir." Tom's head was down buried in a folder as thick as his arm. Then when he heard Emma's sweet sounding voice he stood to greet Emma and saluted her. Looking her up and down Tom was pleased with her appearance she was everything he remembered from the day before and with a shit-eating-grin said, "Well, if you're Cruz then the surgeon did a great job!" They both began to laugh together then Tom pointed to the seat in front of his desk, "Take a seat Emma.

I am very pleased that you are on time. That's a very good start for our working relationship." Tom quickly put the large file away and then took a file that seemed like it was just born compared to the other and he looked up at Emma again and said, "So, let's see here I have some good news for you, I've cleared all of your upcoming classes for you." Tom was scanning through several pages then looked up at his young attractive and soon to be apprentice, "You will only have to take your final exams and Emma I expect that you will graduate with honors." Emma smiled and was clapping her hands rocking back and forth on her seat as her feet left the floor, "Wow, thank you sir, I promise you that you have not made a mistake by picking me.

I will ace my exams and graduate with honors." Tom said, "Well let's not jump ahead of ourselves here Emma. Like I've told you before in about ten days you will be starting your SEAL training as well. So let's get you started here first, okay." Tom stood and led Emma out of his office and he said, "Let me give you the ten cent tour. Oh, you can leave your coat and purse here in my office they are safer here than at Fort Knox." Emma stood and asked, "Sir, what exactly will my duties here consist of?" As Tom opened the door there were various people slowly filtering into their desks some were bringing coffee and other were just arriving.

"Tom turned to Emma and said, "This is known as the bullpen. Out here is where the real work takes place. These ladies and gentlemen that work here in the bullpen are the best when it comes to Navy-intel.

They are a well oiled machine that I hand- picked myself. If I hadn't picked you to be my assistant I would have probably offered you a position here in the bullpen about a year after you graduated. Okay now follow me." Emma and Tom went back towards his office and she noticed the outer desk, "So, I guess I will be sitting here then huh so, you said Cruz earlier is he you're current assistant?" Tom said, "Yes.

He's just been promoted to Lieutenant and I got him his new Commission on a California Class Submarine under their current Ex-O. He just happens to be an Ex-aide of mine as well from several years ago. Well, there will be certain times that you will be sitting here but this will be your secondary desk." Emma's was trying to be the sponge that the Captain told her to be the day before at the Academy.

He's replacing his personal assistant because he was just promoted. Then her curiosity got the better of her, "Secondary desk? I don't understand sir?" Tom said, "Well, this is where you begin to learn certain secrets. Here will be the first secret that you may never reveal to anyone. Not anyone, not even the people that are right outside this door in that bullpen." Tom was pointing out of the office as he spoke then he walked over and shut the outer office door and locked it.

Then he walked over to the desk and pushed a button under the desk top. Once he pushed the button there was a click in the windows and they went from being clear so you could see everything to where they were grey like frosting in which you could not see anything at all.

Emma looked at her new superior officer and said, "Impressive!" Then Tom moved his hand then pulled Emma into his office then shut his office door and locked it behind her. "When the outer office door is locked and the windows are frosted everyone in that bullpen knows that I am not to be disturbed under any circumstance.

So, even if the President were to call the bullpen which would be odd, because when these windows are frosted I am either speaking with the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chief of the Navy or even the Vice-President or the President his self." Emma asked, "So, what about Cruz? You've locked him out sir." Tom giggled, "Don't worry about him he knows the drill when the windows are frosted." Then he walked behind his desk where there was the picture of the President.

Tom moved it to the left then the left wall moved backwards revealing a secret hallway. Emma stepped backwards a few times, Whoa&hellip. Now I thought the windows were impressive but this&hellip. This is something else sir." Tom walked directly in front of her and with a stern look he said, "Once you go thru that door there Ensign Emma Watson there is no coming back but if you walk out of my office door back out to the bullpen there will be no reprisals from me or any other officers that may want you to work for them.

I will actually stick my neck out for you if you want to go in a different direction with your career." Emma stood there as her heart was slowly rising up her throat and she thought 'Ensign… I'm not even out of the Academy yet and I am a commissioned officer already…' This was much more intense then she was actually ready for but being a daughter of a high ranking officer the one thing that she learned was to push through your fear and find your answer on the other side.

She turned to Tom and said, "Well, sir, your life comes down to very few cross roads and today I stand at a cross road.

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Do I follow you down that hallway where you can help me mold and shape my career or do I go back out that door there and mold and shape my career on my own?" She stood there thinking for a minute then she looked at Tom and didn't say a word then squared her shoulders and thru her head back and strutted thru the hidden door in the office. As she was about to disappear she said, "Aren't you coming Tom? You have me all of me now!" Tom smiled and grabbed his cup of coffee and with a Getty-up in his step he was thru the door he hit a button on the other side.


His office shifted back to the way it originally looked. At the end of the hallway Emma stood waiting for Tom, "Well, I hope that you can make up your mind faster than that when we are in the shit, Ensign." Emma smiled and her body tingled just a little as she just realized that the Captain just called her Ensign yet again and is now a real commissioned officer, "No, problem Sir I will be better in the future Sir." Tom smirked, "Okay, Emma, follow me okay?" Tom turned and led her down another hallway to an elevator.

There were three other separate hallways that all led to the same elevator and Tom looked at Emma, "Okay, we just came down the Naval hallway, to the right is the Marine hallway to the left is the Air Force hallway and that one is the Army hallway.

Go ahead push the button." Emma was so nervous and her hand was shaking as she pushed the elevator button, "So why so many hallways that funnel to the middle here?" Tom looked at her, "Well, these hallways are for my counter-parts.

Each branch has a representative just like the Joint Chiefs. Emma, if you haven't put two and two together and figured it out yet. I report to Joint Chief of the Navy directly who only reports to the President of the United States.

In other words, when there is a problem and the President need's ideas to solve whatever problem is in front of him he looks to me and my counterparts to come up with cogent answers." The elevator door opened and they both walked in and there were four buttons and Emma held out her finger not knowing which one to push, "Which one sir?" Tom said, "The bottom one." Emma pushed the bottom button, "So, I guess it's down four floors huh?" Tom chuckled, "Try over 40.

Just like the book we are on the 'Journey to the center of the earth' the only difference is that we have all the creature comforts of home down there." Emma stood in front of Tom and the sheer excitement of entering a top secret facility of the military was actually turning her on as she could feel her body tingling all over and she felt her pussy start to heat up and get nice and wet. She rubbed her inner thighs together to scratch that special itch between her legs. For Tom standing behind Emma he was admiring probably one of the few women that actually make's a military uniform actually look good.

Her young curves started to make Tom's mouth water and he thought to himself, 'I've never had a female assistant and this is why! I just want to push her on her damn knees and have her just suck me off. Come on Tom just be professional would you.

It's her first fucking day!' Tom continued to check out the curve of her calves at the bottom of her skirt and there was her ass that popped out just right no too small and not too big butt just right. Her hair was done in a bun to fit under her cover but you could see by the size that it would drape down to the top of the bump of her ass.

As the elevator came to the bottom there was a little jolt and thru Emma off balance and she over exaggerated and fell backwards into Tom. Tom instinctively opened his arms and wrapped them around her to balance Emma.

As Tom was helping to straighten up Emma's ass rubbed against Tom's crotch. To her surprise she felt Tom's semi hard penis and quickly assessed his size.

She smirked to herself satisfied with the length and girth with what she could feel. As she was rising up back to her feet her open palms continued to run up Tom's thighs yet again then right over his crotch with both hands.

Tom felt her gentle accidental touch with her ass and hands it made him shiver from the top of his ass right up his back to his head. Tom returned the favor as his free hand brushed over her uniform from her torso where he caught her then traveled slowly up to her supple breasts. For Tom he gave a gentle squeeze and came to the conclusion that he still didn't know if her breasts were real or fake.

Emma's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she loved the quick squeeze her new boss had given her even though it was completely inappropriate.

Emma thought 'if this is what was going to happen every day with Tom then she was all in.' Then the elevator doors slid open they both released each other and walked down the hallway. At the end of the hallway they entered a circular shaped vestibule. There were couches, chairs and chaise loungers. There were several TV's hanging on the walls and Emma asked, "So, what do we have here, Sir?" Tom quickly corrected her, "When we are alone just call me Tom, okay! This is kinda like a living room to your house it just a place for us to relax." There was a single door to the right and yet another hallway that wrapped around the vestibule that led to the four main offices.

Tom led Emma through the door and pointed to the left, "Down this way is the offices for the Air Force and Army down this way is the Navy and Marines." Emma's eyes were wide in awe she couldn't believe all this was forty floors below the Pentagon. She followed Tom to his office there was a special keypad and Tom punched in his code.

They entered Tom turned and said, "Okay, so this is our waiting area. They walked to another door inside the office through here is your office and now through here is my office." Tom opened another door at the back of his personal office and said, "Follow me." As they left his office into yet another hallway they came to a conference room and he opened the door. As they entered the room the lights automatically came on and Tom said, "Okay when there is a crisis me and my counterparts meet here to discuss options." Tom pushed a few buttons and several TV screens fell from the ceiling.

As the screens came to life with images he said, "These give us satellite images from around the world. We can control over sixty different spy satellites from this very room. Then when we have made the necessary assessments and are ready to debrief the Joint Chiefs, the Secretary of Defense or even the President this screen here pipes us directly into the White House war room." Emma's vagina was on fire now as being around powerful men had always turned her on. When she made it to the bottom of the elevator shaft she was slightly wet but as Tom was showing her the entire secret facility and its capacity was making her even hotter for a man of power like Tom.

She continued squish her thighs together as she felt her thong was now drenched with her vaginal fluids. Emma wanted to push her superior officer down on the table in the conference room and take him right there but that would not be professional. Emma mustered herself together and cleared her throat, "This is very impressive sir." Tom then shut everything down and they walked out of the room and Tom let Emma leave first as he wanted to catch as many free glances at her warm form as he could.

After he locked the door he put his hand on Emma's shoulder and pointed down the hallway and said, "And we move on." Walking down the hallway they came to a work out facility, "So this is where you and I will keep in shape together." They walked in and Tom started to show her all the machines and then at the back of the room was a single door with just a male figure on it, "Now I am sorry Emma but there are no lady facilities down here so you are going to have to, man up, as they say and deal with it the best you can." Emma smiled as they entered into the bathroom area and noticed that there were private stalls, "All good sir I am just glad that I wouldn't have to drop trough in one of the urinals." Then they began to laugh together as she pushed through the door she noticed the shower area and there were two men standing in towels one was shaving and the other was combing his hair and a young man off to the side completely naked with his seven inch Johnson hanging off the front of him.

The young man made no attempt to cover up as Emma strolled through the facility and noticed that the shower stalls were individual and pointing to the naked man said, "I won't have any problems as long as the guys don't mind." Tom began to chuckle and he turned to the young man who was naked and said, "Hey Brad do you mind putting that thing away." Staff Sergeant Brad Webb said, "Sorry sir the 'ole lady hasn't been payin' that much attention to 'ole willy here and the poor fella needs a chance to get some fresh air sometimes is all." Everyone in the shower area began to laugh and then the two left and continued their tour, "Alright over here is our kitchen completely stocked at all times because you never know when the crap is going to hit the fan." After they left the kitchen area they moved towards the end of the hallway and finally to bedrooms Emma said, "You weren't kidding you guys have everything you need." Emma opened several doors where there were various bunk beds then she came to the very end with four more doors and asked, "So whose are these?" Tom chimed in, "Each of those doors are for me and my counterparts." Emma looked Tom directly in the eye and sauntered in her sexiest walk and put her palms ever so gently on Tom's broad shoulders and gave him this come hither smile leaned into his ear and in a very sultry voice whispered, "So, Tommy which one is yours?" Emma took the chance and moved her hand to her superior officers' crotch area and found the geographical location of his hot missile and began to rub the length of the shaft.

Encouraged by Emma's sultry look and soft touches Tom pushed her forward against the door. He pinned her and pushed his thin lips to hers and kissed the young newly decorated Ensign. Emma reciprocated and then stabbed at his lips for them to open to gain access to his mouth. Tom's hand fumbled to find the doorknob and when he found it he twisted it and the door flung open causing them both to crash into the bedroom.

The lights were off and as Tom lie on top of Emma they both giggled and with Emma's free foot she shut the door behind them creating utter blackness in the room. Their combined passion finally erupted between the two of them as their hands were searching and groping various body parts trying to find buttons, zippers and clasps to free their outer shell of clothing.

Tom was having the worst of it as he couldn't really find any real place to start as Emma had his shirt off already and her hands were caressing his hairy muscular chest, "Here let me help you sir." Emma pushed herself off of her superior officer and proceeded to undress as quickly as she could, "Emma what are you doing?" Emma's heart rose from her stomach into her throat thinking that she might be going a little too fast and that Tom may not be ready to go as fast as she was, "What do you mean, Sir?" Tom giggled and said, "Stop calling me sir, will you?

I mean do you want to stop because I surely don't." Emma was filled with relief, "Tom I am so hot for you now and I just want to feel you inside of me." Emma continued to disrobe in the vast blackness of the room and when she finally removed her soaked thong she said, "There I am ready! Meet me on the bed Tom." Tom quickly stood and like Houdini his clothes were off in seconds, "Where are you Emma?" Emma laughed silently to herself and thought, 'You're supposed to be the world class spy here I think if you want to find what you are looking for you are going to have to find it on your own.' Tom moved slowly around the room and felt Emma's uniform on the floor.

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He knelt to the floor and made out her blouse, skirt, bra and then her very wet and spunky fragrant thong. Tom picked it up and put to his nose and breathed her essence in through is nostrils and down his lungs then to his bloodstream. Her very soul was now intertwined with his.

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Tom's man meat went from being semi-rigid to completely rigid resting upright on his stomach. Tom wanted Emma worse than any other woman that he had in his life and thought for a moment and said, "Marco?" Emma realized how cute her new boss was being and the way she imagined him over the last several days taking her sexually as she masturbated in her bed was ready to make her fantasy come true.

Emma fell silently off the other side of the bed and whispered, "Polo." Tom figured to his self that Emma was an amateur giving her location away so easily. Then he dove through the air spread eagle onto the bed and hit nothing but mattress. Tom snapped his fingers and said, "You sly minx! Where did you get too? Marco?" Emma liked this game she used to play it with her father when he would come home from some strange mission when she was a child.

She then slid silently under the bed and said, "Polo." Tom realized that she was on the floor but where? He just jumped from the one side of the bed so she must be on the floor on the other side. Just a Tom was ready to fall to the floor Emma escaped under the bed to the other side and crawled out from under the bed and found a soft chair in the corner of the room.

Tom then plopped to the floor and began to flail around trying to gain any kind of foot hold but nothing came. Tom was pissed at his self for not finding her on the second try and gave up and said, "Marco?" From the other side of the room sitting on the chair with her legs in front of her chest rocking back and forth giggling to herself she whispered yet again, "Polo.

If you don't find me this time Tom then that is strike three and you're out." Tom straightened his shoulder and thanked god that the room was pitch black as to hide his embarrassment. He rolled over the bed and came to rest on the floor and then guessed she might be on the chair and lunged forward with his hands and finally found her soft smooth flesh, "Gotcha." Tom then surveyed her body and picked her up as Emma helped him by putting her arms around his strong shoulders as he carried her over to the bed.

Tom's penis was stabbing her in the back as Tom whispered as he carried her over to the bed and he said, "I have to confess that I've wanted to do this with you ever since I saw you the first time back on Campus." Emma raised her head and kissed him on the lips, "I have to confess that when I first saw you I couldn't take my eyes off of you either.

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The last couple of nights I couldn't resist myself from thinking about this very thing we are about to do." Tom gently lay her on the bed as Emma reached out and found his manhood and gently stroked it her mouth began to water as she wanted to please him, "Tom can I please suck you? I want to feel you in my mouth." Tom's enthusiasm overwhelmed him as he began to poke forward looking for her mouth and hit everything but the right spot and Emma was giggling at all of his misfires and said, "I hope that you are better with your pistol Tom." Grasping his swollen warm shaft gently she ended his embarrassment and allowed his mushroom head inside of her body for the first time.

Emma's soft hands grabbed it and began stroking it. Tom thru his head back as Emma took the head into my mouth, sucking it and swirling her tongue around it like a lollipop.

Emma trailed her tongue all around his head and up and down his shaft, coating it with her spit. Tom's groans were turning Emma on knowing the pleasure she was providing her new boss and it was making her even hotter for his cock, especially when he moaned her name. Then Emma did something Tom wasn't expecting but he loved all the same Emma pressed on the tip of his head with her thumb as she started licking and sucking on his balls.

Tom's head was shaking on the pillow back and forth and screamed "Ahhh shit!" Emma heard him clear as a bell and continued sucking and kissing his balls for another five minutes until she took his dick back into her mouth.

Emma was committed now she was bobbing her head up and down. Tom was cursing calling out Emma's name as if she was a fellatio god, and had a good grip on her hair pulling it keeping his cock buried down her throat.

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Emma loved it being manhandled especially being told what to do. When Emma took his dick deep so that it hit the back of her throat it drove Tom absolutely crazy.

"Damn Emma you're going make me finish, don't stop!" Emma pulled up off of his cock and a long string of saliva connected from her bottom lip to the tip of his penis. Emma wiped her mouth clean leaned forward allowing her body to lie on top of Tom's and she whispered, "We can't have you cumming so quickly now can we?" Emma continued to move up his body and came to straddle Tom's shoulders and her soaked pussy came to rest on Tom's chin and Emma said, "Now it's your turn Tommy!

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Let's see if you know how to please a hot vibrant cunt like mine!" Tom's sense of smell took over as her pussy aroma was even stronger than her thong that he held to his nose not more than ten minutes ago.

Tom pushed his tongue forward and the slightly salty taste came to rest on the tip of his tongue. Tom took a deep breath in and very gently exhaled his warm breath as close as he could towards her clitoris and he said, "Your pussy tastes wonderful.

Come move your pussy over my mouth. Straddle me I want you to grind your pussy over my mouth I want you to cum on my face." Straddling Tom's face Emma's upper body was flat against wall as her hips were doing a private hula dance over Tom's eager licking tongue.

Emma's hips were sloshing from side to sided then forwards to backwards as her complete undercarriage was being drenched by Tom's tongue. Emma's moans became ever increasingly louder and her thrusts downwards were exponentially getting heavier, "Don't stop baby make me cum on your face Tommy." Then very forcibly and irrationally Tom moved his hands between her thighs and like a bench press lifted her 100lb frame off of his face and very cruelly said, "Oh, no not yet sweet cheeks if I'm not allowed to cum then you are not allowed.

We are going to cum together." Tom pulled Emma to his face and kissed her hard. While Tom's kisses where sending tingling jolts from her mouth all the way down to her toes Tom slipped his hand down to Emma's dripping wet pussy and rubbed her clit. Emma had no choice but to moan in the kiss they were sharing, but that didn't stop Tom, he added a second finger in Emma's pussy a few seconds later. Those fingers were sliding in and out so quickly that Emma's moans of absolute pleasure broke their kiss.

Emma started moving her hips against Tom's long probing fingers then she felt them pressing on her G-spot. Tom kept his fingers inside of Emma and he bent down and started teasing on her supple nipples. Tom painstakingly sucked them and gentle nibbled on them until they were rock hard then Emma asked, "Why'd you stop?" When she felt Tom's fingers escape from Emma's tightened pussy. Tom gave a smirk and laid Emma back down on the bed. He spread Emma's legs as wide as he could to gain full access to Emma's soaked pussy.

Tom slid down Emma's sweaty body and dropped his head back between her legs and dove right for Emma's clit and she couldn't take every ounce of pleasure that Tom was providing. Grabbing the back of Tom's crew cut hair she pulled him deep between her thighs and with a new zest for life she screamed out, "DAMN IT TOMMY! IF IT'S ONE THING I LOVE, IT'S A MAN WHO CAN EAT PUSSY." In the sheer darkness of the room Emma could feel his tongue flicking her clit, going in and out of her wanting opening and then Tom reinserted his fingers back inside of her and put them to work as well and again Emma screamed out with blessed heartfelt love for Tom's amazing tongue, "Fuck!

I'm gonna cum!" As Emma voice rose to several new octaves her legs started to shake Tom brought her to the point where once again she was so close but Tom inhumanly stopped and quickly sat up and yelled out "Marco!" Emma's body was flailing on the bed like a fish that was just pulled out of the water and was flopping all over the deck of the boat and she yelled out with complete anxiety "Polo!!!

Now, put that big POLO inside the MARCO now and make me cum all over your cock Tommy!!!" Tom was absolutely delighted at the sheer enjoyment of bringing her to the apex of climaxing for the second time in less than a few minutes but he became merciful when he inserted his dick inside of her soppy wet cunt.

"You like the feel of a real man sweetie?" Emma became combative with her boss as she slapped both hands down hard on his ass cheeks pulling him inside of her hard and deep then put her tongue back in his mouth and said, "Do you think that you're man enough to get me off?" Tom kissed her back and said, "Just lie there and let me do my thing baby!" Tom started with slow, deep strokes as he bit on Emma's neck.

He knew what he was doing. His plan was working perfectly.

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Emma's pussy was wet and Emma was willing to allow Tom to do anything that he wanted to her just as long as Tom made her cum. Emma had a few tricks of her own as she clamped her pussy around the girth of Tom's cock which brought on a new atmosphere for Tom and said, "Damn you got a tight pussy." Tom leaned back and grabbed his young apprentice's legs and pulled her ankles over his shoulders and began to pound her tight young cunt faster.

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Tom started hitting her pelvic bone hard demanding every inch of her cunt and it was driving Emma absolutely crazy. It was like Tom knew Emma wanted it hard and rough. There was nothing but Emma's moans, groans and the sound of their bodies slamming into each other as Emma was grinding her hips up to meet Tom's bone crushing and punishing thrusts. Nothing else could be heard in the bedroom except their bodies slamming into each other. Tom pulled out of Emma and rolled Emma off of the bed.

Emma got really excited by Tom's rough housing and said, "You want fuck me on the god damn floor like a dirty tramp slut?" Tom found her and pushed Emma down her face back on the bed. He pulled her back by her ankles so that her ass was sticking up so that Emma was bent over the bedside and said, "Whose pussy is this?" Tom started beating her pussy with his cock yet again as he was slapping her young tight ass cheek from the back and the other was pulling Emma's long braided hair.

Tom kept asking Emma, "Whose pussy is this?" Emma was being obedient and was screaming back at him, "It's your pussy!! Come on just fuck me baby!" Tom pulled her hair harder and smacked her ass with relentless fervor and then he would ask Emma, "What's my name?" Every time Emma said, "Tom!" Tom would hit her ass cheek harder and dig his cock deep inside of Emma making her scream like a zealot who wanted more.

It wasn't until Emma said, "Daddy!" That's when Tom stopped slapping her ass like a drill Sergeant. Tom didn't realize that he loved it when his real daughter called out in the throes of passion calling him, 'daddy.' Tom couldn't get off unless she screamed it out like he was fucking his own daughter. Tom snapped out of his distraction and went back to work and said, "That's right and this is daddy's pussy." Tom was in control until Emma fell forward and spun around grabbing at Tom's arms pulling him down onto the bed.

Emma then climbed on top of his hot iron rod. Emma began to grind on him slowly as Tom's cock was buried deep inside of her. Emma's hips were moving around in circular motions bringing his cum to the start line. Tom said, "Speed up honey I want to pop inside of you!" Emma became just as sadistic as Tom and she smirked in the darkness and told him, "No.

Now what's my name daddy?" Tom couldn't say anything all he could do was moan and shook his head back and forth in gratification. So Emma grinded slower as she wanted him to last just a little bit longer. Then Emma asked him again, "Now what's my name daddy or you're not going to get what you want." This time Tom grabbed her hips as he was thrusting upwards creating a sensual new rhythm and Tom said, "Emma!

Your name is Emma the most wonderful name that I have come to learn. Emma you're the best lover that I ever had." Emma smirked knowing that she had matched her superior and she rewarded him.

She started riding Tom bouncing her hips up and down driving him nuts. When Emma suddenly stopped moving that set him off. He sat up, held her arms behind her and began thrusting his hips up hard into her. Tom was devouring Emma's breast with his mouth as one hand held her arms and the other grabbing Emma's ass. Emma was about to lose it and cum and Tom knew it so he started pumping faster inside of her.

Emma came so hard it felt like waves just rushing all over her young tight viral body. Tom's zeal to get off overwhelmed him and with Emma's wet dripping pussy wrapped around his shaft became too much then he finally came inside of her. He screamed, "Damn I love your pussy Emma." Tom's ropes of freshly made cum rattled up the walls of her young wet, volcanic pussy.

Emma fell down on Tom and laid on him while they both tried to catch their breaths. Emma was not able to move but she needed to wash up just like Tom. Finally when they both recovered Tom rolled Emma over and found the light switch and when the light split the darkness away Emma and Tom looked at their duplicitous nakedness and began to giggle like high school students.

Tom held out his hand and Emma took it with utter and complete trust and he said, "Come on honey let's take a shower together." End of Part 11 Thank you all for being patient while I put this together. I welcome all constructive comments. I hope that you are ready for the next chapter.