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Chubby Girlfriend Tugging On Her Huge Clit Solo girl Masturbation
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Day 5 Kallie and Guido prepared breakfast while Jacque and Cheri showered. Judging from the sounds they figured that Cheri and Jacque had a repeat of earlier. As they ate breakfast the conversation was as if they were longtime roommates not mere acquaintances, the conversation was more personal like the types of contraceptives, different positions they prefer, when each lost their virginity and how they met each other's partners. It was about 10 when Jacque excused himself and stated that he had to check on a few things at the office and departed.

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Cheri was heading home to make a couple of calls and then just sluff off until Jacque got home from work. Kallie asked if she wanted to come back a tan when she was done with her calls because Guido was going to a historic site that wasn't too interesting to her so she was just going to stay at the bungalow, she agreed and left.

Guido showered and departed for his historic tour of the area, something that Kallie was not overly excited about. Cheri returned about noon with lunch for both in hand, Kallie grabbed a bottle of wine and they returned to the deck to enjoy lunch and the sun. They ate and visited about past relationships, and what drew them to their current relationships and what was different between the past and present.

Kallie was explaining how her relationship was pretty simple, Guido and her like a lot of the same things, including very similar taste in foods, style and entertainment including adult. Kallie said that Guido would dress leisurely all the time if you let him; she has to pick the clothes out if she wanted him to where anything other than jeans.

Cheri explained that Jacque and she did not have the same taste in foods since Jacque liked things on the bland side and her spicy. She said that Jacque wore a uniform all week long so whenever he could he would shuck it for a pair of shorts and comfy shirt, herself she loved to get dressed up and be seen in public. Kallie laughed "me too". They spent the afternoon talking and enjoying the beautiful day. Guido toured the local ruins, taking pictures and picking up pamphlets and travel guides and had lunch at a local diner while scanning the pamphlets.

He strolled around the village, checking out different shops. He found a set of pearl earrings that he thought would look great on Kallie. After walking for a few hours Guido found himself in front on the Constable's office, so he thought he would stop and visit with Jacque if he had the time. As he entered Jacque met him at the door, Kallie and Cheri had called him and invited him back to the bungalow for dinner and what was looking to be a beautiful sunset.

Jacque and Guido visited as they walked to the bungalow talking about the local economy, and how the tourism business really did not increase his crime other than the occasional intoxicated person who did not know when to stop. In the 5 years that he was constable he only had 10 arrests, most of the trouble was taken care of with only a ticket.

Guido was telling how he had a construction business and had 28 employees working for him. They mostly retrofitted houses for energy efficiency and some days did not want to get out of bed, since they were on the go all the time.

He told how he chose to live in an apartment due to not wanting to have to work on houses all day and then have to come home and repair them all night, he wanted to spend as much time with Kallie as he could.

Kallie wanted a house to call her own one day but agreed that it was pure logic that they live in a house. Guido asked what the economy for local construction was on the island, and was informed that it was good to the south and occasionally around the town. There were not a lot of construction companies on the island. They arrived at the bungalow to find the women working in the kitchen and were surprised by their attire; both were wearing bikinis made out of very little material.

Kallie's was a beautiful blue floral pattern a blossom over each of her breasts, when she turned and walked away Guido noticed that the swim suit was only about an inch wide down the crack of her butt, he watched it sway thinking to himself that he would love to be those bottoms right now. Guido glanced over and judging from the look on Jacques face he was thinking the same thing.

Cheri had a Rainbow colored bikini on at least he thought it was supposed to be a rainbow there was so little material it had no discernable arch, but it fit her body perfectly and accentuated her curves, Guido found himself staring and getting semi hard real fast just at the sight of both women.

Guido and Jacque were seated at the dining table and were handed a glass of wine. Dinner was served, fish that was caught locally, fruits from the Island, and a locally grown vegetables, dessert was a fresh baked short cake with homemade whip cream. Guido asked the women what they had done for the afternoon other than baking and preparing the delicious meal. Kallie volunteered that they had gone to Jacques and Cheri's and made the cake and toppings. She complimented Jacque on the beautiful home and location the ocean on one side and a mountain on the other.

Kallie continued that they had tanned for a while and then Cheri had taken her shopping and that is where they had gotten the bikinis.

Guido thanked Cheri for the excellent choice in shopping and told them both how beautiful the view was right here as he loved the swimwear that both were wearing.

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Jacque sat smiling and nodding staring at both women. Guido commented with a smile on how he never thought that he would ever see Kallie in a piece like that. Kallie smiled and said it must be island living.


For some time they sat around, eating, drinking and chatting about nothing in particular, although sexual innuendo was a major part of the conversation. They all helped clear the table and then gathered on the deck to enjoy another glass of wine and the sunset. The conversation continues as before although the topics got a little more graphic as more wine was consumed.

Kallie and Cheri were discussing different things that they discovered turned them on different smells, tastes, positions and locations all were discussed. Guido and Jacque were listening and adding their input as well. At about 1 in the morning Jacque and Cheri decided to call it an evening and headed for home. As they left they hugged their hosts and thanked them for the wonderful day, and left arm in arm. Kallie had a hard time falling asleep she was reliving the day. As they sat on the deck staring at the stars they talked about how the people were so welcoming here and it didn't matter if it was walking on the street or into a store they were always greeted with pleasantries.

She asks Guido if he had thought about their hosts much, she admitted with a sly smile that she had and it was pretty erotic. Guido admitted that the young couple was very attractive and he was awakened one night thinking about them, but he could not remember the dream just that it was about them.

Kallie fell asleep in Guido's arms in the hammock, Guido lay there holding her contemplating on whether Kallie was serious or if it was just the alcohol talking.

Day 6 Guido awoke the next morning, before sunrise, to a warm mouth wrapped around his cock, he looked down and into the beautiful eyes of his wife, She coyly stated "good morning handsome" His response was to have his eyes roll back into his head and state "that is beautiful, beautiful mm mm".

Kallie worked the full length of his shaft with her tongue and lips, gently sucking his balls into her mouth. As she would take his cock deep into her mouth she would hum causing Extraordinary sensations that he had never felt before, when she came for air Guido breathlessly asked "where did you learn that"? She giggled and said "Cheri was telling her that it drove Jacque wild and thought would see how you like it". He gasped as she licked his cock while she ran he tongue the length of his shaft "I love it".

Shortly after Kallie slid his cock down her throat and he came to her vibrating throat shooting his load down her throat she swallowed all. Kallie got up and was walking away when Guido grabbed her hips and said "your turn". She twisted out of his grip giggling "later we are going to be late". "For what" he asked. She said "you'll see. And went and showered. Guido made breakfast while she showered, then he showered while she ate, again refusing to tell him what they were going to do.

Kallie led Guido by the hand as they weaved their way through the streets of the village. They arrived at the old light house on the far side of the island as the sun broke the horizon. They quickly climbed the lighthouse getting to the top from there the sunrise was magnificent and they stood admiring the view. Kallie said that yesterday when they were shopping Cheri brought her there and told her that they had to see the sunrise it is as beautiful as the sunset.

As they watched the sunrise Kallie started to giggle, Guido looked puzzled at her, she pointed to a young couple making love on the beach below. Guido slid in behind Kallie wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight as they watched the man mounting the lady from behind.

Guido eased Kallie to the railing slowly exploring her form as they watched. Kallie's breath became shorter and little moans were escaping her from deep inside. Guido knelt sliding her panties down from under her short skirt, he sniffed them commenting on how good they smelled and then then inserted his nose and tongue into the crack of her butt licking as much as he could she moaned bending over and raising her foot to the lower railing allowing him access to her pussy.

He continued his assault on her pussy and ass licking her clit and vagina while inserting 2 fingers, lubed with her juices into her rectum. She started rocking against his fingers while riding his tongue she moaned loudly, luckily the young couple was enjoying themselves too much to have heard or did not care they were being watched. When Kallie experienced her first orgasm she grabbed the rail to hold herself up right and to keep from falling. Guido stood behind Kallie and inserted the head of penis into her pussy she moaned when he pulled it out, pleading for him to put it back and fuck her.

He inserted the head and again removed it she again pleaded for him to fuck her, he inserted his cock and with steady pressure slid into her pussy until he was fully in her to the base of his cock she squealed, remembering the young couple on the beach, they were still involved in their own intimacy. Guido rocked back and forth using the full length of his cock for her enjoyment, almost pulling it out and then inserting it fully. Kallie moaned and kept telling him to go faster, he stopped she begged him not to stop, he snickered and said this is for not letting him finish this morning and pushed his cock back in.

After tormenting her he began to fuck her at a faster and faster pace as he increased his speed he started to come Kallie squealed that she was Cumming and to "fuck her harder", He shot his load deep into her pussy as she began having her own spasms to where her whole body shook and Guido had to hold her tight to keep her from falling. They quickly straightened out their clothing while watching the young couple completing as they had their own earth shattering orgasm.

As they were returning to their bungalow they ran into Jacque and Cheri on their way to work. They invited Kallie and Guido to join them for Dinner, which they readily accepted. As they walked Cheri suggested a pool party and to wear swimwear, they arrived at the Constables office where they parted company. They returned to the bungalow lying on the deck enjoying the sun, riding the Jet Skis and swimming. They had lunch for 2 at the bungalow, leftovers from the evening prior, they took turns feeding each other giggling and acting like teenagers.

They talked about how being away from home had released their inhibitions sexually and made them feel young again, they noticed how people looked at them and it turned them on. Kallie was commenting on how she was attracted to Jacque and Cheri, and whenever she was around them her panties became damp, even now she took Guido's hand and placed it between her legs and said with a smile this is from just talking about them. Guido enjoyed the thought of his wife with another couple he especially enjoyed the way both men and women looked at Kallie, the majority had an animalistic longing as they watched her enter a room.

The most extreme they have ever done is watch couples and they created a game they would play, where they would sit both in restaurants and bars for hours and based solely on appearance, they would select a couple and discuss what type of undergarments the couple may wear, to the sexual positions they may prefer.

As many times that they played they were able to prove or disprove their conclusions on several occasions, naturally the times they were able to prove it turned into voyeurism as at the lighthouse this morning. Guido lay in the hammock drifted in and out of sleep, while Kallie read a book that she had picked up at the airport for the flight over.

She had a hard time keeping her mind on reading, she kept thinking about the last week and it started to make her horny.

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She was bound and determined not to disturb Guido since it had been a long, but high energy week and he needed his rest, so she sat there making herself hornier.

At about 5 Kallie decided that a hot bath may help her situation and would give her muscles a chance to relax, they didn't hurt just were tight. When Guido awoke he joined her in the bath, he slid in behind her massaging her shoulders and scrubbing her back. He washed conditioned her hair as he massaged her scalp all she could do was rest her head against his chest and moan at how good it felt.

Guido and Kallie prepared for the evening Kallie was excited, she dressed placing an oversize T-shirt over a bikini that Guido had yet to see. They walked arm and arm to Jacque and Cheri's home, as they approached Guido was commenting on how he had to agree with Kallie's earlier statement that it was a beautiful view and could get very use to this kind of living.

They knocked on the door and were immediately allowed to enter by Jacque; Guido shook his hand and presented him with wine they had brought. Jacque led them through the house and onto the patio over-looking the pool, where Cheri was already placing items on the table. She was wearing a small black bikini highlighted by a gold chain around her waist. She walked over and greeted both Kallie and Guido with a hug, inviting them to be seated. Jacque inquired how they liked there steak as he placed them on the grill upon receiving answers.

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Kallie asked if there was anything she could do to help. Cheri asked Kallie if she would grab the wine glasses and was pointed to the shelf they were on; all eyes were on Kallie as she went to retrieve the glasses.

Guido inquired as to the day both had, and was informed that it was pretty slow. Kallie returned placing the glasses on the table. The conversation stopped as Kallie removed her T-shirt, she wore a turquoise bikini. It had been the smallest one that Guido has ever seen let alone one that Kallie has ever worn.

Judging from the instant hard on supported by Jacque and himself it accentuated all the right curves, even Cheri staring let out a "wow". Kallie smiled and said "too much", the others staring all shook their heads, no. The conversation returned and they all were seated and served wine, they were enjoying remains of the day and the company, as they ate dinner. Finally Kallie stood up and put some music on and pulled Guido up to dance with her.

Cheri jumped up too and pulled Jacque up to dance with her. The music was pretty lively so we decided to jive to it. Guido twirled her around he kept her twirling around most of the time until she had to grab hold of him to steady her because she was dizzy. By then the wine was flowing pretty well and they all had three, possibly four drinks, and was quite unconcerned at what had been on display. The next piece was slower so they danced close together, and Guido made no effort to disguise the fact that his fingers had slid past her bikini bottoms and into her pussy, he finger fucked Kallie as they danced.

When a second slow number started Jacque stood up and tapped Guido on the shoulder and asked to cut in. she tried to hide her disappointment because Guido had had her on the verge of an orgasm and she didn't want the finger fucking to stop. She needn't have worried because Jacque held her tightly pressed against him with his left arm, and his right hand went straight to her pussy. She clung to his neck and kissed him on the lips and their tongues explored each other's mouth.

If being finger fucked by her husband in front of other people was exciting, being finger fucked by this man that they had only met about a week ago was incredible. Within minutes she was Cuming and everyone knew it when she announced her release to the world. Kallie looked at her husband who was dancing with Cheri, Guido smiled and winked, that is when Kallie noticed that Cheri was getting a glazed look in her eyes.

She could see that Guido's fingers were working in and out of Cheri, as they had with her and she knew that Cheri will not be able to stand much more. Kallie walked over to the couple and slid in behind Cheri, massaging her shoulders and back while moving to the music. As they moved Kallie slid her hands down Cheri's body until she reach her butt, which she started to massage, Kallie then lightly kissed Cheri's shoulder, which sent Cheri into spasms of her first orgasm, Guido held her tightly to keep her knees from buckling under her.

Kallie looked at Jacque who was sitting near the table watching the show with a smile on his face. Cheri was joined by Kallie as they kissed their way down Guido's chest to the top of his shorts.

They eased his shorts down releasing his hard cock; Cheri started licking the tip as Kallie licked his balls and worked her way up the shaft joining Cheri working on the tip.

They each took turns sucking his cock deep into their throats causing Guido to roll his eyes back in his head and moan. Guido looked at Jacque who was watching with a smile and his hard cock in hand. Guido looking down seeing his beautiful wife with her lips wrapped around his cock and Cheri licking his shaft was too much for him to handle. With a grunt and tangling his fingers in both women's hair he announced he was Cumming.

Kallie tried to swallow all of his cum but was unable; some dribbled down her chin which Cheri readily licked from Kallie's face and from Guido's cock. Kallie turned to Jacque, saying it was his turn. Kallie knelt in front of Jacque and began to lick his cock; Cheri removed her bikini reveling her beautiful body, and then joined Kallie licking her husband's cock. Kallie stood and removed her bikini finally displaying her body that everyone was adoring before, was now completely naked for all to see.

Kallie kissed Jacque, running her hands over his chest and body; she swung her legs over Cheri's head and straddled Jacque. Cheri as if reading her mind guided his cock to Kallie's opening.

Kallie slowly lowered her wet pussy slowly down onto Jacque cock until full penetration was gained, Guido noticed her eyes were closed tightly and her lip was quivering. She paused not moving for what seem like minutes before she started that slow rise that Guido was so familiar. At the point that Jacque cock was about to fall out Kallie started down again, on the rise this time Cheri licked Kallie's Juices from her husband's shaft causing him to moan the whole time.

Guido was watching the scene and noticed Cheri's had he fingers between her legs rubbing her clit and the juices were running down her legs. Turned on again Guido approached Cheri and inserted the head of his cock into her inviting pussy causing a chain reaction, her moan cause Jacque to moan and flinch causing Kallie to moan.

Guido removed his cock then rubbing the head and shaft on her soaking pussy reinserted it again and with slow steady pressure buried it to the hilt in their beautiful host's pussy. She started to spasm with and orgasm just as Jacque grunted "I'm Cumming", Kallie had another orgasm as Jacque's first streams of hot semen hit her inner walls, Guido tried not to cum to quickly but the thought of his wife being fucked by this gorgeous couple and his cock was buried deep in Cheri's pussy put him way over the edge, he shot his load deep into her womb.

They all lay in each other's arms on the pool deck resting from their intimate pleasure, they talked and kissed as they snuggled. They lay until Kallie quickly stood and giggling jumped into the pool, as she surfaced they water around her was disturbed by the other 3 joining her, they splashed and played in the pool for some time before returning to the pool deck.

They lay on a blanket next to each other talking for hours. Kallie curiously ask if Jacque and Cheri, if they had done this before and if not why them. Cheri said that they had not and that they were attracted to them ever since they seen them in the club the first night. She also said that Kallie and Guido and had been the topic of several intimate conversations and between the young couple and decided that if the opportunity ever came up they were taking advantage of the situation.

Kallie volunteered that they had not been with anyone else in 20 years of marriage and were attracted to them also. Kallie admitted though that she had not thought of them in a sexual way until after the other night on the Island and at that time it was like someone had lit a fire inside them each time they would be together. The rest of the evening they snuggled, made love, changed partners, then starting all over again until they finally fell asleep. Day 7 They awoke early in the morning, having one more love making session in the shower before Guido and Kallie made their way back to their bungalow, for a long needed rest.

They slept in until mid-morning when they decided to try parasailing in the bay and jet skiing. Kallie wanted to try snorkeling; she was a little concerned since she was claustrophobic, but did great. Guido was concerned for her safety so they stayed close to the boat even with that they were able to see fish and swam along the coral.

They returned to the boat laying on a towel, soaking up some rays. As Kallie and Guido lay there talking, she said "it is so beautiful here I wish we would never have to leave".

He answered "what if we don't". Kallie swung her leg over straddling him started kissing Guido, nibbling at his ears she whispered "Thanks for the great week; it could not have been planned any better". She kissed him working down his neck, down his chest licking on his nipples. Guido gasped as she lightly blew on them, she continued down to his navel licking little circles. She continued down slowly sliding his trunks off, she started to flick her tongue across the tip of his cock which caused him to release a moan coming from deep within.

Kallie licked the full length of shaft down to the base then returning to the tip. She then inserted his cock into her mouth taking as much as she could, and then slowly sliding it in and out of her mouth increasing her speed. When he would attempt to pull her off his cock she would tell him uh uh this is my thanks for the week. He cautioned her that he was Cuming, she took as much of his cock as she could and held him, flicking her tongue across the tip and started humming causing his whole body to vibrate as he shot his load in to the back of her throat.

They lay on the floor, Guido Catching his breath, and Kallie licking her lips, as she slid up his body until they lay arm and arm. Guido seriously asked her "Why do we have to leave? I could sell my company, Jake always wanted it. I could pick up odd jobs here. We could make it." She said "let me think about it". When she kissed him he could taste his cum on her lips. Kallie and Guido swam and lay in the sun for hours. Late in the afternoon they returned to their bungalow showered and planned their last evening before their departure late the next day.

As Kallie Came out of the shower Guido noticed a serious look on her face, he asked "everything ok", she asked him, "do you really think we could make it if we relocated here" he said "we have made it everywhere else we have lived." With that Kallie gave him a hug saying "OK, let's do it, we will go back get our affairs in order and move back here". Guido looked her in the eyes and asked if she was sure she nodded, "I Love it here" she said.

They walked arm in arm to Jacques parent's restaurant both secretly hoping to find Jacque and Cheri there. As they entered the establishment, they were greeted by a long waiting list, Jacque's sister Jules approached them and said that they were expected and their guests had called and were running behind, leading the shocked couple to a large table in the corner.

The table appeared to be set for at least 8 people. Guido shrugged and slid a chair out for Kallie. She asked "Jules what is going on we didn't make any reservations". She smiled and said "her brother did, then said something about a big announcement, hope they didn't go get married without inviting Mom and Dad, they be dead meat if they did.

" Mom And Dad have been preparing for this marriage for a long time, they won't even set a date yet." Jacque, Cheri and a man they did not know walked in waved and joined Kallie and Guido. They were introduced to Jule's husband Sam they all shook hands and sat down. Jacque asked about their day, asking if they had been able to enjoy any of the day. Kallie and Guido told them about their day and how Kallie had been able to overcome her claustrophobia and went snorkeling for the first time in her life.

Jacque's Parents and Jules joined the table and conversation, listening intently; proud of the descriptions outsiders used to describe their own little piece of heaven they called home.

Jacque stood and announced that to everyone's excitement, he and Cheri had set a date to get married. They looked at Guido and Kallie and said "We want to invite you to be part of our wedding; it will be in the fall". Guido and Kallie looked at each other with a smile and said "that would work, we should have a house by then, and our big news is we are moving here after we take care of things back in the city". Everyone was excited Jules said "Sam can help you find a place he is our local realtor" and added with a smile "I am sure that he will do his best".

The conversational chatter continued on wedding plans, and different houses that were available on the island. Guido and Kallie were planning a house hunting trip with Sam in the near future, but until then Sam was going to send possibilities to Guido and Kallie in the City.

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The talk continued long after the restaurant patrons had stopped coming and the noises from the street subsided. After they bid their farewells, Guido and Kallie worked their way back to their bungalow, where they made love one more time under the stars.

DAY 8 They awoke early the next morning to a knocking on the door; Kallie threw a wrap around her naked body and stumbled to the door. She opened the door to Jacque and Cheri's smiling faces, both stopped; paused and smiled Cheri stated "I like your wrap". Kallie looked down to see that she had mistakenly wrapped in the mosquito netting and her garment was totally see through, she giggled as she closed the door behind them "I'm glad it was you and not the minister of antiquities".

Kallie led them to the deck where Guido was laying enjoying the sunrise. Jacque asked if they were packed and ready for the long day ahead, Kallie pointed to their luggage and said other than the clothing we are wearing home everything is there.

Cheri advised them that they had about 3 hours before the Minister of Antiquities would be meeting them at the Constable office and while Guido and Kallie showered Jacque and Cheri would place their luggage in the car. Guido Joined Kallie in the shower lathering her body, washing her hair and just holding her started to arouse him. He slid his hand down between her legs to find her extremely turned on; he slid his index finger and middle finger on either side of her clit down to her vagina and back again.

Kallie began to squirm pressing her ass against his groin, moaning loudly, she whispered you are going to make us late. He said "he didn't care". Guido continued the assault on her clit; she started bucking her hips hard against his now rigid cock. Kallie spun around wrapping her legs around his waist, lowering herself onto his cock. Slowly at first then speeding up until they both came with force. Guido steadied himself against the shower wall for fear of falling.

They dried themselves and joined Jacque and Cheri for a cup of coffee in the kitchenette. Cheri asked with a smile "did you enjoy the shower; we did, we could here you way out here." Kallie and Guido smiled and said "you could have joined us, but then we would have never made it to the meeting." They finished their coffee and checked out of the bungalow. Jacque drove to the meeting, and after many photos and hands shakes, Guido and Kallie we presented with letters of gratitude from the president.

Jacque and Cheri then escorted the couple to the airport, they were taken directly to a waiting Lear Jet, Jacque said with a smile "courtesy of the President, you fly with style". Their luggage was loaded; they bid their farewells with hugs and kisses, and boarded the plane.

The pilot and Co-pilot were the only 2 on the plane. While they waited for clearance from the tower the Co-pilot showed the couple where everything was located and how to get a hold of the cockpit if they needed any further information or assistance, and then left.

Guido and Kallie sat facing each other, when the pilot announced that they were cleared for takeoff.


As they watched the ground disappear, Kallie kicked her shoes off and slowly slid her nylon clad foot up Guido's leg to his crotch rubbing his growing member.

He asked her if she was up to something, she said that she wanted know if his cock got as hard when they were at 10,000 feet as it does when they are on the ground. He said keep it up and you will soon find out, the captain came on the speaker announcing that they were at their cruising altitude and it was ok to move around the cabin.

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Kallie quickly unbuckled and climbed onto Guido's lap straddling his legs, she started kissing him hard on the lips pushing her tongue into his mouth. Kallie then started nibbling on his ear working down his neck, unbuttoning his shirt as she moved down to his chest, she nibbled and licked on his nipples causing him to groan "oh shit".

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He pulled her top over her head revealing a beautiful red bra with a front clasp; Guido suckled her chest while he unsnapped the bra releasing her breasts, giving him access to suck a nipple into his mouth while massaging the other breast. Kallie moaned as Guido's fingers had worked their way under her skirt and into her moist pussy. Kallie struggled to maintain control while she unbuckled his pants to release his cock.

Kallie kissed him and whimpered as he inserted a second finger into her pussy, she bit his lower lip as she started Cumming. She slowly rocked on his lap until her orgasm subsided, she then started to work her way down until his cock was staring at her eye level.

She then started licking the tip and down the shaft to his balls gently sucking one into her mouth then licking the shaft up to the tip licking the precum from the tip, causing him to moan.

Kallie then turned around straddling Guido, she reached between her legs inserted his cock into her vagina; she then slowly lowered herself onto the full length of his cock. Pausing she locked her lips onto his letting a squeal escape as she started the long slow ride to the tip. She again paused, convulsing with another orgasm as she started the descent back to the base.

Guido bucked his hips to meet her motions as she sped her rocking; her juices ran down his cock and onto his balls. Guido then pushed Kallie forward onto the seat she had occupied.

She had all she could to hold onto the seat, as he entered her from behind, Guido continued to pump hard and fast and as his first spasms of his orgasm started, it set off a chain reaction. Kallie tossing her head around her orgasm began; her body shook violently pushing her pussy hard against Guido's groin. He tightly hung onto her hips trying to keep from pulling out too fast.

He did not want to cause discomfort to their hypersensitive genitals. They collapsed in each other arms catching their breath, Guido's cock still in Kallie.

He kissed her on the cheek and shoulder, she spasm again as his cock slid out of her pussy.


She rolled to wrap her arms around his neck pulling him tightly to her chest kissing him on the lips. They used the restroom to clean up and got dressed, as they returned to their seat Guido grabbed both a soda from the bar area.

The plane landed and they went through Customs collected their luggage, found their car and headed home for a long needed rest, and to make plans for their next visit to Tahiti.