Teens masturbate in public toilet

Teens masturbate in public toilet
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I woke up in the morning, it was monday I was very tired I had a good Sunday night I went to my friend joes house for a piss up it was not a house party just a few friends getting wasted, but I'm getting off subject I was in bed and my mom knocked on the door with breakfast. She said "Jason!, breakfast! I replyed by grunting as I was half asleep, I rolled over and drifted back off to sleep and I swear I felt my moms hand run down my back and squeeze my arse cheek.

I awoke again about five minutes later, got dressed and wolfed down my breakfast, I had toast and milk. I quickly gathered my thingsrings, wrist band, scarf and my wallet I went into my wallet to see how much I had, I had about £10, my ID card and my condom which I had had in my wallet since I was 11.

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I quickly gathered my makeup, now I'm not gay or a drag queen but I am a goth and I wear a bit of makeup, just some foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, nail polish, and eye shadow, the basic gothic makeup setup.

Anyway I finished upstairs and went down. I entered the kitchen and saw my mom standing their in her silk dressing gown she really was hot she was only 39 and black haired with slim legs and a perfect arse.

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Of course I would never tell her this but it has been some great wanking material over the last three years.

So I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table with my plate and cup I took them to the sink then kissed my mom on the cheek and left. I was halfway up my street when I remembered I had forgotten my phone so I rushed back, unlocked the front door and walked into the living room to find my mom laying across the sofa with a banana in a condom almost up to the hilt in her arsehole with her middle finger in her vagina. She quickly realised I was there and jumped up, the banana flew out of her arse with a wet Plop and hit the floor.

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She ran over to me and wrapped herself up in her dressing gown and ran over apologising and rubbing me. I'm so sorry you had to catch me like this, but I'm a woman and since your dad isn't here I have to fulfill my needs myself she said. I quickly hugged her and said " don't worry mom we all do it but you should of told me so I wouldn't of walked in. She hugged me tighter and discreetly rubbed the shaft of my cock through my skinny jeans, I barely noticed. She whispered into my ear "well since you saw me naked I guess you should repay the favour" she said as she slipped her hand down my jeans and tickled my balls.

I stepped away and hissed "prehaps later" I said as I slipped back out of the door with my phone. I walked to school and got into class only five minutes late. It was an average day I spent most of my time making out with my girlfriend in class and messing around with my friends.

I fingered my girlfriend josie in class at last period, we weren't caught but she didn't cum so it didn't matter.

We still hadent had sex after 7 months and I was getting a bit frustrated, we were constantly making out and I would sometimes finger her in school but the most we ever got was me eating her out at a party in the cupboard.

So I said goodbye to josie and just as I headed home she caught me up and asked me if I knew about the parents Evening tonight I was not that bothered until I was walking down my street and I thought about what my mom had done this morning, I tried to put it off but the second I walked into my home I heared m mom call "Jason get changed we got to go to the school"!

I quickly got changed and got into the car. We parked at the car park and she slipped her hand down my jeans and started Playing with my shaft.


I ment to let out a protest but I couldent stop myself getting a hardon. Now let me explain something, I was 15 at the time and I was not fully grown yet so my cock was only 5.4 inches at full mast. We sat their as she played with my cock for what felt like forever. I had my head back in pleasure untill I felt extreme pleasure as wetness surrounded my cock I looked down to see my mom with my cock in her mouth she licked my head and rubbed my shaft she could feel and likely see my balls tensing up and quickly pushed her head down until my balls were on her chin and my head in her throat it was pure bliss but before I could cum she pulled away and stuffed my dick back in my jeans.

I took a minute to recover then we left the car and went inside. We spent a hour talking to my teachers about my school work. Then when I went into the canteen to get a drink I found no one inside so as I left my Payment I was tugged into a dark storage closet and then felt a familiar wetness envelop my neck then I realised it was josie she gave me a savage love bite the then whispered into my ear.

"do you want a slice of pie?" I immediately answered by engulfing her mouth in mine and slowly worked my way down to the jeans I unzipped her fly and slipped in a finger she moaned as I played with her clit through her knickers. She grabbed the back of my head and almost forced me in, so I slipped down her jeans and teasingly slid my tung from bottom to the top of her pussy through her panties.

Then I slowly slid down her panties to revieal her bare pussy it had recently been shaved and was smooth as silk, she had a very pronounced cleft of Venus, and that was just the way I liked it.

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I slowly licked her split then made my way inside to get a taste of her, she tasted sweet today, a bit like lavender she had had enough of my teasing and she forced my head right in, but I wasn't complaining I licked her lips and found her clit, which I sucked on hard she really loved it when I did this.

We were there for about ten minutes until she started to shake and convulse as she had a small orgasm, after this I raised my head up kissed her one more time and slipped out of the door to find my mom with her hand down her skirt and a face like a beetroot she quickly withdrew her fingers and slipped them into my mouth which I sucked eagerly she pulled out her fingers and took me by the hand to the car whare she got on top of me in the front seat and we made out for almost half an hour untill she realised the time, got in her seat and drove us home.

We were out of the car and in the house is a heartbeat and within seconds she was sat legs spread wide apart on the sofa with me licking her like a cat, lapping up every drop of her juice.


I sat there eating her out for almost 15 minutes then she switched places with me and was there on her knees in front of me with my cock deep in her mouth. Every other bob she would shove all of my cock into her throat and the feeling of all the saliva in her throat engulfing my cock was almost to much for me to take.

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Soon she withdrew my cock from her mouth and whispered into my ear " time to pump mommys pie" she said as she pulled down her skirt and reviewed her perfect arse. I was start ing to approach as she stopped me and pointed to the stairs I nodded as I removed the rest of my clothes I heared her shout down " and bring the video camera". I couldent believe what I was hearing, not only was I about to have sex with my mother but she wanted me to tape it too.

But ultimately I obayed and grabbed my camera before entering my moms room. Inside she was splayed across her bed withe not a thing on and a small glass buttplug in her arsehole she beconed me foreword so before I did I set up the camera and hit record then got on the bed and started eating out my mom again she moaned as I licked her clit the then pushed me off and bent Over letting me have access to her bald pussy.

I slowly slid my member into her and savoured the pleasure of her suprisingly tight pussy.i started to quicken my pace until I was plain jackhammer ing her she moaned loudly as I ravaged her pussy. Soon she beconed for me to stop before telling me "jas grab a condom and the lube on the bedside table, cause I want you up mommys back alley " she said with a wink a obayed and grabbed the condom, put it on and lubed up well before once again mounting my mom from behind as she removed her plug with a wet sloppy plop, this just turned me on more as I positioned myself at my moms puckered arsehole I asked " are you sure you want this mammy?" she replyed with a nod and with that I pushed my head into her arsehole and she moaned "more" and without hesitation I plunged myself to the hilt into her she screamed with pleasure as I started pumping her arsehole with my cock.

After five minutes I said "mammy I'm gonna blow in a sec" and with that she pulled my cock out of her arse, removed the condom and instantly deepthroated me it was that that tipped me over my limit as I let bolt after bolt of fresh, warm, virgin sperm filled her mouth and throat.


I lay there exhausted as sh gets up, mouth still full of my cum and grabbed the camera then Infront of me and the camera swollowed her mouthful